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A warm welcome to you! If you are looking for information on Bosch tools, you have come to the ideal article! In the following lines, we will tell you everything you need to know about what is produced by the famous German company.

Bosch is one of the most consolidated tool manufacturers in the world for always investing in quality, safety and technology. Whether for household or professional work, no matter if with wood, metal or other material, it has what you are looking for.


  • Founded as early as the 19th century, Bosch has spread around the world by manufacturing a wide range of quality tools that don't hurt the public purse.
  • Today, Bosch makes just about every power tool there is. There are models for lighter use, sometimes even household use, and others capable of supplying what hard-working professionals need.
  • You will always have the tranquility of knowing that Bosch tools have high durability and that the authorized technical assistance is present all over the country.

The Best Bosch Tools: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about Bosch tools

Since Robert Bosch started his work in a backyard in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1886, his brand has not stopped growing. From now on, we answer the most frequent doubts about the tools the company sells in Brazil:

Imagem mostra uma mulher usando uma furadeira Bosch.

Many Bosch tools are suitable for domestic work. (Source: Karolina Grabowska/

What types of tools are made by Bosch?

Bosch manufactures a huge range of power tools and accessories. According to the company's official website, this is the division:

  • Woodworking tools: They allow sanding, cutting, planing, screwing, among other activities. There are various types of saws, planers, sanders, routers, among others.
  • Metal processing tools: For cutting, sanding, grinding, drilling or cleaning metal, Bosch brings a huge amount of tools. Among them, specific saws, scissors, sharpeners and drills.
  • Tools for versatile use: They can be used on any kind of material, as long as they have the right accessories. Drills, screwdrivers and grinders are the most famous examples.
  • Civil construction: This is the sector of Bosch's heaviest tools. We highlight the hammers, drilling columns and demolition instruments.
  • Accessories: Most tools need accessories to work. Bosch offers blades and various cutting discs, cutters, drills, chisels, abrasives and much more.

What makes Bosch such a respected brand?

Bosch has been around for almost 150 years. It arrived in Brazil in 1954 and, since then, it is an absolute reference when the subject is tools.

A clear reason for that is quality. No brand stays so long at the top without offering durable products, which fulfill their role with precision and accompany the user for many years.

Bosch's awareness of the need to offer quality without costing too much makes it a sought-after brand. The cost-benefit of its products, always with great technology and durability, is unbeatable in the market.

There are Bosch technical assistants all over the country. There are tools of the brand for almost every type of repair or construction needed. Lines for beginners and for professionals. For all this, it stands out and remains the leader in its area.

See below the advantages and disadvantages of Bosch tools:

  • Exceptional cost-benefit
  • Technology always above average
  • They are very durable
  • There is technical assistance spread all over the country
  • The variety of uses and models is huge
  • They may not be the cheapest on the market

Are Bosch tools for domestic or professional use?

In relation to the great majority of its tools, Bosch produces different lines of models that aim to attract who makes them only for domestic use, as well as professionals.

When we talk about the most famous tools, such as screwdrivers and drills, you can find some entry-level models, perfectly recommended for those who will make only an occasional repair with them, and others much more advanced, able to withstand hours of heavy work.

Therefore, Bosch has an excellent highlight for the versatility of tools it offers.

Imagem mostra uma loja da Bosch.

Bosch shops are spread all over the world. (Source: Christian Werter/

Are Bosch tools reliable?

Bosch is a brand known for the durability of its tools. They usually last much longer than what is stated by the warranty. It's rare to encounter manufacturing problems or have an upset with customer service.

Robert BoschFundador da Bosch
"I'd rather lose money than trust."

On the company evaluation platform Reclame Aqui, Bosch has an average score of 7.9, which is considered "good", with 100% of complaints answered. In addition, 67.9% of people who have had a problem with the brand say they would do business again, which is above average.

It can be concluded that Bosch cares about consumers and is always willing to solve any rare problem their tools present.

How does Bosch technical assistance work in Brazil?

The Bosch technical assistance network in Brazil is very wide. It is possible to find authorized shops in all states and in most municipalities.

The official website of Bosch lists all the authorized technical assistances

To search which is the closest shop to you, the process is very simple: Just access the official site of the company, click on "assistência técnica" and enter your address. A list of authorised shops will be displayed.

You will already have all the information you need there: telephone, address and e-mail. With this, it will be easy to get your tool repaired!

Purchasing criteria: Factors for choosing Bosch tools

If you have decided to buy Bosch tools, you have made an excellent choice. But before you hammer the hammer on a model, here are some important criteria that can help you:


When you decide to buy a specific Bosch tool, research which lines are offered, whether they have advanced or basic features and whether they are suitable for professionals or beginners.

If we think about drilling machines, for example, we will realize that there are models with impact and without impact, electric or battery, with powers ranging from 350 W to 1200 W. Each one is suitable for a different type of use.

Always check the official Bosch website and find out which line is the most suitable for you.

Imagem mostra uma serra elétrica da Bosch.

Bosch sells all kinds of power tools. (Source: Sven Brandsma/


Most Bosch tools run on electricity, but in some cases, such as drills, screwdrivers, some saws and grinders, you can also find battery-powered models.

Battery tools are suitable for those who do not have a fixed workplace

Electric tools are ideal for those who will always work from the comfort of their home, close to an outlet or even in a studio, workshop or specific location. However, professionals who are on the move have much to gain from battery models.

If you don't have a fixed place of work and you serve clients, look out for battery models of the tool you need to buy!


Many Bosch tools require accessories to function. Of course, the German brand also manufactures them and they are of great quality.

However, many times the tool is sold alone, without any accessories. This forces you to make extra purchases and spend money that should not be necessary.

Read the specifications of the tool you are going to buy and find out if a good amount of accessories, such as drill bits, are already included.

Storage and portability

Bosch tools are known for being very durable, but that does not mean you can relax about how you look after them. Special models usually come with cases so that they can be stored safely in their own place. Give them preference.

Suitcases also help to store accessories and transport tools. When you need to use them outside the house, it will be much easier and safer to get them to their destination without any scratches.


It's hard to find a tool brand with a greater reputation than Bosch. Present all over the world, the German company has made its name on durability, technology, quality and exceptional value for money.

You can find drills, screwdrivers, grinders, various types of saws and many more tools made by Bosch. There are models for home use and for professionals and technical assistance will always be easily found.

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