Last updated: August 10, 2021
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Bath mats can be found in every household and are used every day. They provide a secure hold while bathing for children, adults and even pets. Bathtubs are one-size-fits-all, but bath mats are also available for other types. Non-slip mats are available for corner bathtubs, double bathtubs and even showers.

Here, however, we would like to focus only on bathtubs. Whether they are made of natural rubber or in the shape of a crocodile, they come in many sizes, colours and shapes, which can make it easy to lose track of them all. In our bath mat guide, we have compared different bath mats for you and summarised the most important differences.

The most important facts

  • They help us in everyday life and give us support in the bath. They are suitable for children, adults as well as pets and are available in many sizes and shapes.
  • For children, skin-friendly materials without PVC and BPA are particularly suitable. They usually have an antibacterial coating and are mould-resistant.
  • Bath mats made of natural rubber offer the natural alternative. They are particularly environmentally friendly and even recyclable due to their organic certification. In terms of price, they tend to belong to the higher price range with the luxurious full-body mats.

The Best Bath Mat: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for bath mats

To help you find the right bath mat for you, we have summarised the most important buying criteria that you should know before buying. They will help you to make your purchase decision easier and give you an overview of the most important criteria for your perfect bath mat.

We will now go into more detail about each individual purchase criterion and explain them in detail.


The size depends on your bathtub. There are standard sizes of 100cm x 40cm, but also smaller versions with a length of 88cm. The width of approx. 40 cm is standard and usually the same.

It is important to make sure that the bathtub drain is not completely covered by the bathtub mat, otherwise the water cannot drain off properly.

The luxury version is the full-body mat, which should have a length of 125cm, as a pillow is integrated here.


Be it an antibacterial coating, PVC-free materials or bath mats made of natural rubber. The choice is large and often confusing. For children, PVC-free and allergen-free, antibacterial materials are generally suitable, as children react more sensitively to contact with such materials.

Natural rubber is particularly suitable because it is odourless, hygienic and machine-washable. In addition to cleaning, it is important to dry the bath mats correctly. Many mats have an extra hanging device for this purpose.


The choice of colours is huge. From classic white to bright neon colours. Children usually prefer coloured mats to play on, with natural rubber mats often having a dark brown colour when uncoloured. If design is more important to you, then stone-look bath mats are a good choice. The dominant colour here is grey.

Fastening method

The classic way to attach a bath mat is with suction cups. The following applies here: the more suction cups a mat has, the stronger its hold in the bathtub.

Luxury bath mats that have a pillow often have holders for the edge of the bathtub that provide additional stability.

Bath mats should be hung up to dry. There is often a hook at the top for this purpose. Pay particular attention to the quality of the holder, as a wet mat will weigh more than a dry one.

Slip resistance

The slip resistance of the bath mat varies depending on the material and surface. For a firm grip, nubs are placed on the surface with a hole in the middle to allow water to flow through unhindered. This also flatters the feet and skin as it creates a massage-like effect. When buying, therefore, be sure to pay attention to the texture of the bath mat. A surface without structure and nubs provides little support.


Bath mats made of BPA-free and skin-friendly materials usually have a quality seal confirming this. However, there is no standard here, which is why you should not necessarily trust these seals. The best way to test the bath mats is to check the seams and edges for unevenness by hand. If the corners are sharp or the seams burst, then you should definitely contact the seller and choose another bath mat.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about bath mats answered in detail

Here we answer all the important questions about bath mats and go into more detail about the most popular purchase questions so that you can make your purchase decision as easily as possible.

Who are bath mats suitable for?

Bathtub mats are suitable for everyone who likes to sit in the bathtub. Children and pets in particular need a firm grip in the bath. Special bath mats for children are particularly skin-friendly and have many suction cups for a stable hold.


Bathtub mats are also an absolute must for pets. They provide a secure hold and protect the tub from scratches. (Image source: thamkc/ 123rf)

Bath mats for pets are made of robust, scratch-resistant materials that are easy to clean and machine washable. They provide support and secure footing in the bath and protect the tub from damage.

What types of bath mats are there?

The type of bath mat you need depends largely on how you use it. Here you will find an overview of the most popular bath mats:

Type Description
For children Particularly skin-friendly materials without artificial additives. Natural rubber is best suited here.
For pets Tear-resistant and easy to clean. They tend to be small, as less space is needed.
Luxury variant The upper class consists of soft fabric that offers high comfort with an integrated pillow.

Now you have a rough overview of the individual bath mats and can choose the right mat depending on the intended use.

How do I clean a bath mat properly?

Most bath mats can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees on the gentle cycle. It is best to make sure that you only wash the mat without mixing in other laundry. Fabric softener is not necessary here, as it could only dissolve the individual components of the mat if washed frequently.

Bath mats are not suitable for the dryer. To dry them, it is sufficient to hang the mat in a well-ventilated place and make sure that the dripping water can run off. You should not clean bathtub mats with vinegar, as it can attack the rubber coating and also peel it off after the soaking time and frequent use.

How do I dispose of a bath mat properly?

Basically, bath mats belong in the residual waste. Only mats made of natural rubber can be disposed of in organic waste, as they are biodegradable due to their purely natural composition. Remove all plastic and rubber parts beforehand.

What alternatives are there to bath mats?

The following alternatives are commercially available in addition to bath mats:

  • Bath pillows: If you only need a pillow when bathing, you can buy this separately and relax with plenty of space in the bathtub. This is not recommended for children and pets.
  • Bathtub stickers: They are very popular, easy to apply and easy to clean. You can apply them individually and remove and reapply them at any time.

These alternatives are not always suitable for everyone. Before buying, assess the purpose for which you need a bath mat and compare the individual products to make the perfect choice for you.


There are numerous bath mats in all colours and sizes. Measure your bathtub carefully and compare individual products to find the exact fit. When buying, pay attention to the quality by checking the edges and seams and think carefully about what you want to use your bath mat for. For children, natural additive-free materials that are extremely skin-friendly and soft are suitable.

For pets, smaller mats with tear-resistant material are sufficient. The luxury version are full-body mats with pillows. They are made of soft, padded fabrics and offer maximum comfort. No matter which bath mat you choose, always test the material by hand for damage or incompatibilities before buying.

Image source: 123rf / teriztdh