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Welcome to our big battery hedge trimmer test 2022. Here we present all the battery hedge trimmers that we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the web.

We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best cordless hedge trimmer for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a cordless hedge trimmer.


  • Battery hedge trimmers are useful gardening tools that help you trim hedges, shrubs and bushes into the right shape.
  • Battery hedge trimmers are the flexible alternative to petrol-powered, corded or powered hedge trimmers.
  • There are three different types of cordless hedge trimmers: Classic, Mini and with extension. You can find out more about these types further down this page.

The Best Battery Hedge Trimmer : Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a cordless hedge trimmer

What are the advantages of battery-powered hedge trimmers over other drives?

There are hedge trimmers with different drives on the market:

  • Battery hedge trimmers
  • Motor hedge trimmers
  • Corded electric hedge trimmers
  • Petrol hedge trimmers

Battery-powered hedge trimmers have the advantage that you can use them in a highly mobile and flexible way. You don't have to have a socket in the garden and there is no risk of tripping over a cable lying around.

In addition, battery hedge trimmers are lighter than petrol or motor-driven models. A classic cordless hedge trimmer weighs around 3 to 4 kilograms. Telescopic cordless hedge trimmers and mini cordless hedge trimmers are usually even lighter.

The battery of hedge trimmers

For the batteries of classic cordless hedge trimmers, a distinction can be made between two power classes in the field of private use: 18 V voltage and 36 V voltage. The 36-volt battery is fully charged after about 30 to 45 minutes.

After that, the 36-volt battery has an approximate runtime of 50 minutes. If you have a small hedge and do not have to trim it for so long, a weaker 18-volt battery is also sufficient for you. The hedge trimmer is very flexible, practical and light because of its battery.

Powerful lithium-ion batteries are often built into garden tools. However, the battery-powered hedge trimmer is less powerful than the other types of drive mentioned. If you notice that your tool is losing power when you are trimming the hedge, then you should definitely charge the battery quickly.

Some manufacturers offer hedge trimmers with a replacement battery or exchangeable battery so that you do not have to interrupt your gardening work when the battery is low. There are also hedge trimmers that work with two batteries. This increases the overall performance of the tool.

When buying your cordless hedge trimmer, make sure that the device is powered by a lithium-ion battery. This is important because other battery technologies can suffer from the so-called memory effect.

This leads to your battery becoming weaker and weaker. If you do not have a lithium-ion battery, then you should pay attention to the following: Ideally, discharge your battery completely while working. Then fully recharge the battery.

The following applies to all battery models: When charging, make sure that the charging process is not interrupted. When you have fully charged your battery and the gardening season is coming to an end, remove the battery from the device and store it separately. In this way you avoid a possible discharge due to voltages in the unit.

What branch thicknesses does the garden tool penetrate?

On average, battery hedge trimmers can cut through a branch thickness of approx. 11 mm. Depending on the performance class, the cutting force can vary by a few millimetres.

If you want to cut a hedge whose branches are consistently thicker than 11 mm, then a hedge trimmer is not the right tool for you. In this case, you should rather use tools for pruning.


Battery hedge trimmers cut branches up to 11 cm in diameter and are therefore indispensable helpers in the garden. The battery operation enables flexible working without dependence on a power socket. (Photo: Alexas_Fotos /

How much does a cordless hedge trimmer cost?

The cost of a cordless hedge trimmer varies depending on the performance class. Basically, two power classes are distinguished for classic cordless hedge trimmers: 18 V voltage and 36 V voltage.

Suitable for Power class Price
For everyone and manageable gardens, small to medium-sized hedges 18 V voltage from approx. 100 €
For everyone and large gardens, medium-sized to extensive hedges 36 V voltage from approx. 200 €
For professionals and large gardens More than 36 V voltage from approx. 300 €

18-volt cordless hedge trimmers are available in shops from 100 euros and can be perfectly adequate if your garden is not too large. The more powerful hedge trimmers with a 36-volt battery are available from 200 euros.

This device makes sense if your garden is large and you have to trim many hedges and shrubs. Professional hedge trimmers with an even more powerful battery are available from 300 euros.

You should only buy a professional battery-powered hedge trimmer if you really want to trim many hedges at a time over a longer period of time.

Decision: What types of hedge trimmers are there and which is the right one for you?

