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When the subject is underwear, we need to combine comfort and style. That is why today we will talk about a piece that can achieve excellence in this combination: the boxer briefs.

Until approximately the beginning of the century, boxer briefs were almost unknown to Brazilians. But soon, it became one of the favourite models. This happened because it is very comfortable and also produces a very nice and modern look.

Whether you are a convinced boxer briefs wearer, or someone thinking of taking it on as their everyday underwear, it is time to talk about all aspects of the garment. In this article, we'll bring you lots of information and answer all your questions!

The most important facts

  • The boxer briefs are one of the most popular among men nowadays because they offer great comfort and also because of their adherence, highlighting some areas of the male body.
  • All men can wear boxer briefs if they feel comfortable with them, but the recommendation is even greater for tall and within the ideal weight.
  • There are several materials from which boxer briefs are produced, mainly cotton and microfiber. They have advantages and disadvantages and are recommended for specific situations

The Best Boxer Briefs: Our Picks

Buying Guide

How are boxer briefs different from other styles? Why do some men prefer them? And how do you choose the ones that suit you best? In our Buying Guide we will answer all these questions!

Imagem mostra um homem de costas vestindo uma cueca boxer.

The boxer briefs offer unbeatable comfort and look. (Source: Lucas Ribeiro / Pexels)

What are boxer briefs?

For a long time, the most used panties was the type of slip - that caved, with cloth ending at the crotch. But it may not be very comfortable and, depending on the point of view, nor beautiful.

The boxer briefs are the one that solves these problems. It continues up to the thigh and is very tight, with no gaps at the bottom. Glued to the body, it highlights the shape of the buttocks and legs and, at the same time, reduces the pressure in the groin area.

As it offers comfort, style and sensuality, it is today the favourite amongst most men. Available in all colours and sizes, it can be worn by anyone on both daily life and special occasions.

Did you know? "Boxer" in English means "boxer". But what is the relationship between this type of underwear and the traditional sport?

In many televised martial arts, fighters wore short, clingy shorts. Over time, these pieces were no longer used only for sporting purposes and entered the male wardrobe as underwear.

The briefs got their name from their original use. And they have made a successful transition into everyday life, haven't they?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of boxer briefs?

We can divide the advantages and disadvantages of boxer briefs into two categories: comfort and visual.

As for comfort, the clearest thing is that types of underwear that go all the way to the middle of the thigh are better. They prevent pressure in the crotch, as well as the nasty possibility that the fabric "rolls" around there. They are also wider in the buttock region, preventing unwanted shifting.

Besides the boxer, another famous panty with fabric up to half the leg is the samba-canção. Between the two, the question is quite personal and depends on each one: do you prefer tighter or wider pieces?

Besides the boxer, the samba canção is a very common type of underwear

The only clear disadvantage that exists in the boxer underwear in relation to comfort is that some fabrics of the most used can overheat and eventually leave the intimate region even stifled.

If the question to talk about underwear is the visual provided, the boxer is practically unbeatable. Among people who are attracted to men, it is almost unanimous that it is the one that has the best sensuality appeal.

The only possible downside is that it doesn't look great on men who are too short, as it can cause a feeling that their legs are even shorter.

In the table below, we list the main advantages and disadvantages of boxer briefs:

  • Provides extra comfort by not pressing the groin area
  • There is no risk of rolling up and causing discomfort
  • It is the best brief in visual terms
  • Allows good movement and has great adherence to the body
  • It can eventually get too hot
  • The fact that it is too tight can make some people uncomfortable
  • It does not look so good on men with short legs

Are boxer briefs ideal for your body?

Before starting this section, we must emphasize that the main criterion for choosing clothes should be their comfort. If you feel good with it, both in comfort and in self-esteem, rules and conventions may be disregarded.

The case of boxer briefs in relation to the others is similar to the comparison we make between bathing shorts and swimwear.

As we have already mentioned, shorter people or those with shorter legs look even smaller when wearing boxer briefs. For taller people, however, they are quite elegant and value the length of the lower limbs.

Another common recommendation is to avoid boxer briefs when you are very overweight. This is because it works like a shorts on the part near the belly, which can mark the shape of the fat a lot.

