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Cats have always been among the most popular pets of Germans, in many cases they are even regarded as full members of the family. Accordingly, most people want their cats to be well looked after.

High-quality cat food certainly plays a decisive role in this. In our Bozita cat food test 2022 we provide you with comprehensive information about the Swedish pet food manufacturer and its products.

We introduce you to the different types of food and give you factors that are decisive for the purchase decision. With the help of our test article, it will be easy for you to find the right Boziat cat food for you.


  • Bozita is a Swedish premium cat food manufacturer that has been producing in Vårgårda since 1903.
  • The range consists of dry and wet food. Great emphasis is placed on a high meat content and natural ingredients without additives.
  • The Bozita Function product line takes into account the different nutritional needs of cats, for example in relation to their age or lifestyle.

The Best Bozita Cat Food: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying Bozita cat food

Before you decide on Bozita cat food, it is advisable to familiarise yourself with the following background information. We've made the explanations as clear as possible so that you can quickly get an overview.

What distinguishes Bozita cat food from other manufacturers?

Bozita stands for premium cat food with high-quality ingredients, which does not require any additives. It is manufactured and produced in Vårgårda, a small town in the Swedish province.

Agriculture in Sweden is particularly sustainable and focused on animal welfare. The premium ingredients are completely free of antibiotics and hormones. In addition, only meat from animals that are also suitable for human consumption is used.

Bozita cat food is a real insider tip for people who want to pay more attention to their environment.

The possibility to buy the wet food in Tetra Paks is also worth mentioning. Cans and portion pouches, which are not considered particularly ecological, have established themselves as the market standard. Here are the most important facts about Bozita at a glance:

Produced in Sweden Properties of the food
  • Lowest use of antibiotics in the EU
  • No growth hormones
  • Strict animal welfare laws
  • Sustainable production
  • Ecological packaging
  • High meat content (88%-93%)
  • Natural ingredients
  • Grain-, GMO- and sugar-free
  • Available as dry and wet food
  • Suitable for nutritionally sensitive cats
  • How good is the composition of Bozita cat food?

    Bozita contains only natural raw materials in addition to a high meat content. The food is characterised by its high fresh meat content. It makes no difference whether dry or wet food is bought from Bozita.

    Bozita Katzenfutter-1

    The quality of cat food is largely determined by the amount of meat it contains.
    (Image source: / Kari Shea)

    In addition to fresh ingredients, dried ingredients are also used. However, in order to ensure good taste and improved digestion, care is always taken to ensure that sufficient fresh meat is included. Both the wet and dry food from Bozita is declared as complete food.

    Complete food covers the cat's entire nutritional requirements.

    Since the manufacturers decide for themselves how to label their food, the designation "complete food" does not offer full security. It is always the responsibility of the pet owner to ensure that the cat's nutritional needs are met.

    Bozita also attaches great importance to naturalness. For example, the ingredients must not contain any unnecessary or artificial additives - such as colourings. In addition, the food is enriched with vitamins and minerals to ensure that the cat receives an optimal supply.

    Zinc and B vitamins, for example, ensure a shiny coat. The addition of MacroGrad is particularly noteworthy. This is a natural β-glucan obtained from yeast. It ensures that the cat's own immune system is strengthened.

    How digestible is Bozita cat food?

    Basically, the digestive system of cats is very well adapted to fats and proteins, but less well adapted to grain starch. So normally a cat will always do better with an animal food than with a vegetable food.

    As Bozita completely avoids cereals and sugar and ensures a high meat content, the food is very easy to digest. However, there are also varieties that are specially adapted to cats with sensitive stomachs. In these cases, attention is paid to a low fat content of the food and fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) and mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) are added.

    Both substances ensure the proliferation of healthy intestinal bacteria and guarantee a healthy intestinal flora.

    Did you know that cats always prefer to eat the same food for safety reasons? In the wild, it can be very dangerous for cats to eat unfamiliar food. Accordingly, your cat prefers to eat the food it knows and not the food that is of the highest quality.

    It is important to have patience when changing your cat's food. Your cat will usually always react sceptically at the beginning.

    However, this does not automatically mean that she does not like the food.

    What is the price of Bozita cat food?