Whether boxwood, thuja hedge or cherry laurel - there is a suitable cordless hedge trimmer for every plant. On this page we present the following categories of cordless hedge trimmers:

  • Classic cordless hedge trimmer
  • Long-handled cordless hedge trimmer
  • Mini cordless hedge trimmer

Above all, the size of the hedge and the size of the garden should be decisive for your choice. In this paragraph you will learn more about the previously mentioned types of cordless hedge trimmers. You will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of these garden shears.

When to use a classic cordless hedge trimmer and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Classic cordless hedge trimmers form the basis. They can be used for almost all types of hedges. The classic cordless hedge trimmer is mobile and can be used flexibly. They are much more manoeuvrable and lighter than their petrol or motor-driven competitors.

In addition, the noise level is lower. It is usually powered by a lithium-ion battery, which is very powerful. You can find more detailed information about the battery further down on this page, under Facts worth knowing about the battery of hedge trimmers.

  • The basic unit is versatile
  • Flexible and mobile
  • No cable
  • Lightweight
  • Limited runtime due to battery operation
  • Less power from battery than other drive types

The cutting system of a classic battery hedge trimmer is called a long blade. This means that the cutting blades are attached to a 40 cm to 70 cm long bar. Despite the powerful lithium-ion battery, a cordless hedge trimmer is less powerful than other hedge trimmers.

In addition, the runtime of the device is limited because of the battery. When the battery is exhausted, it is no longer possible to continue working. The battery must be recharged.

Akku Heckenschere

There are also different models of battery-powered hedge trimmers. The classic battery hedge trimmer can be used for cutting different types of hedges.

What are telescopic cordless hedge trimmers or long-handled cordless hedge trimmers suitable for and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

High-growing hedges in particular can be a challenge when pruning shrubs. With a classic cordless hedge trimmer, you will quickly reach your limits. That's why there are battery hedge trimmers with an extension.

With cordless hedge trimmers with a handle, you can easily trim even the hard-to-reach areas of your hedge. They are relatively easy to use and you do not need a ladder to work with them. The cordless hedge trimmers with a stick therefore enable you to work in a particularly back-friendly way.

  • Perfect for tall hedges
  • Also suitable for smaller hedges
  • Flexible and mobile without cables
  • Back-friendly work
  • Limited runtime due to battery operation
  • Unhandy due to length

Long-handled cordless hedge trimmers are powered by the same powerful lithium-ion battery as classic cordless hedge trimmers and therefore have no cable. This means that you are also very mobile with this device.

Despite the powerful lithium-ion battery, a long-handled cordless hedge trimmer is also less powerful than other types of powered hedge trimmers. In addition, the runtime of the device is limited because of the battery. If the battery is exhausted, work can no longer be continued and it must be recharged.

Akku Heckenschere

Extended battery hedge trimmers are suitable for reaching difficult places and make cutting easier.

When should I use mini cordless hedge trimmers or cordless shrub shears and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Smaller hedges and shrubs also need care. A cordless shrub shear is ideal for this. If you want to give your large hedge the perfect finishing touch, you should go for a small cordless hedge trimmer.

Mini cordless hedge trimmers cut precisely and are therefore popular for fine-tuning hedge trimming. You can also use a mini cordless hedge trimmer for smaller shrubs. Thanks to a hand holder, you have a good grip on it.

The short blades are located directly under the hand holder. The measuring length of the cutting blades varies depending on the model and is on average approx. 10 cm.

  • Cuts precise details
  • Optimal for small jobs and shrubs
  • Flexible and mobile without a cable
  • Very light weight
  • Limited running time due to battery operation
  • Not suitable for large hedges

The blades of the small cordless shrub shears are also called short blades. Manufacturers such as Bosch even offer cordless hedge trimmers with interchangeable blade attachments in different lengths. The cordless shrub shears are very light in weight and have no cable.

This makes it particularly easy and flexible to use. Like the other cordless hedge trimmers, the mini cordless hedge trimmer is also powered by lithium-ion technology. This means that the smallest of the hedge trimmers has a lot of power.

Due to its small size, the device is not suitable for large hedges. You use mini cordless hedge trimmers either for a small number of small shrubs or in addition to a classic cordless hedge trimmer or in addition to a cordless long-handled hedge trimmer.

Mini Akku Heckenschere

The mini cordless hedge trimmer is very easy to handle and is well suited for trimming smaller hedges. It is also often used as a finishing trim.

