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Bathroom cabinets are available in many different designs: Bathroom cabinets with mirrors, bathroom cabinets with laundry baskets, wooden bathroom cabinets - you name it. Depending on how much space you have or what purpose you want your bathroom cabinet to fulfil, you should find out about the type of furniture before you buy.

In our large bathroom cabinet guide, we have compiled all the important information about bathroom cabinets. We answer key questions about the purchase of a bathroom cabinet and show you what you should look out for before buying. We also suggest specific favourites from our editorial team that are sure to inspire you. Let's go!


  • You can find bathroom cabinets in different versions, the most important of which are: Vanity units, tall cabinets, wall cabinets, mirror cabinets and midi cabinets. Bathroom cabinets can therefore be very different in size.
  • You can buy new bathroom cabinets online, in furniture stores or design shops. Alternatively, you can buy a second-hand bathroom cabinet or have a piece of furniture made to measure. The price of a bathroom cabinet can vary greatly: Depending on the type and quality, you can spend between 50 and 500 euros.
  • Before buying, you should also think about what material your cabinet should be made of (especially if it comes into contact with water!) and what functions your cabinet should fulfil.

The best Bathroom cabinet: Our Choices

Bathroom cabinets: buying and evaluation criteria

In the following sections, we show you what to look for when buying a bathroom cabinet and how different bathroom cabinets can differ in their features.

The five most important product features are:


The size of your bathroom cabinet will of course depend on how much space your bathroom offers. But even in small rooms, more is possible than originally expected.

Tip: Why don't you go into the bathroom with a folding rule and playfully try out what is possible here?

So that you don't have to do any extra research, the common dimensions of the various product types are listed here in width x height x depth:

  • Tall cupboards: 30-40 x 170-190 x 20-30 cm
  • Wall cabinets: The dimensions vary greatly here, because wall cabinets usually have a single or double door.
    Single door: 30 x 70 x 15 cm
    Double door: 60 x 60 x 20 cm
  • Vanity units: 60 x 60 x 30 cm
  • Midi cabinets: These cabinets are very individual. No general dimensions can be given here.
  • Mirror cabinets: It is also difficult to make a statement here. As a rule, however, mirrored cabinets have the same dimensions as wall cabinets (usually with double doors), i.e. 60 x 60 x 20.

As you can see, the size and thus also the storage space of the bathroom cabinet types can vary greatly. In the following, we describe the different functions that a bathroom cabinet can offer.


When we talk about a cupboard, we mean that the piece of furniture usually has doors. Otherwise it would be a 'bathroom shelf'. However, you can also find combinations of both: these examples usually have a substructure with doors and a top structure (however left side vs. right side) without doors with open shelves.

Doors have the advantage that the contents behind them do not get dusty and are not visible from the outside (a great advantage when guests share the bathroom).

Mirror cabinets often have a very special function: they provide light!

Behind the doors of bathroom cabinets there are usually shelves. In some cases, however, bathroom cabinets also have drawers. Drawers are extremely practical and convenient, but they are also more complicated to make, which is why bathroom cabinets with drawers are rarer and more expensive.

Mirror cabinets often have another very special function: they provide light! Some mirror cabinets are fitted with lamps. The prerequisite here is, of course, that they are installed in a place with an electrical connection.


In the bathroom in particular, you should pay attention to the material before buying a piece of furniture, as damp room air or drops of water can get onto the surfaces when showering.

Easy-care materials and surfaces are particularly useful for wall cabinets above the washbasin and vanity units under the washbasin. Many bathroom cabinets are made of chipboard or plywood - the surface is lacquered and can therefore be wiped clean.

Somewhat less frequently, bathroom cabinets are made of wood, as water contact can leave ugly marks on the surfaces. If your bathroom cabinet is made of wood and is placed near the shower or the water tap, you should consider oiling the surfaces first.


Especially when it comes to wall cabinets and mirrored cabinets, you should find out about the type of fastening before you buy. Wall cabinets are usually fixed to the wall with screws and plugs. If your walls are tiled, you must pre-drill the holes with a masonry drill.

When installing a wall cupboard, it is always best to have two people present.

There should always be two of you when installing a wall unit, as mirrored units in particular can be quite heavy. Before starting work, you should also check whether important utensils such as a drill, a cordless screwdriver, a spirit level, a folding rule and possibly even a masonry drill are available.

The instructions for your bathroom cabinet will explain exactly how to proceed.


There are several different styles on offer. Particularly popular, for example, are the white, friendly 'Maritime Look', the somewhat rougher 'Industrial Style' or the nostalgic 'Vintage Look'.

