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We know that when it comes to giving a girl a gift there is no better choice than toys. And what better idea than to give her a home for her Barbies, where she can also play and create adventures. That's why today we tell you about the profile of the perfect Barbie houses.

As you can probably guess, Barbie houses are toys in which girls can create an environment that is the ideal size for their doll. They are houses that have different rooms in which Barbie can live and receive visits from her friends. They have been very popular since their invention.

But the variety on the market can be a challenge for you, so in this article we tell you everything you need to know to make the right purchase. From the basics to the budget you need, so don't miss out!


  • Barbie houses are toys that imitate real houses. They are intended to take the user's play experience to another level by giving her favourite doll, Barbie, a home. They are characterised by traditionally feminine colours (shades of pink and other pastel colours) and have the Barbie stamp all over them.
  • There are several ways to classify Barbie houses, but the most general way to categorise them is by whether they are portable or not. Portable ones offer the advantage that they can be moved around without much hassle, while stationary ones offer more play space. Each has a distinct profile, and we will tell you about these.
  • Buying a house for Barbie may seem like a very simple task that depends on the user's taste. However, there are certain criteria you should consider, such as the size of the house and the design. We will tell you about these, as well as whether you should consider houses that include accessories and how you can determine the ideal material.

The best barbie house: Our picks

Buying Guide

Choosing a Barbie house is not just about picking the prettiest one, as this is likely to lead to disappointment. You need to know the details of the product you want to buy, that's why we've put together this buying guide where we tell you about its advantages and disadvantages, as well as the types available and the budget you need.

Barbie houses are the ideal complement to any little girl's fantasy play. (Photo: Pezibear /

What are Barbie houses?

Barbie houses are toys that mimic real houses, but are sized to fit the size of Barbie dolls. They are very popular and there is a huge variety of offerings available on the market, capable of fulfilling the play dreams of any little girl in the world.

They vary greatly in size and number of rooms or floors, as well as in material and details. But they always have in common that they use colours characteristic of little girls (such as pastel shades of pink, purple and violet).

What are the advantages of Barbie houses?

Barbie houses are very versatile toys, the main advantage of which is that they offer girls infinite possibilities for play. They represent for them the entry into the Barbie universe, and this helps them to exercise their imagination, a very important aspect in the education of any child.

For the girls, seeing a home for their dolls is like a dream come true, which gives them great satisfaction. It should also be considered that this type of play is a form of expression, through which the girl can drain tensions that, due to her age, she does not know how to handle.

  • They are versatile toys
  • they offer the user many possibilities for play
  • they stimulate the user's imagination
  • there is a diversity of sizes and designs
  • they are durable
  • They take up a lot of space
  • they are expensive
  • they can be damaged if not treated with care
  • they are a distraction for the child

Portable and stationary Barbie houses - what should you pay attention to?

There are several aspects by which Barbie house profiles are distinguished and differentiated, but the first one to consider is whether it is a portable or stationary house. Neither is really better than the other, but each has particular advantages that you should be aware of and consider.

Portable Barbie houses. Portable Barbie houses with toys that can be assembled or disassembled, in order to make them easier to move or to store them without problems. They are smaller and have few rooms, but are ideal for small spaces and cost less than fixed houses.

Fixed Barbie houses. These are Barbie houses that cannot be easily disassembled or dismantled. Once you have assembled them they must stay there, so they represent a portion of the room that is constantly occupied. They are more expensive but also more spacious, so the user's play possibilities are multiplied.

Portable house Fixed houses
Dimensions They are light and small They are heavy and big
Details They are simple and with few details They have abundant decorative details
Cost Medium High
Durability Medium or low High
Number of rooms Between 2 and 4 5 or more

Are there handmade Barbie houses?

In one word: yes. In fact, this is a large market with a large clientele, who buy unique houses made even with custom designs. There are manufacturers who are dedicated to make each of the pieces of the house, made of wood in almost all cases. And of course these types of houses have a higher cost than those made in factories.

