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Hello! Welcome. If you have small children at home, today's article is for you. We're going to help you choose the bed rail, an essential accessory for little ones to make the transition from cot to bed safely. Practical and easy to use, the bed rails provide greater safety and comfort for small children by forming a safety barrier on the side of the bed.

Available in fixed or mobile versions, the rails allow children to move freely during sleep, without the risk of falls and scares. Follow us in this reading and check out the best options for bed rails, as well as the features that you should pay attention to in order to make the best choice of railings for your children.


  • There are many models of bed rails on the market, with the most diverse configurations and sizes, simple or sophisticated. Choose based on the bed model, the intended use and the age and profile of the child.
  • Material, model, age indication, quality certifications and product material are some characteristics to be considered at the time of purchase.
  • There is a wide price range for the product, which depends on the type, model, size, brand, etc. It is possible to find simple options for less than $ 50, and the versions of brand, larger and more sophisticated can cost more than $ 300.

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The bed rail is an indispensable item at a very important stage in a child's life: the moment when they change from their cot to start sleeping in their own bed. To ensure that this adaptation is safe and that parents can sleep peacefully, the bed rails are the ideal product. In this section you will have access to the most relevant information about the bed rails to ensure your peace of mind during the night. Check out the tips on models, indications for use, advantages and disadvantages, values, where to buy among other information.

Imagem de criança dormindo abraçada a ursinho de pelúcia.

The bed railing provides more security and tranquility for children and their parents. (Source: Snapwire / Pexels)

What is a bed rail?

A bed railing is a safety product placed on the sides of the bed to protect and prevent the baby or child from falling when moving and rolling during sleep. Ideal for small children, they are allies in the transition phase from cot to bed. Made in various models and materials, the bed rails are also available in foldable or portable versions, which are ideal for use in travel, trips and hotels. The rail can also be used on the parents' bed, to ensure that the child does not fall out when sharing the space with adults.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a bed rail?

With the safety rail, the feeling of safety and security of the child increases, which favours sleep and makes it more peaceful. And the tranquillity is not restricted to the little ones, since adults experience an extra dose of peace at night with the certainty that children are not at risk of falls and accidents. In addition to ensuring protection, the rail also increases comfort, being an extra surface to support the little ones during sleep, making the bed cosier. It can also be an important ally in the process of transition from the cradle to the bed, a period when the little ones may find the change strange and have more agitated sleep.

  • Practical and functional
  • Increases the safety and comfort of children
  • Most models adapt to various types and sizes of bed
  • There are models in various price ranges
  • Fixed models may interfere with changing the bed linen

How to choose the safest bed rails?

As the bed rail is a product for children, it should be evaluated in all its aspects with much more care before purchase. This evaluation can make all the difference to ensure the safety and satisfaction of the little ones who will enjoy it. The first item to be observed is the Inmetro quality seal, which certifies that the product has passed all the tests to which it was submitted by the regulatory agency. Secondly, but no less important, it is necessary to check the product's indicative age classification.

The dimensions of the grid should also be taken into consideration. Check the measurements to ensure that it is suitable for the type of bed and mattress on which it will be installed. Take into account that there must be a circulation space at the foot of the bed, so that the child can climb up and down. Pay attention, still, in the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning the grid. Models with fabrics and canvas may inspire more care for cleaning. It is also important that the railing has good fixing, to prevent it from moving out of place with the movements of the child, causing scares and even accidents.

How to use the correct bed rails?

For your bed rails provide all the expected benefits, some care for the installation and use are necessary.

  • The bed should be positioned next to the wall to increase safety, since only one side of the furniture will receive the protection grid. If this is not possible, consider the use of bars on both sides so that the child is not unprotected on one side.
  • Install the railing so that there are no gaps or spaces between the product and the mattress, as the child may trap their fingers, hands, arms and legs in this space, which is dangerous.
  • To effectively ensure the safety of the little ones, the product needs to be very firm and close to the mattress, and must be used without toys, stuffed animals and other accessories to prevent accidents and suffocation.

How much does it cost?

It is possible to find bed rails with a wide range of prices, depending on the model, brand, material of manufacture and the accessories included. The more basic the rail, the lower the price. There are models that cost more than GBP$ 39, but it is also possible to find simpler types for less than GBP$ 4. Evaluate the prices of the chosen model in the different brands available on the market to ensure that you make a purchase with the best cost benefit.

Imagem de quarto de menina com cama com grades de proteção no mesmo padrão do móvel.

Fixed models follow the bed pattern, but are less practical and versatile than portable models. (Source: La-Belle-Galerie / Pixabay)

Purchase criteria: Factors to qualify bed rail models

Comparison is fundamental for a good purchase. But not always the best and most complete product on the market is the most suitable for you, your needs and goals. So, now that you know more about the rails for bed, we present topics with the characteristics to pay attention to choose the product that best meets your expectations:

  • Model
  • Material
  • Age group indication
  • Size

So that no doubts remain, let's go to the details of each of these characteristics:


The bed rails may be of the models breathable or solid, to fit or to screw, portable or fixed. Choose according to the type of bed, the child's profile and the intended use for the product. The attachment of the bed rails can be done by fitting between the mattress and the bed base or by fixing with screws or nails in the structure. The fitting models are more practical and versatile, being ideal for families who will use the product on different occasions and bed models. Portable, they are also good options for taking on trips and outings.

Fixed Portable
Installation Can be done by fitting, screw, nailed or other mechanisms Dispense installation, simply position the rod between the mattress and the bed base
Material Usually the same material of the bed, solid: wood, MDF, metal, etc.. May vary according to brand and model: breathable, fabrics, metal, wood, etc.
Differentials Greater safety and better aesthetic effect More practical, can be used in various models of bed, walks and travel


The bed rails can be made in various materials, the most common being metal, wood, MDF or plastic. Regardless of the choice of material, it is important that it is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. The quality of the material is also important, as it will determine the durability of the product. Therefore, give preference to models made of more resistant materials and reference brands in the market, which use raw materials of good quality and origin.

Imagem de duas meninas encostadas na grade de cama.

The bed rails are made of various materials, but the wooden ones are the most common. (Source: maximkabb / 123RF)

Age indication

In general, bed rails can be used by children over 18 months of age, or when they stop using the cot to sleep in bed. Either way, it's important to check this information and make sure you get a cot cot rack that is compatible with your child's age. Give preference to more versatile models, which will adapt to different bed models during more than one phase of your child's development.


You can find the bed rails in different sizes. Both when we talk about height and in relation to the length of the product.

Menina em cama com grade para cama olha para tela de notebook.

Children's beds come in different sizes and should be checked before buying the railing. (Source: Juan Aunión / 123RF)

It is important to check this aspect to verify how much of the bed will be protected, how much space is left for the child to climb up and down and also if it is long enough to protect your children, especially the smallest ones. There are also adjustable ones, which can be made bigger or smaller.

(Featured Image Source: Ekkacahi Tisomboon / 123RF)