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For many people, the bathroom is a place to relax and unwind after a busy day. A bathroom without a bathroom cabinet is unthinkable. Because it stands out not only in its organisational function, but also as a decorative piece of furniture.

If you are looking for a suitable bathroom cabinet, then you have come to the right place. For our product comparison 2021, we have compared various models and worked out the most important aspects to make your search easier.


  • Bathroom cabinets are available as tall cabinets, mirror cabinets, vanity units and more.
  • Important buying criteria are the dimensions, the material, the shape, the colour, the application space and the lighting
  • The bathroom cabinet should be made of robust, waterproof and temperature-resistant materials.

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Buying and evaluation criteria for bathroom cabinets

In this section we explain the criteria that are most important when buying a bathroom cabinet.

Use the following criteria to compare bathroom cabinets:


The dimensions depend, of course, on how big your bathroom is and where exactly you want to place your bathroom cabinet. Mostly, you look for height times width and also depth.


Especially in the bathroom, furniture should be water-repellent, rustproof and of high quality. The bathroom cabinet and other furniture should remain in good condition for a long time. That's why you have to pay attention to the different materials.

Wood is a commonly used material. It is important that it is properly finished and well varnished to protect against water and mould damage.

Metals such as stainless steel or aluminium bring out the industrial style a little more and these should be corrosion-resistant and very stable. Plastic bathroom furniture comes in a wide variety of shapes and colours. Plastic can withstand a lot and looks very nice in a high-gloss finish.

In some cabinets, the shelves are made of glass, which is why you should be careful when installing them. However, glass surfaces are very easy to clean.
The most popular colour for bathroom cabinets is white, but there is currently a trend towards grey tones or even keeping furniture in the natural colour of the wood. A combination of white and black is also possible.


In general, there is a wide variety of shapes, from vanity units, tall cabinets, mirror cabinets, open or closed storage cabinets to the typical hanging mirror cabinet above the washbasin. If we look at the doors, there are either single or double doors for a better overview inside.

Another point is the shelves, which are important for practical organisation of cosmetics. Drawers and doors should close quietly and tightly and neither squeak nor block.

Usage space

The area of use is also important, because it makes a difference whether the bathroom cabinet is right next to the shower or bathtub or whether it is on the other side of the room. The closer to the water, the more careful you should be when using it. You should also make sure that the materials used are waterproof, as mentioned above.


Of course, you want to be able to look at yourself in the mirror, so strong lighting is essential. The lighting should have a good light intensity and a colour that suits you. Depending on the colour, the light should be either cool or warm. Sometimes the light in the bathroom is too weak, which is why we recommend LED lighting that gives off a strong natural light.

Frequently asked questions answered in detail

In the following, we would like to answer the most important questions about bathroom cabinets. In this way, we want to give you a deeper insight into the topic.

Is it also possible to install a bathroom cabinet in a hanging position?

In general, yes, but for some types of bathroom cabinets, such as tall cabinets, it is not absolutely necessary to mount them on the wall. One important point to bear in mind when wall-mounting is the height above the floor. For shorter people, a cupboard that is too high is not practical. An established height among suppliers is between 115 - 120 centimetres above the floor.


A stylish bathroom cabinet can make your bathroom shine in a new light. Always think about the composition of different colours and materials. (Image source: Unsplash / Beazy)

Is the surface of a bathroom cabinet waterproof?

This depends on the material and should be clearly stated in the description. In the case of wood, make sure it is lacquered or polished, because wood without protection is sensitive to moisture. Therefore, the coating of the wood is important. Common materials for this are foils, melamine or lacquer. Highly polished surfaces are water-repellent but somewhat more expensive.

What does a bathroom cabinet cost?

In our selection, the prices of bathroom cabinets range from €30 to €300. We have compared the different price categories and show you which bathroom cabinets are available at which price.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (30 - 70 €) Mostly only in white and made of wood, simple chests of drawers or cupboards, single-door or two-door, closed cupboards
Medium-priced (70 - 150 €) larger selection of open wardrobes, more modern design, more wardrobes in grey tones and made of bamboo wood
High-priced (from 150 €) bathroom cabinets from designer manufacturers, attention to high quality and bathroom furniture available in sets

Is it difficult to install a bathroom cabinet?

Installation is usually very easy and can be done in under an hour. Some manufacturers offer their furniture pre-assembled, which saves you the work of assembling it, and some send you the instructions and components of the bathroom cabinet. For larger cabinets or when fixing them to the wall, we recommend that you call a second person to help you.

For a smooth assembly, you usually only need a drill and a screwdriver. Make sure that you remove the drawers during assembly. Only when the bathroom cabinet is fully assembled can you slide the drawers onto the rails.

Does a bathroom cabinet have a back panel or is it open?

Sometimes there is no back panel or only a partial one. That's why you should read the product description carefully. However, it makes no visual difference if it is a closed bathroom cabinet. On the contrary, a missing back panel helps air circulation and prevents the formation of mould. Alternatively, you can buy back panels at the DIY store that you can attach yourself for little money.


To increase the feeling of well-being in your own four walls, practical and visually attractive bathroom cabinets are significant. Thanks to their design, they can serve various purposes. They can make your cleaning and hygiene items disappear or be used as a decorative element in the bathroom.

When deciding on a purchase and the considerations beforehand, buying criteria such as material, dimensions, colour, shape and the included lighting are decisive.

Finally, you should keep in mind whether you think a back panel is necessary, in which price range the bathroom cabinet should be and whether it can be mounted on the wall. Now there are no more obstacles in the way of finding the right bathroom cabinet for you.

Image source: Unsplash / R architecture