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Do you know that feeling when you touch the cold floor with wet feet and your muscles contract all over your body? And did you know that 9-15% of all accidents happen in the bathroom? So where is the common ground? It's simple: wet and slippery floors are not only uncomfortable for your feet, but also pose an accident risk that should not be underestimated. Both problems can be solved by a shower mat or bath mat.

Shower mats come in all kinds of colours, shapes and materials. With this large shower mat guide, we want to present you with the most important information about different shower mats and help you find the shower mat best suited to your needs.

The most important facts in a nutshell

  • Shower mats can massively reduce the risk of slipping in the bathroom by using special non-slip materials.
  • Shower mats give your feet a lovely, soft and warm feeling after showering, so you won't get cold feet anymore.
  • Bath mats are water-absorbent depending on the material, which means you don't have to worry about water dripping onto the floor while showering or drying off. The water is easily absorbed by the bath mat and you prevent water damage to your floor.

The best bath mat: Our Choices

Bath mat: buying and evaluation criteria

When buying a bath mat, you should pay attention to various purchase criteria such as size and shape. There are shower mats that are specially shaped for corner or round showers. It is also highly recommended that you read the comments under the respective product to see the ratings of other people who have already bought the product.

This checklist briefly summarises the most important purchase criteria that you should consider when making your purchase.

In the following section, we explain why you should pay particular attention to these criteria:


The material is one of the most important purchase criteria, as it is mainly responsible for the product characteristics of your shower mat.

If the bath mat is to be as slip-resistant as possible, it must have a rubberised underside that provides more grip.

Bath mats made of cotton or microfibre, for example, are considered very water-absorbent.

Bath mats that are as soft as possible have a chenille surface (fabric with a velvet-like surface) and are very comfortable for your feet. If you prefer hard materials, there are also shower mats made of wood or diatomaceous earth (a highly water-absorbent material made from the shells of fossil diatoms).

You should also check that the shower mat is machine washable before you buy it. If you have underfloor heating in your bathroom, you should also make sure that the bath mat is suitable for underfloor heating, otherwise this can negatively affect the life of your shower mat.

Size and thickness

Size and thickness also play a very important role in the purchase decision. Before buying, you should measure the space in your bathroom and compare it with the dimensions of your desired shower mat.

If in doubt, choose a different bath mat that will fit in your bathroom, otherwise you will only have problems with the shower mat. In addition, it would certainly be less slip-resistant if the entire undersurface did not touch the floor.

The thickness is relevant for the pleasant, soft feeling; basically, the thicker, the softer the shower mat.

Nevertheless, you should also adapt the thickness to your shower and bathroom design. If you have a floor-level shower, we recommend buying a slightly thinner bath mat rather than a 10 cm high "bath mattress".


The shape should definitely match your shower or bathtub. For bathtubs, it is advisable to buy a bath mat that is about the same length as the bathtub. This way, it doesn't matter where you get out of the bathtub and any water that might have sloshed out during bathing fun is immediately absorbed by the shower mat.

Furthermore, there are bath mats that have been specially developed for round or corner showers. If you have a shower with a round or corner entrance, you should also take this into account when making your purchase decision.


Finally, the colour of the selected bath mat should also be considered as a purchase criterion. Especially if you attach importance to the interior design of your bathroom, it is advisable to buy a bath mat in the colours of your bathroom.

If you prefer something more casual, you can of course also look for bath mats with a certain motif.

If you prefer something more eye-catching, you can also buy a bath mat in a complementary colour compared to your bathroom (for example, the basic colour of your bathroom is black, but you want to add a certain accent with a white shower mat).

Bath mats with motifs of animals and shapes are also available in a wide range. Such bath mats with motifs are also a good idea for children's bathrooms, for example.

Bath mats: frequently asked questions and answers

Finally, we have summarised the most frequently asked questions from people who are looking for shower mats.

Who is a bath mat suitable for?

A bath mat is basically worthwhile for all people who own a shower or a bathroom. Especially for older people, but also for younger people, shower mats with an anti-slip coating can be a great advantage, as the risk of slipping in the bathroom is minimised.


With this velvety soft shower mat in front of your shower cubicle, you no longer have to worry about slippery floors. (Image source: 99.films / unsplash)

Shower mats are also recommended for people who don't like to touch the cold floor with wet feet.

What types of bath mats are there?

