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Bloodroot is a medicinal plant that grows on heaths, forest edges and forest slopes. As a stimulant, bloodroot is mostly known in the form of a liqueur. Bloodroot liqueur is produced from the finely chopped roots of the plant.

The name of the plant comes from the red colour of the juice. Bloodroot has an anti-inflammatory effect and, according to a study, is particularly effective against gastrointestinal complaints. However, the liqueur is also convincing as a luxury spirit with its unique taste. Bloodroot liqueur is a high-proof alcoholic beverage and may therefore only be consumed by persons over 18 years of age!


  • Bloodroot is a medicinal plant and is effective against inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract. It is also slightly disinfectant, analgesic and weakly haemostatic
  • You can drink the liqueur not only for medicinal reasons, but also as a stimulant after a rich meal
  • Not all bloodroot liqueurs are the same. The types of liqueur differ according to the ingredients added, the contents of the bottle and the taste

The Best Bloodroot: Our Picks

In the following section, we have compiled our bloodroot favourites to help you decide what to buy. There are different types of liquor depending on taste:

Buying and rating criteria for bloodroot

Since the selection of products is based on different tastes, we have summarised some criteria that can help you choose the best bloodroot liquor:

Alcohol content

Bloodroot liqueurs have a high alcohol content, the "lightest" of which contains 48% and the strongest 60% alcohol. Please note that it must not be supplied to, or consumed by, persons under the legal drinking age (18 years).


Bottles made of fine earthenware are particularly recommended, as they allow Blutwurz Liqueur to stay cool even in the sunshine. Apart from that, everyone can decide for themselves which bottle design appeals to them most visually.

Bottle content

The bottles usually have a volume of 0.7 litres, but some producers also offer 0.5 L and 1 L bottles. Smaller quantities are suitable for trying out different liqueurs, larger quantities if you want to drink the liqueur in company.

Degree of sweetening

The degree of sweetening varies greatly from supplier to supplier. The classic bloodroot liqueur has a strong bitter taste, but depending on the producer it can also be mild, spicy or sweet. You can therefore adjust your purchase according to your personal taste preferences.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about bloodroot liqueur

In the following we have collected some answers to the most frequently asked questions about bloodroot:

What is bloodroot liqueur suitable for?

Bloodroot is a medicinal plant that can have a healing effect on gastrointestinal complaints and inflammations of the oral mucosa. In most cases, the liqueur is drunk as a digestive after a hearty meal.

How does bloodroot work?

It has been scientifically confirmed in studies that bloodroot has an anti-inflammatory effect.

The roots of bloodroot give the liqueur a beautiful red colour (Source: Elizabeth Feeley/ Pixabay)

It has an analgesic effect and is slightly disinfectant.

What should you bear in mind when drinking bloodroot liqueur?

Traditionally, the liqueur is served burning in a bloodroot pot. On hot summer days, however, it can also be enjoyed iced.


Bloodroot has been used in folk medicine for many years to alleviate gastrointestinal complaints. Thanks to its strong and harmonious taste, this liqueur is particularly suitable as a digestif after a good meal. Due to the variety of bloodroot liqueurs, you can find the right type for every individual taste.

In our guide, we have collected a selection of the best bloodroot liqueurs that are brewed according to traditional family recipes and whose ingredients are tastefully matched. No one is left behind, because there is something for every taste.

(Cover photo: Pics_kartub/ Pixabay)