Last updated: August 11, 2021

Boxspring beds - the incomparable flair of a luxury hotel for your own bedroom. Are you looking for a box spring bed, but are a little overwhelmed by the huge selection on the market? Then you've come to the right place!

In our box spring bed test 2022 you will learn everything you need to know about the continental bed. We explain the different types, the advantages and disadvantages and much more. In addition, our buying criteria can help you find the perfect box spring bed for you on the market.


The most important facts

  • Box spring beds allow you to sleep like in a five-star hotel bed. This is possible due to the special construction of the bed system.
  • Basically, there are two different box spring bed styles: the American variant and the Scandinavian one. There are small differences between these two box spring beds, which are mainly related to the quality.
  • In general, you can distinguish between different types of box spring beds. For example, there are continental beds with an integrated topper, with a motor, with storage space, with a headboard or even with LED light.

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Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a box spring bed

What does box spring bed mean?

"Boxspring" is English and means "spring" in German. Because of its origin, the box spring bed is also often called an "American bed" or a "continental bed". These terms can be used as synonyms for box spring bed and are simply another name. In addition, it is often used in hotels in Europe, which is why it is also known as a hotel bed.

The typical box spring bed is often found in European hotels. (Photo source: / Nenad Aksic)

A box spring bed is therefore an upholstered bed in which high-quality lying comfort is achieved through several layers of mattresses. Above all, however, the term "box spring" refers to the bottom mattress or box, which is sprung with Bonell springs or pocket springs. The top mattress is then placed on top of this bottom mattress - and the so-called topper is placed on top of this top mattress. A lot of new words at once? Don't worry, we'll explain everything in detail here.

What are the advantages of a hotel bed compared to a normal bed?

A box spring bed is much higher than a conventional bed and therefore makes it easier to get in and out of bed. In addition, the luxurious bed construction does not have a slatted frame, but a sprung bottom mattress. The third difference is the design. Box spring beds give the bedroom a completely different look and are a highlight. In terms of durability, an American bed lasts twice as long as a conventional bed. Advantages of a box spring bed:

  • Height makes it easier to get in and out
  • Luxurious bed construction without slatted frame
  • Design
  • Longer life

If you look at the height, you can see clear differences here. Box spring mattresses are much higher than normal innerspring mattresses, at around 30 centimetres. This results from their interior, which has two spring cores that work in combination. In detail, you can first take a closer look at the special construction of the box spring system. While beds of a conventional nature consist of a bed frame, slatted frame and mattress, the luxurious box spring bed is made up of three essential components (spring box, top mattress and topper).

Unlike regular beds, the mattresses in a box spring bed do not lie on a slatted frame, but on a box with springs.

The design of the beds is a matter of taste. If you like large and cosy beds, you will certainly like the design of box-spring beds. However, you also need a spacious bedroom for this so that the room does not seem too oppressive. In terms of lifespan, a box spring bed lasts on average about 10 to 15 years. In contrast, a conventional bed shows signs of wear after only about 6 to 7 years.

For whom are continental beds suitable?

Boxspring beds are an ingenious invention offering great sleeping comfort. But are continental beds really suitable for everyone?

Group of people Description
Children and teenagers Rather unsuitable, normal children's bed more practical
Adults Depends on body size, weight and body shape, but there is the perfect box spring bed for almost everyone
Seniors Due to the high entry and exit, a box spring bed is ideal for seniors, often there are even electric backrests

We show you for whom the American beds offer a better quality of sleep and for whom it is better not to buy a box spring bed.

Which people should buy a box spring bed?

Basically, anyone can buy a box spring bed, because everyone spends a very large part of their life in bed - and it should be comfortable and offer relaxation. Restful sleep is important to start the day well. Whether you need a box spring bed or a normal bed is sufficient is up to you. Box spring beds are considered particularly comfortable. Age also plays no role in the decision between a normal and a box spring bed. A box spring bed offers some advantages that do not necessarily promise a better night's sleep, but can, for example, make it easier to get in and out of bed.

Boxspring beds are very suitable for older people or people with a higher body weight. (Image source: / Andrik Langfield)

Boxspring beds can be individually adapted to each person according to height, weight, body shape, sleeping position, etc., so that everyone can have a restful night. We'll tell you what you should consider for children, adults and older people in the following sections.

Is a box spring bed suitable for children and teenagers?

Since children are still very small and therefore need a bed that they can easily get in and out of, you should consider choosing a box spring bed for children. In everyday life, it is simply more practical for children to have a normal children's bed that is tailored to them.

The springs of the box spring bed must be adapted to the children.

In the meantime, however, there are also box spring beds especially for children. It is important for the little ones that the springs in the beds are also suitable for children. The spring core in the lower box may have the same tension as in normal box spring beds for adults.

However, the mattress lying on it must be adapted to the child and have a low degree of firmness. Since a casing made of Klimalatex is softer than the cold foam casing of normal box spring beds, it is advisable to use Klimalatex for children.

The topper should also be thinner rather than thicker so that the topper is soft and can yield, but the child does not sink into it. Materials made of cold foam or climate latex are also possible for the topper. But not only the size, but also the weight play an important role in the choice of the degree of hardness. The body mass index (BMI), i.e. the interaction of body size and body weight, determines the degree of hardness. The BMI can be particularly important when buying in adolescence.

So if a boy gets a box spring bed at the age of 13 and gains weight and height over the years, this will not have much effect on the hardness grade of the box spring bed as long as the BMI is in a similar range. Calculation of the BMI: Weight in kg / (height in m)² Boxspring beds in sizes 80 x 200 cm, 90 x 200 cm, 100 x 200 cm and 120 x 200cm are best suited for small children.teenagers we recommend a size of 140 x 200 cm or larger.

Is a box spring bed right for adults?

We have already outlined some factors that are important when deciding on your ideal box spring bed. The adult's height, body weight and body shape are crucial when choosing a bed. A-shaped or V-shaped bodies are particularly suitable for box spring beds. If you have such a body shape, you should make sure not to choose a mattress that is too soft.

