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Beard trimmers are devices to shape your beard perfectly. This product allows you to trim your beard easily and quickly at home. The easy handling of this device makes everyday life much easier. In addition, you save time and money that you would spend at a barber.

In our big beard trimmer test 2021 we want to help you find the right beard trimmer for your individual needs. We have compared three different types. Whether you need a beard trimmer with a battery or one with a mains cable depends on your preferences. If you want to be practical and comfortable, we have also tested beard trimmers with both options.


  • Beard trimmers allow you to adjust your beard to the exact length you want. This way you can achieve a well-groomed 3-day beard.
  • Basically, you distinguish between beard trimmers with battery and beard trimmers with mains cable. There are also beard trimmers that have both options.
  • Beard trimmers with battery are particularly suitable if you travel a lot. If you are looking for a cheaper option, beard trimmers with a mains cable are recommended. For the most convenience, the beard trimmer with both options is recommended.

The best Beard Trimmer: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for beard trimmers

When buying a beard trimmer, there are many different evaluation criteria to consider.

You can compare beard trimmers with the following criteria:

In the following we will go into the criteria in more detail.

Minimum cut length

The minimum cut length is the shortest cut you can achieve with your beard trimmer. It is important to consider how short you want to cut your beard. The minimum cut length ranges from 0.4 to 3 mm.

If you like to have a 3-day beard, for example, it is important to consider how long you would like it to be. This varies from face to face. A 3-day beard can have a length between 0.4 and 4 mm.

Maximum cut length

The maximum cut length can vary greatly. It ranges from 6 to 20 mm. To get the right maximum length, you should be aware of how long you prefer your beard to be before you buy.

This purchase criterion is especially important for those who wear a full beard.

Even if you plan to grow a full beard, you should consider how long you want it to be.

It would be a shame if your length had to suffer because of the function of your beard trimmer.

Operating time

The operating time is another decision criterion when buying a beard trimmer. Especially if you are on the go a lot, a long operating time can be an advantage. The operating time varies from 40 to 100 minutes.

Of course, this is only relevant for beard trimmers with rechargeable batteries or batteries.

If you choose a mains-powered beard trimmer, you won't be faced with this decision criterion. As long as you have a power outlet, you don't have to worry about your operating time.


With a beard trimmer it is also interesting how many attachments are included. There are a variety of attachments. Of course, with more attachments you have more choice. Beard trimmers usually come with 1 to 6 attachments.

However, the devices with more attachments are usually more expensive. The cheaper versions usually come with an attachment that you can adjust in length. As soon as a beard trimmer has 5 to 6 attachments, it is usually in a higher price range.

Mains / battery operation

Another differentiation criterion is the mains or battery operation.

With a mains cable, the beard trimmer is always connected to a mains socket. With battery operation, you can also use the beard trimmer without a socket and is of course more flexible. This has many advantages, especially when you are travelling.

However, there are also beard trimmers that have both a mains cable and battery operation.


Whether a beard trimmer is waterproof or not is a decisive purchase criterion for many people. Because the product is waterproof, you can also use the beard trimmer in the shower. In addition, you don't have to constantly watch out if it gets wet.

In addition, waterproof beard trimmers have a significant advantage over other beard trimmers. They can be cleaned faster and more thoroughly. This in turn shortens the total time you spend on your beard care enormously.

Hair clippers

Whether a beard trimmer is also a hair clipper can be used as a decision criterion.

Some beard trimmers have this additional function.

In most cases, the beard trimmer has an additional attachment for cutting hair.

Then you can either cut your hair yourself or ask your girlfriend, family members or friends to cut your hair for you. This saves you a lot of money that you would otherwise spend at a hairdresser.

Decision: What types of beard trimmers are there and which one is right for me?

If you want to get a beard trimmer, there are three products you can choose between.

Type Short description
Beard trimmer with battery This beard trimmer is a device that runs on batteries. This means that you are not tied to a power supply and can use it wherever you want.
Mains powered beard trimmer This beard trimmer only works with a mains cable. This means you are tied to a circuit. As long as you have power and the device is not defective, you can use the beard trimmer without any problems and for as long as you want.
Beard trimmer with both options With this beard trimmer you have the option of using the device with a mains cable as well as with a battery or rechargeable battery.

If you want to know more about the different types of beard trimmers, you can read more about them in the following sections.

Beard trimmers with battery

Beard trimmers with battery

The basic principle of beard trimmers with battery is that they work without a cable. The product can either run on batteries. You can easily change batteries when they are empty.

One advantage of a beard trimmer with battery is that you can use it without a cable. This gives you more flexibility and you are not tied to a power socket. In addition, products that run on batteries are usually waterproof.

Changing batteries can be counted among the disadvantages of this product. It can be a problem if the battery is empty and you don’t have any new batteries with you. This can also be a hassle when travelling.

  • flexible use
  • not dependent on a power socket
  • limited operating time
  • possibly no exchangeable batteries when empty
Beard trimmers with mains cable

Beard trimmers with mains cable

Beard trimmers with a mains cable are products that can only be operated with a mains cable. In order to use the product, a power socket is essential. You need a power supply to operate the beard trimmer.

