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A bedspread is part of every well-kept household. Whether you want to give your bedroom a personal touch, decorate your children’s room to make them feel at home, or find a bedspread for your living room, you’ll find a solution here.

There is a wide range of bedspreads to choose from, so this guide will help you find your way around. In the following article we will compare different bedspreads. With the help of this comparison, you can see what you need to look out for when searching for or buying a bedspread. First, we will present 6 examples of bedspreads. Then you will find out which purchase and evaluation criteria you should pay attention to. In the last section, we answer questions that often arise when buying a bedspread.

The most important facts in a nutshell

  • First of all, you should know what you need the bedspread for: For representational purposes or to increase the feel-good factor? Or simply to keep things tidy?
  • From there, make sure you know what different bedspreads are available
  • Finally, choose a bedspread that suits you perfectly, is inexpensive and fulfils its function perfectly

The Best Bedspread: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for bedspreads

In the following, we would like to present you with the most important buying criteria that you should consider when buying a bedspread:

  • Dimensions of the bedspread
  • Design
  • fabrics used
  • Intended use

These criteria are based on what customers expect from their bedspreads.

Dimensions of bedspread

You can choose from different sizes. The different sizes are matched to the size of your bed or couch for which you need your bedspread: there are the product-related categories single bed, double bed and box spring bed, which are also referred to as cot, family bed or similar. In most cases, the length and width measurements are also given in centimetres and refer to the size categories of mattresses.

From these, you can also tell whether your duvet cover only covers the top of the bed or extends to the floor. This is a criterion that is important for the overall mood in the room and is therefore a strong criterion.

Design: colour, pattern and motifs of the bedspread

There are no limits to the imagination when it comes to design, and you will find a wide range on relevant platforms such as There are many different colours, patterns and motifs for bedspreads, and you can choose your bedspread so that it fits perfectly in your room, or also with your pillows and sheets, or other furniture in your room.

Of course, there are specific designs that are designed for different rooms. For example, the bedspread for your cot will be different to the one for your double or even family bed. You can also choose from designs that correspond to the seasons, but there are also year-round bedspreads. Day and night quilts are also usually different in design. It is also helpful to look for the colour in order to achieve an optimal match with the room furnishings.

Fabrics used

The fabrics used depend on the previous categories: there are fine fabrics used for e.g. smooth or shiny bedspreads. Others are functionally oriented: those with a rough surface look more robust, others have incorporated folds and a fabric so that the bedspread does not crumple.

You can also choose from fabrics that are natural or man-made: Cotton, synthetic fibre, linen, microfibre or silk, there is something for everyone. Depending on the use of the duvet cover, the fabrics used are suitable for the bed or sofa in question.

Use of the duvet cover

You can buy the bedspread as a set, e.g. with pillowcases or cushion covers. Bedspreads are also suitable for use on the sofa, as a bedspread, quilt or as a cuddly blanket. Bedspreads can also have differently designed sides, reversible blankets, for example, are ideal for a variety of uses. Depending on the season, there are different bedspreads: warm blankets for winter and thinner blankets for summer.

The high-quality fabric used in each case makes the difference, and the design is also adapted to the seasons. For children’s beds, there are bedspreads for boys and girls; colour and motif play a major role here.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about bedspreads answered in detail

This overview of Frequently Asked Questions should help you to find out the most important things about bedspreads:

What is a bedspread?

A bedspread is a cover for the sleeping area that you can buy for beds in different sizes. I also recommend using bedspreads to cover a sofa. Different fabrics and patterns give you all the possibilities to find something to your taste. Bedspreads create a very special atmosphere in combination with other furnishings. You can choose between different styles for different rooms.

Who is a bedspread recommended for?

First and foremost, a bedspread is recommended for anyone who owns a bed. It doesn’t matter which bed for the first time. In the next question we will look at what to consider when buying a bedspread. Bedspreads satisfy your need for order and can also make a lasting impression on your visitors.

You can express your taste and style by combining bedspread sets and combinations of furniture or furnishings with bedspreads. If you want to give your bedroom a personal touch, there is the “Sultan” bedspread, to name just one example. You can design the children’s room according to your own ideas, depending on whether it is being furnished for a boy or a girl. A bedspread is also suitable for allergy sufferers, e.g. there is a bedspread against cat hair or specially certified products for allergy sufferers.

What do I need to consider when buying a bedspread?

The first thing you should consider when buying a bedspread is the dimensions. No matter whether it is for a single bed, a double bed or a sofa, you should also know the dimensions. You should also consider the room for which you are buying your bedspread.

Does the bedspread match the furnishing style? Both in terms of colour and design. Do you already have bed linen or do you need a bedspread set? On Amazon, you can use a colour search function to find bedspreads that match a specific interior style.

Connoisseurs value the comfort offered by high-quality fabrics (Image source: Milada Vigerova/

What fabric is the bedspread made of? Is the bedspread a reversible blanket, is it cosy and soft? Or is it made of rough material, and can thus protect the delicate sofa when children come to visit.

If you want to give your bedroom a special touch, you should choose your bedspread according to fabric properties and design. The fabric can be shiny and smooth, but also rough and with artificial folds so that it does not wrinkle too quickly, which is recommended for the living room, for example.

What types of bedspreads are there?

There are a variety of different bedspreads: they differ in terms of

  • the material: from cotton to cashmere, microfibre to silk
  • care: care instructions depend on the material, there are also easy-care bedspreads
  • price: more details on the price categories can be found below. Of course, they also depend on the fabrics used, but also on the supplier or brand and the production method.

There are also bedspreads made to measure, or in combination, for example with cushions or curtains. You can also look for bedspreads for specific bed sizes or rooms. According to the customer’s wishes, there are also cosy-warm, thin, light and heavy bedspreads. Bedspreads with down or quilted bedspreads, also called quilts.

What does a bedspread cost?

The cost of a bedspread depends on the material, its quality and how it is made. It makes a difference whether you buy a bedspread at Ikea or at Dänisches Bettenlager. It is also important where the bedspread was made.

If you want to buy sustainably, it is important to rummage through the product information regarding ecological standards and “made in” notices. Reputable producers should not shy away from this information, which also justifies any higher price. The following table offers you an approximate overview of price categories, which should serve as a first orientation:

Price range available products
Low-priced (up to 50 €) a wide variety of fabrics, broad range of designs and patterns, note indication of origin, also for bargain hunters
Medium-priced (50 to 100 €) unusual designs, high quality fabrics
High-priced (from 200 €) handmade decoration, custom-made, made to measure

Many bedspreads are already available in the low-price segment; in the high-price segment, you can find what you are looking for online; it is advisable to look for handmade and custom-made items.


The so-called bedspread has many other names, such as bedspread, reversible blanket, cuddly blanket, etc. It is also available in different variations. It is also suitable in different variations as a bedspread, but also as a sofa throw or as a play blanket in the children’s room, depending on the material from which it was made and which fabrics were used. The designs are also very different, there is something for every taste, so you should know in advance what you want to use the bed cover for, what it should represent.

For all models, the care instructions should also be observed; most products can be washed in the washing machine. Bedspreads that are allergy-friendly are generally of high quality. Natural materials should generally be preferred to synthetic materials, although the price should not be ignored, as very good quality can also be purchased in the low-price segment.

(Cover photo: Fran Hogan/unsplash)

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