The continental beds available in Germany are comparatively very soft, so that the body can sink too deeply into the mattress. However, which degree of firmness is ultimately best depends on your body size and weight. In principle, however, there is a perfect box spring bed for every body shape and size, so that an American bed is certainly suitable for every adult.

The box spring bed is the ideal bed for both adults and seniors. (Image source: / Daria Shevstova)

A box spring bed is very suitable for people with back problems because the individual components are perfectly coordinated. A box spring bed equipped with a pocket spring core, which has a point elastic effect, is best for back pain. A box spring bed with an innerspring core is also suitable for people who sweat more, because the innerspring core allows good ventilation and the removal of moisture.

The most important thing, however, is to have an open-pored, breathable topper. Allergy sufferers should make sure that their continental bed has sufficient floor clearance and that the materials of the box spring bed are easy to maintain and do not give dust mites any room. Good options are solid wood beds with an inlay box or even models with imitation leather coverings. The topper or mattress can also be fitted with encasings, i.e. breathable full covers. These can be washed at up to 95° C and protect against mites, bacteria and fungi.

Can seniors use a box spring bed?

The box spring bed is not only suitable for seniors, it is ideal. The high entrance and exit make it easier for older people to get up and go to bed. In addition, especially in old age, it is important that the body can recover at night from the strains of the day, so a box spring bed that is perfectly aligned to the body is recommended.

Nowadays, box spring beds often have an electric backrest that can be easily operated with a remote control. This also helps people who find it difficult to get up. It is also practical for watching TV or reading.

Where can I buy a box spring bed?

You can buy box-spring beds in specialised bed stores and furniture stores. Continental beds are also available on the internet. If possible, however, you should try out the latter in a shop. If you don't like the bed in the end, it is much more difficult to return it than if you buy it in a shop. There are comparatively few manufacturers of box spring beds in Europe. According to our research, most box spring beds in Germany are currently sold on the internet through the following shops:

Price Brands
Günstig (under 2000 €) Bettenjumbo, Aukona International, Teslsadreams, Furniture for Friends, Belvandeo, Fennobed, Oschmann
Middle class (2000 - 5000 €) Welcon, Invitabetten, Sofa Dreams, Soma, Schlichtermöbel
Luxury (from 5000 €) Hästens, Vi-Spring, Kreamat, Carpe Diem

The box spring beds with the best customer ratings are from the following manufacturers:

  • Bed Jumbo
  • Aukona International
  • Tesladreams
  • Welcon
  • Belvandeo

All of the manufacturers mentioned offer a wide range of box spring beds, and there is bound to be a suitable model for you.

What does a box spring bed cost?

Basically, the price differences between the various box spring beds result from a variety of reasons. The prices of a low-priced box spring bed variant range from 500 € to the luxury box spring bed variant up to 6,000 €. In general, the following quick view will help you to get a price overview. However, we are aware that such a general statement can never reflect the entire market and every offer on it.

Purchase price Description
Boxspring bed under 500€ Cheaply produced bed. Will have to be replaced after two years at the latest. The mattress could be worn out after three months. Visually, one should not have high expectations here.
Boxspring beds up to 1000€ Comparatively very little high-quality material is used here.
Boxspring beds from 1000 € to 1500 € Occasionally good sleeping systems with basic equipment. The manufacturer is either strongly price-oriented or offers a product in its lowest price segment with cutbacks in the use of materials and possibly quality.
Box spring beds from 2000 € to 3000 € Here the consumer can expect decent quality and choice. Such as neat stitching, stable components, heavy mattresses, good workmanship and solid overall impression
Boxspring beds from 3000 € to 4000 € Individual design of a personal boxspring bed from high-quality fabrics and materials with a large selection of components from a well thought-out wide range.

Depending on the material, size or other features, you should decide what you really need and how much money you want to spend on it.

What is the sleeping comfort like in a box spring bed?

The box spring bed originates from the USA and means "box with springs", which refers to the underframe of the box spring bed. Certain springs are incorporated into the base of the bed, which, in combination with a matching mattress placed on top of it, allows for optimal support and positioning of the body and thus offers a high level of sleeping comfort.

The good sleeping comfort is created by the harder box spring base and the softer mattress lying on top. Through this combination, certain parts of the body can be relieved, but others can also be supported at the same time.

Did you know that there are now also box spring waterbeds? Basically, these are waterbeds that are equipped with a bed frame, which gives them the visual appearance of a box spring bed. In addition, there is no slatted base.

The base frame is responsible for distributing pressure, while the upper mattress serves as a cushion and the topper allows the bed to sink in. Relieving pressure on the shoulders, pelvis and sacrum is important during sleep so that the joints can relax and recover from the day.

However, it is equally necessary to support hollow areas such as the waist and lumbar region. The special coordination of the base, mattress and topper enables optimal weight distribution and thus ergonomic and healthy lying during sleep.

Which mattress should I choose for my box spring bed?

For a high level of sleeping comfort, the perfect mattress should simultaneously relieve but also support the body. A real box spring bed consists of a spring mattress that is divided into different lying zones. Mattresses are divided into five different degrees of firmness - very soft (H1) to very hard (H5). If you choose the wrong firmness level, back pain or tension can quickly occur.

With the majority of box spring beds, the unique sleeping sensation disappears over time. Through constant use and the associated emission of sweat and heat, a hollow forms in the long term, giving the feeling of sleeping in a hammock. However, this can be prevented by regularly turning and rotating the mattress.

Mattresses that are too soft can cause the spine to sink in and cause pain. Mattresses that are too hard can also cause pain because the spine is not adequately supported in the shoulder and lumbar region and sinks in. As a general rule, the back must be as straight as possible when lying on the mattress.

Firmness level Properties Recommendation for
H1 Particularly soft, rarely used Children and very petite persons
H2 Soft Under 80 kg
H3 Soft to medium 80-110 kg
H4 Hard 110-140 kg
H5 Very hard From 140 kg

The degrees of hardness can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, as there is no fixed standard. When deciding on the degree of hardness, it is important to consider the lying position, how hard you feel, your height and your body weight.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a box spring bed?

