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If you want to boast a beautiful beard, you cannot simply let it grow; you have to take care of it. And we're not just saying this! Barber is one of the oldest professions in the world, with many considering it an art in itself. Master barbers are extremely popular these days, but most of us don't know just how decisive beard products are.

Which products, you ask? You've come to the right place to find the answer to this question. Throughout our guide, we will introduce you to the different aspects of beard care and grooming. And since we want you to be ready to show off a spectacular beard, we have also selected some of the best products on the market for you to discover.


  • Beard products are designed to take care of the hygiene, style, and hydration of facial hair. These include anything from shavers and razors to grooming kits and all types of oils, conditioners, and lotions. Whether you have a small scruff or a full beard, there is something for everyone!
  • Indeed, beard products are incredibly varied and tailored to different styles. Most manufacturers offer kits with all the necessary elements for adequate beard care. You can also find more specific products, like a unique balm.
  • If your beard is giving you trouble, we imagine that you want the best products to take care of it. In that case, you will have to evaluate a series of criteria before you can make your purchase. Aspects such as type of razor, brush bristles, or manufacturing materials, will play a significant role in your final decision.

The best Beard Product in the United Kingdom: Our Picks

If your beard isn't quite as good-looking as it should but that going to the barber isn't your thing, it's time for you to take matters into your own hands. You will find an incredible variety of products on the market, which means that you're only a few days away from getting your beard to where you want it to be.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Beard Products

Beards are back in trend, and men have never boasted more elegant beards than today. We understand that going to the barber isn't necessarily possible for everyone, which means that specialized products are gaining in popularity. In the following section, we will tell you everything you need to pick the right articles and take good care of your new style.

bearded guy

Combs are essential products that will help you style your beard just the way you want.
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What are beard products exactly?

Any product that helps to care for, maintain, and style your beard can be considered as such. The most common ones include shavers and special scissors to cut; different oils, balms, and lotions to moisturize and hydrate; and brushes and combs to take care of the general appearance of your beard. Each product has different properties and uses that we will discuss throughout our guide.

How are beard products sold?

Due to the increasing demand for beard products in recent years, many manufacturers have turned to marketing kits with a selection of items. These sets can offer various conditioners, oils, balms, brushes, and scissors. In addition, you can often find these products separately. If you're new to the beard game, a kit is a great way to start. Otherwise, you will probably want to opt for more specific articles, depending on your preferences.

Why are beard products necessary?

Many people still think that wearing a beard only requires a little trimming here and there. But they are forgetting that the beard is facial hair and, as such, needs care, as does the skin underneath it. The beard products found on the market are therefore designed to help you achieve this. Here are the three main aspects of beard care:

  • Hygiene: Cleaning and grooming of the beard;
  • Hydration: Of both facial hair and the skin underneath;
  • Style and cut: Shaping the length and growth of the beard.
John RiveraMaster Barber & Owner of The NY Barber
"One of the biggest misconceptions is that shaving should be an on-the-go experience. As a result, it becomes rushed, and can cause damage to the skin."

What are the most popular beard products?

The beard trend has grown so much in recent years that the offer for care products has exploded. We now have access to a huge variety and more specific articles than ever before. While we couldn't possibly go over every product available out there, we want to have a look at those that the vast majority of bearded men have at home. You can discover them in the table below:

Type of product Purpose Instructions for use
Beard conditioner It nourishes, cleanses, and softens the beard for a true feeling of freshness. Apply it to the bearded area and leave it to rest for a minute, allowing your hair to absorb it. Rinse thoroughly with water.
Beard balm It helps style your beard and promotes its growth. Spread on the palm of your hand, rub your hands together, and apply to beard. You can use a brush to do so.
Beard oil It softens and moisturizes your beard, giving it greater shine and promoting its growth. Besides, it eliminates itching and dandruff. Apply 3-10 drops to your face, then to your beard. This product works best on warm, moist skin. Always use the oil before the balm.
Comb It is designed to retouch, trim, and style your beard according to your preferences. Once you have moisturized, comb your beard slowly and without pulling. Always start from top to bottom and from the sides to the center.
Brush it helps distribute oil, improve the texture of coarse hair, comb, shape, soften, and condition the beard. You can use it with waxes, balms, and conditioners. Brush your beard smoothly and evenly.
Scissors You need them to trim and style the hair. Avoid sharp cuts if you want to be very precise.

What care routine can I follow?

