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Everyone knows them from school days and how much fun they can be: Chalkboards. Discovered as a new trend in interior design, the use of chalkboard paints is also increasing more and more in one's own four walls. Whether in the kitchen for recipes or in the children's room - chalkboard markers make for real eye-catchers.

With our product comparison, we have compared different products with each other and worked out the most important aspects. By showing you what you should look out for when buying, we want to make your choice easier and at the same time help you find the right blackboard paint for your project.


  • Due to their countless design possibilities and easy maintenance, blackboard paints are becoming increasingly popular. Almost any surface can be quickly and easily transformed into a surface that can be written on with chalk.
  • Even though blackboard paints can be used for a variety of surfaces, not every paint is suitable for every surface or for outdoor use. When selecting a product, therefore, attention should be paid to certain properties as well as to the product name. Board paints and board varnishes differ primarily in their optimal substrate suitability.
  • The application of board paints on surfaces is easy to implement. The procedure is similar to conventional painting with wall paint. A perfect colour result can be achieved quickly and easily.

The Best Blackboard Marker: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for blackboard markers

In the following, we would like to show you which buying criteria you can use to compare and evaluate blackboard paints. This should help you decide which product is best suited for you and your project.

In the following paragraphs, you can read what is important for the individual purchase criteria and how you can classify them.


Whether classic colours like grey or dark green, bright and colourful or even a little extravagant in gold - there are no limits to creativity
There are no limits to creativity, because the colour palette of blackboard markers is wide-ranging.

However, always bear in mind that tastes change quickly. Here, it is an advantage if you have decided on a fairly neutral colour from the outset. If the desired colour is not available, transparent board paint is particularly suitable and can be spread over any surface.

Quantity and yield

The quantity and yield of a board paint are closely related. However, a lot of paint does not always mean that it will last longer. The decisive factor is quality. The higher the quality of the board paint, the more productive it is. Before buying, you should therefore pay attention to this indicator and compare different manufacturers.


Here too, the better the quality and the greater the opacity, the quicker the desired colour result will be achieved. Therefore, some blackboard paints only require one coat, while others need several coats to be opaque and achieve the perfect colour result.

In addition to the quality, the opacity of a blackboard paint also depends on the substrate. A surface that is highly absorbent needs more paint.


Both for your own health and for the sake of the environment, you should always take a look at the ingredients of a product. Water-based board markers, which are considered safe, are best. These solvent-free paints are particularly convincing because of their low odour and comparatively low pollutant content.

In the best case, the product is certified with the famous "Blue Angel", which guarantees high standards for the protection of the environment and health.

Area of application

Should your blackboard paint decorate the exterior or interior? In the case of board markers for outdoor use, particular importance should be attached to weather resistance. In addition, you should pay attention to the suitability of the substrate when selecting the product. Even though the possible applications are very diverse, not every paint adheres to every surface.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about blackboard marker answered in detail

In the following guide, we would like to clarify any questions you may still have by addressing the most important questions on the subject of blackboard marker and answering them in detail.

What are blackboard marker?

Chalkboard paint is a decorative coating that transforms almost any surface into a matt surface that can be written on with chalk and then used and designed individually.


Blackboard paints are particularly popular with children. They are particularly practical at the desk for drawings and notes. (Image source: Julia M Cameron / Pexels)

Whether in the children's room for drawing and playing, in the kitchen for shopping lists or in the study as a memo board - blackboard walls attract everyone's attention and are becoming increasingly popular.

What types of blackboard markers are there?

In general, blackboard paints and blackboard varnishes are available in the trade, which differ in terms of their area of application:

  • Blackboard marker: Due to its particularly high content of pigments and dyes, blackboard paint is particularly suitable for embellishing walls and furniture.
  • Blackboardpaint: For surfaces such as plastic, metal, wood, glass and stone, the use of blackboard paint should be preferred.

When buying, it is therefore essential to pay attention to the product name. However, if you want to decorate porcelain with chalkboard paint, you should look for chalkboard paints that are especially suitable for this purpose.

What does chalkboard paint cost?

Depending on the manufacturer, the price of chalkboard paint is mainly determined by the quality and the quantity. Prices can range from low to high. The following table provides an overview.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (5 - 10 €) Small quantities, good quality, mostly already with colour selection
Medium-priced (10 - 20 €) Larger quantities with high standards regarding ingredients and sustainability
High-priced (from 20 €) Mostly high quantities, colours with metallic look, magnetic board colours

Our ranking shows that high-quality blackboard paints are already available from a low price range, offering a wide range of design options.

How are blackboard marker applied correctly?

First of all, rough surfaces should be lightly sanded before applying the paint and smooth surfaces should be roughened with sandpaper to achieve an optimal colour result. Make sure to clean the surface again afterwards so that it is dry, clean and free of grease. Since blackboard paint is difficult to remove from textiles, it is advisable to wear protective clothing.

Depending on your preference, a primer can then be applied first. However, this is not absolutely necessary. Before painting, the blackboard markers should be stirred well. Foam paint rollers are particularly suitable for large areas. On smaller surfaces or on edges and borders, however, it is better to apply the paint with a brush.

If you are not yet satisfied with the colour result, you can apply a second coat after 4 hours of drying time. The paint should then dry for at least 48 hours.

How is blackboard paint written on and cleaned?

Before a blackboard surface can be written on with traditional chalk, you should make sure that it has dried for at least 2 days. The best way to clean it is to use a damp microfibre cloth to easily wipe off the chalk. Once the surface is dry, it can be written on again.

Care should be taken when writing with liquid chalk or chalk markers. These are suitable for smooth, non-porous surfaces and usually require a special cleaner to remove.


Blackboard paint offers you a wide range of inexpensive design options with which you can quickly and easily create great accents in your home that are also practical. Whether for collecting notes or for expressing your creativity - blackboard surfaces always have a use.

When buying blackboard markers, however, you should always keep in mind what exactly you intend to do with it. Important points here are the colour shade as well as the quantity and yield. In addition, the opacity and the area of application are important purchase criteria that should be considered in advance. Last but not least, you should always consider the ingredients when choosing a product so that your health is not affected.

Image source: Joshua Hanks / Unsplash

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