With so many things to consider about box spring beds, it is first important to know the advantages and disadvantages of these beds.

  • Particularly high lying comfort
  • Good climatic conditions
  • Long durability
  • Comfortable height facilitates getting in and out of bed
  • Equal sleeping comfort for several people with different body weights
  • Luxurious design
  • Individual components are not always easy to replace

  • Box spring bed is difficult to transport
  • Relatively expensive
  • Problematic moisture regulation
  • Bulky

Generally speaking, however, everyone has their own needs and habits and thus very individual demands on their lying comfort and thus on box spring beds in general.

Before buying a bed, you should always try it out. (Image source: / an Zhukov)

Therefore, you should definitely test lie on the box spring bed before buying it and check with the retailer for return or exchange options!

What sizes are available for luxury hotel beds?

Whether as a single or double bed, in extra length or in a specially made size, box spring beds are available in a wide variety of designs. The most popular sizes of boxsprit single beds are 70 x 200 cm, 80 x 200 cm or 100 x 200 cm. For the double boxspring bed, 120 × 200 cm, 140 × 200 cm, 160 × 200 cm, 180 × 200 cm and 200 × 200 cm are the most frequently chosen models. All these bed sizes are available in lengths of 200 cm, 210 cm or 220 cm.

What colours/materials are box spring beds available in?

Boxspring beds are available in up to eleven fabric colours (pink, green, brown, red, white, beige, cream, grey, anthracite, black and blue). The material used is just as varied as the colours. The headboard can be made of solid wood, wood, imitation leather, leather look, leather, velvet or fabric.

The feet are also made of a variety of materials. As a rule, plastic, metal or wood are used here. From a functional point of view, it makes no difference which material is used, so that the buyer can follow his or her personal taste in terms of design and workmanship with a clear conscience.

What rules apply when choosing American beds?

Every person has individual body shapes, body weight and sleeping habits. These factors affect the choice of your mattress. We would like to give you a few tips on the different body types, body weights and sleeping habits and the mattresses that are suitable for each.

Body shape

To find out your body type, it is best to stand in front of a large mirror and compare your body type with the shapes in the table. Ask yourself: "Which part of my body stands out the most? Hips, pelvis, stomach or shoulders?" In this way you can easily find out if and where the mattress should support your body or if it should give more.

Body shape Explanation Recommendation
A-type Pear-shaped physique with wide hips and narrow shoulders The pelvis must be able to sink in deeper, so you need a mattress with a greater core height
I-type Bean-shaped physique, where the hips are not very pronounced. Shoulder, chest and waist hardly differ in width The body must be supported evenly. The shoulders must be able to sink in
O-type Rounded physique with a lot of belly and chest The pelvis must be able to sink in, but at the same time the neck should also be adequately supported
V-type Mushroom-shaped physique with broad shoulders and a narrow pelvis. The shoulders must be relieved The mattress must not be too soft so that the pelvis is stabilised
X-type Hourglass-shaped physique, where the chest and hips are very pronounced The waist must be supported from below so that the head can be positioned straight

When choosing a suitable box spring bed, your own body weight plays an important role in addition to your own physique.

Body weight

If you have a body weight of up to 80 kg, you can choose a box spring with a bonell spring system. This springing gives way very well and provides you with a pleasant, soft lying feeling. If your body weight is around 100 kg, we recommend choosing a box spring with a barrel pocket spring core. This springing offers your back more support and gives way to pressure with pinpoint accuracy.

If you weigh more than about 100 kg, you should buy a box spring bed with a barrel pocket spring core. This mattress with 500 springs per square metre offers you very good support. In addition, various manufacturers also offer beds with box springs that are suitable for a body weight of up to 160 kg and even up to 180 kg.

Sleeping habits

Do you prefer to sleep on your back or on your side? The sleeping position also plays an important role in the selection of your box spring bed. As a side sleeper, you need a mattress that provides point elasticity where your hips and shoulders press into the mattress. The mattress must therefore be adaptable without quickly forming hollows.

If you prefer to sleep on your stomach or back, your mattress must prevent your spine from sagging. Therefore, stomach and back sleepers are best off with mattresses made of barrel springs or Visco foam, while side and alternating sleepers are best off with barrel springs and latex mattresses.

Are box spring beds suitable for allergy sufferers?

Boxspring beds are no less suitable for people with house dust allergies than for people without allergies. As an allergy sufferer, you can use a box spring bed just as well as a normal bed. The continental bed's base without slatted frame and with spring cores allows for good ventilation. The springs move with every movement and thus ensure good air circulation.

Allergy sufferers are advised to buy box spring beds with leather or wood panelling (Image source: / Burst)

Allergy sufferers need a frame that is easy to clean, so it is advisable to buy a box spring bed made of imitation leather or wooden elements instead of upholstered coverings.These are easy to wash off and do not offer mites any additional space.

For mattresses and toppers, there are also covers (encasings) that are mite-proof. The encasings are removable and can be washed at up to 95° C. In addition, it is of course necessary to clean the bed linen regularly. Special bed linen for allergy sufferers can also help here. Daily airing is also recommended.

What accessories are available for box spring beds?

There are now many different accessories for box spring beds. These include special features such as the electrically adjustable box spring bed.

An electrically adjustable continental bed can be operated with a radio remote control. This allows different positions to be set.

Adjusting the lying position can cause the mattress or topper to slip. To counteract this, there are mattress brackets to prevent the mattress from shifting. You can also order your box spring bed with a bed base. Since this type of bed was initially designed for hotels, boxspring beds with bed drawers did not exist until recently. Thanks to the bed drawers, you now have enough storage space to store bed linen or bedding.

American beds are also available without a headboard. These are ideal for sloping ceilings or smaller rooms, as the headboards take up a lot of space. Matching bedside cabinets with a stool look are often offered on the internet, which can serve as a bedside table but also as a seat.

