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The Bernina sewing machine has a suitable machine for every enthusiastic sewer that meets all desired requirements. The Swiss company emphasises a wide range of functions and manufactures each sewing machine with the Bernina name in high quality. Unlike most manufacturers, the sewing machines come in different price ranges.

Especially the uncomplicated mechanical Bernina is suitable for beginners. With our big Bernina sewing machine test 2021 we would like to help you find the best Bernina sewing machine. We have compared the different types in detail and determined buying criteria for you, which we have listed for you in the following guide. This is how we can best support your purchase decision.


  • The Swiss manufacturer Bernina produces high-end sewing machines that are suitable for every enthusiastic sewer and sewist. The sewing quality is always of absolute precision and promises an excellent result.
  • At Bernina, a basic distinction is made between a mechanical, computer-controlled or overlock sewing machine. The sewing machines are available for all skill levels and with different features.
  • The mechanical sewing machine and the 3 series from Bernina are suitable for beginners. The 5 series is recommended for the advanced sewer. Whereas the 7 and 8 series cover all the needs of a professional.

The Best Bernina Sewing Maschine: Our Choices

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Bernina sewing machine

Sometimes it can be helpful for you to know more about a product or manufacturer. In this section we have answered some of the questions you may have about the Benina sewing machine that may be useful for your purchase.

What is the price range of the Bernina sewing machine?

The price range of Bernina sewing machines goes from 689 to 8399 euros. To put it simply, you can imagine that the price increases for each function or more features. It also increases with the level of professionalism. In addition, there is computer-controlled technology that is sophisticated down to the smallest detail.

What distinguishes the Bernina sewing machine from other manufacturers?

The Bernina company has over a century of experience in the field of sewing machines and is therefore an absolute specialist. All machines and programs combine high quality. Bernina is known for its precise sewing quality.

Bernina Nähmaschine-1

Precision and true craftsmanship are required in the studio. With a Bernina sewing machine, the stitch always fits.
(Image source: / StockSnap)

This is also reflected in the product range, which covers almost all areas of application with an extremely extensive range. Compared to other manufacturers who specialise in one class, Bernina offers something for every budget. From beginner to professional. With accessories, the range of applications of the machines can be extended even further.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Bernina sewing machines?

When it comes to Bernina sewing machines, you'll hear from experienced sewists that you know what you get from the machine. After all, the cheapest three-digit purchase price already offers quite a lot. Overall, the range of functions of the sewing machines and supports you in a wide variety of sewing tasks. The workmanship of the machines is always of high quality and durable.
  • Low-priced purchase
  • precise sewing
  • range of functions
  • high-quality workmanship
  • less for beginners
  • fewer features
  • brand-dependent

For the absolute beginner the Bernina sewing machines are still too sophisticated, but maybe you should start small if you are still at that stage. A brand name makes a lot of difference to buyers. The Bernina name does the rest and many accept the lower equipment.

What alternatives are there to the Bernina sewing machine?

Besides the Swiss company Bernina, we would like to show you two other alternatives.
The quality of sewing machines is often the result of long experience.

One of these is the well-known company Singer, which offers high-quality sewing machines, especially in the low price sector. The focus is less on professional work, but the machines still deliver very precise sewing quality. Another alternative is the Japanese manufacturer Juki, which impresses worldwide with its industrial machines.

At the end of the last century, it also started to develop sewing machines for the home. The high quality and functionality also come at a high purchase price.

Manufacturer Description Price
Singer affordable sewing machines of high quality, worldwide known company that produces reliable products 280 - 590 €
Juki Japanese manufacturer with decades of experience, especially active in the industrial sector, integrating new technologies 440 - 1100 €

Decision: what types of Bernina sewing machines are there and which is the right one for me?

Bernina offers a wide variety of sewing machines, all of which have their advantages and disadvantages. We have distinguished between these three types:

  • the classic Bernina sewing machine
  • the computer-controlled sewing machine
  • the Bernina overlock sewing machine

Not every sewing machine is the same. To give you an initial overview of the Bernina range, we have compiled an overview of the most important points. This will help you to decide which direction your model should take.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a classic Bernina sewing machine?

