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Bluetooth audio adapters allow us to connect a Bluetooth-incapable device, e.g. the old stereo or a TV, to a Bluetooth-enabled device such as a smartphone or tablet. A Bluetooth adapter can establish a wireless connection and transmit audio data over a certain distance.

With our Bluetooth Audio Adapter Test 2022 we want to help you get a comprehensive overview of the many possibilities. We have compared various adapters and put together a selection for you. With our clear summary, we want to make your purchase decision as easy as possible.


  • With a Bluetooth Audio Adapter, you can transfer audio and media from a Bluetooth-enabled device to a Bluetooth-incapable device. It creates a wireless connection to a device that is not actually designed for it.
  • There are some differences when choosing an adapter. Both the number and type of connections, as well as the range or battery life can vary greatly.
  • The handling of a Bluetooth audio adapter is simple and practical. Basically, the decision for a certain Bluetooth audio adapter depends on which devices you want to connect with each other.

The Best Bluetooth Audio Adapter: Our Picks

Bluetooth audio adapters: buying and evaluation criteria

The following criteria will help you to find your way through the wide range of Bluetooth audio adapters. We will go into these aspects in more detail:

In the following paragraphs, we will explain the mentioned purchase and evaluation criteria in more detail.


An important criterion when choosing your Bluetooth audio adapter is the type of connections. Depending on the use of the adapter, you will need different connections.

The adapter creates a Bluetooth function for a Bluetooth-incapable device. This device is connected to the adapter with a cable. Depending on the device, your Bluetooth audio adapter requires one or more specific connections.

Most devices have an RCA or AUX input. These are supported by most Bluetooth audio adapters. However, USB and HDMI connections are also not uncommon.

The type of connections depends on your desired use of the adapter.

You should think about which devices you want to use the Bluetooth audio adapter for before you buy it. In the next step, you can find out which connections the adapter must be compatible with.

Bluetooth range

The Bluetooth range can vary depending on the device. Here, too, it is important to be clear about what you want to use your Bluetooth audio adapter for.

The range is divided into three classes. Class 1 has the longest range at 100 metres. Class 2 creates an optimal connection at up to 10 metres and class 3 has the smallest Bluetooth range at 1 metre.

If you want to use your Bluetooth audio adapter for audio transmission in the car, a device with a range of class 3 is certainly sufficient.

However, if you connect your mobile phone to your stereo system, you probably don't want to be within 1 metre of the stereo system at all times. In this case, you should opt for a device with a longer Bluetooth range.

In addition to distance, obstacles such as walls can also interrupt the connection. Basically, the closer the connected devices are to each other, the more undisturbed the Bluetooth connection will be.

Bluetooth version

Over the years, Bluetooth has been developed further and further. Starting with version 1.0 up to today's version 5.0, most Bluetooth audio adapters have Bluetooth version 3.0 or 4.0.

In most cases, a Bluetooth version is compatible with all previous versions.

However, when buying your Bluetooth audio adapter, you should inform yourself specifically about this. It is important to check which Bluetooth version your transmitter/receiver device has and which versions the adapter is suitable for.

Compatibility is usually given with today's devices. Especially the purchase of a new device should not cause any problems in this regard. The adapters have the newer versions and can be connected to other versions.

Battery life

Another important criterion when buying a Bluetooth audio adapter is the battery life. This can vary depending on the adapter. There are battery runtimes from about 2 hours to well over 10 hours.

Again, this depends on the personal intended use. Will the Bluetooth audio adapter be used in a place with a permanent power supply, such as on the TV, or will it be used to connect the Bluetooth-incapable headphones to the mobile phone on a long hike?

Most Bluetooth audio adapters have a medium to long battery life. Compare the different battery life of the various adapters and decide according to your personal needs.

Range of functions

Not every Bluetooth audio adapter has the same range of functions. Basically, it is intended to replace a missing Bluetooth interface. Where an audio device does not have Bluetooth functionality, the Bluetooth adapter is used.

Most Bluetooth audio adapters contain a receiver function. The receiver makes it possible to receive sounds via Bluetooth and connect them to the desired device via a cable. In this way, you can listen to the music of your smartphone via your Bluetooth-incapable stereo system, for example.

The receiver function is included in almost every Bluetooth audio adapter.

With the transmit function, your Bluetooth audio adapter can, for example, transmit the sound of your Bluetooth-incapable TV or stereo system to your Bluetooth headphones or speakers. In contrast to the receiver function, where your receiving device is Bluetooth-incapable, with the transmit function your transmitting device is Bluetooth-incapable.

Some Bluetooth audio adapters also have the function of pairing with several devices at the same time. For example, the sound of a transmitter device can be sent to several receiver devices.

Bluetooth Audio Adapter: Frequently asked questions and answers

In the following section, we would like to give you a deeper insight into the topic of Bluetooth audio adapters. We answer the most frequently asked questions. After this information, you should have no more unanswered questions.

What is a Bluetooth audio adapter?

A Bluetooth Audio Adapter is an adapter that can pair a Bluetooth-incompatible device with a Bluetooth device. The connection can be used to play back audio and media.

The Bluetooth-incapable device can be both the transmitter device and the receiver device. A receiver is, for example, a Bluetooth-incapable stereo system, while a transmitter without Bluetooth capability can be, for example, a television.


With a Bluetooth audio adapter, you can easily establish a wireless connection between a Bluetooth-incapable device and a Bluetooth-capable device, e.g. a Bluetooth box. (Image source: Mungyu Kim / unsplash)

Through the Bluetooth Audio Adapter, a wireless connection can be established between devices. It is also possible to connect several devices with each other. For example, your smartphone can transmit audio to several speakers.

