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Welcome to Monederosmart! Today we will talk about boxing gloves, the main equipment for a sport that has been attracting more and more followers in the country.

Boxing is a type of fight where the movements are very restricted by the rules, as the fighters can only use their hands to perform the blows. That is why boxing gloves are so important and certain characteristics that define the quality of this equipment must be observed.

At Monederosmart, we have made a complete guide on boxing gloves, so that you know which ones are recommended for your level, according to the goal you wish to achieve in the sport.


  • Several characteristics define the quality of boxing gloves, such as size, weight, ventilation, material, strength, among others.
  • Knowing for sure what the differences are between boxing gloves with lace closure and with Velcro closure is also important before buying your equipment.
  • The prices of the boxing gloves in this article range from R£ 110 to R£ 300, depending on the material it is made of, the type of closure and the level of fighter for which they are recommended.

The best Boxing Glove: Our Picks

Buying Guide

If you are thinking of starting to venture into the ring, choosing a glove suitable for your needs is the first step. For this reason, ReviewBox Brazil has prepared a complete Buying Guide. In it, you will get to know everything you need to choose the best model to throw your first punches.

Imagem de mulher lutando boxe.

To venture into the ring, learn how to choose a boxing glove. (Source: Kyrylo Shevtsov / 123RF)

What are boxing gloves and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Boxing gloves are equipment that must fit perfectly to the boxer's hands, with an extra layer of protection around it and on the fingers. The padding drastically reduces the intensity of the impact on the boxer's body.

The protection that boxing gloves provide for the boxer's hands does not mean that the power of the impact is less on the opponent. What happens is that, as the fighter knows that his hands are protected, he puts more force into the blow.

The comfort provided by a boxing glove is important, which is why it is essential to try the equipment before buying. You should feel that the glove fits your hand perfectly. If you feel any discomfort, look for other models.

One of the most important features of a boxing glove is its ventilation system, because if it is not efficient, it may accumulate bad odours inside. That is why it is also very important to make the correct cleaning of the equipment.

Eventual rips in boxing gloves are more common than we imagine and often occur after a few months of use. So check the stitching and the fabric carefully before buying.

  • Protection
  • Power in blows
  • Comfort
  • Bad odours
  • Tears can happen

Laces or Velcro Gloves: What do you need to pay attention to?

First of all, there are a few things to be analysed before opting for lace or velcro boxing gloves, such as the following points

  • Price: How much to pay for them?
  • Time to wear: Do you have someone to help you put the gloves on?
  • Fit: Do you prefer them tofit perfectly on your hands or do you prefer the practicality of putting them on?
  • Purpose: Do you want a glove for training or competition?

Imagem mostra luvas de boxe com fecho de cadarço

There are many differences between velcro and lace-up boxing gloves. (Source: andreas160578 / Pixabay)

Lace-up gloves

Lace-up gloves have been used for over 100 years in boxing fights, and because they are so traditional, there is a lot of resistance from boxers to change them for equipment with another type of closure.

The lace-up provides a better fit of the gloves to the hands, as it can be tightened more firmly than Velcro. This way, boxers also feel safer when applying blows, knowing that the glove will not slip off their hands.

They are usually longer, to also protect the wrist and arm, and thus provide even more safety. This also offers greater comfort to the boxer.

The disadvantage is that they require the help of another person to put them on, which is not practical. In addition, the placement is slower, and for quick training sessions ends up not being ideal.

Below, check out the advantages and disadvantages of shoelace gloves:

  • Fit better to the hands
  • better protect the arm
  • Greater comfort
  • Require help to put on
  • Slower placement

Gloves with Velcro closure

The main advantage of Velcro is the fact that it is more practical than the shoelace gloves. This way, the boxer can put on and take off the gloves more quickly and without the need for anyone's help, as Velcro enables the ends to be tied very simply.