    Although it is premium cat food, Bozita has a very good price-performance ratio. For example, a Tetra Pak of Bozita Feline Morsels in Jelly with 370 g can be bought individually from about 1.30 €.

    The 2 kg pack of dry food costs about €22. Especially with wet food, it is often cheaper to buy larger quantities. It is usually cheaper to buy 16 units or more.

    Before you place a large order, however, you should make sure to test whether your cat actually eats the food. Otherwise you may have to give the food away and pay twice.

    Decision: What types of Bozita cat food are there and which is right for you?

    What is Bozita Feline Function cat food and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

    To meet the different needs of cats, Bozita has developed the Feline Function line. It includes both dry and wet food and, as usual, is characterised by a high proportion of fresh meat. All varieties are grain-free and contain beta-glucans, which strengthen the cats' immune system.

    In addition, attention is always paid to an optimal interaction of minerals and vitamins. Through the composition of the ingredients and the addition of natural ingredients, the needs of different cats are specifically taken into account.

    For example, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids together with biotin and zinc ensure healthy skin and coat. There is also special food for indoor cats and older and overweight cats, which takes into account their lower energy requirements.

    This is achieved by a low fat content. Combined with certain prebiotic fibres, this is also suitable for cats with a sensitive stomach.

    • Range for all ages
    • consideration for a wide variety of dietary requirements
    • Little variety in taste
    • limited choice in packaging

    What is Bozita Feline Taste cat food and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

    Feline Taste is Bozita's product line of exclusively wet food. In addition to the usual quality criteria such as a high meat content and sufficient nutrients, 14 different flavours are available.

    The food can be bought in portion pouches, Tetra Paks or cans. However, not every food is available in every packaging. The following table will help you to get an overview:

    Packaging variety
    Portion pouches medium (6 varieties)
    Tetra Pak very large (18 varieties)
    Can small (4 varieties)

    Furthermore, with portion pouches and Tetra Paks you can choose between pieces in jelly or pieces in sauce. For tins, the food is only available in pâté form. The wet food is designed for adult cats with a normal activity level. Here, too, no cereals have been added to any of the varieties.

    • Great variety of flavours
    • No dry food
    • No special kitten food
    • No consideration of special nutritional requirements

    Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and rate Bozita cat food

    Below is a summary of the factors that will help you compare Bozita cat food to find the right type for you. You can compare Bozita cat food using these criteria:

    In the following sections, we explain each factor in more detail and show you what to look for when choosing a cat food.


    When it comes to cats, a distinction is often made between kittens, adults and seniors. The reason for this is that different nutritional requirements are made depending on the stage of life.

    Accordingly, Bozita also offers special food for kittens or for a calorie-reduced diet.

    Bozita Katzenfutter-2

    Young cats have higher energy requirements because they are still growing.
    (Image source: / Ramiz Dedaković)

    This is because the energy requirements of a kitten are twice as high as those of an adult cat. In addition, the stomach and intestines are not yet able to digest large amounts of food. This means that the food should be high in calories in order to provide sufficient energy for the little ones even with small amounts.

    Since high-quality protein from muscle meat is better for growth than animal by-products, Bozita adjusts the ingredients of the food accordingly. Older cats, on the other hand, have a lower energy requirement. In this case, the food should be low in calories.

    Special needs

    Cats can also be allergic to certain ingredients or develop other intolerances. For this reason, Bozita has developed the Feline Function product line. An intolerance manifests itself, for example, if the cat has diarrhoea for a long time. Diarrhoea is nothing out of the ordinary, especially in outdoor cats.

    However, if it lasts longer, you should consult a vet and consider a change in diet. For this situation, Bozita offers food for sensitive stomachs. Furthermore, the coat condition can also be influenced by the food.

    This factor is especially important for longhaired cats. By adding the right vitamins and fatty acids, Bozita cat food creates the conditions for healthy skin and coat.

    Food characteristics

    First of all, a basic distinction must be made between dry and wet food. Since cats do not drink much by nature and absorb their fluids mainly through their food, wet food has a clear advantage.

    Wet food should contain at least 70% moisture.

    If your cat doesn't like to drink anyway, you can either try to make drinking palatable with a cat fountain or something similar, or you can use wet food to be on the safe side. Dry food is especially suitable for cats with tartar problems.

