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It has long been impossible to imagine most German households without it: the good old microwave oven. While the first microwave ovens became bestsellers in Japan and the USA as early as the 1970s, this trend did not reach Germany until the mid-1980s. While the first microwave oven from 1957 weighed around two hundredweight, modern appliances are characterised by their slim and elegant design.

In our Bosch microwave test 2022 you can find out about the features of Bosch microwave ovens and which additional functions might be of interest to you. In the following, we have compiled valuable tips on how you can find the right Bosch microwave for you.



  • A Bosch microwave saves both time and energy when cooking and baking. Small portions in particular can be prepared and reheated in an energy-efficient way. A Bosch microwave can also defrost frozen food in just a few minutes.
  • Every kitchen is different. That's why Bosch offers microwaves both as freestanding appliances and as built-in appliances.
  • For more sophisticated requirements, the Bosch microwave can also be purchased in combination with an oven. These multifunctional appliances combine the functions of both appliances and represent a completely new type of household appliance.

The Best Bosch Microwave: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Bosch microwave oven

Before you decide to buy a Bosch microwave, you should get some background information. To this end, we have compiled some basic information for you below.


Admittedly, no food gets hot in this kitchen. However, a microwave oven is now such a natural part of most households that even a child's kitchen cannot do without one.
(Image source: / Mike)

What distinguishes Bosch microwaves from other manufacturers?

The name Robert Bosch has stood for quality and innovation for over 100 years. In 2014, the European market leader in the household appliance sector "BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH" was completely taken over by Robert Bosch GmbH.

As early as the 1980s, Bosch launched one of the first compact ovens with a microwave on the German market.

Microwaves from Bosch are therefore the result of many years of experience in the design and production of household appliances. To this day, the company continues to invest heavily in the areas of research and development, in keeping with the spirit of the company's founder.

A Bosch microwave is certainly not the cheapest choice. But if you value a modern design combined with high-quality workmanship and innovative technology, then you will be happy with a Bosch appliance for a long time.

What additional functions are available with Bosch microwaves?

Have you only ever used your microwave to heat up food? You'll be amazed at how a modern Bosch microwave can take your cooking to a new level.

So that you don't get lost in the jungle of functions, we've put together a brief overview of the most important functional terms. This will help you keep track of everything so that you can choose the microwave that best suits your lifestyle.

Function Explanation
Automatic weight programme (also called automatic programme or autopilot, e.g. 7, 10 or 15) This is the simplest form of the various automatic programmes from the manufacturer Bosch for microwaves. You choose between different preset programmes for cooking (e.g. rice, potatoes, vegetables) or defrosting (meat, poultry, bread). Some appliances also have additional combination programmes (e.g. defrosting and cooking a frozen casserole). You also enter the weight of your food. The microwave automatically sets the appropriate power level (wattage) and time.
Memory function with Memory you can save the setting for your favourite dish and recall it at any time. There is a memory slot for this purpose.
Assist function In the display of your combi oven, you select your dish category. Based on this presetting, the appliance automatically selects the heating mode, temperature and cooking time.
Perfect Bake This function also automatically sets the correct heating mode (e.g. convection), temperature and baking time for your dish. All you have to do is select the desired dish category (e.g. quiche) from the digital menu. The baking sensor also measures the moisture content in the oven at any time and switches it off automatically at the perfect time.
Perfect Roast This is also an additional assist function. A roast thermometer in the oven measures the core temperature of the food that you have previously set on the display.
Hot air or convection With convection, the hot air in the oven is distributed by a fan in the rear wall of the appliance. With hot air, there is an additional heating coil in the back of the appliance, which makes the moving air much hotter than with convection.
Steam boost function or steam cooking function There is a water tank behind the panel of the combi oven. This water is automatically sprayed into the oven cavity as steam. The amount of steam can be adjusted automatically and manually. This way, roasts and casseroles stay nice and juicy and bread becomes deliciously crispy.
Pyrolysis During pyrolysis, the oven is heated up to 500 °C. This burns off all food residues. This burns off all food residues. You can simply wipe up the ashes with a damp cloth at the end.
Ecoclean In appliances with EcoClean, the inner walls of the oven are coated with a catalytic ceramic coating. This coating absorbs grease splashes and decomposes them at temperatures as low as 160 °C. So all you have to do is wipe the floor and clean the inside of the door.
Invert technology In conventional microwave ovens, the maximum power is switched on and off again and again, which you can hear from the cyclical humming of the microwave. In an inverter microwave, the power level is always the same, depending on the wattage setting. This ensures that your food is heated evenly: it does not cook on the outside while it is still frozen on the inside. All Bosch Series 8 microwaves use this technology from 600 watts and above. At lower wattages, these appliances also operate like conventional microwaves.
Home Connect With Home Connect you can control and monitor your microwave from anywhere via a mobile device. For new recipes, you can send the perfect settings directly to your appliance