Especially as a beginner, you can't go wrong with a mechanical Bernina sewing machine. Mechanical here means operated by hand, as you have to set all stitches, thread size or needle positions yourself. With its range of stitches, the Bernina is well equipped for beginners and offers a versatile range of basic features.

It is reliable and very durable thanks to its robust construction. There is not much negative to say about the classic Bernina sewing machine. The only real drawback is the high purchase price for an entry-level machine.

As usual with a mechanical sewing machine, the speed can only be controlled via the foot pedal and the functions cannot be expanded. Nevertheless, a model that can last a lifetime.

  • classic range of stitches
  • reliable
  • versatile basic equipment
  • good for beginners
  • high purchase price
  • speed can only be operated manually
  • functions cannot be expanded

What are the features of a Bernina computerized sewing machine and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Starting with the computer-controlled sewing machine from Bernina, the sewing comfort goes steadily upwards. The machines are at least equipped with LCD screens and the first steps are automated. Bernina's 3 series starts with a semi-automatic threader and the buttonhole is sewn automatically.

Depending on the programme of your Bernina, a module extension is offered at the time of purchase. The power of the sewing machine increases depending on the series, but even with the 3 series there is enough power for heavy fabrics.

  • with LCD or touch screen
  • Module expansion
  • Automation
  • Supports embroidery and quilting
  • Power for heavy fabrics
  • Software packages with subscription
  • Adds longevity
  • Increases weight

Whether you want to upgrade your software or your modules doesn't matter at first. You pay for the feature anyway, because you probably want to keep the option open for now.

The software packages are then only available by subscription and not as a one-off purchase. Also, although the Bernina sewing machine is the high-end product, computer technology is always a problem for you in terms of the longevity of your sewing machine.

What makes the Bernina overlock special and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

The Bernina overlock combines cutting, sewing and sewing in one step with perfect results. This gives your project a professional look and helps you get there faster. The Overlook is suitable for both light fabrics like silk and heavy fabrics like linen or denim. The result is always excellent and above all even, even with the hated jersey.

  • combines many steps in one
  • perfect sewing result
  • sews light fabrics like silk
  • sews heavy fabrics like denim
  • professional look
  • safety bar
  • very purpose-bound
  • no substitute for the normal sewing machine

The disadvantages of a Bernina Overlook are quite manageable. One thing is clear: it does not replace your real sewing machine, but is a helpful and practical addition. It only serves the purpose of neatening fabric edges of all kinds.

Buying criteria: These are the factors you can use to compare and evaluate Bernina sewing machines

The choice is large and tempting. Since there are different Bernina sewing machines, here are some important factors to consider:

It is difficult to keep track of the wide range of Bernina sewing machines. With these criteria you can answer some questions that are relevant for your purchase of a Bernina sewing machine.

Sewing experience

Are you just starting out, advanced or a total pro? This question may be hard for you and you would like to be better, but it is a necessary assessment when buying a Bernina sewing machine. If you are still in the early stages of your sewing career, some machines may not be suitable for you. First of all, you would be overwhelmed with the countless functions and lose motivation in the end. There is also a difference in price. Bernina still has a wide selection and offers you the classic, the mechanical sewing machine.

Bernina Nähmaschine-2

Depending on your skills, you can create masterpieces. Maybe you have the talent to work as a designer later on.
(Image source: / Photosbychalo)

In addition, the 3 and 4 series are well suited for beginners, they also contain practical functions such as the semi-automatic threading or the automatic buttonhole. For advanced sewers, we recommend the 5 series, which gives you more specific support. One model is better for you if you sew classically. Another if you prefer quilting. The professional sewing machines of the 7 and 8 series are high-end machines from Bernina that are more or less all-in with perfect results.


Many sewers still swear by a mechanical sewing machine, the Classic Series from Bernina. While computer-aided technology can quickly break down or the software becomes obsolete in the long run, a mechanical sewing machine can last a lifetime. Of course, the new functions are tempting and you can be creative, but the question is whether a simple and uncomplicated machine is enough.