On the internet you will find a huge selection of different shower mats in all possible variations. Basically, shower mats can be divided into materials and properties. For the sake of simplicity, we have created a table with the most popular sub-types of bath mats:

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Bath mat non-slip slip-resistant can crack and become brittle with repeated washing with washing machine and dryer
Wooden bath mat very elegant, easy to clean can become slippery when surface is wet
Plastic bath mat very soft and comfortable, non-slip not a natural material, can lose fibres with regular washing
Bath mat water-absorbent very water absorbent no
Bath mat machine washable very easy to care for no
Diatomaceous earth shower mat very water absorbent, noble design is hard and does not provide a soft and fluffy feel for the feet
Cotton bath mat can be machine washed and dried very easily, natural material very thin and therefore less soft

Depending on your preference, you can order these sub-types from various manufacturers on the internet.

How much does a Bath mat cost?

You can find shower mats at different retailers at different prices. Depending on the brand or quality, shower mats are more or less expensive.

Therefore, it is definitely worthwhile for your budget if you always take a look at the price and compare it with prices of other models or sellers.

To give you an idea of how much a shower mat costs, we have created a small table where you can see the approximate price range for each type of shower mat.

Type price range
Bath mat non-slip circa 12 to 70 euros
Bath mat wood cica 18 to 190 euros
Bath mat plastic circa 6 to 50 euros
Bath mat water-absorbent circa 15 to 140 Euro
Bath mat machine washable circa 15 to 40 Euro
Bath mat cotton circa 12 to 130 Euro
Bath mat diatomaceous earth circa 12 to 190 Euro

As you can easily see in this table, there are sometimes very large price differences between the individual sub-types of shower mats. We therefore recommend that before you buy a product, take a quick look to see if the price is in the lower half of this price range. This might save you a little money.

How do I wash and care for a bath mat?

If you want to wash your bath mat, it's best to read the washing or care instructions that come with it thoroughly. Cleaning your shower mat will vary depending on the material. However, most shower mats can be washed in the washing machine.


Most shower mats are machine washable, but we still recommend that you read the washing instructions for your shower mat before washing it for the first time. (Image source: HappyNati / pixabay)

Check the washing instructions or the product description to find out if your shower mat is machine washable and the maximum temperature at which you should wash it. If you don't have instructions, you can clean your shower mat as follows:

  • Wooden or diatomaceous earth bath mats can be wiped clean with a wet cloth and left to dry.
  • Shower mats that are made of 100% cotton and do not have elaborate weaving patterns (e.g. fringes) can be washed in the washing machine at approx. 60 degrees.
  • Cotton shower mats with intricate weaving patterns can be washed at 40 degrees on the gentle cycle.
  • Bath mats that are partly made of polyester and have an underlayer of rubber can be washed at 30 degrees. Here, too, we recommend the gentle cycle.
  • It is recommended to let the bath mat air dry, as this is the gentler option compared to the dryer. However, the bath mat should not be exposed to direct sunlight, as it could otherwise fade. Most shower mats can also be dried in the dryer. Shower mats with a latex coating, however, may have individual pieces that come off, which is not good for the dryer.
  • Always remember: the hotter you wash the bath mat, the more bacteria will be killed, but the bath mat will also suffer more (especially if it is made of polyester).

What are the alternatives to a bathmat?

Besides a shower mat, there are other products that can increase safety and comfort in your bathroom. However, none of these products come close to a bath mat in terms of style.


Shower mats come in all sorts of colours and shapes, so you're sure to find one to match your bathroom décor. (Image source: Dan Counsell / unsplash)

They are also less able to protect your floor from puddles of water, as they usually do not have equally strong water-absorbing capabilities.

  • Towel: Towels are usually thinner than bath mats and are better for drying the body
  • Bath slippers: Bath slippers are not really non-slip and are less soft and fluffy than shower rugs
  • Carpet: Carpets are more suitable for the living room or kitchen, as they often do not have a non-slip underside and are less water-absorbent

In my opinion, a shower mat is a natural part of a shower or bath. Especially because of its anti-slip properties, which carpets or towels usually do not have.

Another reason is that cleaning most shower mats is a breeze, while bath slippers are hard to clean really thoroughly.


There is a huge variety of bath mats, which vary in colour, shape and size. This is not surprising, as basically everyone who owns a bathroom needs a shower mat. Depending on the supplier and the features that are important to you, you can buy bath mats at different prices.

Furthermore, when buying a bath mat, you should consider various criteria such as colour, surface material and, most importantly, the shape and size of the shower mat. Even the most beautiful bath mat is of little use if there is no room for it in your bathroom.

Image source: 123rf / 40824108

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