What do the serial numbers on Bosch microwaves mean?

Bosch divides its range of household appliances into four different product series: Series 2, 4, 6 and 8. Each series is characterised by specific performance features and meets different customer demands.

To give you a better overview of the Bosch microwave range, we have summarised the features of the different product series below.

Series 2

All but one of the Series 2 models are freestanding microwaves. The Series 2 is therefore particularly suitable for newcomers or for easy retrofitting of the kitchen with a high-quality microwave.

The absolute entry-level model is the HMT72M450 (stainless steel) or HMT72M420 (white). The appliance has 5 power levels with a maximum output of 800 watts and a capacity of 17 litres. The wattage and timer are controlled via two simple rotary knobs.

All other models in the Series 2 are equipped with additional functions. They have the following in common:

  • Automatic weight control
  • Memory function
  • Rotary plate
  • left-hinged door that opens mechanically

The units differ in the following points:

HMT84 -M451 (stainless steel), -M421 (white) HMT75 -M451 (stainless steel), -M421 (white) HMT75G451 (stainless steel)
Volume 25 litres 17 litres 17 litres
Power 900 watts 800 watts 800 watts
Grill no no yes
Note Exactly this appliance is available in series 6 with electronic door opener button (model number: FFM553 -MW0, -MO0, -MF0, -MB0) Exactly this appliance is also available as a built-in version (model number: HMT75 -M551, -M521) -

Series 4 and 6

The only difference between the Series 4 microwave (CMA583MS0) and the Series 6 is the colour of the LCD display, which is why we combine the two series below.

The models of series 4 and 6 are built-in microwaves with basic additional functions as we know them from series 2. Exception: Model FFM553 -MW0, -MO0, -MF0, -MB0 is a freestanding appliance, which is why we have included it in the section on series 2.

Special feature: Only series 6 has built-in microwaves with a left-hinged door. All other models have a door that opens downwards (like an oven door).

All models in series 4 and 6 have the following in common:

  • Automatic weight control

The appliances differ in the following points:

CMA585MS0 (stainless steel, white LCD display), CMA585MS0 (stainless steel, red LCD display, from series 4) BFL524 -MW0 (white), -MS0 (stainless steel), -MB0 (black) BEL554 -MW0 (white), -MS0 (stainless steel), -MB0 (black) COA565G -S0 (stainless steel), -B0 (black) HMT75 -M551 (stainless steel), -M521(white)
Volume 44 litres 20 litres 25 litres 36 litres 17 litres
Power 900 watts 800 watts 900 watts 1000 watts 800 watts
Grill yes no yes no -
Hot air yes no no no -
Steam cooking function no no yes no -
Automatic weight control 15 7 8 15 yes
Memory function no yes yes no yes
Turntable yes yes no yes -
Door opening downwards hinged left hinged left downwards hinged left
Note This model is almost identical to the Series 8 model CMG633 -BW1, -BS1, -BB1. The only difference is that the Series 8 model has invert technology (therefore no turntable required).This model is almost identical to the BFR(L)634 -GW1, -GS1, -GB1 from series 8. The only difference is that the model from series 8 does not have a memory function and has invert technology (therefore no turntable is required). This model is the only built-in microwave from series 2 - - - -

Series 8

Only Series 8 appliances feature the modern invert technology. Therefore, these microwaves are particularly suitable for demanding cooks who attach great importance to a high-end appliance.

The special feature: Only in the Series 8 are there built-in microwaves as well as built-in ovens with microwave function.

