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They are the perfect complement to our combinations, there is a great variety of designs, colours and they make us look fashionable; we are talking about bracelets and in the following article we will show you the best ones on the market. Over the years we have seen the evolution in fashion trends and the changes that have generated in the designs of bracelets.

Are you one of those who uses many or prefer to use few? Don't worry, there are designs for all tastes and today you can see them in more detail. Of course, there are many factors that should be taken into account before making your purchase, such as the type of material with which they are made, the sizes, among others. Today we want to help you by providing you with the necessary information to make your purchase satisfactory.

The most important facts

  • A bracelet is a band or ring made of metal or other material that is used as a decorative element on the wrist. Nowadays, thanks to changing fashion trends, a number of bracelet designs have emerged in various shapes, such as square bracelets, which are usually made of metal.
  • There are many types of bracelets, both in designs and in the materials they are made of. You will learn about each of them below. Also, we know you're looking for a specific design and we're pretty sure you'll find it here, as the variety of designs is numerous.
  • There are certain characteristics of this accessory that we must know before making the purchase, as this is what will guarantee a successful purchase. Which style do you like the most? Are you a fan of pendants? Here you will find out which are the best and most bought ones in the market!

The Best Bracelet: Our Picks

Buying Guide

When buying this type of accessory the only thing that is usually taken into account is the design, if it is cute, if it has the ideal colour, its size, or if it will match that outfit you have in mind. However, there are certain aspects that you should be aware of, as they will help you choose the perfect product for you.

They say that less is more, but when it comes to such fabulous accessories you can never have enough (Photo: Maryia Bahutskaya/

What is a bracelet and what are its advantages?

A bracelet is an accessory in the form of a ring that can be made of different materials such as metal, copper, plastic, fabric, among others. They are used as a wrist accessory and can be worn by women, men and children. It is the ideal companion to complement any type of outfit.

Bracelets are undoubtedly one of the most used accessories around the world, because their infinite designs, colours and even shapes, have made a big impact on fashion; because they are comfortable, you can combine them perfectly with all your outfits and best of all, their price is always within our reach.

Generally bracelets are often confused with bangles, which are made of gold, silver, metal and, unlike them, have ornaments that make them look much more elaborate, such as jewellery, pearls, designs on its surface, among others.

  • They complement any outfit
  • they are elegant
  • there are models designed to improve health
  • They can get caught in clothes
  • if they are made of a weak type of metal they can break easily
  • if they are made of metal they can rust

Bracelets or bangles - what to look out for?

Both are a type of accessory that helps to complement our fabulous outfits, however, there is some confusion between each of them and although they are meant to adorn the same part of the body, they have different characteristics. Do you want to know, read on and you'll find out!

Bracelets. As we mentioned before, bracelets are a metal ring or a metal or other material such as plastic, nylon, fabric, etc.. This type of accessory is one of the most used, because it has designs for all kinds of tastes. Fashion jewellery bracelets are one of the most popular bracelets on the market.

Bangles. The bangle is a type of bracelet made of gold, metal or silver that has larger dimensions. It is worn on the upper part of the wrist, some even reach up to the elbow. However, with changing fashion trends, we can find some bracelet designs that are worn on the wrist.

Bracelets Bangles
Material metal, nylon, fabric, plastic, silicone and rubber gold, silver and metal
Designs costume jewellery, pendants, white or coloured pearls engraved designs and jewellery inlays

How much does a bracelet cost?

We want you to buy the best products and feel comfortable with every purchase you make, so it is important to emphasize that when it comes to accessories, quality is extremely important for its durability is longer. We know you will find the ideal design for you at the best prices.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different bracelet styles

There are certainly many different types of bracelets, whether you wear them for a casual outing or to a gala party; the design of each bracelet can vary just as much as the material they are made of. Do you prefer them made of plastic, metal or another material? Here you will find the ideal one for you.

Manufacturing materials

Before making any purchase we must be aware of the materials they are made of, because it will make it easier for you to choose the product and you will also know which one is the most suitable for you.

Plastic: It is a material consisting of a variety of organic compounds, semi-synthetic and synthetic. The bracelets of this type tend to be very resistant, they are ideal for the smallest of the home to use without there being a risk of breaking.

Cloth: A fabric made of textile fibres, especially made on a loom or machine, which is used for clothing. If you are someone who enjoys handmade art and you like to be comfortable, this type of bracelet is ideal for you, as the fabrics used to make them are usually very soft and light.

Nylon: It is an elastic and resistant textile fibre. They are generally used to make fabrics. A much more delicate style of bracelet. It is perfect to use in special occasions, because these bracelets have most of the time beads in a shiny tone, which will give an incredible touch to your outfit.

Silicone: Silicone is an inorganic polymer derived from polysiloxane, it is made up of a series of alternating silicon and oxygen atoms. This type of bracelets are ideal for sports lovers, they are usually unicoloured, although there are also personalised designs.

Rubber: Elastic and resistant material obtained mainly by chemical processes from this natural substance. Like the silicone ones, this type of bracelets are aimed at those who love to be in constant movement.

We are fascinated by accessories and bracelets have undoubtedly become one of the favourites. (Photo: subbotina/

Types of bracelets

We know that there is a huge variety of designs of bracelets, we can combine them perfectly with our outfits and are the ideal accessory, however we must have knowledge of the type of each of them, so that in case we are looking for a specific design in our purchase have clear what it is.

Handmade woven bracelets: This type of bracelets are ideal for those who love a bohemian style and much more relaxed. They are usually colourful and have a lot of details. They are made with threads or textile fibres. They are part of the craftsmanship of many cultures, such as Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Panama, among others.

Silicone bracelets: Silicone bracelets are undoubtedly the ideal and most used by athletes, as they are highly resistant and do not run the risk of breaking when performing any physical activity. Generally they do not have any designs or decorations, as they are usually unicoloured and mostly complementary to the uniform.

Rubber bracelets: This model is among the most popular among the youth population and niches and are made through the union of rubber bands usually with rainbow loom products and are recommended for children over 6 years. These bracelets, besides being fun, can help children develop their motor skills and coordination.

Costume jewellery bracelets: A market favourite, these bracelets are made with beautiful costume jewellery that makes each design unique. One of the most commonly used costume jewellery seen on bracelets are pendants, which are usually made of a semi-hard plastic and can have all sorts of shapes and colours.

Of course there is a variety that does not have pendants, those are also very popular in the market. We are talking about bracelets made with fantasy pearls. Do you know them? They are those that can be either very colourful or unicoloured. They can be made of semi-hard plastic or wood.


Yes, our dolls have sizes and knowing which one is yours is what will guarantee you the ideal fit. Often, because we are uninformed about these aspects, we tend to buy a product that is either too tight or too loose.

There are 5 types of: XS, S, M, L, XL. To find the exact bracelet size, you can use a tape measure, measure just above the wrist bone and then add 2 cm to the wrist size to get the correct bracelet size.

Did you know that bracelets were considered a military award by the Romans? They were given to soldiers as a reward for taking part in war actions.
(Photo: victorias/


Choosing the ideal type of accessory to complement your outfit requires two factors: colour and design. When choosing the ideal colours for your combination you should know what each of them represents.

Bright colours: This type of colours represent joy, happiness, energy, intelligence, positivism, brightness, harmony, balance and hospitality. If you are an expressive person who loves to show it even in your outfits, these are the colours for you.

Cool colours: These colours represent romanticism, stability, balance, calmness. These tones are perfect for this type of accessory, as they give off an energy of tranquillity. Ideal for lovers of darker styles.

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