Did you know that the idea of a sewing machine is over 300 years old? It wasn't until 1830 that the French tailor, Barthelemy Thimonnier, could invent the first machine that worked completely. The model was made of wood and could do 200 stitches a minute.


Less can be more, especially for beginners.

Basically, the more functions you want to have, the more professional your sewing machine will be. Functions are a feature of comfort, especially for mechanical sewing machines. But they can also make sewing easier for beginners.

If you want a needle stop above or in the fabric, if you find a mirror function practical and if the end-of-pattern function is the highlight when embroidering, then you will be more than happily surprised by the other features from Bernina. Be aware that in addition to more features, there are many other additions to your Bernina sewing machine that you may not need.

Weight & Size

The weight and size of your machine can be very important to you. If you are not satisfied with these criteria, many of the features will not work. For example, the Bernina 325 weighs 8 kg while the 740 weighs 14 kg.

If you move your sewing machine often, a heavy weight can be a nuisance.

On the other hand, the size of the work surface determines a certain level of comfort when you are working with your fabric. Using the same machines as in the first example, the Bernina 325 has a work surface of 16.00 cm. The Bernina 740 has 25.40 cm in comparison. As you can see, weight and work surface are related.

Technical features

Let's start with the stitches. Bernina's range goes from the classic 17 to a total of 1764 stitches. Incredible and what do you need that for? That's exactly why we've included this point for you. Because in the technical equipment you'll find everything to make your tailor's heart beat faster.

Bernina Nähmaschine-3

The number of stitches helps you to be creative. Not only can you sew your pieces together perfectly, but you can also embellish them individually.
(Image source: / bluemorphos)

With no screen, an LCD screen or a colour touch screen and a maximum sewing speed of 1200 stitches per minute, Bernina's sewing machine range has it all.

In addition, there are software subscriptions that can be especially interesting for you when embroidering. The examples show you what we want to draw your attention to. You can have everything, the only question is what exactly do you need?

Facts worth knowing about Bernina sewing machines

Where are Bernina sewing machines manufactured?

Bernina has a production site in Steckborn, Switzerland and in Lamphun, Thailand. Despite high costs, the founders still insist on manufacturing the high-end products in Switzerland and do not give up the location. All sewing machines up to the 7 series are manufactured in Thailand and produced under strict guidelines. Because the precise sewing work of the machines does not come by chance.

What is the history behind Bernina sewing machines?

The Bernina sewing machine factory was founded in Switzerland in 1893 by Karl Friedrich Gegauf. To this day, the family continues to develop the world-renowned sewing machines. Since 1965, when Odette Gegauf-Ueltschi took over the management of the company, there have been numerous patents and the development of the first fully automatic Bernina sewing machine, which has driven further developments in sewing machine technology.

What guarantee does Bernina offer on my sewing machine?

In addition to the usual 2 year guarantee, Bernina gives an additional 2 year guarantee if customers buy the Bernina sewing machine in Germany or Austria. Within 3 months from the date of purchase, the warranty extension can be done via product registration.

Are there extensions and accessories for Bernina sewing machines?

If the basic equipment is not enough, you can find many extensions and accessories in the Bernina range. With these you can easily make your next project a reality.

  • Presser feet for every occasion: e.g. for hems and topstitching, buttons and head holes, or patchwork
  • Sewingmachine accessories: bags and cases, stitch plates, bobbin cases, etc.
  • Accessories for embroidery machines: e.g. embroidery modules, embroidery machine needles, adapters
  • Extensions: Bernina offers embroidery software, textile design software and an embroidery design collection. This allows you to be creative yourself and realise your individual ideas.

How can I adjust my Bernina sewing machine to my needs?

Often it can only be done by trial and error. If you don't have a lot of experience, you first need to familiarise yourself with the technical details. The first step is to study the instructions thoroughly to understand the buttons and functions.

Bernina also offers a community blog where creative minds share ideas and tips. There are also workshops and events that can help you.

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