Last updated: August 16, 2021

Very popular among women, the beach hat unites style and protection against the sun's rays, and although it was designed for use on the beach, this accessory goes great in many different situations. If you are looking for an item like this to complete your wardrobe, just take a look at our guide to get all the tips on how to use it.


  • The beach hat is an accessory to be worn on the head, as a way to protect the face from the harmful effects of the sun.
  • Its main purpose is protection, however, it has become a much loved accessory among women, and is often worn in regions outside the beach, such as the countryside and the pool.
  • There are different models of beach hats, such as the floppy, the visor, the custom and the panama.

The Best Beach Hats: Our Picks

Buying guide

Beach hats have been worn by women for many years. They are versatile, elegant and still protect the face from the sun. In the guide below we will give you tips on how to use them and explain their advantages.

Foto de uma mulher de cabelos castanhos semi deitada na areia da praia, com os dois cotovelos apoiados no chão. Ela está olhando em direção ao mar azul e usa um chapéu branco com faixa preta.

The beach hat is a versatile and timeless accessory. (Source: Riccardo Bresciani/

What is a beach hat?

The beach hat is an accessory that has not left women's heads for many generations. It is a hat made of different types of braided fibres, with a brim large enough to protect the whole face from the sun. It was designed to be worn under the hot sun of the beach to protect the hair and face, however, it has become a versatile accessory that can be worn on many occasions.

What are the advantages of the beach hat?

As we have already said, the watchword of the beach hat is versatility. Women all over the world are in the habit of wearing them on warm days. The good news is that it has left the beaches and has reached the countryside and the city, as the designs have developed and the creations have become more and more adaptable. Nowadays, the beach hat is worn with cool, loose clothes, low shoes, and even some heeled sandals, in different situations. Besides the fashion aspect, it is important to remember that this accessory ensures the safety of your face, since it prevents the direct contact of UVA and UVB rays on the skin. Despite the protection, it's very important that you also use sunscreen, especially on sunny days, because you can't mess with your health, right? In general, the beach hat is a chic, versatile and timeless accessory that still protects you from the sun! Is there anything better?

Foto de um chápeu de praia junto de um kindle, uma canga, uma toalha e um óculos de sol, ao lado de uma piscina.

The beach hat combines style, protection and comfort. (Source: Perfecto Capucine/ Pexels)

What are the types of beach hats?

Like most accessories, the beach hat has its aesthetic variations. Below we will introduce you to which models are in vogue:


The traditional hat, also known as Floppy, is the classic model with a wide brim made of fiber or straw. Its main advantage is its brim, which covers a lot of the sun and sometimes even protects the lap or the back. It is not part of fast fashion and is very easy to combine with different types of looks, including off the beach. In short, it is versatile, chic and very timeless!


The well-known visor has also been given a beach hat version. Its inspiration comes from the sportive fashion, however it was adapted to the littoral climate. Despite being very elegant, you will hardly be able to use these models outside the beach, since they are more informal. The tip is to bet on a visor with a slightly larger brim, for better protection against the sun.


The customised beach hat is the hype of the moment! It is a floppy model with personalized embroidery with names and phrases on the top of the brim. Fun, right?


The more discreet women are delighted with the elegance of the panama hat. It has a reduced, firm brim and the top can be flattened. It is more delicate, not so flashy and usually comes with a black, nude or beige band. It is an excellent option to be worn both on the beach and in the pool, as well as in the city.

Traditional Personalized Visor Panama
Tab Large and soft Large and soft Short and firm Short and firm
Where to use At the beach, pool or any other casual outdoor environment At the beach or pool At the beach, pool or any other casual outdoor environment At the beach, pool or in the city
Differential More classic style Embroidery on the brim Sporty cut More sophisticated style

Shopping criteria: How to compare beach hats

There is not much mystery about beach hats, right? But it is still important that you look at every detail of the product before choosing yours.

Below we will explain each of these points.


There are hats made of synthetic materials, such as paper or cellulose fibres, and those made of non-synthetic materials, such as straw. The first ones have better finishing and more durability, however, the straw is great in protecting against the sun, it is chic, sustainable and beautiful! All cases have their benefits, it's up to you to decide which one pleases you more.


In most cases, the colour of the hat is caramel or light beige, however, there are also black ones, and even some colored models, usually made of warm tones. This is also a totally personal matter and it varies according to each person's taste. However, we recommend that you buy a beach hat in a neutral colour that will go well with any outfit or bathing costume.


Good finishing is very important! Nobody likes loose threads and seams that bother you, right? So pay attention to every detail of your hat and see if it is really made with care and is of good quality.


Finally, the design. After all, an accessory has to be beautiful and sparkle your eyes. Some of them even have bands, embroidery and even chains. As we have already said, the variety of models is large and you have several purchase possibilities. (Source of the highlighted image: Pixabay/ Pexels)