There are also benches that match the bed, which can be placed in front of the American bed and offer a lot of storage space. Boxspring beds with a wooden look are also possible. The box spring bed has decorative wooden elements in the base and on the headboard that give your room a special warmth. There are also bed sheets especially for box spring beds. You can buy them separately for the mattress and the topper or you can buy a sheet that is specially made for the mattress and topper together. Then you don't always need two sheets, but only one.

What alternatives are there to the complex bed systems?

Basically, it has to be said that the mixture of breathability, pressure relief and support make a good mattress or an ideal bed. The good quality box spring bed can provide this mixture. There are also other products on the market that have these components.

A high-quality pocket spring mattress on a slatted frame can achieve the same results as a premium box spring bed. For example, the Norwegian manufacturer "Svane" combines all three requirements in its mattresses through a special gel variant. This mattress system is designed without a box.

Decision: What types of box spring beds are there and which is the right one for you?

In general, six types of bed systems can be distinguished from each other:

  • Boxspring bed with topper
  • Boxspring bed with motor
  • Continental bed with storage space
  • Boxspring bed with headboard
  • American bed with LED

These characteristics of a box spring bed can each bring individual benefits, but also disadvantages. Depending on how you would like to design your hotel bed and which features you value most, one or the other type of box spring bed is best suited for you. In principle, the different categories can also be combined in a box spring bed.

In the section below, we would like to help you find out which type of box spring bed is suitable for you. For this purpose, we present an overview of all the above-mentioned types of box spring beds with their respective advantages and disadvantages. In contrast to a regular bed, the frame is not a slatted frame, but a spring-loaded base frame that serves as the foundation. The springing, which can consist of a choice of barrel pocket springs or Bonell, is held in place by a solid wooden frame.

The mattress lies on top of this and is available in different degrees of firmness (H1 very soft, H2 soft, H3 firm, H4 very firm). If necessary, the complex sleeping system is completed with a topper, which is placed on top of the mattress. Basically, an upholstered bed consists of three elements: a base, a mattress and a topper.

What is a box spring bed with topper and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

The word "topper" can be derived from the English word "top", which can be translated into German as "top" or "surface". A topper is a flat mattress that is usually between four and ten centimetres high. The topper forms the top of the box spring bed system. Nevertheless, there are also box spring beds without a topper. For example, the mattress topper is usually omitted from American box spring beds. The advantages and disadvantages in detail.

  • Fine tuning of the box spring bed to the body and sleeping habits
  • A lying surface for two people in a double bed
  • Protection of the actual mattress
  • Entry comfort of the box spring bed
  • Hygiene of the box spring bed
  • Experts criticise the air exchange and moisture removal of box spring beds
  • Many movements during sleep

Only with the topper is it possible to fine-tune the upholstered bed to the body and personal sleeping habits. Another advantage of the topper is the hygiene of the box spring bed.

The best topper is the one that optimally adapts to the respective sleeping needs and comfort preferences.

The additional height also increases the comfort of getting into the bed. The topper also ensures a lying surface for two people in a double bed. The mattress topper prevents mites from settling in the mattress below. However, the mattress protector does not only offer advantages. Experts criticise the lack of air exchange in the bed and the removal of moisture. For people who move around a lot during sleep, the topper can be a disadvantage because the imprints in the visco-foam caused by the body adjustment only recede slowly.

These deformations can disrupt sleeping patterns, as the body is constantly lying on uneven and thus uncomfortable ground and has to work against it.

What is a box spring bed with motor and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

A box spring bed with motor is an electric bed that has a motor integrated in the bed base. The high-quality motor makes it possible to adjust the thick mattresses electrically. Many people find this benefit very practical. This function can usually be conveniently controlled via a remote control. In the box spring bed with motor, the upper mattress can be moved together with the topper.

This type of hotel bed is also suitable for double beds, as the head and foot sections (cold foam, spring core or pocket spring mattresses) can be individually adjusted.

  • Lots of luxury and comfort
  • Various functions
  • Increasing the level of sleeping comfort
  • High surcharge
  • Limited choice of models

Whether the surcharge for a box spring bed with motor is worthwhile depends on the respective criteria of the new owner. But if you buy a motorised bed, you can expect some advantages. The advantages of a normal box spring bed are enhanced with the electric bed. The electric adjustability provides even more comfort and luxury. Likewise, the electric box spring bed increases the level of sleeping comfort compared to the normal box spring variant. Especially people of advanced age benefit from an electric box spring bed.

Operation is child's play. Using the remote control, the desired lying position and lying height can be set at the touch of a button.

This makes it even easier to get in and out of bed than the version without a motor. The electric upholstered bed is not only suitable for senior citizens. This bed variant is extremely practical for many life situations.

For example, the adjustable headboard enables an ideal lying position for reading or watching TV in bed. For people with back problems, the adjustable box spring bed also proves to be extremely practical and even beneficial to health.

What is an upholstered bed with storage space and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Especially when furnishing smaller living spaces, the question arises of how to make the best use of the space. With regard to the choice of bed, the so-called storage space beds offer themselves in this respect.

With this type of bed, the box underneath the lying surface is used. The topic of box spring beds with storage space proves to be complicated. Because when you look at the structure of the box spring bed described above, you will rightly ask yourself where the bed base should be placed in the first place. The complex system of a hotel bed does not allow for a classic bed base. Therefore, caution is advised when buying.

If a box spring bed is advertised with storage space or a bed base, it may be a normal regular bed that only has the box spring look, but not the box spring advantages. However, there are now various box spring models that are offered with storage space. With this variant, the box spring bed can be folded up or opened with a motor.

  • Additional storage area
  • Comfort structure
  • Different bed base variants for every living wish and every room
  • Mould risk with closed bed bases with missing / insufficient air circulation
  • Additional height
  • Surcharge

The additional use of the bed base as a storage option can be described as a clear advantage. Another advantage of the box spring bed with storage space is the comfort structure due to the box, mattress and topper. The additional storage space makes the bed higher due to its design and thus allows for more comfortable entry and exit.

Such a bed has not only advantages. If the bed base of the box spring bed is completely closed, the air inside cannot circulate. This can be a possible reason for mould. The extra height (up to 70cm) of the bed, may not be comfortable for shorter people. Likewise, these bed variants are more expensive than normal box spring beds.

