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After a shower or bath, it is not desirable to have to step on cold and wet tiles. It is pleasant to walk on a soft and fluffy surface without slipping. A bath rug fulfils all these aspects, which is why almost everyone has one in their bathroom. Another aspect that a bath rug fulfils is the visual enhancement of a bathroom.

There is a wide range of colours, patterns and shapes to choose from. Whether you want the bathroom to look more luxurious, more colourful or just cosier, a bath rug can make a big difference with little budget and effort. In this product comparison, we have compiled our recommendations to bring you our favourites.

The most important facts

  • Bathroom rugs catch moisture in the bathroom, protect against the cold and serve to visually enhance the room.
  • It is important to check the material, quality and slip resistance before buying.
  • Bathroom rugs come in all sizes, shapes and colours. Here, the bathroom should be chosen accordingly. However, there are no limits to your own imagination and preferences.

The Best Bath Rug: Our Picks

Buying and rating criteria for bath rugs

Before buying a bath rug, there are a few points you should consider before deciding on a model. You should pay attention to the following criteria:

To get a better understanding of these criteria, we describe them in more detail below. You should then be well prepared for a purchase.


The size of a carpet depends first of all on the conditions of the room. Not every bathroom offers enough space for any carpet, so you should measure it first. You also need to decide where you want to place your bath rug. A smaller size will suffice in front of a shower or washbasin. In front of bathtubs or in the middle of a large room, you can choose a larger version. You should also adjust the shape accordingly. Here you can choose between round, square or rectangular models.


The material is decisive for the look but also for the feel. Since you probably want to step on a soft and fluffy surface after your shower, you should choose the material accordingly.

You have a choice of many different materials, but the most common are cotton, synthetic fibres and bamboo.

The cleaning of a bathroom rug is also a decisive factor in the choice of material. Since bathroom rugs often get wet, they should be able to withstand moisture well.


When buying a bath rug, you should pay particular attention to good quality. This includes high slip resistance, as this is a safety aspect. A carpet should have a non-slip material or nubs on the underside to prevent accidents in the bathroom.

Another aspect you should pay attention to is the ease of cleaning your bath mat. A carpet with a higher pile density absorbs more moisture, but takes longer to dry. Washing in a washing machine depends on the material and the coating on the back, as does drying in a tumble dryer.

Colour and pattern

Bath rugs come in all colours and patterns, so you should think about this before making a decision. Depending on the colour of the tiles and the floor, you should choose the design of a rug. Since a bath rug makes a big contribution to the room climate and the furnishings, it is important to ensure that it is coherent.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about bath carpets answered in detail

In the following, we want to give you an overview of the most important questions about bath rugs and answer them. This will help you to make a good purchase decision.

What is the function of a bath rug?

On the one hand, a bath rug serves the visual purpose in the bathroom, but it also fulfils the practical aspect of protection against the cold. The design also plays a decisive role in the choice of a suitable carpet. In addition, carpets should protect the floor from moisture and trap wetness.


A bath rug protects against wetness and cold. (Image source: Popov / 123rf)

They can be bought individually or as a set. Bath mats are either placed in front of the shower, bathtub or WC or as a room element in the middle of the room. A bath mat can also be used as a soft surface in front of the washbasin. Especially if you don't have underfloor heating, a carpet is an advantage.

How do I care for and clean my bath rug?

Proper care and cleaning of a bath rug is important to ensure that it can be used for as long as possible. If you choose a good quality carpet, moisture can be absorbed and circulate well. It is important that you hang it up to dry regularly. It is also possible to clean a bathroom rug in the washing machine. Please note that models with a coating on the back should only be washed at a low temperature.

We recommend that you do not wash at temperatures above 40 degrees. This also helps to maintain the fluffiness for as long as possible. Not every carpet should be dried in a tumble dryer. You should always follow the manufacturer's instructions. To avoid linting in the machine, you can wash your rug in a pillowcase. Also, do not wash it with other laundry in the same cycle. This way, the carpet will not be damaged in the long run by discolouration or wear.

Which bath rug fits best in my bathroom?

Before making a purchase decision, it is advisable to think about the design and size of your future carpet. The following points will help you to make the best decision.

  • Size: First of all, you should measure the space you have available in the bathroom. The rug should not be too small, otherwise it will be lost in the room. However, it should not be too big, otherwise the room will look too crowded.
  • Shape: The shape is an important design element when it comes to creating a cosy feeling in the room. An oval or round rug can open up a room. An angular bath rug, on the other hand, quickly looks bulky.
  • Colour: Colour also plays a decisive role. Colours that are too dark automatically darken the room. Light colours, on the other hand, bring light into the room, especially in interior bathrooms. A good tip is to choose a carpet that matches the colour of decorative items such as soap dispensers, containers or towels.
  • Patterns: There is a wide choice of different patterns. However, it is not advisable to choose a playful carpet if the tiles in the bathroom already have an eye-catching design.

In the end, the design is always a personal decision of your own taste, but you can create a big effect with just a few tricks.


A bath rug is a wonderful way to make your bathroom cosier and to enhance its appearance. But it also serves its purpose as a base after showering or bathing. If you consider the few aspects regarding size, design and material, you will find a good carpet. To judge this, you can look at the different models in the different shops.

With our product recommendations, you also have a good selection of high-quality bathroom rugs. Even on a small budget, you can buy good models that fulfil their purpose. With good care and appropriate cleaning, you will be able to use your bath rug for a long time. We hope that this guide has helped you as much as possible and made your decision easier.

Image source: Pcphotography / 123rf

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