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Also known as a makeup sponge, the beauty blender has become an essential product for professional stylists and makeup artists. This revolutionary sponge was specifically designed to apply foundation while masking any imperfection. Its soft and comfortable texture makes it very pleasant and easy to use.

The beauty blender has become a key element in beauty cases around the world for many years now. Usable with all types of foundations, this product can be applied to the whole face and is easy to clean after several uses. While you can now find it in various colours and shapes, the original Beauty Blender is pink and drop-shaped.


  • Beauty blenders tend to have a soft texture to the touch, and their egg shape lets you apply foundation uniformly on your skin.
  • They are designed to be used with different foundations, highlighters or anti-dark circle products. Your skin is left with a particularly natural look.
  • A beauty blender will help you apply makeup to zones such as your eyelid creases, eye or nose contour, which are usually harder to work with.

The best beauty blenders in the United Kingdom: Our Picks

This revolutionary makeup sponge has taken the celebrity and influencer world by storm. Its unique, easy-to-use drop shape is tailored to access hard-to-reach zones of your face. You can either use it dry or slightly moistened with a little bit of water. Even after several washings, it will maintain its comfort of use, shape and texture.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about beauty blenders

Beauty blenders are indispensable in any beauty case and you know it. There are a number of features you'll have to consider if you want to choose the makeup sponge that best suits your needs, and this why we've designed the following section. You'll discover the various shapes and sizes available, and there are even specific colours for certain uses.

Beauty blenders optimises makeup use by absorbing the least liquid possible from your foundation.(Source: Kap: 124363804/

What is a beauty blender exactly?

This sponge was designed to apply makeup to your face. Makeup sponges were already available on the market, but the Beauty Blender revolutionised the game with its unique water drop shape, material and texture. This product has since gone worldwide and is extremely common in the makeup industry.

Its unmistakable drop-shaped design is perfect for applying concealer over your eye contour. (Source: Parilovv: 95914374/

What are beauty blenders used for?

As you now know, this beauty case essential lets you apply makeup bases in a homogeneous way. Its incredible results leave you with no marks whatsoever, regardless of whether you're using foundation, highlighter or powders. By absorbing the least amount of liquid, it also optimises the application of your makeup base.

Did you know that the original Beauty Blender was developed by Rea Ann Silva and Veronica Lorenz, two prestigious Hollywood makeup artists?

What are the basic rules for using a beauty blender?

There are recommended steps to follow if you want to make the best use of your beauty blender and reap all the benefits of its different features. The majority of makeup sponges are made from similar materials, so these suggestions apply to most models. Here are the top 3 tips you shouldn't forget:

  • Tip no. 1: The general recommendation is to dampen your sponge with some water without making it drip. Your beauty blender will increase in volume and soften up.
  • Tip no. 2: Apply makeup to the back of your hand and moisten your beauty blender.
  • Tip no. 3: The technique is very important for good results. Gently tap your face with the sponge; gently press it instead of spreading the makeup out.

Beauty blenders are ideal for your liquid foundation. (Source: Massonforstock: 29375180/

What are the different beauty blender colours?

You may have asked yourself if the different beauty blender colours were designed for specific uses, and the answer is yes. The shape and colour of your makeup sponge depends on how you'll use it. The table below will help you choose the best option for your needs:

Colour Uses
Pink This is the original colour. Suitable for powders, concealers, foundation and highlighters. Use it to apply your liquid foundation and set the makeup with powder.
Black Designed to apply very dark tones or denser textures. Its extra large size makes its use ideal for the body. Perfect for an airbrush finish.
Beige It is perfect for applying nude foundations and concealers.

What is the most important when using a beauty blender?

Here is the most famous beauty blender trick to get the best and most natural application possible: never press too hard or rub. Simply tap the sponge gently on your face. And don't forget to dampen the sponge with water if you really want all your foundation to be applied properly to your skin.

Gina M. SanfielProfessional Makeup Artist
"Wet, squeeze and bounce is our motto."

How do I clean my beauty blender?

