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We know that keeping your skin smooth and healthy is one of your top priorities, so here's everything you need to know to find the best black face mask.

A black mask is a beauty product that is used to remove blackheads from the face and thus, achieve a deeper cleansing. They have become one of the main elements of any cleansing routine, so choosing the best one is key to looking your best.

With so much variety on the market, we wonder which is the perfect black face mask? That's why at Monederosmart we'll present you with all the information you need to make the best purchasing decision. From the types of black mask to the most common questions.


  • The main ingredient of the black mask is activated charcoal, which gives it its colour. Its main function is to cleanse the pores, eliminate blackheads and completely remove impurities from the face. The result is a smooth, rejuvenated and dead cell-free complexion.
  • They have recently become very popular on the internet by demonstrating how they effectively remove blackheads. In this way, an infinite number of black masks have been produced, adapted to different tastes and needs.
  • One of their main advantages is that they allow you to deep clean your face from the comfort of your own home. There are many tutorials to create these masks at home, but consider that it can be dangerous for your skin and that it is best to opt for a dermatologically tested formula.

The Best Black Masks: Our Picks

The variety of black masks on the market is vast, and for someone who is just starting to explore the options it can be overwhelming. That's why in this section we tell you about the best black masks currently available on the market.

Buying Guide: What you need to know about black masks

Choosing the perfect mask requires you to know about certain aspects, such as the advantages and disadvantages, the approximate budget and the types of masks you can choose from. We tell you all about them in this buying guide.

Black masks are aesthetic products that will help you to have a beautiful and lustrous skin. (Photo: Darya Petrenko /

What are black masks?

Black masks are beauty products that are used to remove facial imperfections and purify pores. Their main ingredient is activated charcoal, which gives them their black colour.

What are the benefits of a black mask?

The black mask represents one of the latest trends in cosmetics worldwide, especially because of its effectiveness and price. It is also a very interesting product, as it is commonly used to harden and root out all impurities from the face.

Its main advantage is that homemade masks are powerful, homemade and easy to use products, without the need to go to professionals to apply it. However, we invite you to learn about their disadvantages so that you can evaluate whether it is a product designed for you.

  • They have a DETOX effect on the face
  • There are several ways to use them
  • They leave a smooth and rejuvenated complexion
  • They are more powerful than traditional strips
  • There are black masks formulated for each type of skin
  • They can cause irritation, allergic reactions or dermatitis.

Washable black mask or peel-off - what to look out for?

There are many black mask options on the market that are likely to confuse you. You can find them in different presentations and here we will tell you what each one entails so that you can make the best purchasing decision.

Washable black mask. This is a formula that, in order to be removed from the face, must be washed and rubbed in gently. It's an option that many prefer but involves a little more effort.

Black peel off mask. The formula of this mask means that it becomes a structure with the elasticity and solidity needed to be removed in one piece, as if you were "peeling it off".

Washable Peel-off
How to remove Must be washed with soap and water Can be removed in one piece
Effectiveness Medium High
Risk Low, does not affect the skin Medium, can remove the stratum corneum
Who can use it? Any skin type People without skin conditions
Frequency of use Daily Weekly

These are just some of the features you might consider when shopping for a black mask. However, you may also notice that there are black masks with different functions, moisturising components, softer or thicker. These extras can be considered or not depending on your tastes and needs.

Buying Criteria

When choosing the best black face mask, it is normal to be unsure of what criteria to take into account. In addition, you should always choose good quality black masks because it is a product with very powerful ingredients. Consider the following aspects when choosing a black mask:

Skin type

Before using any type of black mask it is important to identify your skin type. Remember that no matter what type of product you buy, activated charcoal is the main ingredient and it does not react in the same way on all skin types.

Sensitive skin. If your skin is very sensitive, we recommend that you apply a washable black mask to avoid going through the pain of removing a peel-off. This way you can simply exfoliate your face and remove the most prominent imperfections.

Tough skin. If you don't suffer from skin conditions and your skin is resilient then you can opt for a weekly treatment with a peel-off mask. These are more aggressive and offer a deeper cleanse. It is important to moisturise your skin after these treatments.


Black masks come in different textures. You can get some thicker than others and this generally indicates that they contain more pure and intense ingredients. If you want a deep cleansing experience we recommend the thicker black masks.

Powdered. There are some powdered black masks, where you mix them with honey or water to create a paste that you apply to your face. These masks are usually the most powerful but also the most painful to remove.

In cream. There are black cream masks that are much gentler and less invasive. Some form a foamy layer that even helps to remove impurities from pores more easily.

Components of the formula

Activated charcoal is not the only component of a black mask. Because of its powerful effect, many brands have been adding components to prevent side effects from its use. These include moisturising, hypoallergenic ingredients designed for skin that is sensitive to irritation.

Some black masks come with cucumber, which functions as a moisturiser and skin revitaliser. It is an ingredient that refreshes your skin and keeps it extremely soft.

Korean ginseng root is also a popular ingredient in black masks, used since time immemorial to fight the signs of skin ageing. It has a tightening effect that improves the elasticity and firmness of the face. It also brings comfort to tired skin.

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