What is a box spring bed with headboard and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Depending on the space available and the height of the room, box spring beds are available with or without a headboard. If you decide on a headboard (100 cm - 150 cm), you should note that many headboards are constructed in such a way that they have to be placed against the wall. This means that the box spring bed is stable and you can lean back and relax. This is exactly what becomes problematic with sloping ceilings.

Here, limitations in height and stability must be taken into account. For sloping ceilings, there are extra-deep (70cm-90cm) headboards for boxspring beds. Alternatively, the box spring bed can also be used without a headboard. This is possible due to the modular construction of the box spring bed.

  • Keeps moisture and cold away from the bed
  • Allows you to sit down and lean in bed
  • Design element
  • Variety of headboard options
  • Bedroom with sloping ceilings

  • Additional surcharge

If the upholstered bed with headboard stands against the wall, the headboard has the task of keeping moisture and cold from penetrating the bed. In addition, the headboard allows the user to sit down and lean against the bed.

The headboard can be used as a design element to visually stand out from the overall impression of the bed construction. The variety of different headboard versions can contribute to this. However, if you have a bedroom with sloping ceilings, a box spring bed with headboard is only suitable to a limited extent. Another disadvantage is the higher surcharge for an extra headboard.

What is an American bed with led and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

In addition to the typical box spring feeling, a box spring bed with LED lighting also provides a relaxing atmosphere and additional accents in the bedroom. The LED lights can be located in the headboard or under the box spring bed and provide an absolute highlight. The colours of the light are individually adjustable. In total, you can usually choose between eight colour-changing functions.

  • LED light can be used as a reading light
  • Highlighter
  • Indirect lighting
  • Additional surcharge
  • Limited choice of colours for lighting

The discreet LED light can also be used as a reading light and can serve as a real eye-catcher in the bedroom. Likewise, the adjustable light serves as pleasant indirect lighting. A disadvantage of this additional function of the box spring bed is the additional surcharge and the limited choice of colours. When buying a box spring bed, you should make sure that the light is not too bright and that it matches the colour of the rest of the furniture.

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate box spring beds

In the following, we would like to show you which factors you can use to compare and evaluate box spring beds. This will make it easier for you to decide whether a particular bed is suitable for you or not. In summary, these are:

  • Frame material
  • Headboard material
  • Dimensions of frame incl. headboard
  • Material and height of bed legs
  • Entry and lying height
  • Lying surface
  • Upper mattress material
  • Material of lower mattress
  • Firmness level
  • Body support
  • Number of available sizes
  • Motorised base
  • Topper
  • Topper material
  • Seams
  • Guarantee
  • Structure
  • Breathable
  • Storage space
  • Colour selection
  • Style

In the following paragraphs you can read about the individual purchase criteria and how you can classify them.

Material of the frame

The material of the box spring bed frame can be either wood or metal. The substructure of the box spring bed, which is also called an upholstered bed or box spring, takes over the function of a box spring bed, which is fulfilled by the slatted frame in a conventional bed. This substructure (frame) consists of a wooden or metal frame that is open at the bottom and in which a pocket or bonell spring core system is incorporated. This springy construction, to whose frame bed feet are usually attached for elevation, serves as a base for the mattress in box-spring beds - just like the slatted frame in a conventional bed.

Material of the headboard

The headboard of the bed is always a real eye-catcher in the bedroom. But it should not only look good in terms of colour, but also have a good and robust material. The material of the headboard is usually made of solid spruce and medium-density fibreboard. The headboards of box-spring beds are lined with upholstered cotton (100% polyester), with foam (100% polyether) or with both.

This creates a comfortable upholstery that also offers you comfort when sitting in bed. The covers of the headboard are available in different colours and materials. In addition to a normal fabric cover, e.g. linen or imitation leather, you can also choose a headboard with a wooden cover. The composition of the fabrics varies greatly. However, headboard covers are often made of polyester with a small proportion of cotton or nylon.

Dimensions of the frame incl. headboard

Boxspring beds are available in a wide range of widths and lengths. From single beds to oversized double beds, everything is possible. The most popular sizes of box spring beds are 120 × 200, 140 × 200, 160 × 200, 180 × 200 and 200 × 200 cm. Which box spring bed size is right for you depends on your height, your girth and your preferences.

Many suppliers also sell box spring beds in special sizes. Various manufacturers can put together your desired size on request. Headboards can also extend beyond the actual bed width and make the box spring bed a visual highlight.

Material and height of the bed legs

The height of the bed legs can vary from box spring bed to box spring bed. The higher the feet, the better the air circulation. Allergy sufferers in particular should bear this in mind. The feet of a box spring bed are usually made of solid wood or chrome. Wooden feet are usually made of solid beech. They are available in natural or black lacquer.

You can choose between round and square feet. Chrome feet are either square or round with plate feet. There are also feet made of plywood or plastic. Low-quality feet can easily break off when the bed is moved. The height of the feet is individually adapted to each box spring bed and is decisive for the overall height of the box spring bed. As a rule, the feet have a height between 4 and 12 cm.

Entry and lying height

Boxspring beds are offered in a wide range of heights from approx. 50 m upwards to approx. 80 cm. On the internet you will always come across the words entry height and lying height, but the two words mean the same thing and are therefore used synonymously. Which height is right for your box spring bed depends on your height. A lower height is recommended for shorter people. Taller people a rather high one.

The height of the box spring bed is determined by the height of the feet, the mattress and the topper. For people under 1.70 m tall, we recommend a lying height of around 60 cm. For people over 1.90 m, the height of the box spring bed should be around 70 cm.

Body height Entry height
greater than 1.50 m 50 cm and higher
greater than 1.60 m 55 cm and higher
greater than 1.70 m 60 cm and higher
greater than 1.80 m 65 cm and higher
greater than 1.90 m 70 cm and higher

It has been shown that a height between 60 and 65 cm is the most popular for box spring beds. One reason for this is that both small and taller people can get in and out of the bed effortlessly. Especially for seniors and people with joint and back problems, it is important that the height is ideally adjusted.

