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The trousers are called boyfriend jeans because they look like men's trousers. However, the jeans model is a pair of women's trousers that is one of the hottest styles in the 21st century.

Boyfriend jeans have a comfortable fit, look casual and are not tight on the body. They can be combined with many different items of clothing. In addition, the cut allows the advantages of the female body to appear in a cool look.

The Best Boyfriend Jeans: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying boyfriend jeans for women

There are many different models of boyfriend jeans for women. They are available in different materials and colours. The individual look of the jeans is very important when buying them.

The following buying criteria are highly relevant:

  • Cut
  • Size
  • Appearance
  • Material

In the following section, the various buying criteria are explained in more detail. In this way, we would like to help you gain a more in-depth overview.


Boyfriend jeans usually have a casual cut. They are therefore very comfortable and pleasant to wear.

They have a low waistband, a mostly very straight or tapered (conical) cut leg and preferably large patch pockets. Tapered cut trouser legs are slightly wider at the thighs and become narrower towards the hem.

The boyfriend jeans are worn a little below the hips, loosely fitting. The leg ends are preferably worn rolled up a little so that the ankles are revealed.

The cut of the boyfriend jeans accentuates the wearer's legs in the best possible way. In addition, the wide cut hugs the thighs and the bottom, which positively emphasises the female form.


The boyfriend jeans not only create a trendy look, but are also extremely comfortable due to their perfect fit. They are preferably suitable for taller women. For smaller women, it is advisable to roll up the hem at the trouser leg.

To define the right size, the width and length are crucial. Women's jeans are measured in inches, an American unit of measurement.

If you measure your waist circumference at the widest part of your waist and the inseam length on the inside of your leg, you can determine your correct inch size. It is important to measure directly against the skin.

Then divide the waist measurement and the inseam length by 2.54. The result will give you the correct inch size. The resulting measurement will give you the correct size for your boyfriend jeans.


You like it trendy and modern but still comfortable? The mostly tapered cut boyfriend jeans will give you exactly that. Depending on the look and colour, they can be perfectly combined with very many occasions.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the cool boyfriend jeans are available in different colours. Consequently, they are not only available in the standard jeans colours such as light and dark blue or black, but also in rose' or white, for example.

In addition, some boyfriend jeans have interesting button bands. These run either diagonally or horizontally instead of a conventional zip.

In addition, boyfriend jeans are available in different looks. For example, some look rather worn and a bit run down, but this has become an absolute trend in the 21st century. They also come with small or large holes as well as ripped jeans.


The basic material boyfriend jeans are made of is denim. This is a cotton fabric that is particularly tear-resistant and durable. To create the typical, firm structure, the threads are woven very tightly in a special way.

Often, other fibres are added to the fabric for better wearing comfort. These include stretch materials such as elastane. Polyester is another popular fabric.

Adding other fibres ensures a better fit to the body and increases the comfort of the boyfriend jeans. When buying boyfriend jeans, you should also pay attention to the finish of the seams.

The blue tone dominates the colour of jeans today. The synthetic colour is not only resistant to strong sunlight and cleaning, but is also extremely durable. Consequently, it can be ensured that the jeans will still have their original blue shade even after several years.

Boyfriend jeans for women: The most important questions answered

The most important questions about boyfriend jeans are answered below.

What are boyfriend jeans for women?

A pair of boyfriend jeans is a pair of women's trousers made from a denim fabric. The name boyfriend jeans was given to the jeans because they give the impression of men's trousers.

Unlike other women's trousers, they are cut very wide and do not fit tightly around the body. Furthermore, they are worn loosely on the hips and have an equally wide trouser leg. They are often rolled up at the bottom for a cool look.

Due to the comfortable fit, the advantages of the feminine body are optimally emphasised, despite the rather masculine cut. Boyfriend jeans are one of the hottest jeans styles for women in the 21st century.

The cool jeans are an absolute all-rounder. They can be worn both during the day and in the evening. It is recommended to combine the boyfriend jeans with at least one other feminine garment.

How do I know if my boyfriend jeans fit well?

When buying a new pair of boyfriend jeans, it is of course especially important that they fit well. If they don't, they often wrinkle, which looks funny. Therefore, it is especially important to check your individual size before buying.

However, it is not so easy to determine whether the casual boyfriend jeans fit properly because of the wide fit. When buying these jeans, you should pay particular attention to the waistband. Ideally, they should fit snugly on the hips, not crease and of course not pinch.

On the buttocks and thighs, on the other hand, the boyfriend jeans should be loose and airy. If the trouser legs are tapered, the jeans should be slightly tighter at the calves.

Ultimately, of course, it is always important that you feel comfortable in the corresponding model. Trust your own instincts.

What styles of boyfriend jeans are available for women?

Cool, casual, comfortable, casual... these are all terms that you have certainly heard before and perhaps also associate with boyfriend jeans.

Basically, boyfriend jeans are a rather wide cut, masculine jeans model. They are preferably available in the so-called destroyed look, which stands for a cool appearance. They are also available as ripped jeans, which are usually torn or look worn.

Especially the ripped look is the absolute eye-catcher in the 21st century. Consequently, boyfriend jeans with holes or rips, for example, often cost even more than intact jeans.

Ultimately, of course, it always depends on what other items of clothing the jeans are combined with. Boyfriend jeans can be worn in a casual oversized look as well as in a sporty look. In addition, they can be used just as well for a party or business look.

Which shoes go with boyfriend jeans?

Of course, choosing the right shoes for women is not always that easy. The good thing about boyfriend jeans is that they can be easily combined with almost anything.

Of course, the decisive factor for the right choice is always the occasion and your own existing style.

In summer, for example, they can be combined perfectly with a sandal or casual flip-flops. These come out particularly well when the jeans are rolled up a little at the bottom of the trouser leg and thus transformed into 7/8 trousers.

They can also be worn with trainers or boots in winter. The lower end of the trouser leg can also simply be tucked into the boots so that they are shown off to best advantage in the outfit.

Styling tips for the boyfriend jeans for women: How to achieve the perfect boyfriend look

Depending on the occasion, it is possible to combine boyfriend jeans in different looks. The following are examples of some look variations.

  • Feminine look: In principle, it is always advantageous to combine boyfriend jeans with at least one other feminine item of clothing. To accentuate the female figure as much as possible, a tight-fitting blouse combined with pumps or elegant sandals is the best choice for a feminine look.
  • Sporty look: To create a sporty look, the boyfriend jeans can be worn with a comfortable T-shirt that is loose or tight-fitting. A hoodie also goes well with this look. Coloured Chucks or trainers give the outfit an additional hip, sporty touch.
  • Business look: Boyfriend jeans can also be worn to the office. Combined with a blouse or a smart blouse, they not only look classy but are also extremely comfortable. A silk scarf elegantly draped around the neck is the perfect accessory for this look.
  • Party look: Boyfriend jeans are also perfect for a casual yet chic party look. Combined with a classy sequin top and high heels, this outfit will make you an absolute eye-catcher.

Of course, you can also wear boyfriend jeans in other combinations. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with what and how you wear it.


Boyfriend jeans are one of the hottest jeans styles, especially in the 21st century. They can be combined in different variations. Consequently, it is not only suitable for a casual everyday look, but can also be worn in a classy business look.

It is generally not possible to define exactly which boyfriend jeans model is best for you. Of course, it depends on the individual body type and the occasion for which they are to be worn. The variety of different models allows for the best possible selection and can be individually combined with your own style.

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