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Do you love Beyblade to the point of playing the game with spinning tops and arenas? Do you want to buy it, but are afraid of getting a version that can generate a lot of defeats? One of the best sensations of playing Beyblade happens when you blow up your opponent's top, flying pieces to different sides.

At this moment it's time to celebrate the victory and then continue the fun in the games. To be the best player on your street, you need to learn how to buy and use Beyblade accessories. That's why we recommend that you read this Shopping Guide in its entirety. Read it, you won't regret it!


  • There are different generations of the Beyblade toy.
  • You can play the spinning tops inside or outside the arena.
  • There are editions with edges (layers of energy) of spinning tops that are more conducive to attacks and versions that are useful for defending.

The Best Beyblade: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Far from being a simple pull and play activity, there are several strategic points in the game. The choice of arena or spinning tops, shooting position, among other factors are important aspects. This motivates many parents to buy the toy for their children. For the purchase to be more accurate, learn important data about Beyblade.

Duas crianças jogando Beyblade.

Beyblade is a challenging activity for children (Source: PAVLO KOBYSH / 123RF)

What is a Beyblade?

Takao Aoki is the name of the Japanese author of Beyblade, a famous manga. This design came about with purpose to promote the toy also known as Japanese spinning top. In the story, Beyblade shows the life of young boys who fight battles with spinning tops, launchers and arenas, to win leagues until the conquests of the tournaments.

All the dynamism of the cartoon is perceived when children play Beyblade and play among themselves, a more dynamic activity than table games, or lego. Today the cartoon is in its third generation, as is the toy, whose rights belong to Japanese giant Takara Tomy, licensed to Hasbro.

How to play Beyblade Burst?

Players must position themselves around the arena or point at which the game takes place. Everyone then fits their spinning tops onto the launchers and throws. The spinning tops start a match and the winner is the one who pushes the other participants out of the arena. The winner is also the one who manages to blow up the opponent's top, i.e. dismantle it.

What are the advantages of Beyblade?

There are 3 different generations of Beyblade, so there are many options for choices of spinning tops, arenas and launchers. Some top editions are better for defending, others are more for attacking. You can make a choice depending on your strategy or the characteristics of the opponent's tops. You will find a variety of launcher options, some of which perform double throws.

Although it is possible, playing outside the arena is not recommended as it can quickly wear out your pawns. One problem is that a generation 3 top will almost never lose to a generation 1 top, which costs less and has a less resistant energy layer (edge). Therefore, many people prefer to stipulate as a rule of championships the use of only one generation. In the table, find out more advantages and disadvantages of Beyblade, the toy of the moment:

  • Different generations, spinning tops, arenas and launchers
  • Dynamic activity
  • Similar to the drawing
  • Does not need batteries to work
  • Different colours and stickers
  • Various prices
  • Older editions burst easily
  • There are versions with weak energy layers
  • New generations cost more
  • Playing outside the arena wears out the spinning top

What is the best generation of Beyblade to play?

If kids could choose, they would want all editions of Beyblade. But, you have to opt for just one or the other choice, which can consume many hours of indecision. To help you out, we'll demonstrate the differences between the most talked about generations of Beyblade: 1 and 3.
Did you know that there is also a generation 2 of Beyblade? It is more resistant than the first generation due to metal reinforcements in the energy layers. The performance of generation 2 is not as good as that of generation 3

Beyblade generation 1:

This is the most popular generation. It has fewer features, but offers a lot of ease in launching the spinning top and keeping it spinning consistently. The ease in spinning is because generation 1 has and requires less performance to run with simple launchers. It is easier to assemble, production suitable for younger children.

Uma criança jogando 2 piões de Beyblade em uma arena da geração 1.

Arenas of Beyblade generation 1 are less complex (Source: Oleksandra Naumenko / 123RF)

Beyblade generation 3:

Bigger kids enjoy the generation 3 game (Beyblade Burst) more. It features more complete arenas and several choices of spinning tops for attacks or defences. The generation stimulates reasoning, a clever throw makes the child beat even the toughest piions. There is more diversity in the choices of energy layers in the top. The essential differences of the Beyblade versions you can observe below:

Beyblade generation 1 Beyblade generation 3
Prices Cheaper More expensive
Attack and defense Less More
Simplicity to set up Simpler Less simple
Performance in the arena Less performance More performance
Performance outside the arena More performance Less performance
Power in the energy layer More power Less power
Double launch Worse More
Arena Less complex More complex
Suitable for children Minor Major
Remote control No Yes
Smartphone app No Yes

How much does it cost?

The higher priced editions are the complete Hasbro kits, perfect for those who still don't have any accessories. If you buy separately each item you spend more money, especially in the arena. The launchers are also expensive, especially the generation 3 editions, which can easily perform fast and accurate throws. The attack spinning tops cost more.

On average, you can spend anywhere from £20 to £200 to buy Beyblade accessories.

Purchase criteria: Factors that allow you to compare Beyblade offers

Everyone wants to blow up the opponent's top. But, the tops are getting tougher and tougher, so you need extra accessories and extra strategies to keep winning. Here are some ideas on how to compare offers and find the ideal promotion for your gaming needs:

  • Remote control
  • Stickers
  • Rails
  • Kits

Know the definitions of the points listed in detail.

Remote control

There are already versions of Beyblade Burst spinning tops with remote control, they are more expensive models! Although this technology takes some of the originality of the analog game, it can also help the game to be more strategic by controlling part of the movements on the top. We can't forget also the connectable models in applications that turn the players' smartphones into joystick.


As you can see in the picture below, in general the Beyblade tops do not come with stickers attached. The adhesive card is present in the product packaging, so children stick them on the toy. It happens that sometimes the sticker comes wrong on the package. So always keep an eye out to see if the adhesive card corresponds to the model of spinning top. If you want you can opt for other adhesive cards to make a unique customization.


The more different rails there are in the Beyblade arena, the better the game dynamics get, since the top makes different kinds of movements. The low-priced arenas don't have rails, they work well for very young children. Pre-teens, on the other hand, get more excited about tracked arenas that cost higher prices.


Buying kits that come with all the essential items for the game is the best way to save money, considering you don't have any accessories.

Em uma sala com decoração do desenho Beyblade há 3 crianças brincando com o brinquedo Beyblade em uma arena da geração 3

See which Beyblade accessories to buy so you can be the newest champion on the block (Source: Oleksandr Lutsenko / 123RF)

For those who appreciate dual releases it's worth buying the packs that have 2 models of the same edition spinning top: one for attack and one for defence. This way you pay less than purchasing the two units separately.

(Source of the detached image: PAVLO KOBYSH / 123RF)