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Nowadays the trend for men is to have a beard, but not only that, but also to take the right care of it to keep it in perfect condition. Therefore, in this article we will talk about beard balms and their different impacts on the beard.

Due to the fact that more and more people use beards and that women like it, there are new brands and types of balms to minimise the mistreatment caused by day to day life. In addition, with this type of products it encourages the growth of the same originating a healthy and strong growth.

You can find balms in two different presentations, in cream, gel or wax, each one has unique characteristics, giving as a consequence very specific benefits to your beard. Therefore, we explain their meaning, most notable purchasing factors, where to get them and even their value. We hope you find it useful.


  • A beard balm is a product created to care for this type of hair that grows on the face. Its purpose is to keep it free of stye, as well as to give it the strength and softness necessary for it to look elegant and groomed. On the other hand, it offers protection against the different factors that can damage it.
  • Both cream or gel balm and wax balm are made to make your beard look great, however, each is used for specific situations. Depending on your hair length and thickness, which type of balm is right for you. In addition, you need to consider the quantity of the product to get the expected performance.
  • The purchasing criteria that are necessary to consider when buying a beard balm are: Ingredients, function, performance and hair thickness. Finding the ideal one for you but above all to ensure the growth and quality of your facial hair will make you look presentable.

The Best Beard Balms: Our Picks

Buying Guide: What you need to know about beard balms

If you are someone who analyses, evaluates and compares any type of product before making your first purchase, as well as getting the most cost-benefit for the price you pay, then this section is obviously for you. Here you will find out what it is, as well as the advantages they offer to those who use a beard balm.

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What is a beard balm and what are its advantages?

A beard balm is the ideal complement to facial hair care. Its main function is to keep it in perfect condition and free from damage such as stye, as well as to give it the necessary growth and softness to make it look radiant and groomed. In addition, with this treatment you prevent brittle hairs because they are thin.

Depending on the results you expect to see in your beard, this is the type of product you need, focusing on either growth or care. In addition, it offers other benefits such as scent. Therefore, we mention their main advantages summarised in the following table:

  • Helps growth in areas lacking facial hair
  • Provides softness and strength to your beard
  • Prevents stye and hair loss
  • Makes you look groomed and elegant.
  • It is an expensive product
  • Some products are of limited distribution
  • The results are visible in the long term.

Beard balm cream, gel or wax - what to look out for?

The challenge for anyone about to purchase a new product is to find the one that meets your needs and beard balm is no exception. So keep in mind that depending on its type and the benefit you want to get, it will be the result you will see once you use it.

Cream balm. This presentation has a consistency very similar to the body cream, only a little thicker. It is made up of natural repairers and vitamins such as E and F to give your beard permanent hydration and softness.

Results are visible from week 3 and requires application twice a week. It usually has recognisable scents including aloe vera, mahogany and vanilla. You only need 1.5 grams of the product per application, equivalent to 2 fingertips of your hand.

Gel balm. It comes in a semi-liquid state, made with natural repairers and a conditioner, with ingredients such as panthenol and Karyte that give your beard unparalleled softness and thickness. Plus, you minimise damage caused by pollution such as stye.

Requires application 2 to 3 times a week to see results after 4 weeks of use. The amount of product you need is similar to the cream presentation, 1.5 grams which is equivalent to approximately 2 fingertips of your hand.

Wax balm. This is currently the most widely used, as what you are looking for is a thick and abundant beard. Its main ingredient is Minoxidil, which is an agent that allows facial hair to grow up to 40% faster.

The results are noticeable between week 8 and 12 and you need to use it twice a week. Compared to the two previous presentations, with the wax you need 4 hours for the product to be absorbed in its entirety and penetrate each hair follicle.

Cream Gel Wax
Ingredients Natural repairers and vitamins Natural repairers and conditioner Minoxidil
Benefits Hydration and softness Smoothness and thickness Up to 40% faster growth
Visibility of results From week 3 From week 4 8 to 12 weeks
Mode of application 2 times per week, after bath and beard completely dry 2 to 3 times per week, after bath 2 times per week, absorption time 4 hours

Buying criteria

If you constantly grow a beard or have tried to, but it doesn't grow on all areas of your chin, you not only need to consider the type of balm, but also other factors that can help you make a better decision. Thinking at all times about the best possible result for your beard.


These types of products are made from a number of ingredients, however, there are 3 of the most important ones that you need to know about to better understand how they work. Therefore, we describe them briefly below.

Monoxidil. It is an ingredient that has the property of stimulating facial hair to grow rapidly, even in small places where it does not currently grow. If you are looking for an abundance of hair, monoxidil should be present in your balm.

Natural agents. These include coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil, olive oil, karyte butter and many others. If you are interested in moisturising and caring for your beard, make sure your balm contains these ingredients.

Conditioner. It is vital that vitamins and panthenol are present to give your beard that soft feeling. If you like your beard to grow long and healthy, consider these vitamins and minerals in your balm.

Vitamins. To be able to repair and keep every hair in your beard in perfect condition, it is necessary to look for products with vitamins E and F. They will be in charge of moisturising and giving softness to your beard.

Currently there are two main functions of a balm, depending on the benefit you want to see reflected in your beard, is the function that needs to have the product you plan to purchase. Therefore, we will explain about each of them as follows

For growth. It is a product focused on giving strength to the facial hair for an optimal and constant growth. Its main ingredient is minoxidil, an agent that allows hair to grow up to 40% faster, even in places where it does not usually grow or is less abundant.

For care. This balm is focused on the aesthetic part, that is, on providing the necessary protection and care to make your beard look its best. Its main ingredients are natural repairing agents and a conditioner to give it softness and thickness so that it is not easily damaged.

There is a balm focused on growing or caring for your beard. (NejroN/


Depending on the type of presentation of your balm, the amount of product you need per application, the more you use the product, the lower the yield. Therefore, we will talk about the most common ones below.

More than 45 days. Consider that depending on the presentation of this article, it is the performance that you will see reflected over time. We recommend the wax balm, as you need very little product, i.e. just the tip of your finger, to cover the whole of your beard.

You only need about 1 gram of product, which is about as much as you can take with the tip of your index finger. You then spread it along the palms of your hands and apply it to your entire beard.

Less than 45 days. In the case of the cream or gel balm, you need a little more product, so its performance is between 30 and 45 days, so you need to buy product faster than in the case of the wax.

In this case you need about 1.5 grams, which is about 2 fingertips, spread it along your hands and then apply it all over your beard.

Hair thickness

This concept will help you understand what type of product is right for the thickness of facial hair you have. Below we explain the 3 different thicknesses, which will help you better understand how to get the beard you've longed for.

Low density. This is considered the thinnest hair, as it grows, you will see a lot of skin between the hairs, we recommend a balm with vitamins and monoxidil to stimulate growth.

Medium density. As the hair grows, the skin disappears from view, as it covers each space perfectly, we recommend a balm with natural agents including oils, to achieve greater density derived from the thickness of the same.

High density. It is the thickest hair, from the moment it starts to grow you will notice that your skin will not be seen, if you have this type of beard, we recommend a balm for care made from natural agents and conditioner.

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