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Immerse yourself in the sublime experience of a relaxing bath with warm water in your bathtub. What's more, you can add aromatic salts, scents and candles to the delightful shower. But before you choose the ideal bath tub, pay attention to the indispensable information we will share with you on ReviewBox about this product.

The time has come to give yourself a special gift: turn your bathroom into a spa with a perfect and comfortable atmosphere. Adding a bathtub to the decor ensures an oasis of peace in the comfort of your home. And enjoying a rejuvenating exotic environment will allow you to release the stress of the week in just a few minutes.

To have this relaxing therapy in the most comfortable room of the house, just read these important details about the best bath tubs, which we have compiled in this edition of ReviewBox. Stay and enjoy our article inspired by bathtubs, pieces that offer you undisputed pleasures.


  • A bathtub is a container used for bathing. These days you can get them in different designs and components, depending on the requirements of buyers looking for a uniquely styled bathtub to suit their tastes.
  • Traditional or whirlpool bathtub? Yes, we know it is difficult to choose between the two. However, this will depend on how calm you want to feel in the privacy of the shower. From this point on, think about which one suits you best.
  • Design, type of installation, materials and cladding are the four purchasing factors that define a good choice, taking into consideration the structural characteristics of the space where you will place it.

The Best Bathtub: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about bathtubs

Do you know what benefits you can get from a simple bath tub? Fortunately, we created a structured buying guide, where we mention the advantages you will enjoy when you buy one. The bathtub, just like this content, will be of great use to ensure your well-being.

Deep bathtub in white. (Photo: Keresi72/Pixabay)

What is a bath tub and what are its advantages?

It is a sanitary piece that is placed in bathrooms, in order to provide a delimited space for people to get into it and bathe. It is also called a vessel or basin fixed to the floor, and is often filled with water at a pleasant temperature.

However, in practical terms, a bathtub could have broader meanings applied to the life of the purchasers, as it promises pleasurable moments. Installing a bathtub creates an innovative ambience that exudes serenity. At the same time it produces an unparalleled sense of tranquillity.

And you, what benefit do you want to get from your bathtub? If you don't know the answer yet, you will probably find it in this text. Go ahead and choose one for your new or renovated bathroom, which will meet the needs of the whole family, thanks to its varied functionalities. You will find all kinds, so take a look at the following.

  • Perfect for the youngest children
  • Guarantees a rewarding bath
  • Comes in various sizes and models
  • Made of resistant material
  • Easy to repair
  • Increases water consumption
  • Takes time to clean
  • Not suitable for the disabled

Traditional or whirlpool bath tubs - what should you pay attention to?

It is surprising how the bathtub market has evolved. Nowadays, it is easy to buy the model you want. But first, you need to define which functionalities are essential for you when you are about to take a relaxing bath in the cosiest room in your home.

Traditional. This is the typical bathtub that is connected to the hot and cold water taps. Since ancient times it has been used for domestic use in baths of water to taste, for comforting and therapeutic purposes. One of its most striking qualities is that it is designed to be placed inside the house or outdoors, as it is resistant.

Nowadays it comes in different shapes: round, oval and rectangular, the latter continues to be the favourite among users. It also has elements that enliven the user's experience, such as benches, armrests, steps and heaters. Without a doubt, it is an accessory that provides comfort.

With hydromassage. It combines the simplicity of the traditional bathtub with the powerful power of water jets that massage your body. In this case, it contains different ways of filling and emptying, in order to allow the rotation of the water driven by a motor from one place to another. In addition, it incorporates a cleaning system.

But that's not all, there is the possibility of adding additional accessories to this piece. Lighting mechanisms, induction for aromatherapy and ozonator are essential when it comes to building a spa-like atmosphere at home. Dare to try the aquatic massages of these pleasurable oases.

Traditional With hydromassage
Shape Round, oval, rectangular Oval, rectangular
Cleaning Simple Specialised
Size Variable Variable
Installation Amateur Professional
Experience Pleasant Multisensorial

How much does it cost?

Before buying a traditional bathtub set a budget between approximately MXN 5,000 and MXN 27,000. The price varies according to the functionalities offered to users. You will get from simple alternatives to luxurious bathtubs created to satisfy the most demanding tastes.

However, getting an example with a hydromassage system requires a higher investment. For this, it contemplates variable amounts starting from 8,000 MXN that perhaps ascend to 70,000 MXN, according to the offer proposed by the manufacturer in the catalogue, the style, model and size proportional to the amount of people that will use it.

Where to buy?