Nowadays there are numerous ways of tying Velcro more tightly around the wrist. The different levels of support provided by this type of closure has provided greater security for fighters.

One of the disadvantages of Velcro, is that it can cause scratches to opponents, as the material can be aggressive to the skin.

In addition, often when the Velcro strap is too long, it can become exposed, facilitating this type of contact causing scratches.

Another disadvantage is the loss of efficiency of the material over time, as it is more easily subject to have less grip with use.

  • Quick
  • Does not require anyone's help to put on
  • Has become safer
  • Scratches on opponents
  • Long strap may leave Velcro exposed
  • Loss of grip

Buying Criteria: Factors to Compare Boxing Glove Models

There are some characteristics that define whether a boxing glove is the right one for a particular person or not. They are as follows:

Below we will explain each of these characteristics for you:


How to know which glove size/weight is right for you is one of the most difficult tasks for anyone looking for a glove, as there is much more to analyse to reach a conclusion than simply your weight or hand size.

Many boxers have several gloves, for different types of training and competitions. The size/weight of the glove is very much linked with the activities the fighter will practice.

The most common types of activities in boxing are as follows

  • Bag training: this is a type of training that consists of hitting with a punch bag. Many people believe that training with this equipment requires strength, but it only serves to improve techniques.
  • Sparring: after learning the techniques and applying them on a punch bag, sparring is the time to train with an opponent.
  • Competitions: competitions are organized formally and with rules, so that the best athletes in each modality are known.

It is important to note that the weight of a glove is given in ounces, which is a common measurement in the United States.

Notice in the table below the types of activities and their relationship with glove size/weight:

Bag training Sparring Competitions
10oz Cardio training Not recommended Professional competitions
12oz Cardio training Not recommended Amateur competitions
14oz Suitable for all bag training Sparring among lighter weight fighters Amateur competitions
16oz Strength and power training Suggested gloves for Sparring Amateur competitions

Some people also use the following listing, which relates the weight of the gloves to the weight of the fighter, to choose equipment

  • 10 oz - 65 to 78 kg
  • 12 oz - 78 to 90 kg
  • 14 oz - over 90 kg
  • 16 oz - Over 200 lbs. (for even greater protection)

Apart from all this, one of the most important things is to try the glove, to see if it does not get too big on your hand, and pose a risk of injury. You should feel that its design is good, as if it "hugs" your hand.


Synthetic leather gloves are the most sought after by athletes nowadays. The best would be to use genuine leather, but due to the fact that not many gloves are produced with it, and it is a very expensive material, the ideal is synthetic leather.

When analyzing the boxing gloves, also make sure that there is no leftover fabric in it, and that the surface is very compact. This makes it easier for it to have tears more quickly.


The seam is another important item in boxing gloves, because it should be symmetrical and very compact. This is an important item to ensure that your boxing glove will last longer.

Tears often happen after one or two months of use of the boxing glove, and are often located in the area of the seam, a sign that the glove was not well made.

The more beautiful and symmetrical the seam, the greater the chances that your glove will last longer.


Before choosing a boxing glove, pay attention to the ventilation system it has, as this determines the comfort you will feel when using it.

After every training session, if your boxing gloves do not have a good ventilation system, you will feel your hands soaked with sweat. In this case, without proper sanitation on the equipment after the practice of the sport, your gloves become the perfect environment for bacteria and bad odours.

Boxing gloves that contain a mesh panel on the palm of the hands are excellent choices. Gloves which contain only a few holes are not the most efficient in helping perspiration.


Some competitions have restrictions regarding the colours of boxing gloves, and in certain amateur fights, it is common for gloves to be provided. This is to ensure that the equipment does not have any extra element, and that the competition is as fair as possible.

Usually, in the competitions where the gloves are provided, one of the pairs is blue and another is red, so that the judge recognizes each of the boxers more easily.

To make the punches more visible to the opponents, these gloves also often have white circles.

(Main image source: harutmovsisyan / Pixabay)