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Welcome to the Wellness Guide! If you cultivate your facial hair, you know that taking care of it is fundamental for it to look beautiful and impressive. And one of the most important products for such care is beard oil.

Some of the most frequent problems that prevent beards from being healthy are the lack of hydration and the brittle aspect. That's exactly why the oils exist: the use is not a fridge, but very important for those who want to maintain facial hair!

Is it the most recommended for you to use a beard oil or some other similar product? And how to choose the one that best suits your skin and facial features? In this article, we will answer all your questions!


  • To maintain a long beard, you need to take proper care of it. A beard oil will help keep the strands always hydrated and well nourished. The use is recommended for both health and aesthetics.
  • There are some other products with similar effects to beard oil in terms of volume and modeling. To know which one to choose, it is necessary to know what best applies to your skin type.
  • The price of a 30 ml bottle of beard oil may vary between £15 and £200. There are many variables that influence this difference, but we can put the brand and the composition as the main ones.

The best Beard Oil: Our Picks

You may have noticed: long beards are in fashion! That's why more and more brands are betting on their own product formulas that help men keep them in order.

We've selected some beard oils for sale on the Brazilian market that are of excellent quality:

Buying Guide

Do you know why and how to use a beard oil? And what other products have similar effects on facial hair? Which compositions are the most recommended? This is where we discuss all these questions in the Buying Guide. Follow us to learn all about it and have a beard of respect!

Imagem mostra um homem com uma barba bem cuidada.

It is not enough to let your beard grow, you must take good care of it! (Source: MarkColt / Pixabay)

What is a beard oil and what is it used for?

Hair that is not moisturized tends to become brittle and little voluminous. This happens because the natural oiliness of the skin, the longer the strands are, the less will reach the total length of them.

If you intend to grow a great beard and keep it always in good aspect, it is important to use a beard oil. The product will leave the strands well nourished and will ensure hydration.

A well-nourished and moisturized beard is much more beautiful and charming. The strands are fuller and shinier, the shaping is easier and the texture is more attractive. Therefore, using an oil is a matter of beauty and health!

Did you know that human beings have known for a long time of the need to keep skin and hair hydrated? Since approximately 1,000 B.C. there are records of sesame and castor oils as moisturising creams.

In certain cultures, the shine of skin, hair and beards, in the case of men, was seen as indicative of health and strength. The evolution of this industry has never stopped, with new compounds being discovered periodically

Who should not use beard oil and what are the alternatives?

On the other hand, there are people who have excessive oiliness on their skin. Even using products that control it, the aspect is always brighter than it should be. For them, the use of a beard oil is not recommended.

The ideal option, in this case, is the balm. It is also ideal for those who suffer from allergies and itchy skin, symptoms that often will be aggravated by the oil. The same manufacturers usually offer both products.

In the table below, we explain the differences between oil and balm:

Beard oil Beard balm
Texture Oily Creamy
Advantages Hydrates, softens and perfumes the strands, gives a full and shiny beard look Relaxes the beard, facilitates shaping, has anti-inflammatory properties
Recommendations People with large beard and dry skin, who need to add volume to the beard or who need to moisturize the strands People with large beard and oily skin, with itching or allergies in the hair region or with short beard

What are the best compositions for a beard oil?

An important tip when choosing the composition of your beard oil is to opt for those that are free of parabens, sulfates, petrolatum and other harmful compounds. They are not only bad for you, but also for the environment.

Look for natural oils, with predominantly vegetable ingredients. Quinoa, hops, argan, pumpkin seed ... There are many products with real ability to bring benefits to your natural hair.

Even the more classic products such as sesame and hemp are beneficial. Anyway, read the composition carefully before buying and research what a particular oil can offer.

How to use beard oil?

The application of beard oil is quite simple. Check out the step by step to leave your beard perfect:

  • After bathing, spray a small amount (proportional to the length of the strands) on one of your hands.
  • Then, rub it on the other hand to spread it well and then take it to the beard.
  • Spread it well over all the strands from the roots to the tips. This way, besides guaranteeing hydration, you will achieve a modeling that will produce excellent aesthetic effects.

Purchase criteria: What to take into consideration when buying your beard oil

In addition to the composition and compatibility with your skin, there are some other factors that can be decisive when it comes to your purchase. We list a few below.

  • Fragrance
  • No animal testing
  • Ease of use
  • Cost-effective

We will talk more about each of them below:


Most beard oils also feature fragrance. You can opt for a neutral one, if that is your preference, or choose what scent you would like your face to exude.

There are some products that seek to imitate the fragrances of high perfumery, with woody tones, while others keep the scents of natural products in their composition. If this is a key issue for you, there is no shortage of diversity to choose from!

Imagem mostra um óleo para barba junto a uma composição rústica.

A good beard oil will also leave you with an attractive scent. (Source: fvh4b5 /

No animal testing

We know that for a large number of consumers it is important that cosmetics are not tested on animals. In beard oils, some brands specify this information, making it easier for such people to buy.

So, if you are someone who takes into consideration whether or not cosmetics have been tested on animals, be sure to pay attention to the description of your beard oil before completing the purchase.

Ease of use

Some beard oil packaging comes with some features that make the product easy to use. One good addition is the dropper, which allows only the desired amount to be poured into the palm of your hand.

There are also brands that provide other ways to facilitate the use through the packaging. The dosing valve is another control option, avoiding waste and making the beard care even more satisfactory.

Imagem mostra um homem sorrindo e passando óleo para barba.

Opt for a beard oil that is easy to apply. (Source: dolgachov / 123RF)


As we already mentioned, most beard oils are sold in 30 ml bottles. But there are exceptions. And it is from there that you can calculate what the real cost-benefit of the product.

If you find bottles of different brands, similar qualities and with quantities that are not the same, divide the price by the ml of the package and get the value per ml. This way, you will know which bottle is the most cost-effective!

(Source of the highlighted image: parilovv / 123RF)