Compact ovens combine the advantages of the microwave with the features of a classic oven.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer Bosch does not differentiate its products uniformly within the two categories mentioned. For a better overview, we have summarised all combination ovens in the following table that have a top/bottom heat function typical for ovens.

The Series 8 built-in ovens with microwave function have the following in common:

  • Top/bottom heat
  • Assist function
  • Grill
  • Hot air
  • Invert technology

The appliances differ in the following points:

HNG6764 -W6 (white), -S6 (stainless steel), -B6 (black) CNG6764S6 (stainless steel) HMG6764 -S1 (stainless steel), B1 (black) HMG636RS1 (stainless steel) CMG676 -BS1 (stainless steel), -BB1 (black) CMG636 -BS1, -BS2 (stainless steel) (two identical appliances despite different numbers!)
Volume 67 litres 45 litres 67 litres 45 litres 45 litres -
Power 800 watts 900 watts 800 watts 900 watts 900 watts -
Steam cooking function yes yes no no no -
Self-cleaning Pyrolysis Pyrolysis Ecoclean Pyrolysis Ecoclean -
Perfect Roast / Bake yes yes yes no no -
Home Connect yes yes no no no -

If you don't have the money for a combination appliance, but still value invert technology, the following built-in microwaves from Bosch are recommended. They have the following in common:

  • Automatic weight control
  • Invert technology, therefore without turntable
  • NONE: Steam cooking function, top/bottom heat, self-cleaning, Perfect Roast/Bake, Home Connect

The appliances differ in these points:

CMG633 -BW1 (white), BS1 (stainless steel), BB1 (black) CFA634GS1 (stainless steel) BFR634 -GW1 (white), -GS1 (stainless steel), -GB1 (black) BFL634 -GW1 (white), -GS1 (stainless steel), -GB1 (black)
Volume 45 litres 36 litres 21 litres -
Power 900 watts 900 watts 900 watts -
Grill yes no no -
Hot air yes no no -
Note Only difference to Series 6 (CMA585MS0): Invert technology (therefore no turntable) This is the basic model with invert technology. Door right-hinged Door left-hinged

Which Bosch microwave can be built underneath?

Especially when redesigning existing kitchens, it is not always easy to find a suitable place for a new microwave.

If there is no suitable niche for a built-in microwave or a free-standing appliance on the worktop, you can easily install your new microwave under a wall cabinet. There are extra accessories from the manufacturer for this purpose.

The manufacturer Bosch has designated the following freestanding microwave ovens from the Series 2 as under-mountable:

  • The entry-level model HMT72M450 (stainless steel) or HMT72M420 (white)
  • The entry-level model with additional functions HMT75 -M451 (stainless steel), -M421 (white)

What is the price range of Bosch microwaves?

Due to the large number of different additional functions, the prices of Bosch microwaves vary considerably.

While the freestanding basic model can be had for less than 100 euros, the high-end appliance with all conceivable additional functions costs around 1500 euros. Especially for discerning connoisseurs with a limited time budget, however, such an investment can be worthwhile.


Are you planning to buy a new, fully equipped kitchen and want to find the right microwave for you? Then be sure to consult a specialised kitchen retailer. With a little negotiating skill, you can get a particularly good price for a perfectly fitting multifunctional appliance.
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What alternatives are there to a Bosch microwave?

In most households, the microwave is always used for the same purpose:

  • Reheat leftovers
  • Defrost frozen food
  • Heat ready meals

Even if the microwave is the perfect solution for these purposes, you can also use the cooker, for example. However, you always need a saucepan, which you have to wash afterwards in addition to the plate.

You can defrost frozen food without any heat by putting it in the fridge the night before. A water bath is somewhat quicker.

A steamer can also be a good alternative for easy defrosting, heating and cooking of dishes. Compared to a microwave, however, they are usually much more expensive to buy.

Decision: What types of Bosch microwaves are there and which is right for you?

What distinguishes a freestanding Bosch microwave and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

If there is enough space in your kitchen and your budget is rather small, then a freestanding microwave is a good choice. Especially in spacious kitchens with large work surfaces, a microwave can be a real eye-catcher.


