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Like everyone, you should drink at least 1.5 litres of liquids per day to stay hydrated. To make this 1.5 litres easier to achieve, there are tons of different drinks available. The most popular way to buy and consume drinks is from bottles that are tightly sealed with lids or corks.

Opening a bottle with your bare hand is feasible, but tedious and risky. Possible consequences are injuries to the hand or damage to the bottle, whose splinters can get into the drink.

For this reason, bottle openers are indispensable. In our product comparison, we present different models of bottle openers and their essential features.


  • There is a suitable bottle opener model for every type of bottle, so that you are guaranteed to open your drink without any problems. Meanwhile, there are also multifunctional devices that combine several functions in one tool.
  • When buying a bottle opener, you should pay particular attention to the material and the additional functions. It is also helpful to know what types of bottles you mainly want to open.
  • You can get good bottle openers for little money. However, if you place a lot of value on quality, features and design, it is advisable to pay a little more for this everyday helper.

The Best Bottle Opener: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for bottle openers

To help you discover and compare your ideal bottle opener, we have established some buying criteria:

In the following, we explain the purchase criteria in more detail and what you should look out for.


Bottle openers are usually made of stainless steel, aluminium or zinc alloys. These metals are particularly easy to clean and resistant. The handles are made of wood, metal or plastic. For a better grip, the lever can also be encased in rubber.


A bottle opener weighs between 10 grams and 200 grams depending on the material, design and extras. The higher the quality of the material, the larger and more unusual the design or the more extras such as a magnet, rechargeable battery, etc., the heavier the bottle opener.

Mobile vs. stationary

You can take most bottle openers with you wherever you go. Some even have a key ring attachment. In some cases, however, it is advisable to have a stationary bottle opener on the wall, counter or table. These fixed bottle openers won't get lost and you don't have to go looking for them.

Manual vs. electric

Manual bottle openers are the most common, as they are very easy to use and require relatively little force. The electric versions are mostly used when you don't want to use much force to apply the necessary pressure. Therefore, you are more likely to see electric corkscrews.

Additional functions

Besides opening crown caps, bottle openers offer other functions through different designs and extras. For example, you can collect crown caps with an integrated magnet or count crown caps with a built-in counter.

Furthermore, a combination with a corkscrew, can opener and/or twist-off cap is often offered, with which you can also open other types of caps. It is then even possible to reseal drinks. Some models can also play music, tones and sounds.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about bottle openers answered in detail

To give you a deeper insight, we answer the most important questions about bottle openers below.

Who is a bottle opener suitable for?

Every household should have a bottle opener. This little everyday helper not only makes it easier for us to open bottles, but also prevents injuries and damage. Children and senior citizens in particular benefit from the bottle opener's ease of use.

How does a bottle opener work?

In principle, all crown cork bottle openers work in the same way. You use the lever principle to open the bottle. To do this, you push the hook or the bar under the cap and at the other end you create a counter-pressure through your force which finally lever the cap out.


There are many different designs and shapes for bottle openers, so everyone can find their own personal everyday helper. (Image source: pasja1000/ Pixabay)

With a corkscrew, you hold the neck of the bottle with one hand. With the other hand, use the handle to screw the spindle horizontally into the cork until the thread is no longer visible. Then pull the cork out with the handle.

What types of bottle openers are there?

There are three different types of bottle openers. The following table lists and briefly describes the types.

  • Bottleopener: for crown caps, handy size, many designs and variations, the most modern model is the Push-to-Open / Tip-On
  • Corkscrew: for corks, relatively high force required
  • Screw cap open er / Twist cap opener: for screw caps and twist caps, can open as well as close

The type of bottle opener you ultimately want to buy depends on what kind of caps your bottles have. Nowadays you can also find different multifunctional bottle openers. So you don't necessarily have to buy different bottle openers.

How much does a bottle opener cost?

The price of bottle openers varies depending on the amount of extra functions, design and material. The table below gives you an overview:

Price range Available products
Low-priced (1 - 10 €) Mostly single devices, few functions
Medium-priced (10 - 30 €) Mostly already some additional functions, can be personalised
High-priced (from 30 €) Mostly high scope of delivery, noble design, many additional functions, can be personalised

As you can see, everything is represented from cheap to expensive. So it depends on how much importance you attach to the composition of your bottle opener.


To open a bottle effortlessly and without damage, a bottle opener is essential and should be part of every good household's basic equipment. Be aware of the types of caps you want to open and whether it is important for you to always have a bottle opener at hand. When buying a bottle opener, pay attention to the material, the size and the additional functions.

Hopefully, our little guide could help you with your purchase decision. Given the variety of designs and functions, there is something for everyone. You can own this everyday helper for very little money. We hope you enjoy your search for your ideal bottle opener and the occasions on which you can use it.

Image source: 955169 / pixabay