It should be easy to get in and out of the bed without having to bend or bend your knees. You can recognise the optimal entry height when your thighs are at a right angle to your feet while sitting. A wider angle is also fine as long as your feet reach the floor. A smaller angle, on the other hand, puts more strain on your knees and can make it more difficult to stand up. With double beds, it is advisable to choose the entrance height according to the taller person.

Lying surface

The lying surface of a box spring bed depends on the size of the bed chosen. For example, if you look at the standard size of 180 x 200 cm, the total size of the box spring bed base is 182 x 202 cm, so the actual lying surface is 180 x 200 cm. Most suppliers have box spring beds with lying surfaces of 90 x 200/ 220 cm, 100 x 200/ 220 cm, 120 x 200/ 220 cm, 140 x 200/ 220 cm, 160 x 200/ 220 cm, 180 x 200/ 220 cm, 200 x 200/ 220 cm.

Upper mattress material

A box spring bed is roughly composed of a bottom mattress, top mattress and top mattress. Choosing the right mattress is a tricky business.

Before you decide on a bed, you should test the firmness of the top mattress in a furniture shop. (Image source: / lightfieldstudios)

Top mattresses are available in different materials. Boxspring beds with cold foam mattresses are more comparable to a normal bed with slatted frame and mattress. The typical box-spring feeling can only be achieved with a bonell spring core or barrel pocket spring core mattress.

Bonell spring core

The bonell spring core consists of individual waist springs which are connected to each other at the upper lower ring of the spring by means of coil springs. The upper and lower ends of the Bonell spring core are each formed by frames made of steel wire or strip steel.

Compared to other spring cores, the number of individual springs in the bonell spring core is rather small.

The waist springs of the bonell spring core have a larger head diameter, which results in larger gaps between the individual springs. These spaces are filled with a firm padding support in the Bonell spring core. The padding of the spaces reduces the number of contact points from spring to spring.

In this way, the unpleasant noise that can occur with some other spring cores due to the contact between the springs is prevented with the Bonell spring core. Bonell spring cores are characterised, for example, by their surface elasticity. If the spring core is loaded differently, it behaves differently. With a low load, the bonell spring core tends to be soft, while a high load leads to a harder springing behaviour.

Barrel pocket spring core

A pocket spring core is characterised by the fact that the individual springs are sewn into fabric pockets. In a barrel pocket spring core, the individual springs are arranged in the shape of a barrel. They have a slightly wider diameter in the middle than at the top and bottom.

Barrel pocket springs provide the right amount of cushioning.

The fabric pockets of the barrel pocket spring core ensure that the spring force is damped. Due to this damping, barrel pocket springs generally oscillate less than bonell spring cores. In addition, the point elasticity of barrel pocket spring cores is better - the barrel pocket spring core only yields at the points where it is actually loaded.

The construction of barrel pocket spring cores is usually divided into zones. Different zones for different parts of the body are designed to better meet the ergonomic requirements of the lying human body.

Cold foam

Some box spring bed suppliers also offer a cold foam mattress as an alternative to an innerspring mattress. This solution is optimal for people who do not value the typical springy behaviour of box spring mattresses but still want ergonomic sleeping comfort. Cold foam mattresses, like barrel pocket spring mattresses, have several zones to optimally support the different parts of the body when lying down. They are characterised by high point elasticity.

Material of the base mattress

As with conventional innerspring mattresses, the spring core of the bottom mattress can be in the form of a bonell spring core or a barrel pocket spring core. The bottom mattress of box spring beds is often just called a box. While there is more leeway with the upper mattress and the topper of the box spring bed, the designation "box spring" or spring frame specifies that the lower mattress must be equipped with a spring core.

Hardness level

As with mattresses used in conventional bed systems, top mattresses for boxspring beds are sometimes manufactured in different degrees of firmness to suit people with different body weights and needs. The degree of firmness is indicated with a number. H1 means "very soft", H2 "soft", H3 "firm", H4 "very firm".

For some suppliers, the scale goes up to H5, which then means "extremely firm". In principle, the manufacturers agree on this grouping of mattresses, but the specifications are not standardised. What one manufacturer calls H2 may be called H3 by another. This means that a mattress labelled H2 may be firmer than a mattress labelled H3 from another manufacturer. Therefore, the degree of firmness alone cannot be of any help in deciding which mattress to buy.

It is therefore important to find out exactly how the degree of firmness is arrived at and for which weight classes the different degrees of firmness apply. As far as our beds are concerned, they are designed so that a person up to 80kg can lie well and comfortably on a box spring bed with hardness grade 2.

Up to 100kg, we recommend hardness level 3, and above 100kg, hardness level 4. However, the correct firmness level can be determined even more precisely if not only the weight but also the body length is taken into account. This is called the BMI - the Body Mass Index.

You calculate this by dividing your height by your weight squared. So if you weigh 80kg and are 1.80m tall, then do the maths: 80 / (1,80×1,80) = 24,7 As a rule of thumb, if you have a BMI of less than 25, choose firmness level 2, if you have a BMI of 25 or more, choose firmness level 3, and if you have a BMI of 30 or more, choose firmness level 4.

Body support

Boxspring beds adapt perfectly to your body - supporting it and relieving it. Thanks to the ideally coordinated elements of a continental bed, your body can be supported in the right places and relieved in others.

You should always choose mattresses that support your spine in a straight position. During the night, the intervertebral discs, which are responsible for the mobility of the spine, are filled with fluid to make the vertebrae flexible during the day. Regardless of whether you are a side sleeper, stomach sleeper or back sleeper, in order to relieve the spine and optimally support the body, it is important that the spine maintains its natural shape during the night.

Box spring beds are divided into different zones to provide optimal support for the body.

To ensure this, the mattresses on box spring beds are usually divided into different zones that either support or give way. There are mattresses with 5, 7 or 9 zones. Due to the point elasticity, the mattresses give way where the most pressure is placed on them. If the point elasticity is low, the mattress can also yield elastically over the entire surface, which can lead to poor posture with consequences.