But it should be noted that they are not really Barbie houses, but rather dolls' houses in general. There are different sizes and of course the most popular ones are the ones made with the Barbies size. So they become a slightly more expensive but also more exclusive option for those who want them.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate the different Barbie house models

There are several aspects to take into consideration when you are considering buying a Barbie house. These are criteria that define the profile of the house and if you follow them you can be sure to buy the toy that meets the needs of the user. To give you a clear picture we will tell you about these criteria.

  • Design
  • Size
  • Material of construction
  • Accessories
  • Quality

Design and type of house

Talking about Barbie houses means talking about variety. There are countless models on the market. All of them vary in different aspects, but in general the biggest change is the type of house. We will tell you about the most common designs and house types, so that you can make a well-informed decision about the one you prefer.

Simple Barbie houses. These are the smallest house models, usually with only one floor and between 3 and 5 rooms. They are usually made of plastic and cost less than other designs. These are perfect for rooms with little space.

Luxury Barbie houses. Luxury houses are much more elaborate and usually have at least 2 floors, some have as many as 4, and the number of rooms varies. They are much larger than the simple houses, and have internal or external staircases so that the girls can move the Barbies around in their games.

Country Barbie houses. On the other hand, country Barbie houses offer another type of setting for girls. These have decorations associated with the countryside, and often have built-in accessories such as small greenhouses or carts to carry flowers.


The dimensions are a determining criterion that you should take into account from the start. Ideally, you should measure the available space and buy a house that will fit in there when fully unfolded. It is important that the house leaves at least half a metre free around it, so that the player can move around comfortably.

To give you an approximation, the smallest and most portable houses measure around 50 cm in height and 50 cm in width. While the largest ones can be over a metre high and a metre and a half wide. But the average is between 60-70 cm high and 70-80 cm wide.

If you have limited space, we recommend that you look for a portable house that you can assemble and disassemble for play sessions and that does not represent a constant nuisance. On the other hand, if you have plenty of space then you can opt for a large, fixed house, which is available when the user wants to use it.

Material of construction

The materials the products are made of are always an important criterion, mainly because they largely determine the quality of the product. Barbie houses are generally made of 2 materials; plastic and wood.

Plastic. This is the most common material, because it has the advantage of being strong, durable and lightweight. Ethical companies manufacture these toys with plastic that is non-toxic to humans, but you should be cautious and always check the label on the box to make sure that it is indeed made of harmless plastic.

Wood. Wood is a resistant material that also gives a rustic touch and a great personality to the toy houses. But it is not as resistant, as water can quickly deteriorate it. You also have to consider that children can get hurt more easily with this material, and that it is more expensive.


Many Barbie houses are quite simple and have no accessories, but there are others that offer kitchen accessories, furniture and even televisions. This is not an aspect that determines the quality of the toy itself, but it is something that would enhance the play experience for the user, so it is something to consider.

Kitchen accessories. It is most common for the house to include at least a few kitchen accessories, including dishes, pots and pans, and cutlery (of course sized for Barbie). These are usually made of plastic or ceramic, and because of their small size, it is important to make sure that nothing happens.

Furniture. The most elaborate houses include large furniture, such as a sofa, tables, dining table, chairs, bed and even bathtubs. These add another dimension to the house, and give the child many more possibilities for play. But you should also consider that you could buy these kinds of accessories separately.

Other accessories. Barbie houses can also incorporate accessories such as televisions, lamps or picture frames. These are more decorative than practical, but they help to add personality to the doll's home.


The quality of Barbie houses depends mostly on the manufacturer, as this involves factors such as materials and the way the toy is assembled. It is important that if you are going to invest in a Barbie house you invest in one that will last at least a few years in good condition.

If the house you are going to buy is made by a prestigious brand like Mattel, that guarantees quality and durability. Whereas if it is a brand with less prestige and history then you should be aware that there is no guarantee of great quality.

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