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Welcome to ReviewBox Brasil, your review site on the Internet. For travel lovers who love to spend a few days at the beach or camping, a beer cooler can help keep your drinks cold. Developed to maintain the temperature, coolers are easy to carry on trips and are very useful even at that barbecue where you don't want to resort to the fridge all the time just to get a beer. To discover all the benefits of coolers, how they work and how to choose the best model, we have prepared this review especially for you to have your cold beer always at hand.


  • Traditional coolers do not freeze the beer, they only maintain the temperature, so it is recommended to put the drink in the container when it is already cold.
  • For the cooler to keep the drinks cold for longer, it is recommended to use ice.
  • Choose models with water outlet, so you can keep the ice longer by removing the excess that has already melted.

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Buying Guide: everything you need to know about the best Cooler

Those who enjoy and have the habit of travelling know how expensive a beer can be in kiosks or restaurants. So why not bring your own beer? Coolers allow you to do this safely and practically. And to help you choose the ideal model for your adventures, we have prepared a Shopping Guide especially for you. Check it out.

Amigos felizes pegando cerveja de um cooler

Legend: With a good beer cooler you will always have your favorite drink cold. (Source: lightfieldstudios/ 123RF)

What is a beer cooler?

Beer coolers are containers that have thermal insulation, helping the drink stay cold for longer without heat transmission from the external environment. Nowadays, the most common coolers are produced with layers of expanded polyurethane, the famous Styrofoam. However, it is also possible to find electric coolers, which work connected to an electrical network, or coolers that have a gel insulation that helps keep the drink chilled for longer. For those who love travelling and barbecues with friends, coolers are very practical, easy to transport and you can still use them to store other types of drinks and even perishable food.

Imagem de cooler de gelo metálico em formato de balde com garrafas de cerveja de marcas variadas sobre areia de praia.

With a good cooler, just put the beer and add ice and in moments you will have a stupidly cold drink. (Source: Pexels)

What are the different types of beer cooler?

You can find various models of cooler available on the market, the most traditional being Styrofoam, which can store a larger volume of both cans and bottles and are in an intermediate price range. Coolers shaped like cooler cases are also quite common, but although they are cheaper and smaller, they offer little storage capacity. Electric models are more expensive, but do not require the use of ice. They can be a good convenience if they have batteries or if you have access to an electricity grid. For more details, check out the comparison table below.

Styrofoam Cooler Case Cooler Electric Cooler
Capacity These are the models that offer greater capacity They are smaller and support fewer cans They are models with intermediate capacity
Benefits Can be used to store cans and bottles Can be transported more easily Cool beer without the need for ice
Price They are in an intermediate price range These models cost less Because they have motors and batteries, they cost more

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a beer cooler?

The biggest advantage of beer coolers is that they are very practical and easy to transport. With them you will have cold beers for much longer, besides being useful for other products as well, such as soda cans. However, it is necessary to take some care. Traditional coolers don't freeze the beer, they only maintain the temperature, so it is often necessary to use ice. Despite their practicality, depending on their size they may take up a lot of space in the car. In addition, it is necessary to be careful with the cleaning of the product to avoid odors and the accumulation of bacteria.

  • They keep the beer cold for much longer
  • They are practical and easy to transport
  • They can also be used to store other types of products
  • Without the use of ice, they do not freeze, only maintain the temperature
  • They are large and can occupy a good space in the boot
  • It is necessary to sanitize them to avoid odors and bacteria accumulation

How to keep the ideal temperature for longer in the beer cooler?

Traditional coolers do not freeze the beer, they only preserve its temperature. In this case, it is recommended that the beer be stored chilled or that you use ice. To ensure that the temperature lasts longer, it is important to remove the excess melted water, since it helps the rest of the ice to melt faster. If possible, opt for larger ice blocks, as they take longer to melt. Although they have thermal insulation, if you leave the cooler in a cool area and under the shelter of the sun, the temperature will remain the same for much longer.

Imagem de cooler de cerveja branco com gelo e garrafas de cerveja sobre gramado

To keep the temperature longer, leave the cooler out of the sun and avoid leaving it uncovered. (Source: Sandrene Zhang/ Unsplash)

Buying Criteria: What to consider before buying a beer cooler?

As you can see so far, coolers are excellent options if you have an adventurous side and like to travel, enjoy the beach or the countryside and still have your favourite drink always cold at your disposal. However, before making the purchase, it is important to observe some criteria, such as the material, the capacity and the type of thermal insulation of the product, so that you do not have unnecessary headaches.

After carefully evaluating each of the topics below, you can choose the best model and just relax and enjoy a cold beer.


Developed to retain the temperature and avoid heat transfer between the inside of the container and the external environment, the most common coolers are made of expanded polyurethane, the famous Styrofoam, which acts as an excellent form of insulation. In some models the lining has a special gel that cools and maintains the temperature, and in electric models, they work with a gas similar to that found in refrigerators. It is also very common to find metal coolers, either in the shape of a bucket or drums that work very well with ice and if they are well covered.

Imagem de cooler branco aberto com o interior forrado de gelo e cervejas com praia ao fundo

With good thermal insulation, most coolers will keep your beer cold for up to more than five hours. (Source: Welcome Partners/ Unsplash)


One of the most important factors when you're choosing a cooler, is size. Traditional models are usually between 20 and 30 cm in diameter and 40 to 50 cm high. Drum models are larger and more difficult to transport, but are sturdier and can be fixed in an outdoor area. Meanwhile, case coolers are usually smaller and more practical. At the time of purchase, you will have to weigh your needs. If you like to travel, make sure the model is not too big to fit in the boot of your car.


Although the capacity of the product is linked to its size, this is an important factor to be observed, because the inside does not always correspond to its outside, especially in those cases where there is the need for special thermal insulation materials. So, before making the purchase, check the manufacturer's specifications. Besides offering the capacity in litres, you can also find information on how many cans can be stored. Finally, remember that when the capacity is indicated in number of cans, this does not take into account the ice that will be added, if necessary.


The great attraction of beer coolers, besides keeping the beverages cold, is their mobility. They should be practical and easy to carry so that you can take them on your trips and outings. When buying, opt for models that offer resistant handles, because at some point you may have to carry them with the extra weight of the drinks and the ice. In some models it is possible to find wheels, which make them even easier to carry, especially in the models that are larger and heavier. (Source of the highlighted image: lightfieldstudios/ 123RF)