Visit these online shops if you want to buy bathtubs online. We assure you that in Mercado Libre, Jacuzzi Spa Mexico, Home Depot, Quiminet, Zenth, Amazon, Tubbies, Tinas Vanguarda, Oikos Desing and SEARS, you will find a variety of models at competitive prices adapted to your ability to pay.

On the other hand, we suggest you personally approach Tinas Aqua Spa, Izuzu, American Standard, Hygolet de México, Tinas Hydromagic, Plasbar, Tinas de hidromasaje Interspa, Hydrolife Tinas de Baño and Hydrosense. All are excellent options when it comes to taking a tub home, and if you have any doubts, you will receive advice from the sellers.

Elegant round bathtub. (Photo: Alena Ozerova/

Purchasing criteria

How delightful it is to soak and enjoy a nice bath in a bathtub, especially after a tiring day at work. To help you choose the right one, one you won't want to get out of, we've put together all the factors you should consider when buying. Study them well and make a good investment.

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Materials
  • Cladding


The design of the bathtub you buy should suit your tastes and the dimensions of the bathroom. Make sure you make intelligent use of the available space, as it will be easier to locate each element within the room. After all, setting aside a special place for comfort is important.

Corner bathtub. If you buy this bathtub, you will enjoy the layout of your bathroom to the maximum, as one of its corners is located in a corner. That's where it gets its name from. It also gives you the option of using it in the company of your partner, as its interior is large enough for two people.

Oval. Perfect for traditional style bathrooms. Its shape makes it ideal for stretching out and relaxing, whether you are bathing alone or in company. In fact, it stands out for its decorative qualities. If you have plenty of space, place it in the centre. If not, it will also look good in a corner.

Rectangular. This is the traditional presentation of bathtubs. We suggest placing them recessed between two side walls and a back wall, or in a corner, preferably the ones furthest away from the door.

Round. A wonderful design for a modern bathroom with large dimensions. Install it free-standing, even if this increases costs, because this way you will transmit a sense of luxury. Do you want to have a bathroom with a unique style? With a round bathtub you will break the traditional schemes while enjoying a comfortable place.

Enjoy a hot bath in the cabin. (Photo: Kirkandmimi/Pixabay)


Before selecting a specimen, estimate the installation costs that may or may not increase the final amount of your investment. Depending on the case, you might even have to make some structural modifications, the end result of which would require more time and money.

Embedded. They require a special space inside the floor or wall, similar to a drawer or cupboard. This is the most common style, because it makes the most of the space. If the area of your bathroom is reduced, it will be your best choice.

Freestanding. Surprise yourself by placing an independent piece with enormous decorative qualities, which steals the limelight at first sight. Its cost is higher, due to the meticulous details. It is recommended in large places, to be able to play with more daring designs.


Within the market you will find several alternatives in terms of manufacturing material. This element will not only vary in cost, but also in durability and maintenance tasks. How will you know which one is the right one? Well, everything will depend on the characteristics of the place where it will be installed.

Cast iron. An elegant complement to any bathroom, although of considerable weight. A good long-term investment that requires simple maintenance. Do you like hot water? This material will keep you warm for a long time. However, for the same reason the floor where you use it must be resistant.

Enamelled steel. Lightweight and less expensive than the previous case, but it requires proper care with specific products, because it tends to dull and suffer scratches as time goes by. It also does not retain heat for a long time. Therefore, choose it if you like quick baths.

Acrylic. Affordable and quiet, so you can fill it with water with virtually no noise. Usually retains its colour and shine for a considerable period of time. Looking for a bathtub that is resistant to scratches and cleaning products? Go for acrylic.

Resin. Your best choice if you want a bathtub that feels pleasant to the touch. This component can take various shapes, withstands the sun's rays, is lightweight and easy to clean. However, its price is high, although justifiable if you want a quality experience.

Glass. An element of natural origin that does not pollute. It is resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. Have you ever imagined yourself bathing in a glass cup? Fulfil your fantasy with this component. On the other hand, thanks to its transparency you will perceive that the space around you increases.


This refers to the covering of the outside of the bathtub for aesthetic purposes. They hide the water evacuation pipes, the floor underneath and preserve the heat. Choosing one over the other will depend on your décor and style, so be creative.

Tiles. Ceramic pieces covered with fibreglass that match the design of the brand. Your best long-term choice. They are easy to clean, have a long life span. In addition to that, they have general health benefits, because no microorganisms survive on their surface with proper maintenance.

Wood: Do you like to mix modernity and nature? With wood you will create a rustic environment in your bathroom that will never go out of fashion. It combines well with other elements and textures. To preserve it over time, make sure it has had special sealant treatments against humidity.

(Featured image photo Shadowfirearts/Pixabay)