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The bed should be a comfortable and cozy place, since it is where the rest happens every night. To ensure this there are several products such as duvets, pillows and the bedcover, a type of blanket that makes any bed more beautiful and tidy.

The bed cover can be used to decorate the bed, but also fulfills the function of a blanket in days with mild temperatures. It comes in many different sizes, colours and prints, and if you're looking for one of these, this article will explore all about it.


  • The bed cover can be used on all types of bed and there are options for single, double, queen and king size beds.
  • This product is very similar to a duvet, however it is thinner and its main function is to decorate the bed.
  • Most bed covers are sold in kits that contain pillow holders or cushions.

The Best Bed Covers: Our Picks

The bed covers is a product that cannot be missing in the house of those who do not give up of having the room always tidy. It helps with the decoration, but it can also warm you up when the days are not so hot. And among so many models of this product some stand out and we show you all of them below.

Buying Guide

The bedcover is the ideal product to leave the bed always tidy on a daily basis. But besides being a decorative item, it has even more uses and brings together several advantages.

In this Buying Guide we will show you all this, explore the features of this product and help you choose the best bed cover for you.

Na foto uma mulher sentada na cama com um notebook no colo.

The bedcover helps to make the bed look nicer and tidier. (Source: 089photoshootings/ Pixabay)

What is a bed cover and what is it used for?

The bedcover is a type of blanket that is very similar to a duvet, with the difference being lighter and thinner.

It can be used as a decorative piece, but it also has other functions, such as a blanket for days with milder temperatures and to protect the bed linen from dust and dirt.

Did you know that bed covers are different from bedspreads? Bedspreads are made with a greater amount of details and usually have embroidery and various embellishments. The bedspread, on the other hand, is more basic and does not have these elements.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of bed covers?

The bed cover has a number of advantages. The first positive point is that this is a product with a two-in-one function and besides decorating the room, it can still warm the person who lies in bed.

Another advantage of the bed cover is that it is made for all bed sizes. This allows it to be used in beds ranging from single to king size beds.

We can not fail to highlight that it has a wide variety of colours and prints. Thus, there are options for adult and children's rooms and for all tastes.

The bed cover also has the advantage that it protects the bed linen. In addition, this product is often sold in kits that come with pillow holders, so all the pieces come together and match.

The negative point is comfort. Although some variations of bed covers are made with soft fabrics, some are stiffer, which hinders its use as a blanket.

  • It can be used for decoration or as a blanket
  • It is made for all bed sizes
  • There are options for all tastes
  • It protects the bed linen from dust
  • It is sold in complete kits
  • Some options are not very comfortable

What is the difference between a bed cover and a duvet?

When it comes to bed covers and duvets, there are still many questions about the differences between these two products. Both serve to cover the sheets or the mattress and are very similar visually, but they have specific characteristics.

The duvet is more padded and thicker, its main function being to keep you warm on cold days. It receives a filling, which can be synthetic or natural, and this is what makes it fluffier and warmer. To make it more comfortable, the duvet is made of softer fabrics and is sometimes placed on the bed to decorate it during the day.

The bedspread, on the other hand, has the thickness of a common bedspread and does not have any filling. Its main purpose is to decorate the bed, even if it is sometimes used as a blanket on warmer days.

Bedspread Quilt
Main function Decorate the bed Warm during cold weather
Appearance It is thinner and does not contain filling It has an internal filling and is thicker
Comfort and softness Low to medium Medium to high
Additional function Warm on mild days Decorate the bed

How to know the correct size of the bed cover for the bed?

There are bed covers for all bed sizes and in the packaging of each one it is specified whether it is ideal for a single, double, queen or king size bed. However, these factory measurements are not always ideal because many manufacturers of box beds change the height of this structure.

Therefore, the best way to find out the size of the bed cover is to measure the bed as a whole. Therefore, to find out the length of the bedcover you should measure the height between the floor and the top of the mattress. Then measure from the foot of the bed to the headboard. Once this is done just add up the two values and you will have the result.

The same should be done to find out the width of the bed cover. The difference is that in this case, instead of measuring from the headboard to the foot of the bed, you will check the distance between the two sides.

Purchase Criteria: How to compare bed covers

When choosing a bedcover it is important to be careful so that the model suits your needs perfectly. To avoid making a mistake, there are some criteria that should be followed:

Now we will explain in detail each of them for you to acquire the best option.

Number of pieces

Most bed covers are sold in kits that can contain different numbers of pieces. In general these kits come with the bed cover and a pillow case for single beds, or two pillow cases for double beds.

There are also options in which there are pillows in the kits so you get a decorative piece along with the product. It is also possible to buy just the bed cover, but this version is a little less common.

At this point take into consideration your preference, the practicality of having everything matching and also the value, because the more pieces the kit has, the higher will be its price.

Na foto uma cama dentro de um quarto.

The bed cover can be purchased in kits that can accompany pillowcases and cushions. (Source: mark keys/ Unsplash)


The bed covers come in a variety of fabrics which can be natural or synthetic. The most common ones are made from a combination of cotton and polyester, as they are soft and hard-wearing without costing too much.

Pure cotton options are the softest.

Pure cotton options are the softest and therefore cost the most. There are also bed covers made only of polyester which are thinner and stiffer. Another version of this product is made in twill, a thicker and more resistant fabric.

Colour and pattern

When it comes to colour and pattern, the bed covers are not to be missed and there are options to suit all tastes. When choosing a model remember that this product does not need to match the decor of the room, so do not get attached to it.

For adults, there are plain bed covers with stripes, polka dots, flowers and even plaids. For children there are male and female models of cartoon characters, animals, cars, flowers and so on.

Regarding the colours, remember that the lighter shades give a sense of spaciousness in the room, while the dark tones are heavier and can visually diminish the room.

Softness and comfort

There is no point in having a beautiful bed if it is not comfortable, right? So, if you want your bedcover to be used also as a blanket, pay attention to the softness of this product, because it is directly related to your comfort.

Before buying the bed cover, touch the fabric and check if it is malleable and has a thickness that pleases you. If the product is too stiff it will probably be uncomfortable for the person who is being covered and will therefore only be useful as a decorative piece.

A tip in this sense is to check how many threads the bed cover has, the more threads it has the softer and more pleasant it will be to the touch.

(Image Source: MemoryCatcher / Pixabay)

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