The advantage of this product is that you don’t have to worry about the battery suddenly running out. As long as you have electricity, everything should work.

Of course, with this product you are tied to a socket and therefore not as flexible as with a battery-powered device. Also, these products are usually not waterproof.

  • No need to worry about the battery running out
  • ready to use if there is a socket
  • tied to power socket
  • usually not waterproof
Beard trimmers with both options

Beard trimmers with both options

A beard trimmer with both options is a product that has both a battery or rechargeable battery powered beard trimmer and a corded beard trimmer. These products have both functions and therefore you can filter out the advantages of each product.

The flexibility of these devices is of course enormous. You can either plug them into a wall socket or use them wherever you want with a charged battery. When you are travelling, you can charge the battery and don’t always have to worry about finding a power socket.

However, the additional function of this product can lead to higher prices. In this case, it is better to pay a little more and not go for the cheapest. Otherwise, the quality usually suffers.

  • both with and without a cable
  • mostly waterproof
  • more comfort
  • higher price
  • cheap products often lack quality

Guide: Frequently asked questions about beard trimmers answered in detail

In the following guide, we have put together the most important questions about beard trimmers. The most important questions in brief. After you have read through this guide, you will be familiar with the essential things about beard trimmers.

How does a beard trimmer work?

A beard trimmer is a device with which you can cut your beard into different lengths. You either use this device with a power cable and plug it into the socket or you use a device with battery or rechargeable battery function.


You can make your beard shine with a suitable beard trimmer. To remove the hair from your face after shaving, you can use a suitable brush.
(Image source: annmariephotography / Pixabay)

Some beard trimmers have additional features such as the ability to trim your hair. This can play a natural role as an additional purchase criterion.

Which model is right for me?

To find the right model for you, the question of what you want to use a beard trimmer for is very important. Do you only need it for your beard or do you also want to cut your hair with it? Is one length enough for you or do you like to vary the length? Are you on the road a lot and don't always have a power socket available? These are all questions that will help you find the right model for you.

If you want to buy a model that is as inexpensive as possible, we recommend very simple models without any additional functions.

These products fulfil their purpose, but do not have any additional functions. A beard trimmer that can do exactly what you buy it for - trim your beard.


With some beard trimmers you not only achieve a perfect beard but can also trim your hair.
(Image source: Hai Phung / Unsplash)

If you like to have additional functions and are on the go a lot, the price can be a bit more expensive. Products start at around £ 40.00 and the sky's the limit. These products usually have several attachments, a hair trimming function and you can use them both mains- and battery-powered.

How much does a beard trimmer cost?

Beard trimmers come in all kinds of varieties and designs. As already mentioned above, the cheaper, somewhat simpler devices are priced at around £ 15.00 to £ 40.00. These devices usually do not have any additional functions, but simply fulfil their function.

Products with additional functions can be much more expensive. Of course, there are excellent products starting at £ 40.00 with several additional functions. Examples of this would be a hair cutting function, several attachments, as many lengths as possible, as long an operating time as possible and many more. However, there is no limit to the price.

Type price range
Beard trimmer with battery approx. 15 - 60 £
Beard trimmer with mains operation approx. 20 - 50 £
Beard trimmer with both options approx. 25 - 120 £

With this you can calculate approximately how much you would spend per month with a barber.

What are the alternatives to a beard trimmer?

An alternative to a beard trimmer is to go directly to the hairdresser's or barber's and have a professional do it for you. Here, however, you have to consider the growth of your beard. If you have a relatively fast beard growth, this can be very time-consuming and also costly.

As a short overview, I have listed a few hairdressers and barbers with their approximate prices for a beard shave so that you can get an idea.

Hairdresser/ Barber Price in £ for beard trimming
Beardy Boys men's salon approx. 15 - 30
Barber House approx. 20 - 40
David Fechner Hairdresser approx. 15 - 25
Dolly Rockers approx. 10 - 20

How do I clean a beard trimmer?

In order to use a beard trimmer hygienically for a long time, proper cleaning is essential. To do this properly, we have a little guide for you here.

If you run your fingers over the blade, it can be very painful.

The first step is to remove the shaving blade. This is usually easy to remove with a click system. In addition, there is often an insert that you can remove. Once this is done, it depends on the device how the cleaning continues.

a brush and oil are often included in the packaging to clean the beard trimmer.

it is best to read the instruction manual. If nothing is included, you can use a gentle cleaning agent to remove possible bacteria or simply hold it under hot running water. If your device is waterproof, you can simply run it under hot water to clean your beard trimmer.

What are the advantages of a beard trimmer?

Many men like to have a well-groomed 3-day beard. A beard trimmer is perfect for this.

It is often difficult with a normal razor because you have to shave off the entire beard and then wait a few days until you have the desired length.

On the other hand, if you don't shave at all, you often look unkempt because the beard grows in all directions.

Therefore, the advantage is that you can adjust your beard to the exact length you want. Whether it's 0.5 mm or 2 mm, you can adjust it individually. In addition, beard trimmers are easy to handle and you are finished relatively quickly.

This saves you a lot of time if you do it yourself and don't go to a hairdresser. You still look well-groomed and save money that you would otherwise spend on a professional.

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