Cleaning your makeup sponge is key if you want it to last. Bacteria harmful to your skin can also easily lodge themselves in beauty blender, so it's always good to wash yours with soap from time to time. The following table will show you all the steps you need to follow to keep your beauty blender in perfect condition:

Steps Description
Step 1 Rinse the sponge with plenty of hot water.
Step 2 Apply sponge cleaner or a specific cosmetic-cleaning product.
Step 3 Rub the sponge with your fingertips to remove dirt.
Step 4 Rinse again with plenty of water to remove soap. Repeat the first three steps several times.
Step 5 Squeeze the sponge to remove the water. Let it air out until dry.

What are the benefits of using a beauty blender?

Beauty blenders are particularly useful for applying makeup. Your foundation and other makeup products present an even finish, and you also waste less product. The end result is ultra natural and your skin comes out softened. The best thing is that this latex-free, hypoallergenic product can be used on many skin types, such as sensitive, irritable and/or reactive skins.

For whom are beauty blenders recommended?

As we mentioned earlier, the original Beauty Blender was designed by makeup professionals to improve the quality of their work. Its affordable price, ease of use and compatibility with all skin types have made it extremely popular in the industry and beyond. If you're looking for professional makeup results, then this product is just right for you.

Beauty blenders are perfect for contouring. (Source: Puhhha: 79355587/

What are the best techniques for using my beauty blender?

Natural makeup: Dampen your beauty blender with the foundation tone that fits your skin and apply it to your face with gentle taps, without rubbing. Add a hint of blush to your liking on the cheeks. Voilà!

Applying lipstick: Don't be afraid to use your beauty blender to put lipstick, balms and gloss. It will help you mix different colours and textures for a unique lip tone.

Hair dying: This might seem strange to you, but hairdressers have used beauty blenders to highlight the results of hair dye. If you dare it, you'll realise that this technique makes it easier to apply dye to the roots of your scalp.

Shopping Criteria

No beauty case is complete without a beauty blender, which will help you get the professional look you deserve. We highly recommend you to have a couple tucked away with your makeup, as they are compatible with all skin types and easy to use. In the section below, we've detailed some aspects you'll have to take into account if you want to buy the beauty blender that's just right for you.

Texture and material

Beauty blenders don't absorb makeup bases as much as other sponges because they are made from a completely different material. They present the advantage of working with any product of any brand. You'll quickly realise that it is the perfect addition to your beauty case. The original Beauty Blender is handmade in the United States.

Make sure you opt for silicone-free sponges with natural dye if possible, as certain materials used can be harmful to your face's skin.

Did you know that the exact formula and material of the original Beauty Blender remains a secret to this very day? All we know is that it is free of latex and artificial colouring agents.

Skin type

The original Beauty Blender present in our ranking above has been used on all skin types, both on the face and on the rest of the body. If you decide to buy another brand that we've listed, our suggestion is to check the specific characteristics of each model. Some sponges are made specifically for sensitive and allergy-prone skins.

Remember to always prepare your skin before applying any foundation: clean it thoroughly and hydrate it for best results.


This isn't something you'll have to worry about if you settle on the original Beauty Blender, as these makeup sponges were specifically designed without latex so that allergic individuals could also use them. These silicone-free models are completely non-toxic and do not present any danger to your health.

This criterion, however, will become very relevant if you choose another brand, where you'll be aiming for a product free of silicone and latex. The original Beauty Blender or natural alternatives will be your go-to choice if you suffer from allergies, as these products are free of artificial colouring agents.


Professional makeup artists clearly recommend having a beauty blender in your beauty case. One of its greatest advantages is its ability to conceal imperfections, while it leaves no marks after applying foundation, highlighters or concealers. This non-toxic product is also compatible with all skin types.

The different colours, shapes and sizes of beauty blenders let you apply all kinds of foundations on your face and body. Their maintenance is very simple and they tend to have a good durability. If you're shooting for a natural, radiant and perfect makeup, beauty blenders are what you need.

We hope the article helped you in making the purchasing the beauty blender; if so, feel free to recommend or share it in your social media. Don't forget to browse our website for more beauty guides!

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