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Stay fit through everyday life with restful sleep! The duration of sleep is not the decisive factor; the quality of sleep plays a much greater role. In order to improve sleeping comfort, you should consider a few things when choosing the right sheets.

Bed sheets come in all kinds of variations, sizes and colours. In the following, we will go into more detail about some products to highlight distinguishing features. Because even with a banal bed sheet, there are clear divergences in the purchase criteria. Of course, we cannot mention everything here, so we will only go into the most important points.


  • Originally intended to protect mattresses, nowadays an important comfort factor.
  • Bed sheets are now suitable for every season and individual requirements. The jersey sheet is a popular all-rounder
  • You don't have to dig deep into your pocket for good sheets, even for little money you can get the fabric for sweet dreams.

The Best Bed Sheets: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for bed sheets

We have selected some features that could be relevant for you when buying a new bed sheet. Subsequently, they should simplify the decision-making process and give you the opportunity to find the right and preferred product for you.

You can use the following criteria to compare the articles with each other:

For a better understanding, we will now go into the individual points in more detail.

Size and fit

Bed sheets come in countless sizes and shapes. Not only length and width play a role. The height of the mattress can also be decisive. If it is a box spring bed, waterbed, cot, etc., it is also important to know the height of the mattress. It therefore makes sense to take a closer look sometimes to avoid making the wrong purchase.

Fitted sheets - sheets with an elastic band, simplify handling, thus making it easier to change the sheets and ensuring that nothing slips. If you need help with the correct folding technique, take a look at YouTube.

Fabric or material

When choosing a bed sheet, the preferred fabric, the material of the sheet, is also important. After all, we spend a good third of our lives in bed, so comfort should be a must.

The breathability of the fabric is another criterion. The more breathable the material, the more comfortable the sleep - cotton is particularly suitable for this.

Jersey sheets are usually very popular - a classic all-rounder, feels good to the touch, is supple, soft, absorbent and breathable.

Jersey is usually elastic, resistant and therefore a good protection for the mattress. It should be noted that jersey does not refer to the fabric, but rather to the structure - fabric with a light ribbed pattern. The only disadvantage is that it is susceptible to stitches.

Fabrics such as linen are suitable for warm summer nights, and in winter you will definitely not be cold with sheets made of terry cloth, flannel or beaver.

Sustainability has definitely played a role in recent years. A sustainable lifestyle has become increasingly important in recent years and has subsequently had an impact on the buying behaviour of customers.

Colours and patterns

Even if it doesn't seem to be one of the most important buying criteria at first glance, the market density of different variations definitely proves the opposite.

With colours and patterns you can give your bedroom an individual touch. If you like it aesthetically pleasing, you'll usually go for white. In the children's room, you can go for somewhat brighter colours to create a cheerful atmosphere.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about bed sheets answered

To give you some more useful information, here are some of the most popular questions about bed sheets, including answers.

For which mattress are sheets suitable?

In the meantime, there is a suitable sheet for every mattress size. As a rule, you can't go far wrong as long as you stick to the specifications of your own mattress and also take into account the height of the mattress or topper.


Washing your sheets regularly can have a positive effect on your sleep well-being. (Photo source: Andriy Popov/ 123rf)

What types of bed sheets are there?

There are now countless types of bed sheets. Every imaginable colour, every pattern and made of the most diverse materials.

Square, round, there are no limits to the shape. Bed sheets made of jersey or cotton in the standard sizes 90×200, 140×200, 160×200, 180×200 and 200×200 are particularly popular.

What do sheets cost?

Bed sheets are essentially not very expensive. For little money, anyone can buy average quality sheets. Of course, the higher the quality, the higher the price and, as always, there are no upper limits.

For a better overview of the costs, here is a table:

Price range Available products
Low-priced (10 - 20 €) Individually packaged bed sheets in different sizes, mostly made of average quality fabrics
Medium-priced (20 - 60 €) Individually packed sheets - high quality, or sheet sets
High-priced (from 60 €) Branded bed sheets or bed sheets made of particularly high-quality fabrics (handmade)

How do you wash sheets properly?

As a rule, washable up to 60 °C. It can happen that individual products are not hygienically washable at 60 °C - pay attention to the washing temperature information on the label.
To be on the safe side, briefly check the washing instructions for the sheets before washing.

It is strongly recommended to wash sheets before first use!
Furthermore, regular washing of bed linen is recommended. Hardly anything beats the feeling of freshly washed sheets, who agrees with us here?


The agony of choice. Everyone uses them, but the actual benefit of bed sheets is often underestimated. When buying the right sheets, it is therefore worth taking a closer look and paying more attention to them. In most cases, the packaging differs only minimally from one another - wrong purchases are not uncommon.

But there is so much more to this underestimated everyday item. If you choose white ones and adapt them to your individual needs, you can also considerably improve the quality of your sleep.

Photo source: Katarzyna Białasiewicz / 123rf