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When buying a broom, it is not only the bristles of the broom that are important, but also the broom handle. While the brush head is crucial for cleanliness, the broom handle also has an important role. It is not always easy to find the right broom handle. The texture and size of the broom handle is responsible for comfort and manageability when sweeping.

In this article, we will introduce you to some broomsticks to help you find the right one. We also show you what to look for when buying a broomstick and answer frequently asked questions.


  • A suitable broom handle is important for a comfortable posture when sweeping. By choosing the right broom handle, back pain can be avoided.
  • Broomsticks come in different sizes. An adjustable version of broom handles is also available.
  • The material of the broom handle determines the sturdiness and lightness. The material can be wood, plastic or aluminium.

The Best Broom Handle: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for broomsticks

The search for a suitable broom handle is not necessarily easy, because here too there are several criteria that should be taken into account when buying. The purchase criteria include:

In the following section, the listed purchase and evaluation criteria are described in more detail so that you too can make the right purchase decision.


The length of the broom handle is one of the decisive criteria when buying a broom handle. This is because the length or height of the broom handle determines the comfort when sweeping. The wrong length can lead to a stooped posture and therefore also to back pain.

In the best case, the handle length should be adapted to the body size. However, if several people in a household use the broom, there are also optional telescopic broom handles. Telescopic broom handles are adjustable and can therefore be adapted to any body size.


Not only the length of the broom handle is important, but also the diameter of the broom handle. If the broom handle is too narrow or too wide, there is a risk that the grip around the broom handle will be uncomfortable, making sweeping more difficult.

When buying a broomstick, it is best to check whether it fits comfortably in your hand or not. Basically, the larger the diameter of the broom handle, the more robust it is.

Weight and material

To make work easier, the weight of the broom handle should not be too heavy. The weight depends on the material of the broom handle, but you can also make sure that it is robust and light.

Choosing the right material is especially important when buying a broomstick. The broom handle should be as sturdy as possible so that it can be used in any position and for a long time. The material of a broom handle can be made of plastic, wood or aluminium, for example. Ideally, the material of the broom handle should be of high quality, because there are also serious differences here.

A wooden broom handle is the classic variant of a handle.

A wooden broom handle should be well made and impregnated so that the wood does not go bad in bad weather conditions such as rain or snow. In contrast to the wooden handle, an aluminium broom handle is not as easy to break.

In addition, aluminium broom handles are also light in most cases. Plastic broom handles are also considered light, but plastic broom handles are less robust.

Special features

In addition to the length, diameter, weight and material, there are other criteria worth mentioning that could be relevant for you. Ideally, your broom handle should have a screw thread so that your broom handle can be easily and stably attached.

If you choose a practical telescopic broom handle, you should check the locking mechanism. The telescopic broom handle can loosen quickly. In addition, a broom handle can also have an ergonomic grip if needed.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about broom handles answered in detail

Here we answer the most frequently asked questions about broom handles so that you are well informed about broom handles and have no more unanswered questions.

How is a broom handle attached?

The attachment of a broom handle can differ slightly. With a wooden handle without a screw thread, the handle must be inserted into the broom head with force. A screw thread is therefore particularly recommended for easy assembly. A broom handle with a screw thread is attached to the broom head by turning it.


Wooden brooms often do not have a screw thread.The right broom handle should ideally have a screw thread so that it is multifunctional. (Image source: exels/ cottonbro)

Broomsticks made of plastic or aluminium often have a screw thread. If you decide to buy a broom handle without a thread and later wish for more stability, you can always buy a screw thread as a spare part.

Which material is best suited for a broom handle?

Basically, the material of the broom handle is a matter of taste. However, a broom handle made of aluminium can be recommended. An aluminium broom handle is robust, light and has a modern and simple design. In addition, the aluminium broom handle is easy to clean and maintain. And unlike a wooden or plastic broom handle, an aluminium broom handle can often be adjusted.

What does a broomstick cost?

The price of a broom handle depends on the quality of the manufacturing and the material of the broom handle. Therefore, it is possible to divide them into different price categories as listed below:

Price class Available products
Low-priced (1 - 5 €) broom handle made of wood without thread, broom handle made of plastic
Medium-priced (5 - 10 €) adjustable broom handle with thread and hanging hole
High-priced (from 10 €) high-quality processed ergonomic broom handle with all extras, brand broom handles

How are broom handles disposed of?

If the broom handle is made of plastic, it can be disposed of in the recycling bin. Generally, however, brooms or wooden broom handles are disposed of in the residual waste. If you have a creative mind, you could also consider recycling the broom handle. Wooden broom handles are perfect for DIY projects.

What is the best way to store broomsticks?

Some broom handles have a hanging hole so you can easily hang your broom on a hook on the wall. You could also buy a wall bracket for household utensils and sweepers.

With the help of the wall holder, broom handles without a hanging hole are stored neatly. Another way to store the broom or broom handles is in a broom cupboard. A broom cupboard is particularly practical because it can also hold larger appliances such as a steam broom.


Broomsticks are usually inexpensive and easy to replace when needed. When choosing a broomstick, you should pay attention to the size, diameter, weight, material and special features. Ideally, you should choose a broomstick that is adapted to your body or can be adapted to your body.

This is especially important to ensure an upright posture and to avoid back pain. A broomstick should be light and sturdy to make housework easy for you. Whatever you decide, we hope that we have been able to help you with your purchase decision.

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