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate cordless hedge trimmers

Here you can learn about the key features of cordless hedge trimmers. This will help you to better assess and evaluate the offers on the market. This way you can see which product is best for you. The following criteria are compared:

  • Types of cordless hedge trimmers
  • Power class
  • Cutting length
  • Cutting strength
  • Battery life
  • Battery charging time
  • Weight

In the following paragraphs you will find detailed information on the individual purchase criteria.

Types of cordless hedge trimmers

The type of cordless hedge trimmer already tells you something about the intended use of the device. We distinguish between these three main categories:

  • Classic cordless hedge trimmer
  • Long-handled cordless hedge trimmer
  • Mini cordless hedge trimmer

The classic battery hedge trimmer is the basic type. It can be used for many different hedges. If you are looking for a cordless hedge trimmer without special needs, the classic is the right tool for you.

The long-handled cordless hedge trimmer has an extendable holder. This is why they are also called telescopic cordless hedge trimmers or pole cordless hedge trimmers.

This type is also particularly suitable for tall hedges or tender tree shoots. The long handle allows you to reach areas that would otherwise be out of your reach. The mini battery hedge trimmer is, as the name suggests, the smallest unit. Optionally, it is also called a cordless shrub shear.

You can use it to trim very small hedges or shrubs. You can also use mini cordless hedge trimmers to do the finishing touches to your hedge. With a bit of skill, you can also use this type to create great plant shapes in the garden.

The power classes

If you are not familiar with volts and battery voltage, then you should read this paragraph. The number of volts tells you something about the performance of the cordless hedge trimmer and offers a good comparison. The volt rating of a cordless hedge trimmer indicates the power with which the machine works.

The larger the machine, the higher the volt rating should be to ensure that the machine can work with maximum power. Classic cordless hedge trimmers are all about the same size.

For this type, three power classes are distinguished on the basis of the volt specifications:

  • 18 Volt voltage
  • 36 Volt voltage
  • More than 36 Volt voltage

Mini cordless hedge trimmers, on the other hand, are much smaller than the classic cordless hedge trimmers. Therefore, they are already powerful even with a low volt rating.

The mini battery hedge trimmers are often offered with a powerful eleven volt voltage. Telescopic cordless hedge trimmers are also lighter than the classic cordless hedge trimmers.

A lower voltage is therefore already sufficient. Long-handled cordless hedge trimmers are usually equipped with 18-volt batteries. Which power class you need depends on the size of your hedge or garden.

The cutting length

Here you can find out what the terms long and short blade mean and, above all, which cutting system a battery hedge trimmer uses. The cordless hedge trimmer has a bar with a row of blades on the left and right.

When the cordless hedge trimmer is put into operation, the rows of blades move. This allows you to cut shrubs comfortably with the device. The total length of this bar equipped with blades is called the cutting length or blade length. In the field of classic cordless hedge trimmers, blade lengths of 40 cm to 70 cm are common.

A telescopic battery hedge trimmer has a 50 cm long blade on average. In contrast, the mini cordless hedge trimmers have a so-called short blade. This means that the cutting length of mini cordless hedge trimmers is around 10 cm.

In practice, the longer the blade of your cordless hedge trimmer, the larger the area you can cut with it in just one stroke. Now you may conclude that the longest possible blade is best for you.

The longer the blade of a cordless hedge trimmer, the more difficult it is to handle. Short and medium-length blades are more manoeuvrable and therefore easier to use. Beginners and inexperienced users in particular should therefore opt for a medium length blade.


The length of the hedge trimmer blade also plays an important role. The classic cordless hedge trimmer is called a long blade because it is between 40-70 cm long. This is suitable for many types of hedges.

The cutting thickness

This indicates the maximum thickness of a branch that the device can cut effortlessly. The cordless hedge trimmer has a bar that cuts on both sides. Free-standing blades are attached to the bar in a row on the left and right. The distance between the individual blades, the so-called blade spacing, is called the cutting thickness.

The blade spacing tells you which branch thicknesses the garden tool can penetrate. On average, cordless hedge trimmers can penetrate a branch thickness of around 11 mm.

The decisive factor is the type of cordless hedge trimmer. With classic cordless hedge trimmers and cordless hedge trimmers with extension, the range of cutting thicknesses extends from 15 mm to 25 mm.

The average cutting thickness of mini cordless hedge trimmers is around 8 mm. Example: You buy a telescopic cordless hedge trimmer with a cutting thickness of 22 mm. This means that your new garden tool can cut branches with a maximum thickness of 22 mm.