Who is a Bluetooth audio adapter suitable for?

A Bluetooth audio adapter is suitable for anyone who wants to connect a Bluetooth-incapable device to another device via Bluetooth. Basically, the adapter is suitable for everyone.

A Bluetooth Audio Adapter is a good choice for every music lover.

A certain technical understanding is not absolutely necessary, but can be acquired quickly. Setting up the device is easy. There are also no difficulties in operating the device.

The adapter is simply connected to the Bluetooth-incapable device with a cable and then paired with the other device via Bluetooth. Once a wireless connection is established, data can be transferred without any problems.

What types of Bluetooth audio adapters are there?

If you want to buy a Bluetooth audio adapter, you can choose between different types. We will present them to you in more detail below with all their advantages and disadvantages.

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Multiple connection It has a variety of connections and is therefore compatible with different devices The additional connections mean that the adapter is usually more expensive.
Transmitter With the transmitter function, a Bluetooth-incompatible device can send audio data The adapter usually costs more than an adapter without the transmitter function.
Receiver A Bluetooth-incapable device can receive audio data wirelessly with the adapter If the adapter only has a receiver function, it cannot send audio data.

A Bluetooth audio adapter with a multiple connection is particularly suitable if you want to connect the adapter to several devices that have different connections. If you want to pair the adapter with your TV via HDMI connection on the one hand and with your stereo system via AUX connection on the other, an adapter with a dual connection is practical.

A Bluetooth audio adapter with a transmitter function can transmit audio data from a Bluetooth-incompatible device to a Bluetooth-compatible device. For example, you can transmit the sound of your TV to your Bluetooth headphones if there are several people in the room and not all of them want to watch TV with you.

Some Bluetooth audio adapters only have a receive function. With this function, a Bluetooth-incompatible device can receive audio data via Bluetooth. For example, you can use the adapter to pair your smartphone with a Bluetooth-incompatible stereo system.

How much does a Bluetooth audio adapter cost?

The prices of Bluetooth audio adapters can vary widely. They range from about 10 to 60 euros. In general, you can expect to get good quality at a low price.

The more extensive the functions of the Bluetooth audio adapter, the higher the price. You can get a simple Bluetooth receiver without special add-ons for as little as 10 euros.

Type price range in euros
with transmitter function 15 to 55
with receiver function 5 to 30

The prices for a Bluetooth audio adapter depend on the functions and the manufacturer of the adapter. You can buy a simple adapter from a rather unknown manufacturer with receiver function for as little as 10 euros. If you decide to buy an adapter from a popular brand, however, it can cost over 50 euros.

What alternatives are there to a Bluetooth audio adapter?

In addition to the Bluetooth audio adapter, there are other Bluetooth transmission options. In the following, we present some alternatives with their advantages and disadvantages.

Alternative Description
FM transmitter An FM transmitter receives music via Bluetooth and transmits it to your car radio via radio waves.
Cassette adapter Cassette adapters are suitable for devices that only have a cassette drive. A cassette with an integrated Bluetooth adapter can be connected to your smartphone or tablet.

Besides the alternatives mentioned above, a Bluetooth audio adapter seems to be the best choice. A Bluetooth audio adapter can be used in more ways and is not limited to just one device or application.

What accessories do I need for my Bluetooth audio adapter?

You hardly need any accessories for your Bluetooth audio adapter. Besides the device itself, you need a cable to charge the battery and a connection cable to the Bluetooth-incapable device.

The cable for the power supply is usually included with the purchase of an adapter. Depending on the connection, another connection cable is also included in the purchase. However, if you need an additional cable, you can simply order it separately online.

Replacement cables can also be ordered quickly and easily online. Since they are not special parts but common connections, such cables are available everywhere.

Of course, you also need a Bluetooth-enabled device to be able to establish a Bluetooth connection with a Bluetooth-incompatible device. No other accessories are needed.

What devices can I connect my Bluetooth Audio Adapter to?

In principle, you can connect the Bluetooth Audio Adapter to almost any device that is designed to send or receive audio. The devices can be divided into Bluetooth-enabled and Bluetooth-incapable devices.

On the one hand, the Bluetooth Audio Adapter can be connected to any Bluetooth-enabled device with a Bluetooth version that is compatible with it. Examples of this are smartphones, TVs, headphones, computers, etc.


Bluetooth audio adapters can have a transmit and receive function. (Image source: Mark Rohan / unsplash)

On the other hand, the adapter can be connected to any Bluetooth-incapable device whose connections match those of the adapter. Here it is important to consider which device you want to connect the Bluetooth adapter to and which connections the adapter must have as a result.

The most common connections are the 3.5 mm AUX connection, as well as HDMI and USB connections. Especially if you want to use the adapter for different devices with different connections, you should choose an adapter with several connection ports.


With a Bluetooth Audio Adapter, you can connect one or more Bluetooth-enabled devices to a Bluetooth-incapable device. Audio data can be transmitted via the wireless connection. Unlike a cassette adapter or an FM transmitter, the Bluetooth Audio Adapter is versatile.

There are adapters with multiple connections, which are particularly suitable if you want to connect devices with different connections to the adapter. A distinction must also be made between the transmitter and receiver function of a Bluetooth audio adapter.

With the transmitter function, a Bluetooth-incompatible device can send audio data via Bluetooth and with the receiver function it can receive data. Some audio adapters have both functions at the same time.

Picture source: 123rf / 73593584