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Bathroom rugs are the perfect decorative element for any bathroom. They come in all shapes and colours, so you're sure to find the perfect rug for your bathroom. But bathroom rugs are not only decoration. Above all, they are a good protection against moisture and humidity in your bathroom. You can place them in front of your shower or bathtub to protect your floor from dripping.

The soft fabric also makes your feet feel warm and comfortable. To help you decide on your new bathroom rug, we have listed the most important buying criteria in the following guide and passed on our recommendations to you. We hope this guide will make it easier for you to buy your new bathroom rug.

The most important facts in a nutshell

  • Bathroom rugs are made of a particularly absorbent material, which protects your bathroom floor from moisture and humidity.
  • Your new bathroom rug can also make your bathroom look nicer, cosier and more decorative.
  • Bathroom rugs come in many different colours, shapes and sizes, so there is a perfect rug for every bathroom.

The Best Bathroom Carpet: Our Choices

Buying and review criteria for bathroom rugs

In order to find the perfect bathroom rug, we have worked out some buying criteria that you should consider when buying. These criteria should make it easier to compare the individual models so that you can make an objective and informed choice. The criteria you can use to compare bathroom rugs include:


Bathroom rugs are usually made of either cotton or polyester (microfibre). Polyester carpets are usually much more robust and have a longer life. In addition, they are usually not very expensive. In contrast, cotton carpets are much more absorbent and can therefore absorb moisture better. Cotton carpets are usually easier to clean, as you can simply wash them in the washing machine. However, cotton carpets are often a little more expensive than polyester carpets.


An important purchase criterion for bathroom rugs is washability. If your bathroom rug is machine washable, you can save yourself a lot of work and time, as hand washing is usually much more tedious. Information on whether your bathroom rug can be washed in a washing machine or tumble dryer can usually be found on the product's washing label or on the internet.


The absorbency of your bathroom rug depends on the material it is made of. Cotton carpets are much more absorbent than polyester bathroom carpets. However, both materials absorb wetness and moisture very well, which is why these two materials are almost exclusively used to make bathroom rugs.

Both materials absorb moisture as quickly as they dry again. To find out more about the absorbency of bathroom rugs, we recommend that you read the customer reviews for your product.

Shape and size

Bathroom rugs come in many different shapes and sizes. You should decide in advance where you want to buy your bathroom rug. Depending on where the rug will be placed, a different size is recommended. It's best to measure your bathroom beforehand and then search for specific sizes on the internet.

You can also decide for yourself what shape you like. Whether rectangular, round or square - bathroom carpets come in a wide variety of shapes. There are even specially cut carpets for the toilet.

Slip resistance

Another very important criterion when buying a bathroom rug is its slip resistance.

Your bathroom rug should ideally have a non-slip backing.

This is usually made of TPR rubber. The non-slip back prevents the rug from slipping in the bathroom and also prevents the rug from slipping away.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about bathroom carpets answered in detail

In the following, we would like to answer the most important questions about bathroom rugs. In this way, we want to give you a deeper insight into the topic.

Who is a bathroom rug suitable for?

A bathroom rug is suitable for anyone who does not like to have a towel lying in front of the shower. For anyone who doesn't like to have a bathroom under water after a shower. For anyone who doesn't want to get cold feet while brushing their teeth.


A bathroom rug in front of the shower, toilet and washbasin makes your bathroom look more homely. In addition, the carpet protects the floor from moisture and humidity. (Image source: Ava Sol /unsplash)

A bathroom rug not only helps against wet floors and moisture, it also provides a soft and warm feeling on your feet. Plus, bathroom rugs are very decorative and can add a little extra cosiness to your bathroom.

What types of bathroom rugs are there?

There are no basic types of bathroom rugs. However, you can get different types of bathroom rugs depending on which of the above buying criteria are important to you. You can choose a round or a rectangular bathroom rug. You can choose a cotton bathroom rug or a microfibre bathroom rug.

You can buy a bathroom rug set or just a single one. Your bathroom rug can be 120x100 cm or 50x80 cm. Depending on the criteria you choose and how you combine them, you can find different types of bathroom rugs.

How do I care for my bathroom rug?

Many bathroom rugs can simply be washed in the washing machine. If there is no special note for washing in the washing machine, we recommend hand washing. To dry your bathroom rug, it is best to simply lay it out in the fresh air. Under no circumstances should you dry the rug on the radiator, as this could melt away the rubber coating on the non-slip backing. If you want to dry the rug in the dryer, make sure that this is explicitly stated.


Bathroom rugs are helpful to increase the feeling of well-being in your bathroom. Thanks to the versatile designs, you can find the right carpet for every bathroom. There are bathroom rugs that are more focused on the decorative aspect and rugs that are more focused on the safety and protection aspect.

Safe and protective carpets usually have a very non-slip back and protect your bathroom floor optimally from moisture. So when buying a bathroom rug, you should always keep in mind what you intend to do with it.

Image source: 99Films / unsplash

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