Mattresses with 7 zones are the most popular. With 5-zone mattresses, your body may not lie ideally in the different zones. Also, you should always choose a mattress with the firmness level that is perfect for your height and body weight.

Number of sizes available

Different suppliers have different sizes of box spring beds. Furthermore, it always depends on which model you like. Some models are only available in city council sizes such as 180 x 200 cm. Upholstered beds are available in a wide variety of designs. Most manufacturers offer beds with a lying surface of 90 x 200 cm, 100 x 200 cm, 120 x 200 cm or 140 x 200 cm. If you need a little more space, box spring beds are also available in 160 x 200 cm, 180 x 200 cm or 200 x 200 cm.

Motorised base

On box spring beds with a motorised base, the lying position can be adjusted individually at the touch of a button. The headboard of the bed can be adjusted upright with a remote control. Depending on the model, it is also possible to adjust the foot section. In the case of a box spring bed with a motor, the effort of adjustment is all at the touch of a button.

You do not have to get up to change your lying position, but can remain comfortably in bed. The bed is moved by means of a motor. All you have to do is hold the remote control in your hand and press the corresponding button to raise or lower the bed.


The topper is a thinner mattress (up to approx. 10 cm high) that closes off the box spring bed at the top and forms the actual lying surface of the bed. It thus has another significant influence on the perceived lying sensation and comfort. Depending on the sleeping habits, toppers with a high-quality cold foam or visco-foam core - each with a higher density - have proven themselves.

Various manufacturers offer the mattress topper as an included service with the purchase of a box spring bed, while other suppliers require you to purchase the topper separately. When buying, you should also consider the different materials of the topper. The mattress topper is available in latex, visco latex, gel and mesh.

Topper material

A topper consists of either PU foam (foam), cold foam or visco foam. Latex toppers are more rarely found. The different materials of the topper are shown and explained in more detail below.

PU foam (foam)

Toppers made of PU foam are the cheapest version of this box spring bed component. They are mainly found in entry-level box spring beds in the lower price segment. The ergonomics and elasticity of PU foam toppers are usually rather unsatisfactory. In terms of durability and service life, mattress toppers made of PU foam are usually not very convincing either

Cold foam

High-quality cold foam toppers are characterised by a high density and high surface elasticity. They are particularly suitable for people who turn frequently during sleep and want a sleeping surface that quickly adapts optimally to the body.

Visco foam

Visco foam reacts to the warmth of the body and thus adapts precisely to the contours (thermoelastic). Visco foam toppers have proven themselves especially for people who suffer from back pain.

People who often change their position during the night are usually not well advised to use a visco-foam topper, as they always have to work against the "contour cavities" in the foam when changing positions. Visco foam offers excellent point elasticity and optimal pressure relief (important when lying on the same spot for a long time).


The seams of box spring beds should be very neatly finished to ensure a long service life. If the seams are not neatly finished, they may come off quickly. Therefore, always make sure that the seams are evenly and neatly finished when buying. Some manufacturers offer seams in different colours. By contrasting the colour of the seams with the rest of the box spring bed, the bed looks much more modern.


The guarantee for continental beds varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. In general, the guarantee is 2 years. Some manufacturers offer guarantees of up to 5 years. Some manufacturers also offer a guarantee of up to 10 years on special parts of the box spring bed. FENNOBED, for example, offers this guarantee on frame fractures and on the suspension.

The legal right of withdrawal of 14 days also applies to box spring beds. There are also manufacturers who extend the right of withdrawal up to 30 days, so that you can be sure that you are satisfied with your goods. Trusted Shops also offer buyer protection. This costs €9.99 per year. With the buyer protection you are insured up to a value of 20.000€ in case of a delivery failure. However, pay attention to the cancellation period, otherwise the contract will be extended for another year.


The assembly of box spring beds is usually not included in the delivery price. This usually only includes the transport costs and sometimes the delivery to the bedroom. You must book the assembly service for your box spring bed when you sign the contract.

The bed will then be delivered by experienced fitters who will then assemble your bed at the desired location. Of course, you can also assemble your box spring bed yourself. Assembly instructions should be included with every delivery.

In most cases, the assembly of your box spring bed is not included in the purchase price. (Image source: / rawpixel)

Assembling a box spring bed is relatively easy. You can assemble it on your own, but it will be easier and faster with a second person. The delivery of a simple box spring bed includes the base, the feet, the mattress, the topper and the headboard. There is not much to screw. If the enclosed instructions are not enough, there are numerous guides on the internet that can help you.


High-quality boxspring beds consist of air-permeable boxes and breathable fabrics that ensure optimal ventilation. The moisture that is released during sleep can be easily transported back to the outside through the air circulation inside.

To ensure good air circulation, it is recommended to buy a box spring bed with a foot height of at least 6 cm. This is especially recommended for allergy sufferers. Pocket spring mattresses are also particularly breathable, unlike normal cold foam mattresses.

Storage space

Box spring beds with storage space combine the advantages of an extremely comfortable sleeping system with those of a storage bed. With this type of bed, the box underneath the lying surface is used as storage space.

Especially when furnishing small flats or smaller bedrooms, the question often arises of how to make the best use of the space.

With regard to the choice of bed, the so-called storage beds are a good choice. With storage beds, the otherwise "wasted" space underneath the lying surface is used functionally. Comfortable beds with a bed base are available in many different versions and designs, with both solid wood beds and upholstered beds being available.

For some years now, there have also been beds with box springs, which offer additional storage space as a functional added value. There is now a wide range of storage space box spring beds in various designs. The models can be roughly divided into beds with a classic bed base with access by folding open the lying surface and beds in an alternative design with modified bed bases.

  • Boxspring bedwith large bed base underneath the complete lying surface: can be opened at the foot end or from the side
  • Boxspring bed with drawer(s) integrated in the lower bed frame: Recessed at the sides of the bed (e.g. one full-length, large drawer or two half-width drawers) or recessed at the foot end of the bed
  • Boxspring bed with bed drawer in the foot section or additional storage space: bed bench for the foot end
  • Boxspringbeds with lots of ground clearance: high bed legs and separate bed base on castors / under-bed storage unit

Depending on your own preferences, you can choose the storage options of your box spring bed.

