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In routine, one thing that influences mood is comfort, the what and how of clothing determines the feeling of comfort, whether it's the type of fabric, the size and even the style, and when it comes to underwear, feeling good is a key factor.

Learn more about it in this buying guide! For women, choosing the best bra is a challenge, as some tend to hurt or be uncomfortable due to their shape and size. Added to that, when it comes to underwear, there are models that are difficult to wear with certain garments, as they are usually used to hide, which is not the case with the bralette.

As it is a new trend, it is normal that you do not know much about it and it is difficult to choose one, either because you do not know your body or what quality standards you should expect. If this is your case, you don't have to worry, because in this article we will teach you all about the bralette.


  • A bralette is an intimate garment that results from a combination of a bra with a crop-top, which is characterised by the comfort and freedom it brings in its use. It is mainly made of fine fabrics, and its designs mostly comprise lace. It can be worn in a way that allows it to be seen with the naked eye.
  • In today's market there are several designs and types of lingerie top, which cover each and every taste, but there are certainly two main types that you must differentiate: the cup bra, which hold and raise, and bralettes, which give freedom.
  • When you want to buy the bralette, it is important that you take into account certain relevant buying factors, such as the size of the bralette, the type of design and visibility you want from the garment, the effect you want it to have on your body and the use, so that you can make the best decision.

The Best Bralette: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Now that you know the best bralettes, you can see the differences between the models and thus know which type suits you best, but before you make a decision it is important that you know in depth certain aspects of this product, so that you can make the right decision in your purchase.

A bralette is an intimate garment, but it can be considered a complement to your outfit. (Photo: nicoletaionescu/

What are bralettes?

A bralette is basically an intimate garment similar to a bra, which combines the elements and qualities of a bra with a crop top. This garment is characterised by being made of soft fabrics, mainly lace.

It fulfils the function of an intimate garment by tightening the bust, acting as a bra, but without including hard underwires or padding. You will find bralettes in a variety of sizes and designs, all according to your taste, from large strappy necklines at the sword, to a light design of fabric straps at the end. This breadth in design is what allows them to be suitable for everyone.

What are the benefits?

Among its benefits is the comfort and freedom that its use generates, it can be used as a garment, either as a complement to an outfit or as the only garment in the upper part. As they can be seen, they have better designs and a variety of styles, they adapt to almost any type of outfit and they are not expensive.

But like any product not everything is good, it has certain disadvantages that you should know before deciding to buy it. The bralettes by design and lack of cup tend to adapt better to women with small bust. Depending on the woman, it can be considered a disadvantage that visually bralettes make your bust look smaller.

  • comfort and freedom
  • can be worn as an item of clothing
  • variety of designs and styles
  • adaptable to your outfit
  • are inexpensive
  • make your bust look smaller
  • do not shape the bust
  • have no functionality
  • greater exposure of the bust

Bralette or push-up bra - what should you look out for?

The bralette is a type of bra, being this category full of multiple models. These can be differentiated into two major types. Each has its benefits and notable differences that you will learn about below, so that you can make the best decision for you. The two types you should consider are Bralette and cup bra.

  • Bralette: These are garments that serve the function of a bra, but without padding or cups or bows, these tend to be made of fine fabrics and with fine and elegant lace or embroidery. They are based, essentially, on comfort of use since, not having areas of tension with hard material, they are ideal as an accessory, a piece of the outfit. Perfect for casual outings, with multiple designs and shapes, this garment can be displayed, although it does not shape the bust and its functionality is low, it is ideal to reduce the size of the bust in women who have too much.
  • Cup bra: This is the original bra. It is nothing more than an intimate garment of clothing, composed of two cups that partially or totally cover the woman's bust, some come with padding. They are intimate garments, therefore, they try to hide, some are not so comfortable with the prolonged time of use, because of the areas of tension. With the cup bra the bust is shaped and lifted, it gives the sensation of increasing the size of the bust by raising it thanks to the cups. Another important point of this garment is that the model can vary with the function it provides, whether it is medical, shaping the bust, increasing its size, separating it, joining it, among others.
Bralette Cup bra
comfort High Low
bust shape No Yes
Exhibition of the garment No Yes
Functionality Low High

Are bikini bottoms and sports bras the same garment?

It is important that you know the difference between a bralette and a sports bra, as they have many similarities, such as having no cup or padding, no wires or tension zones, plus the minimalist designs of both are often very similar.

You should keep in mind that sports bras are designed to give extra support to the bust, avoiding injuries and damage to the ligaments of the bust while doing sports activities, something that bralettes do not do, as they are fashion and design oriented.