    Because of the hard consistency, the cat has to chew more and the plaque is automatically rubbed off. The problem is that dry food often contains a lot of grain.

    Bozita Katzenfutter-3

    Grain is more difficult for cats to digest, so high-quality food often does without it.
    (Image source: / Paul Hanaoka)

    With Bozita, on the other hand, even the dry food is made completely without grain and is easily digestible for cats and enriched with all the important nutrients.

    This means that both the dry and the wet food can be used as a complete food. In order to combine the positive characteristics of both foods, there is nothing to be said against combining dry and wet food.

    Activity level

    Depending on how active your cat is, its energy needs will vary. First and foremost, a distinction should be made between indoor cats and outdoor cats. Of course, not every outdoor cat is equally active and not every indoor cat just lies lazily on the sofa.

    Basically, however, it can be assumed that cats are more active outdoors than indoors. To prevent cats from becoming overweight in the long run, it is advisable to feed indoor cats low-calorie food.

    On the other hand, outdoor cats need sufficient calories for the more active life in nature. Bozita clearly marks on its cat food what activity level it is suitable for. Thanks to the food recommendation, you also know exactly what amount of food should be served.

    Type of packaging

    Anyone who has ever had a cat knows how much waste is produced during daily feeding. In some states, the cans have to be put in extra containers, which quickly becomes very inconvenient.

    The typical plastic portion pouches also score rather poorly in terms of environmental friendliness. However, Bozita offers an ecological packaging alternative with Tetra Recart - colloquially better known as Tetra Pak.

    Tetra Recart packaging has the lowest environmental impact in comparison.

    This can be explained simply by the fact that its main component is cardboard. This consists of wood fibres and is therefore a renewable raw material. It goes without saying that the wood comes only from sustainable forestry. Tetra Recart packaging is easy to fold and fully recyclable.


    Even though cats do not attach much importance to a diet with a variety of tastes, they also have taste preferences. However, it is not the taste alone that determines whether a cat likes a particular food, but also the texture, temperature and smell of the food. So first you have to find a food that your cat can taste and smell. Bozita offers a wide range of flavours:

    • Poultry: chicken, duck, turkey
    • Fish and seafood: mussel, haddock, salmon, langoustine, mackerel, shrimp
    • Farm animals: beef, lamb
    • Game animals: moose, reindeer, rabbit

    In terms of consistency, you can choose between dry and wet food. The wet food is available in jelly morsels and sauce morsels. Only the canned food is a pâté. Remember that cats usually prefer pieces.

    Of course, only you can influence the right temperature of the food. Keep in mind that cats prefer food that is warm to the body. It is best to store your food at room temperature. If you store opened packages in the refrigerator, it is advisable to take them out again in good time before feeding so that they are not too cold for the cat.

    Facts worth knowing about Bozita cat food

    Do the ingredients for Bozita cat food come exclusively from Sweden?

    When you buy premium cat food, you expect high-quality ingredients. But these are often expensive, so it is quite legitimate to question whether all the ingredients actually come from Sweden.

    According to Bozita, the food is usually made from 100% Swedish ingredients. However, it can sometimes happen that the ingredients cannot be sourced from Sweden in the required quantities.

    For this reason, long-term cooperation agreements have been made with suppliers from other countries who can help out in case of increased demand. These suppliers are subject to regular controls by Bozita and must adhere to their quality standards.

    Under what conditions does Bozita produce cat food?

    Bozita is a brand of Doggy AB, the largest producer of dog and cat food in Sweden. The complete range of dry and wet food has been produced in Vårgårda since 1903.

    In general, environmental protection and sustainability play a decisive role in production. Doggy AB has managed to ensure that 100% of the energy used in production in Vårgårda comes from renewable sources.

    Even the waste produced during the manufacture of the feed is reused in biogas plants. Even the transports are environmentally certified.

    What does the promised taste guarantee mean?

    Since it can be very difficult to get your cat used to a new food or in some cases the food is actually not of the usual quality, Bozita offers the so-called taste guarantee.

    This ensures that you get your money back if the product does not meet your expectations. You simply have to contact Bozita directly. You can find the necessary contact information on their homepage.

    Then you describe your experience and explain why you are not satisfied with the food. After that, Bozita will give you your money back.

    Image source: Maksumov/