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Welcome to a new installment! We know that fashion is something essential for you and that knowing each of the trends and accessories for your outfits is of great importance, that's why today we want to talk about belts and each of their variations.

This garment is undoubtedly one of the most used around the world, because its high variety in design makes that there are models for all kinds of tastes, which is incredible, since we always look for the accessories that make us look better. This accessory, no matter how small it is, we assure you that it makes a big difference.

Today we will provide you with all the necessary information about this wonderful garment, in addition to showing you which are the best and most popular on the market, so that when you make your purchase you have the best points of comparison and there is no doubt.


  • Belts are a type of garment or accessory in the form of a band that can be made of different types of materials, among which leather stands out. They can have a wide variety of designs and are an excellent accessory.
  • Belts are a marvel when it comes to complement our outfit and its great variety in designs, of course the main points of comparison are made between leather belts and fabric belts, which differ according to their designs, prices and durability.
  • As with any type of product you purchase, it is important that you know the different aspects that you should take into account before making your purchase, such as the materials of manufacture, the size, the buckle, among others. This will allow your purchase to be much more satisfactory.

The Best Belt: Our Picks

Buying Guide

When buying this type of clothing, the only thing that is usually taken into account is the design, if it is cute or if it will look good with the outfit you are planning to wear. However, there are certain aspects that you should be aware of, as they will help you choose the perfect product for you. We tell you about them in this buying guide.

Belts add a modern yet elegant touch to any outfit. (Photo: Ales Utouka /

What is a belt?

Belts are a flexible band that can be made of different types of materials, although the best known is leather, as it is a very popular type of belt and above all very resistant. This garment is mostly used to hold the trousers or different garments.

At one end of the belt we can find the buckle, which is mostly made of metal; this is introduced to the other end of the belt so that it can perform its function. The belt also has a number of holes for adjustment.

There is a huge variety of belts on the market, among which leather belts stand out. (Photo: PaylessImages /

What are the advantages of belts?

The main advantage of belts is that they hold up garments such as trousers, skirts or shorts, as well as complementing different types of outfits. Belts are a widely used garment around the world, as they have a wide variety of designs that can be adapted to all kinds of tastes.

Another advantage of belts is that they have a buckle with which you can measure the level of adjustment; this usually can also have different designs, which can vary from the shape, size, colour and even the material with which they are made.

  • They complement any type of outfit
  • They help to support loose-fitting garments
  • They are affordable
  • They should be custom-made
  • The buckle may rust
  • They should be hand-washed G

Leather or fabric belts - what to look out for?

Belts are a marvel when it comes to complement our outfit and their great variety in designs generates better points of comparison, however, the main comparisons are made between these two types and we want you to know the reason why.

  • Leather belts: The most popular and used model around the world. These belts are considered highly resistant, elegant and versatile. Generally their designs and details do not vary so much in the belt itself, but in the buckle, which is usually the protagonist when it comes to leather belts.
  • Fabric belts: These belts have an interlocking design. They are made of nylon fabric and are usually quite strong. Models can come in different colours and the buckle usually comes in a rectangular shape.
Leather belts Fabric belts
Price Medium Low
Designs Various figures on the buckle Variety in colours and details in different shapes
Durability Approximately 2 years 9 months to one year

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of belts

Certainly this type of garment makes us look good and also complements our outfit to perfection. However, you should know that there are different aspects that you should take into account before buying it, as this will guarantee that you will have a totally successful purchase.

  • Size
  • Buckle
  • Belt thickness
  • Durability


When purchasing any type of garment you should be aware of whether it is the right size for our use, as this will avoid all kinds of inconvenience and discomfort if you buy one that is the wrong size, as it could be too tight or too loose, which does not look good at all.

An ideal way to find out what size you need is to use a tape measure around your waist, just where the belt goes, then add two centimetres more and you will know which belt size suits you best. If you require further guidance, you can always ask the salesperson.


The buckle is undoubtedly of great importance when it comes to belts, because without it we could not adjust it, so we must be attentive to the quality of it and especially if its size is ideal, although this last point really depends a lot on your taste.

  • Metal buckles. In general, this type of accessory tends to require more care, as they are made of metal, they have a higher risk of rusting, so you should try to clean them dry without using products that are too strong and concentrated.
  • Plastic buckles. There are also buckles made of plastic, of course, they are not so used or popular because they do not have a good resistance, however, they come in beautiful colours with which you can combine and complement your outfit. The buckles have a great variety in designs and sizes, of course it will depend on your taste to know which one suits you best, however, if you will use your belt daily we recommend that it has a not so big buckle, because if they have a bigger size they can be uncomfortable in the long run.

Buckles also come in a variety of designs. (Photo: PaylessImages /

Belt thickness

When you buy a belt it is important to evaluate if the thickness of the belt is suitable for you, as this will guarantee a greater comfort when you want to use it in your day to day life. In general, belts have a standard thickness of 10 mm; of course, this may vary depending on the model.

A belt with a thickness of less than 5 mm is probably only decorative, since it is considered that the thinner the belt, the less resistance and adjustment.


When it comes to garments, it is clear that the durability will always depend on the maintenance that is given, but when it comes to belts it is important to know certain aspects that will help to identify if yours will have a longer durability:

  • Quality of the material: If the belt you purchased is made of leather, you should check that it does not crack or peel, because if this happens it is likely that the material is not very durable. Now, if your belt is made of nylon, you should make sure that the stitches are well closed to prevent it from peeling.
  • Buckle: The buckle also plays an important role. When you buy your belt you should check that the buckle does not come apart and that it fits properly, as this will guarantee that it will do its job well.
  • Brands: Of course, belts with a brand name are much more resistant, as they are made of excellent materials. If you buy a belt of this type, it will probably last for a long time.

(Featured image photo: donyanedomam /

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