A freestanding microwave does not have to adapt to any structural conditions. Rather, it is the actual need that decides: for a single household, a small appliance is usually sufficient, while a larger model is advantageous for a family.
(Image source: / Lisa Fotios)

Since you don't have to stick to a niche size with a freestanding microwave, you are particularly flexible in terms of size, design and colour. You're sure to find a model that suits you technically and is exactly to your taste.

Are you one of those people who like to move things around every now and then to create a fresh change? A freestanding microwave can be placed flexibly in any location and does justice to its task everywhere.

  • No structural requirements necessary
  • Less expensive than a built-in appliance
  • Great flexibility in terms of size, design and colour
  • Can be moved to a different location at any time
  • Can even be taken on a trip
  • Limited choice of additional functions
  • Maximum capacity 25 litres
  • Appliance must be cleaned from the outside
  • Appliance must be moved away regularly to be able to clean the worktop underneath and behind it

What are the features of a Bosch built-in microwave and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A built-in microwave is installed directly in the cabinet and thus fits in perfectly with the overall look of the kitchen. It is particularly suitable for designing new kitchens without unnecessarily cluttering up the worktop.


With a built-in microwave, you can make optimum use of the space in your kitchen and do not have a full work surface. In this way, you avoid inaccessible corners, which often become an unsightly collection point for crumbs.
(Image source: / Sidekix Media)

Because it takes up little space, it's especially great for small kitchens. Bosch offers built-in microwaves in white, black and stainless steel, so you don't have to compromise on design with these models either.

When choosing a built-in microwave, you should pay close attention to the dimensions of your cupboard and the connection options. Otherwise, it can be difficult to install such an appliance, especially in existing kitchens.

  • Very space-saving
  • Uniform overall look of the kitchen
  • Free and clean work surface
  • Comfortable working height
  • Expensive to buy
  • Suitable connections must be available
  • Not flexible to convert

What distinguishes a Bosch microwave in a built-in oven and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Particularly for discerning connoisseurs with a limited time budget, the purchase of a built-in oven can be worthwhile. It combines the advantages of a microwave with the heating modes of a classic oven. This means that dishes can be prepared not only quickly but also individually.

Did you know that crispy crisps become crunchy again in the microwave?

It's happened again: The potato crisps from the day before have become greasy. But you don't have to throw them away. Simply place the crisps on a kitchen towel in the microwave for a few seconds. The towel absorbs the moisture and the crisps are just like they came out of a freshly opened packet.

Despite its size, a built-in combi oven is a space-saving piece of kitchen equipment because it saves you an appliance. Some appliances even offer the additional function of a steamer, which in turn eliminates the need to buy another appliance.

By combining the features of a microwave with the heating modes of an oven, you also save energy and money when preparing food. A gratin with raw potatoes only needs 30 minutes instead of 60 minutes in such a combination appliance.

  • Reduces the preparation time of many dishes
  • Many additional functions such as Perfect Bake/Roast
  • Saves space because it combines the functions of different kitchen appliances
  • Saves energy
  • Very expensive to buy
  • Requires large built-in niche
  • Should only be connected by an electrician
  • For combination programmes, dishes must be microwaveable

Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and rate Bosch microwaves

In the following, we show you which criteria you can use to compare different Bosch microwaves with each other. This will give you an ideal basis for deciding which microwave is best for you.

The aspects that help you to better assess and compare Bosch microwaves include:

In the following paragraphs, we will explain what is important in the individual criteria.

Power or wattage

Bosch microwaves are available with an output of between 800 and 1000 watts in 5 power levels. In general, the larger the appliance, the higher the wattage. This is why you will only find models with 1000 watts in the large Series 8 built-in ovens.

For simple heating and defrosting of food, 700 watts and less are usually quite sufficient. At higher powers, your food may not cook evenly. While some areas are still cold, you will already burn the roof of your mouth on others. The only thing that helps here is frequent stirring.

Additional functions: Combi or solo appliance

When deciding which microwave oven is right for you, it all depends on your own needs and cooking habits. Above we have already given you a detailed overview of the additional functions of the Bosch microwave models.