Although some women use sports bras in the same way as a bralette, they are differentiated by the function of each, including the type of fabric that are handled are different, because the bralettes are usually made with fine fabrics, while the sports with spandex and synthetic fabrics specialized for physical activity.

Although similar, a sports bra is not a bralette. (Photo: undrey/

Is there a bralette for large-busted women?

It is important to note that if you are a woman with a large bust, bralettes may not be your best option due to medical factors in terms of bust protection, although there are accessories such as a harness that can help you with this to improve the posture of your bust and thus be able to use this garment.

When you have a prominent bust, the weight on the chest increases, which generates consequences such as back pain or bad posture. For this reason, the bralette, being more of a fashion garment than a support garment, is not recommended unless it has special straps that allow the extra weight to be supported.

In addition, it can sometimes look vulgar if it is not worn correctly, and in the case of women with large breasts, although the bralette reduces them a little, they will still be very prominent, which can generate a misconception due to the designs that are currently used for this garment.

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of bralettes

Now that you have in mind which bralette you would like to buy, it is important that, before making your decision, you take into account certain differentiating factors, which you should consider so that you can make the most accurate decision in your purchase and fit your needs.

  • Size
  • Visibility and design
  • Effect
  • use


Although bralettes do not have cup sizes or measurements for bust size, it is important to take into account that they come standardized in 3 specific sizes, so knowing your body takes a determining factor when deciding your bralette. There are small, medium and large sizes.

  • Small size: This is the smallest size. It is ideal for women with a small torso, not too big back and not too pronounced bust, it adapts to the body without pressure or discomfort. They have a circumference of 63 to 72 cm.
  • Medium size: For women with a small back and a regular bust or a slightly larger back, but without being considered wide, all regulated according to body type. Normally suitable for women with a thick build, but not overweight. Its circumference is between 73 cm and 82 cm.
  • Large size: Designed for wide backs and larger busts, maintaining comfort, but all in place without tension or pressure, you should take into account that, not having support, the bralette may not prevent you from suffering from back pain in the case of large busts. They handle a circumference between 83 cm and 92 cm.

Visibility and design

When talking about visibility, we refer to how much you want the bralette to be noticed or observed with the naked eye, all this will be determined by the design of this, as some are very short and others are longer, corset style.

  • Short bralettes: They are with a more intimate design, their models vary, as they can be minimalist without lace or, on the contrary. They can be taken as a sports garment, ideal for summer outings combined with transparent illusion clothes, adaptable to multiple outfits. When they have lace and are short they are generally mixed with a top, another bralette or any garment that only shows a part of it, with straps in "x" in the front or notorious lace brings a plus to your outfit.
  • Corset type bralette: They are longer, occupying a part of the abdomen above the navel or even the whole abdomen. These bralettes are perfect to wear as the only upper garment. They usually have lace or fabric allusion designs, many have multiple fabric straps at the bottom that provide movement to the garment. With these there is no need for an additional accessory to the bralette.


The effect you are looking for from the bralette on your body is important to take into account for the final decision, as they are not functional and their contributions are few in terms of the visual illusion they generate on the body. Because of this, if you are looking for a drastic change in the shape of your body, it is best to look for a bra that fits.

  • Decrease bust size: If you have a very large bust and what you want is to give the sensation of a smaller bust, bralettes will give you that result. This is because, as they do not have cups or strong padding, they do not support the bust over the top or give it shape. And lace and patterns play an important role in the silhouette of your bust.
  • Look taller: In case you want to look taller, with the right bralette you can get that feeling. With a line design on the back they allow you to look a few centimetres taller.
  • Shaping the bust: Although bralettes do not have this particular feature standardised, there are some models with soft cups that help to shape and keep the bust in its correct position, ideal for large busts that need to be kept in one place.


The use you give to the bralettes will give you an idea of whether you should really buy one or not. It is a purely casual garment so, for going out with friends, going to a concert, everyday activities and weekend activities they are excellent, but not so much for work or formal areas, unless they are concealing.

  • Simple bralette: This version of bralette is a perfect combination with delicate garments such as sheer blouses, to let it show, or with lace blouses, creating a nuance between fabric styles. Perfect for everyday or even semi-formal areas, if worn with the right accessory.
  • Bralette with lace: They give a sexy look, so it is advisable to combine it with a stronger and stiffer garment to create the best contrast, either a jacket, or combine it with a jean or a long skirt that creates a perfect shade.

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