Colour selection

The colour selection for box spring beds is not limited to typical colours such as black or brown, but also has one or two trendy colours to offer. Many suppliers have up to 70 colours to choose from.

Every year you can discover the new box spring beds in the trend colours of the season. (Image source: / pixabay)

Many manufacturers offer fabrics on the one hand and imitation leather in various colours on the other. However, it always depends on the model you choose. Not all models are available in all colours and materials.


Basically, there are two different styles of box spring beds. One is the American variant and the other is the Scandinavian variant. There are small differences between these two box spring bed styles, which mainly relate to the quality of the different beds.

The American box spring bed

One difference to the Scandinavian variant of the box spring bed is that the box spring mattress, which lies on the box spring or also the bottom mattress, is higher than is the case with the Swedish bed. The height of a box spring mattress can reach 30 cm and more. This also results in a much higher overall height of the box spring bed. However, the American box spring bed does not differ in terms of lying and sleeping comfort.

These factors depend on the quality of the mattress. Therefore, when buying a box spring bed, you should pay attention to the box spring mattress, the bottom mattress and the topper. Basically, there are two different styles of box spring beds. One is the American variant and the other is the Scandinavian variant. There are small differences between these two box spring beds, which mainly relate to the quality of the different beds.

The Scandinavian box spring bed

The Scandinavian version differs in that it has the so-called topper mattress, which is also available in different materials. The advantage of a topper is that it has a cover that encloses the topper, similar to a sofa cushion, and is usually closed with a zip. This means that the cover can be easily removed and cleaned.

Basically, however, it can be said that there is no generally valid rule for the composition of a box spring bed. Neither for an American nor for a Scandinavian box spring bed. Our sleeping habits are fundamentally too different for that and the quality of the various mattresses is also too different.

Facts worth knowing about the box spring bed

Finally, we would like to answer a few important questions about the box spring bed and its use. You will find out whether you can have your box spring bed custom-made, what role your own stature plays in your sleep, what sleeping positions are available and much more.

Can I have a box spring bed made to measure and is it worth it for me?

Do you want an unusual bed that not everyone has in their bedroom? Then you should put together your own box spring bed with the help of a configurator. Since tastes vary greatly from person to person, you can now configure your box spring bed yourself with many manufacturers. There is usually a basic configuration. You can then choose and specify the size, height, cover, colour, firmness level and topper that suits you best.

Some manufacturers also offer a choice of different headboards and feet. You can also choose whether the box spring bed should have a bed base or a motor. Box spring beds with integrated lamps are also possible. Be aware, however, that custom-made beds are expensive. The more special requests you have, the higher the price for your box spring bed.

If you don't attach so much importance to uniqueness, you will find your optimal box spring bed even without a configurator.

If you buy your box spring bed on the internet, you can filter through the box spring bed website to find the box spring bed that suits you best. There's sure to be something for you!

What role does your own stature play in your sleep?

Every person needs a suitable mattress so that the body can recover during sleep. The optimal mattress depends on your height, weight and stature. The mattress should have point elasticity so that it supports in the right places and gives way in their places. It is always important that the spine is positioned in an ergonomically correct way. In the shoulder and pelvic area, the mattress must yield somewhat, while the hollow areas, such as the waist, must be supported.

There is now a suitable box spring bed for every body type. Therefore, you should find out about your body type before you buy. (Image source: / Ikon Republic)

With the I-type, the shoulders, hips and waist are almost the same width. This means that the mattress should not give too much at the shoulders and hips and that the waist is not supported too much.

The O-type has its centre of gravity in the middle of the body. This means that he has almost no waist, but a pronounced belly. Here it is important that the waist area is not supported too much.

The X-type is often found in women. Shoulders and hips have a similar width. The waist, on the other hand, is very narrow. Here the shoulders and hips must give way and the waist must be well supported so that the middle of the body does not sag.

The A-type is also better known among women than among men. The hips are wider than the shoulders. The waist is very narrow. Here, the mattress needs to give way in the hip area. The waist should be well supported. The shoulder area should yield slightly.

The V-type describes the muscular man with broad shoulders and narrow hips. Here, giving way in the shoulder area is most important.

What effects does the sleeping position have and what are they?

Back sleepers need a high-quality mattress that is optimally adapted to the body. Since they hardly change their sleeping position during the night, this is important to prevent back pain. Especially the area of the lumbar spine should be taken into consideration for back sleepers, as this is very sensitive. Therefore, only people with a BMI below 25 should have a bonell spring in their box spring bed. People with a BMI over 25 are recommended to have a pocket spring box spring so that the back gets enough stability.

With more than 60%, sleeping on the side is the most popular. The side position leads to relief of the spine and relaxation of the intervertebral discs.

For optimal sleep, it is advisable for side sleepers to have a mattress with zoning and point elasticity. Up to 100 kg, a bonell springing in the box spring is recommended. Above 100 kg, a pocket spring is more suitable. The smallest percentage of the world's population sleeps on its stomach. If you are a stomach sleeper, you should pay special attention to your knees. Box spring beds for stomach sleepers should therefore give way in the area of the knees. But you should also consider the positioning of your spine.

Who invented the box spring bed?

The bed in general has been around almost as long as there have been people. However, the design has changed considerably over the centuries, as has the way it is used, and has only developed into its current form over time.

The invention of the box spring bed was so ingenious that it could not have been achieved by one person alone, and the bed system is probably not an invention at all, but a series of discoveries. It was not the brainchild of a single ingenious person.

Thousands of years worked on its development until it acquired the functional form of the present day, for it was simply in the nature of living beings to seek something soft as a base and to escape the damp and cold when sleeping.

What is the duration of a person's sleep?

Did you know that you spend about 2,700 hours a year in bed? Only rarely do we think about this amazing fact. The average adult sleeps just under 7.5 hours a day, a time span that significantly underlines the importance of the bed.

Image source: / Jean van der Meulen