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The sofa is the centre of the living room. We eat, sleep, work, but above all we relax there and watch our favourite films and series. After all, there's nothing better than falling onto the couch and putting your feet up after a hard day. We spend an average of four hours a day on our sofa.

It also serves as a place to sleep for guests or as an alternative bed when things aren't going so well in a relationship. To help you find your ideal sofa, we have worked out the most important criteria and questions in this guide to help you in your search.


  • A Big Sofa, also called an XXL sofa, is characterised by its enormous size. It should provide space for the entire family.
  • There are many different features to choose from. But some are also determined by external factors. Be sure to pay attention to these factors.
  • Listen to your gut when buying, you should be sure that you will still like the sofa in a few years.

The Best Big Sofa: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for Big Sofas

Finding the perfect Big Sofa is not easy. There are many different models in all colours and materials. However, a few factors are determined by external conditions, as a Big Sofa must be adapted to the room in which it is to be placed.

To make your decision easier, we have summarised the most important criteria.


A Big Sofa should offer enough space for all family members. The more people in your family, the more space you need. However, the size of the room plays a determinant role in this criterion, as the sofa should fit the room.

To determine the optimal size for your Big Sofa, you should measure the room. You should leave at least 50 cm space to all other furniture. Make sure that you leave enough space to move around the room without problems and that all doors can still open.

Measure your staircase and door width before buying. How annoying it would be if you bought a beautiful sofa and then realised that you couldn't get it into the living room because it didn't fit through the door.


A Big Sofa can have various functions, here is a brief summary of the most important ones. Adjustable armrests, headrests and backrests are the main comfort functions. In combination with a seat depth adjustment, upright sitting, chilling reclining and side-by-side reclining are possible.

Furthermore, a bed base can be very practical. Above all, the additional storage space is interesting for many.

These functions can be manual or electric. However, this is also reflected in the price.


There is almost no limit when it comes to colour. With most big sofas, you can choose between many colours. However, you should make sure that your sofa matches the room in which it will be placed. You should be very sure that you will still like the colour in a few years, as you usually have a sofa for a long time.

So you have the choice between a timeless elegant colour or a colourful eye-catcher.


Here, too, there are many different options. Here is an overview of the most common materials:

Material Properties
Leather Leather is a very durable and robust material that becomes even more beautiful with time.
Corduroy The corduroy cover gives your Big Sofa a great vintage look.
Faux leather Faux leather gives your sofa an elegant look and is comparatively inexpensive.
Fabric Fabric comes in all kinds of variations and colours.
Microfibre Microfibre is also very wide-ranging and also very easy to clean.


Big sofas come in many different designs. The most common ones in brief.

Colonial style: The colonial style is characterised by the use of high-quality materials that are sumptuously decorated and elaborately crafted

Country style: The country style stands for cosiness and harmonious colour combinations. The motto of this style is "back to nature".

Scandinavian: They have a sophisticated aesthetic and combine functionality, simplicity and beauty.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about Big Sofa answered in detail

In the following, we have selected the most frequently asked questions on the topic of Big Sofa to give you a deeper insight into the subject.

Who is a Big Sofa suitable for?

A Big Sofa is perfect for you if you want to relax on your sofa and snuggle up comfortably. Watching TV, lounging on the couch with friends and just lounging around is all more fun with a Big Sofa.

Big Sofa

The whole family should find a cosy place on the sofa. (Image source: Laura Lauch)
However, if you use your sofa for working or eating, a Big Sofa is not ideal because you can't really get your feet on the floor when you lean back. You simply don't have enough stability to sit properly.

What types of big sofas are there?

Whether it's a corner sofa (L-shaped), a living room landscape or a 2-3 person big sofa. Here are the most important types and what distinguishes them.

Corner sofa (L-shaped): Perfect for enlivening dead corners in your living room. It usually consists of two parts, which you can put together as you like (right or left corner). The two parts are connected by an ottoman or a récamière. This way you can lie comfortably on your sofa and at the same time you have made good use of the annoying corner.

Living room landscape: The living room landscape is characterised by its typical U-shape. It is usually combined with a stool or an armchair. The living room landscape is very large, so you should have enough space, as only then can it really come into its own.

A sofa bed offers enough space to serve as a sleeping place for two people.

The Big Sofa for 2-3 people: There are different categories here. At least 52 cm seat width is planned per person. The 2-person sofa starts at a length of 1 metre. From 2 metres, one speaks of a 3-seater sofa.

You can easily combine the two sofas, so you can always rearrange your living room. With 2 smaller sofas you have more possibilities than with one big sofa.

What does a Big Sofa cost?

The price of a Big Sofa varies greatly, as it depends on the size and material.

Material Price
Leather From 750 Euro
Corduroy From 450 Euro
Imitation leather / microfibre From 250 Euro
Fabric From 150 Euro

You should make sure that the delivery price is included in the price.

How do I care for / clean my Big Sofa?

Care: You should regularly pat out your cushions and the upholstery. This keeps it nice and loose and keeps it well ventilated. Vacuuming occasionally is also recommended to prevent dirt from settling and becoming difficult to remove. However, be sure to set the hoover's suction power to a low setting. Otherwise, the material of your sofa may wear out and become less attractive.

Cleaning: Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and do not experiment. If you clean the sofa incorrectly, you may lose the guarantee.

You can wipe your sofa with a damp cloth. For stubborn stains, you can also try a little soap, but make sure that the soap is completely dissolved in the water.

The miracle cure for stains on the couch is baking soda. You can use it to neutralise odours and to remove stains. If it is not very dirty, just spread the powder on your sofa. Then leave it to work for 24 hours and simply vacuum it off. For more stubborn stains, you can rub it in with a little water and then vacuum it up again.


A Big Sofa is classically referred to simply as a large sofa or also as an "XXL sofa". The reason for this is that these sofas are simply significantly larger than the "normal" sofa. It invites you to lie down rather than sit down, as the seat height is lower in most cases.

Before buying, be one hundred percent sure that you will still like the Big Sofa in a few years' time. The choice of sofa is not completely free, as the spatial conditions have a decisive influence on the factors of shape, size and colour. When it comes to functionality, style and price, the decision is up to you. The decision about the material should be well-considered. Animals and small children can ruin the most beautiful couch if it cannot be cleaned properly. The best way to care for and clean your sofa is to read the manufacturer's instructions. Only when you have done this should you start cleaning/maintaining.

Image source: Unsplash/ Ashim D'Silva