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Thank you for always being attentive to each of our deliveries. We welcome you once again. Today we will be talking about one of the most popular undergarments around the world; the bra, which can have fantastic features that you probably don't know about.

Because we know that it is not only an intimate garment, but it can also be a sign of fashion depending on the model that is purchased. We want you to know every single detail about this wonderful product, because for us it is important to keep you perfectly informed.

In addition, we will be mentioning which are the best and most purchased on the market, since when making a purchase it is necessary to have good points of comparison to be clear about which model best suits our needs or expectations.


  • A bra is an undergarment used by women, which consists of two fabric cups that completely cover the breasts. They can have different types of designs, models and sizes, which makes it a more than amazing garment, since there are bras for all body types.
  • It is more than clear that there is a great variety of models of bras around the world, however, the main points of comparison you will always find between the classic and the push-up, which can be differentiated according to the type of fabric with which they are made, their price, among others.
  • And of course, there is a wide variety of aspects that should be taken into account before making your purchase, such as the type of fabric, size, among others, since only then you will know what is the choice that suits you best, so that the purchase of your product is a completely successful process.

The Best Bras: Our Picks

Buying Guide

It is important to know very well every aspect that is part of the products we buy, since that way we can evaluate what is the best choice for us, so today we have prepared a buying guide with all the necessary information for you.

Bras are one of the most popular and most used garments around the world by the female population, since they allow the aesthetics of the breasts to be much better. (Photo: Iakov Filimonov/

What is a bra and what are its advantages?

A bra is an undergarment worn by women, which consists of two fabric cups that completely cover the breasts. They can have different types of designs, be made of different types of fabrics and even have a variety of shapes.

It is considered one of the most popular undergarments. Bras are undoubtedly an indispensable garment for women, since they help in many aspects, even though they are considered annoying and sometimes uncomfortable due to lack of knowledge of the correct size or the simple fact of being too tight for use.

One of the main advantages that bras offer is that they keep the breasts fully lifted, thus making the wearer's posture much better. This is an aspect that is important to the majority of the female population, as the way their breasts look is a priority.

  • They improve posture
  • They keep the breasts lifted
  • There is a great variety of designs
  • They are affordable
  • The fabric tends to wear out
  • It is advisable to wash them by hand
  • The lace ones can be more expensive

Classic or push-up bra - what should you look out for?

There is a great variety of bras on the market, however, girls always tend to compare these two options, as although they are very similar, they may have differences that will make your experience of wearing them much better or worse depending on your needs or expectations.

  • Classic bra: The classic bra is the one that we can find anywhere, which also has a long list of sizes for all types of breast sizes. They have a circular cup most of the time and are usually used for everyday wear. For many women around the world, classic bras tend to be uncomfortable after wearing them for too long, as there is a metal piece at the bottom of the bra that allows the bras to be lifted and can feel uncomfortable, however, this always depends on the quality of the garment.
  • Push-up bra: Push-up bras have become more popular over the years, as they not only protect the breasts, but also lift them up much more and make the posture look perfect. If you buy a push-up bra, you will be able to show off a stunning cleavage without surgery. It is more than clear that push-up bras can be used daily without any inconvenience, as they are very comfortable even though they fit much tighter than the classic bras, all thanks to the soft fabric with which they are made.
Classic bra Push-up bra
Price Low High
Comfort Good Good
Types of fabric Cotton, silk, lace Cotton, silk

Are there other types of bra?

Being such a popular garment in the world, it is logical that there are many variations of the same, so it is necessary that you know very well each of them so that at the time of your purchase you have a better view of the product you want to buy:

  • Sports bras: Sports bras usually do not have a hard cup as we are used to seeing, rather they are completely flat (even the large size). They are usually made of elastic cotton so that girls feel comfortable during the whole exercise.
  • Breastfeeding: These types of bras are specifically made for breastfeeding mothers, as they make it much easier for them to breastfeed their babies in public places, as they are much more discreet, so neither you nor your baby are exposed.
  • Seamless: Seamless bras are very similar to sports bras, however, the thickness is much less and they are designed in a more delicate way. These are usually purchased by women who want to keep their breasts firm at all times without being uncomfortable.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different bra models

There are a variety of aspects that are not usually taken into account when purchasing a garment such as bras, so we want to talk in detail about each one, since this will allow you to have a highly successful purchase without the opportunity to hesitate when making your choice.


There is a wide variety of fabrics with which bras are made and knowing them will be of great help to evaluate which model will best suit you, so we decided to talk in detail about each one to expand your knowledge on the subject:

  • Cotton: Cotton fabric is the most common when it comes to underwear, since it gives you freshness, softness and comfort at all times. If you are looking for a bra that you don't find uncomfortable to wear, we highly recommend you to buy one made entirely of cotton fabric.
  • Silk: Silk fabric is also often present in the manufacture of bras; of course these have a much more delicate design and are mostly used for special occasions in which to wear this type of bra is necessary. If you want comfort and freshness, silk fabric is the one for you.
  • Nylon: This type of fabric is generally used for lace bras. It is a delicate material and is mostly recommended to be used rarely, as it is a type of fabric that tends to wear out very easily. It is a type of bra that everyone should have, as they are quite soft.

