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For many people, the home and especially the bedroom are a cosy place of retreat and rest. In the midst of countless furnishings and decorative items, you will find bed surrounds. This ensures that your feet are warm. Bed surrounds are also a popular decorative item for baby beds. However, they are primarily intended to ensure the safety of the baby.

In this guide to bed surrounds, we show you a few models of bed surrounds on the market. We provide you with criteria for evaluation and purchase to make it easier for you to make a purchase decision. In addition, we give you decisive answers to your questions on the topic of bed surrounds.

The most important facts

  • Bed surrounds are a popular home accessory for the bedroom. In themselves, such bed surrounds are three narrow rugs that are placed on each free side of the bed.
  • In addition, there are bed surrounds for baby beds that are attached to the bed rail and are intended to provide protection for the child. Here you should choose very carefully and consider exactly which bed surround is suitable.
  • Your purchase decision should be based on the area of use, size, safety, ease of care and certification.

The Best Bed Surround: Our Picks

In this section we present our recommendations for bed surrounds. For this purpose, we have selected our favourites.

Buying and evaluation criteria for bed surrounds

To help you find the right bed surround for you, we have put together a few buying and evaluation criteria. They are intended to make a better and easier comparison possible. These criteria are:

We explain what these criteria actually mean in the following sections.

Area of use

First of all, you need to be clear about the intended use of a bed surround. Do you want to have small rugs for the floor areas around your bed or do you need protection from the bars for your baby's cot? These are two fundamentally different uses.

Bed surrounds for the bedroom are mainly for comfort and appearance. Baby bed surrounds, on the other hand, offer safety benefits. For example, they prevent the baby's arms and legs from getting caught between the bars. You can also use a bed surround for bassinets.


The size of a bed surround should always depend on the dimensions of your bed. Your bed should be well framed by the rugs. However, they should not be too big to avoid tripping hazards.

The size of the baby cot also depends on the size of the bed. The bed surround must not be constricting. Above all, there should not be too much fabric in the bed to prevent the baby from suffocating. Both types of bed surrounds are available in several pieces.


For safe use, there are bed surrounds for the bedroom that have an anti-slip coating. As an alternative to such a coating, there are non-slip pads available in DIY stores.

With the baby bed surround, it is important that the surround can be firmly attached to the crib rail. There are models with strings to tie or some with Velcro fasteners. In addition, there should be no loose parts or fabric in the baby cot itself. This can lead to suffocation and sudden infant death syndrome. A breathable material also protects your baby from poor air exchange and overheating.

Easy care

Some carpet bed surrounds are suitable for the washing machine and even the dryer. In any case, the quality of the bed surround should be such that you can clean it regularly with a hoover.

The baby bed surrounds should definitely be machine-washable. To eliminate germs as reliably as possible, you should be able to wash the bed surround at 40 ° Celsius.


You should make sure that your bed surround is tested for harmful substances and certified. In the carpet sector, for example, there is the GUT seal. In order to avoid allergies and the absorption of harmful substances, the bed surround for the baby's bed should be certified. Among others, there is the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX label or the Global Organic Textile Standard.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about bed surrounds answered in detail

Of course, there are always questions when buying a bed surround. We provide detailed answers to frequently asked questions here.

Who is a bed surround suitable for?

A bed surround is basically a boundary for the sleeping area. Especially with a cold floor covering, such as wood or tiles, bed surrounds make your feet feel comfortable when you go to bed. You can also find them under the search terms carpet runners and bed rugs.


Bed surrounds for baby beds can often be attached to the cot rails with cords.
(Image source: Erika Wittlieb / Pixabay)

Bed surrounds for baby beds, also called nests, are suitable for all baby and toddler beds, bassinets and pull-out beds that are equipped with bars. The gaps between the bars pose a potential risk of the baby getting trapped. The headboard of a cot is also often hard, so parents can use a soft bed surround to protect the baby's delicate head.

What types of bed surrounds are there?

Broadly speaking, there are two types of bed surrounds. We have divided them into two types of products. The first bed surround type is for the bedroom, while the second is used for baby beds.

Area of application features
Bed surround for the bedroom individual carpet runners, usually in three parts, different pile lengths possible, more comfort and cosiness
Bed surround for the baby cot cover in front of the baby cot rail, also available as a bed snake, protection against head bumping and getting caught between the rails, secure attachment is important

Bed surrounds for the bedroom serve to make the bed area cosy and consist of a carpet set spread around the bed. The advantages are a warm foot feeling on the floor as well as a visual enhancement of the bedroom.

Baby bed surrounds, on the other hand, are padding and serve primarily to protect the child.


When it comes to bed surrounds in the bedroom, comfort and a good feeling of well-being are particularly important. Carpet bed surrounds should feel good against the skin. To prevent them from becoming a dust catcher, regular cleaning is recommended.

With bed surrounds for baby cots, the safety aspect is in the foreground. However, in order not to turn the bed surrounds into a safety risk again, you absolutely have to pay attention to a very good quality and sufficient fastening possibilities.
The selection of baby bed surrounds is large enough that you can also pay attention to the look.

Image source: Roberto Nickson / unsplash

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