Boxer briefs can be worn by anyone who feels comfortable with them

The boxer is the perfect underwear for those who are not too overweight because it marks very well the shape of the body, especially the thighs and buttocks. But, as we said, it is also ideal for everyone who feels comfortable wearing it!

To learn more about other types of underwear, which body types they best fit, and in which situations they fit well, we recommend this video from the Modern Man's Manual:

What is the best material for a boxer brief?

Boxer briefs can be found made of a few different materials. We can mention three main ones: cotton, microfiber and 100% cotton.

Cotton is simply cotton, but the briefs with this denomination mix the traditional white fiber with other fabrics, such as elastane or polyester, aiming for greater elasticity and flexibility.

This elasticity is its main advantage, as well as the complete adherence to the body. On the other hand, it gets much warmer and can be uncomfortable on very hot days or for sporting activities.

A microfiber underwear is made with many particles of materials such as polyamide or cotton. It is much less hot, allows more ventilation and is softer to the touch. The price is also usually more expensive.

For those who have allergies to certain materials or also want good flexibility, another option is to choose a 100% cotton model. The downside is that the heat will be even greater than with cotton.

Check out the detailed comparison between materials in the table below:

Cotton briefs Microfiber briefs 100% cotton briefs
Advantages Perfect adherence and elasticity to the body Does not heat up too much, it is soft to the touch Prevents allergies without losing so much elasticity
Disadvantages Can be uncomfortable on very hot days or for sports practices Higher cost, it does not have as much elasticity and adherence It presents the same disadvantages as cotton underwear with a higher cost
Recommendations Normal use in everyday life Use for sporting activities or on hot days Use by people with allergies to materials such as elastane or polyester

How much do boxer briefs cost?

The unit value of a boxer brief, although higher than a slip, is still relatively low. Therefore, it is very common that the models are sold in large kits with 3, 5, 10 or even more pieces.

Speaking of price per unit, it is possible to find boxer briefs for around £ 3 or £ 4. The best models, regardless of the material, will be between £ 10 and £ 25. Depending on the brand or some special technology, it may reach a number well above this average.

Purchase criteria: What to take into consideration when choosing boxer briefs

Now that you know all the advantages of boxer briefs, it's time to think about some more special details that can help you with your purchase! We have selected four important criteria:

  • Colour
  • Design
  • Size
  • Presence of bulge

We will delve into each of them below!


The choice of underwear colour is very personal. The most popular options are the more sober dark colours, like navy blue and black. But some people are even fans of white, which is not recommended because it stains easily.

And you should know that there are also boxer briefs for those who like more lively, eye-catching and original colours! Red, chocolate, wine, brown... with a bit of searching, they can all be found, thus filling the most different styles!

Imagem mostra um homem vestindo uma cueca boxer preta.

Black boxer briefs give the wearer the most sobriety. (Source: Olena Yakobchuk / 123rf)


We can go even further and talk about underwear with innovative designs, beautiful and creative prints or that refer to famous characters from movies, series or cartoons. This way, your own style is even more guaranteed!

And still on the design, but leaving the colour, there are some very cool options, such as the seamless models, which give a more modern look to the underwear. Another possibility is to buy a piece that doesn't have anything written on it, in case your personal brand is sobriety.


We have already mentioned that boxer briefs are quite elastic. But that is still not enough for them to be one size fits all, after all, people have big physical differences. You need to know the measurements of your legs and your waist to make the right choice.

A fact of the fashion world is that each confection has its own size, but we can give a rough idea of the measurements of boxer briefs by thinking about the trousers you wear. See the table below:

Pants size Boxer briefs size
38 to 40 S
42 to 44 M
46 to 48 G
50 to 52 GG

Presence of a bulge

Due to pure ignorance, many people believe that a cup only exists to enhance the volume of certain parts of the body. That is why there is prejudice against bras that employ this protrusion, and even more so against underwear.

There is, of course, this enhancing function, but it goes far beyond that. The bulge offers more comfort and security to the region it covers. In the case of underwear, it may even offer a quality breath for the genitals. So, do not be shy if you want to use a boxer with this option!

(Featured image source: bombaert / 123rf)

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