Before you decide on an appliance, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Intended use: Do you primarily want to heat things quickly or grill and/or bake food with the microwave?
  • Health: What role does the gentle preparation of dishes play for you?
  • Time: How much time do you want to save? Is a self-cleaning function such as pyrolysis important to you?
  • Space requirements: Do you have enough space for a combination appliance with many additional functions?
  • Cooking experience: Are you experienced enough to make the settings for your dishes on your own or do you need the support of an assistant function?
  • Digitisation: Are you already smart on the go and would you like to be able to control the preparation of meals on the go in the future?

Appliance height/appliance width and capacity

Bosch microwave ovens are available with a capacity of between 17 and 67 litres. They are suitable for installation in both tall and wall cabinets.

Microwaves can be fitted in 50 cm or 60 cm wide wall cabinets or 60 cm wide tall cabinets. Ovens with integrated microwave are only available in a width of 60 cm.

If you want to prepare larger quantities, but don't want to spend money on a large combination appliance, it's worth buying a microwave without a turntable. You can also use it to cook square dishes without any problems, and you don't have to worry about the plate rotating.

While the height of a freestanding microwave always depends on the height of the worktop, with built-in appliances you can determine the working height yourself. To protect your back, make sure that the appliance is installed at a comfortable height.

Colour and design

Bosch microwaves are available in stainless steel, white and black. They are characterised by a very simple design with straight lines and usually retractable knobs.

While freestanding microwaves open to the left, built-in appliances give you a choice. Built-in microwaves without baking function are available with both left-hinged and downward-opening doors. A special feature at Bosch: The manufacturer even offers an appliance with a right-hinged door in the Series 8.

With the Series 8 products, you can also opt for a high-quality Colorglass front in white or black for the individual design of your kitchen. The interplay of metal and glass allows these modern appliances to blend seamlessly into any kitchen.

Facts worth knowing about Bosch microwaves

Where can I get an instruction manual for Bosch microwaves?

You can find the operating instructions for all current microwave ovens on the respective manufacturer's product page. To download, simply click on the "Additional information" tab at the bottom of the page.

If your appliance is older, enter the type number of your appliance in the service assistant on the manufacturer's page. The service assistant contains all the detailed instructions for use and expert maintenance advice.

How can I change the light bulb on a Bosch microwave?

With old microwaves, the light bulbs were usually hidden behind the fan. In this case, you only had to remove the fan cover to access the bulb housing.

Repairing a microwave by a specialist can quickly become expensive.

Nowadays, the bulbs are actually always built into the microwave's housing and can no longer be changed independently. As a general rule, the bulb of a microwave should only be changed by a specialist, if at all. A leak test is mandatory after every repair.

Especially with inexpensive models, it may not be worth repairing. Because of the time involved, the cost is usually at least 50 euros.

What error messages and error codes are there with a Bosch microwave and how can I rectify them?

As a general rule, the repair of a microwave should always be left to a specialist! This is the only way to ensure that no radiation leaves the housing after the repair and endangers your health.

For safety reasons, you should always have a microwave repaired by a specialist.

If you get an error message, first check that the microwave is clean and that no food has been accidentally deposited in the door. If this is not the case, check the instructions for use to see if there is an entry for your problem.

The Bosch homepage also has a service assistant that lists the most important questions. However, we have found that the answers are always the same: Under no circumstances should you try to fix the problem yourself; instead, contact the manufacturer's customer service department!

What guarantee is there for Bosch microwaves?

Despite regular care and proper handling, Bosch microwaves can also become defective. To prevent this, you receive a 2-year manufacturer's warranty when you buy your microwave.

For a quick settlement, you should always be able to show the proof of purchase. In the event of a warranty claim, Bosch will cover all costs for repair or replacement of the appliance.

After purchasing your microwave, you can also purchase a 5-year warranty extension from WERTGARANTIE, a Bosch partner. However, this is only worthwhile if you purchase a fairly high-priced product. You can find out more about this on the Bosch homepage.

What other products does Bosch offer?

As the largest manufacturer of household appliances in Europe, the Bosch product range includes microwave ovens and many other everyday appliances:

  • Cookers and ovens
  • Dishwashers
  • Washing machines
  • Dryers
  • Refrigerators and freezers and
  • Cooker bonnets
  • Hoovers
  • Coffee machines
  • Kettles and
  • Microwaves

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