We recommend that you match your bathroom furniture in terms of material and design. On the above-mentioned platforms on the internet, you can find entire 'bathroom cabinet series' that form a unit.

Bathroom cabinets: frequently asked questions and answers

If everything is still not clear, we have formulated central questions and answers for you.

Who is a bathroom cabinet suitable for?

A bathroom cabinet is suitable for anyone who wants to create storage space in the bathroom and also make the bathroom more homely. A tidy bathroom can make a real difference!


An organised bathroom has great potential to make you feel good. A bathroom cabinet can make it easier for you to create order and a better atmosphere.
(Image source: bruce mars / unsplash)

In addition to further storage space, a bathroom cabinet can also hide things that children, for example, shouldn't be able to get to so easily. It can also make sense to move your private items out of sight before an upcoming party.

What types of bathroom cabinets are there?

We have listed the most important types of bathroom cabinet again here, along with their advantages and disadvantages:

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Wall cabinet usually with mirror, takes up no floor space little storage space, must be hung
Tall cabinet takes up little floor space, offers a lot of storage space must be fixed to the wall
Vanity unit visually enhances the washbasin, takes up hardly any additional space, relatively large amount of storage space no major disadvantages
Midi cupboard / sideboard usually offers a lot of storage space, easy to assemble and handle, creates a homely impression, upper shelf can be used for decoration takes up comparatively more space
Bathroom cupboard made to measure material and design can be customised, particularly suitable for sloping ceilings or similar places expensive

As you can see, there are several different types of bathroom cabinets, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps it will be easier for you to decide if you ask yourself what purpose your cabinet should fulfil. Should it offer as much storage space as possible? Or should it enhance the look of your bathroom?

How much does a bathroom cabinet cost?

The price of a bathroom cabinet can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer and quality. Nevertheless, we would like to give you a rough overview of what you can expect to pay for a bathroom cabinet.

Type price range
Wall cabinet 40-150 euros
Tall cabinet 60-170 euros
Vanity unit without sink 40-90 euros, incl. sink 200-500 euros
Midi cabinet / sideboard 50-150 euros

These figures are, of course, rough guidelines. If you're lucky, you'll find a bargain in a sale and spend even less than stated here. On the other hand, the price of furniture can theoretically go up if it is custom-made or a designer piece, for example.

What are the alternatives to a bathroom cabinet?

Here are two possible alternatives that you can use similarly to a bathroom cabinet:

Alternative Description
Bathroom shelf A bathroom shelf has compartments without doors and is therefore often cheaper than bathroom cabinets with doors or even drawers.
Wall shelf A wall shelf is a cheap and space-saving alternative to a bathroom shelf. It is a single board that is drilled into the wall. A great alternative and definitely a visual eye-catcher!

Especially for students or people with a lower budget, these alternatives are advantageous and contribute to more order in the bathroom!

How do I organise my bathroom cabinet?

If your bathroom cabinet has open shelves and shelves or drawers behind doors, we have a few tips for organising it:

  • Open shelves are best for towels that are changed frequently and therefore do not gather dust. It's better not to put a lot of products here that you'll have to put away separately when dusting.
  • Shelves behind doors can be used for products that you use irregularly, as they tend to gather dust more easily. There is also room behind doors for things that guests do not necessarily need to see.
  • For drawers, matching drawer inserts are suitable for storing smaller items such as cotton pads, ear sticks or make-up.

We hope you have fun sorting them out!

How do I clean and care for my bathroom cabinet?

For lacquered surfaces and wood, you should be careful with aggressive cleaners such as scouring cream or vinegar cleaner. A damp cloth is usually sufficient.


You want to tidy up all your bottles and tubes and bring order to your bathroom? A suitable bathroom cabinet can help you to do this.
(Image source: Charisse Kenion / unsplash)

If you have had a mishap on a wooden surface that has left permanent marks, the only thing that can usually be done is to sand and re-oil the surface. If this does not remove the residue, you still have the option of consulting a carpenter.


Bathroom cabinets are produced in a number of different designs, which in any case contribute to more order in your bathroom. Bathroom cabinets can be multifunctional: Wall cabinets are often offered in combination with a mirror, bathroom cabinets with an integrated laundry basket or bathroom cabinets with a washbasin.

You can get a simple bathroom cabinet for as little as 40 euros. Higher-quality versions, on the other hand, can cost around 300 to 500 euros. Most models have a smooth, lacquered surface and are therefore moisture-resistant. There is certainly something for you in terms of size, functions, material and design. Have fun browsing!

Image source: Mitev/ 123rf

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