A bra is an undergarment worn by women, which consists of two fabric cups that completely cover the breasts.
(Photo: Samborskyi/

Cup size

Bra sizes are letter-graded. This aspect is undoubtedly one of the most important, since, if you ignore it, you may buy a bra that is not your size, making it uncomfortable to wear:

  • A sizes: A sizes are the smallest of the bra sizes. You can find double A's and A's. These sizes are usually used by girls who are just starting their development and, of course, the growth of their breasts.
  • B sizes: Considered the standard sizes among bras. Unlike the small sizes, these can be used more regularly by the female public. This size is available in all types of bras.
  • Size C: The size C is already dedicated for women who have a much larger breast size. These are slightly larger than the B sizes, the main difference separating this size from the previous ones is in the width of the back of the bra.
  • D sizes: Finally we have the larger sizes, dedicated for those who have much more voluptuousness in their front. These, like the C sizes, have a wider back, as it is required to help the posture of the wearer.


It is often thought that the cup size and these sizes are the same, however when we talk about bra sizes, we are referring specifically to the size of the back, which can vary depending on the type of body you have:

  • Small: These sizes are intended for girls who have a less pronounced bust. If you are looking for a small bra that fits your figure without any problem, this is the ideal one. You can differentiate them by their numbers, which are from 32 to 34.
  • Medium: The medium or standard sizes are ideal for most women who are already developed. They start from 36 to 38. They have a wider back to ensure good posture.
  • Large: Finally, there are the sizes specifically made for women with a much more pronounced bust. You can find them due to the large cup size and of course the size, which starts from 38 to 42.

Type of clasp

Just as you will find a wide variety of bra designs, you will also find different types of clasps, which you need to know to ensure that your choice fits your expectations without any difficulty:

  • Classic clasp: Classic clasps can have different types of levels depending on the bra size. These are made of semi-hard metal and fasten in small slots; they are the most common type of clasp among bras and are located on the back.
  • Front clasp: This type of clasp has become more popular over time because it makes it much easier to put on the bra. They are usually a small hard plastic hook located in the centre of the bra. A much more comfortable option if that is what you want for yourself.
  • Adhesive clasp: Although not made in the same way, this type of "clasp" has become a favourite for many women around the world. It consists of a bra with gel sheets in the cup that adhere to the skin and fit snugly.


Although this aspect is often ignored or not taken so seriously, it is important to note that there is a wide variety of designs and models that you can find among bras and knowing them can help you make the choice during your purchase much easier.

  • Lace bras: As we mentioned, lace bras are only used for special occasions, although there are many women who prefer them because of their softness. If you have an extravagant and sensual taste, this type of bra may suit what you are looking for.
  • Patterned bras: Patterned bras are quite common, although, they are usually purchased by younger women who want to give a more modern touch to each of their garments, including underwear. This type of bra can be purchased for all types of women, as their models vary.
  • Bras with beads: This type of bra can go hand in hand with lace bras, since their designs have a little bit of lace in the lower part of the cups, however, the main protagonists in the design are some small shiny beads that are attached to the cups. Ideal for flirtatious women.
  • Unicolour bras: Finally we have the unicolour bras, which, despite their simplicity, are very popular around the world, since girls call them practical and necessary for many occasions. So we can only tell you that they are recommended for the general public.


Finally, we have an aspect that for many it is necessary to know, since it will help them to have a better vision about the product they are about to acquire. Because for us it is necessary that you always have the best products on the market. If you are thinking of acquiring a type of bra that is of excellent quality, you have to know that the best and the ones that stand out the most are the branded ones, since they have always ensured that their products are excellent in that aspect.

An excellent brand of bra that you can buy is Leonisa, which has always been responsible for launching models that are at the height of each of the expectations of its customers, unlike many others that may perhaps be pirates or imitations nothing durable.


On many occasions we tend to ignore the fact that the quality of our products is not guaranteed, which is why today we want to explain or tell you what are the points to which you should be completely attentive in order to ensure that your bra is of good quality:

  • The seams: Underwear is always more delicate than any other, so we believe it is necessary to mention that you should pay attention to the seams of your bra to make sure they are perfectly closed and aligned, otherwise, you could be acquiring a poorly made bra.
  • The fabric: We told you before that the type of fabric is an important aspect to take into account, however, among the types of fabrics that we mentioned there are different levels of quality. If when you buy your bra you feel that the fabric is very rough and not very elastic, the best thing to do is not to buy it.
  • The clasps: As silly as it may sound, you should evaluate very well that the clasps of your bra are in correct position, since when it comes to poor quality bras tend to make bad tailoring in the security zone of the same.

(Featured Image Photo: Kaspars Grinvalds/

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