If you want to consistently cut plants with thicker branches, then a hedge trimmer is not the right tool for you. In this case, you should rather opt for tools for pruning woody plants.

Battery life

The battery life indicates how long you can use your battery hedge trimmer after one battery charge. We have done some research and compiled some interesting facts for you. The battery life can vary greatly from device to device.

Large devices with long blades consume more energy to drive and therefore often end up in the charger again quickly. Mini cordless hedge trimmers, on the other hand, consume less energy and therefore often have a long battery life.

Our research has shown: When it comes to battery life, manufacturers' specifications can deviate from the actual values. This is because manufacturers usually test their products under optimal laboratory conditions.

This results in long battery runtimes. That is why manufacturers often use the term maximum when stating the battery life. Manufacturers' specifications and personal experience can therefore differ.

Factors such as the outside temperature during cutting can influence the battery life. This results in different battery runtimes. To be sure, you should not only check the manufacturer's specifications before buying, but also read various customer reports.

Battery charging time

The charging time of the battery can vary greatly from device to device. The decisive factor is which battery model you use and which charger you use for charging. As with the battery life, the manufacturer's specifications can also differ from customer experience.

This is also because manufacturers test their products under optimal laboratory conditions. If in doubt, don't just contact the manufacturer, but also check different customer reports on the internet.

Most cordless hedge trimmers today are powered by lithium-ion batteries. These store electricity faster than their technical predecessors, the nickel batteries. In addition, lithium-ion batteries can be recharged before they are completely discharged. They are not affected by the so-called memory effect.

The weight

The type of cordless hedge trimmer is the most important factor for the weight. As already mentioned, we distinguish between three different types of battery hedge trimmers. Each type has a different field of application. This results in different product sizes and weights. The table shows how heavy the different types of battery hedge trimmers can be:

Type Weight on average Area of use
Mini cordless hedge trimmer 0.5-2 kg Delicate hedges and shrubs, for fine trimming and details
Telescopic cordless hedge trimmer 3-7 kg Tall hedges
Classic cordless hedge trimmer 2-5 kg Depending on the power class: from small hedges to extensive gardens

Facts worth knowing about cordless hedge trimmers

What do I need to bear in mind when cutting hedges with my cordless hedge trimmer?

Hedge trimming is one of the necessary maintenance measures in the garden and should be carried out regularly. If you cut your hedge at the wrong time, you can damage it. Here we provide you with basic knowledge so that you can avoid gross mistakes.

It is best to trim deciduous hedges in the last few weeks of August, when the plant stops growing. New shoots may appear after the hedge has been cut. If you prune your hedge later in autumn, the fresh shoots may already suffer frost damage and inhibit the growth of the hedge.

Evergreen hedges and conifers should be pruned either in spring, shortly before the hedge sprouts new shoots, or in autumn, shortly before the first frost. There are laws and guidelines for hedge pruning that you must follow. In addition to possible individual guidelines from landlords, there are also legally regulated requirements that must be adhered to.

For example, in Styria (Austria), since a decision in 2012, you are no longer allowed to carry out noise-producing work in the household or in the garden on certain weekdays. You can usually find out about the legal situation that applies in your area free of charge from your city council or municipal office.

Maintenance, cleaning and care of cordless hedge trimmers

To keep your cordless hedge trimmer in good working order and to enjoy using it for a long time, you must maintain and clean the device regularly. Safety first! First of all, when maintaining your cordless hedge trimmer, make sure that you remove the battery from the tool. This prevents injuries.

If the battery is still in the hedge trimmer, the device could suddenly switch on and you could seriously injure yourself. Make sure you clean your hedge trimmer thoroughly after every hedge trimming. There should be no plant debris left between the cutting blades.

The best way to do this is to brush the blades to remove coarse dirt. Afterwards, you should dry the cutting mechanism with an old towel. You can also rub the attachment of the cutting blades with a universal oil once a year. After that, your hedge trimmer should work like clockwork again.

In addition, the cutting blades lose their sharpness over the years of use. This makes hedge trimming more and more tedious. If you are skilled, you can sharpen the blades of your cordless hedge trimmer yourself. If you are unsure and have no experience in this area, it is better to contact a professional.

If you are not a mechanic, you can also have your battery hedge trimmer serviced by experts. Often DIY stores, electrical shops or mechanics offer such a service. If you choose professional maintenance, you don't have to worry about the life of your machine.

Image source: / Alexas_Fotos