The care and hygiene of the beard is a rather personal matter. Every beard and every skin is different, which means that certain products are suitable for some of us but not for others. The most important thing is that you know which style you are going for before you make any purchase. Generally speaking, however, you can follow the routine below:

  • Wash your beard: Wash the skin under it – ideally with a specialized soap – to remove any dirt particles that may have accumulated during the day. You are advised to massage the beard when applying the soap so that it penetrates thoroughly and evenly.
  • Rinse your beard: Soap can irritate your skin when drying, so make sure you rinse it with plenty of warm water.
  • Dry your beard: Use a towel to remove all the humidity. Do it carefully because wet hair is more delicate than dry. You can also use a hairdryer at medium temperature.
  • Apply beard conditioner: Leave it on for half an hour. Put a small amount on your hand and spread it all over your beard. Try to massage it in well with your fingers for a softer and shinier look. This will also prevent friction.
  • Apply beard balm and oil: Opt for oil if you have a short beard. For long beards, it depends on what you want to do. If you stay at home, an oil will nourish your skin best; if you're going out, a balm will help you stylize and shape your beard.

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Any item that helps to care for, maintain, and style your beard can be considered a beard product.
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Can I use hair shampoo on my beard?

While it is tempting to wash your beard with the same shampoo you use for your hair, it is not advisable. Shampoo isn't a product tailored to the beard. Beard hair and head hair have distinct characteristics, and the pH (potential hydrogen) of the skin is different.

Head hair is thinner and softer. In fact, two or three hairs can grow from each hair follicle on your head. Besides, the scalp is much more resilient than skin anywhere else on your body. Beard hair, on the other hand, is harder and coarser, with only one hair emerging per follicle. As you probably know, the skin on your face is much more sensitive, too.

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While it is tempting to wash your beard with the same shampoo you use for your hair, it is not advisable.
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How often should I use my beard products?

Of course, you won't be needing your scissors as often as your balm or oil. That being said, you should make frequent use of your products in order to keep a healthy and attractive beard. Here are some quick guidelines to help you figure it out:

  • Hygiene: Every day. Just like your hair, the beard will fill with dirt particles that you should remove daily. Men with thicker beards even do it twice a day.
  • Hydration: How often you use your balm or oil will be determined by the type of beard you have and how you want to style it. While it isn't absolutely necessary, many apply these products on a daily basis.
  • Styling and trimming: We recommend you trim your beard at least twice a week to make sure that it remains even.

Can beard products cause skin irritation?

Just like most beauty products, some beard items include aromas or different chemical compositions that may have allergenic ingredients. Remember that you will be applying them to your skin as well as your beard. If you are prone to allergies or have very sensitive skin, please pay close attention to the products you buy.

Shaving your beard can also cause skin irritation and redness. Your best option to prevent this is to use an aftershave that will close pores and moisturize your skin. Nowadays, the most popular products come with exquisite scents of cedar, orange, or sandalwood.

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The beard trend has grown so much in recent years that the offer for care products has exploded.
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Shopping Criteria

Wearing a stylish beard takes some learning, patience, attention to detail... and the right products! You can find so many options on the market that building your own kit to match your preferences won't be a problem. However, we want to introduce you to the main shopping criteria that will help you choose the products best suited to your beard needs.

Allergenic Ingredients

As we briefly mentioned earlier, certain beard products – such as balms or oils – may include ingredients in their composition that can irritate your skin or cause allergic reactions. The most important thing to prevent this from happening is to read the description of the item carefully. This is actually vital if you have a precondition or if your skin is highly sensitive. Don't hesitate to check with a specialist if you have any doubts or concerns.

Don't forget to wash the skin under your beard to remove any dirt particles that build up during the day.
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Comb Material

Combs are one of the most common products out there, as they directly influence the look and style of your beard. In that regard, they are constantly getting wet and come into contact with a variety of beauty products such as oils and conditioners. This is why your comb should be manufactured with a resistant material. Avoid plastic models and opt for metal or, even better, wooden combs.

Brush Bristles

Just like combs, brushes are also part of the bearded man's starter kit. While the handle's material is all about aesthetics, the bristles will affect your beard. Plastic models come aplenty on the market, but they are not recommended if you have sensitive skin. Your best option will be natural bristles made of genuine animal hair – like boar bristles, for instance.

Beard Scissors

When it comes to beard design, trimming and evening out your beard is one of the most complex tasks you can do. This is why you need adequate scissors, and they're not the same you use to cut your hair. The blades must be incredibly sharp, with rounded tips to prevent small nicks and cuts.


Beard products are essential to take care of the hygiene and style of your beard. The most frequently used are oils and balms, beard conditioners and soaps, razors and scissors. You can find all of these products in kits or separately.

Their main goal is to keep your beard clean and moisturized, in particular if it is very dense and you have sensitive skin. In addition, they will help you take care of its look and style, depending on your personal tastes. Remember always to follow the instructions for use of each product to make the most of it.

We hope that you enjoyed our guide on beard products. If so, feel free to leave us a comment in the section below. You can also share this article with your bearded friends and family members on your social media!

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