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Brother sewing machines come from a traditional company that produces user-friendly sewing machines through technical experience. The models are of great interest for all skill levels and are explicitly recommended for beginners. The sewing result is of high quality, even with the low-priced Brother sewing machines you will achieve a good result with more complicated fabrics.

Our big Brother sewing machine test 2021 offers you a comprehensive overview to find the best Brother sewing machine for you. The editors have summarised the advantages and disadvantages of sewing machines for beginners, advanced and professionals. Children's sewing machines are also included in our comparison and we show you criteria with which you can evaluate and rate Brother sewing machines.


  • Brother sewing machines are used in households all over the world and are aimed at a wide target group. So whether you're a novice or a professional, you'll find a model to suit you.
  • The easiest way to categorise Brother sewing machines is by skill level: beginner, advanced and professional. Children's sewing machines from Brother are equipped with more safety features such as a finger guard and generous exposure.
  • Brother sewing machines are characterised by a very good price-performance ratio. The machines have a particularly extensive range of functions and many additional accessories. The intuitive design makes it easy to get started with your new hobby.

The Best Brother Sewing Maschine: Our Choices

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Brother sewing machine

Some background information can be helpful before buying your Brother sewing machine. We have compiled an overview of the most important information in the next section.

What makes Brother sewing machines different from other manufacturers?

The manufacturer Brother comes from Japan and is known worldwide for its sewing machines. Brother sewing machines are available for a wide target group and offer high-quality models for beginners to professionals.

The company scores particularly well in comparisons with an extensive range of accessories for each sewing machine.

In general, Brother sewing machines are preferred by beginners and novices because the focus is on user-friendliness. The design is appealing and intuitive to focus on sewing practice.

Who are Brother sewing machines suitable for?

In general, there is a Brother sewing machine suitable for every skill level. As with many other manufacturers, Brother basically differentiates between these two types of sewing machines:

  • electronic free-arm sewing machine
  • Computerised sewing machine

You should decide according to your needs. An electronic free-arm sewing machine is recommended for beginners. Brother's sewing machines also appeal to creative little minds. With the children's sewing machines, they can realise their first projects.

Among other things, this promotes concentration and children learn to successfully implement their own ideas. Professional sewers will, of course, find a suitable model with a wide range of stitches and embroidery modules. Long hours in the studio are no problem with a professional Brother sewing machine.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Brother sewing machines?

Brother sewing machines are praised for their clear design, which makes them particularly easy to use.
Brother sewing machines have a creative design and innovative construction.

The company always manufactures its products to high quality standards, ensuring a durable sewing machine that will last you for many years. Beginners will love the Brother sewing machine models, as the attractive design and construction will help you get started right away.

You don't have to learn the instruction manual by heart to start your sewing career. The sewing quality of Brother sewing machines allows you to work with a variety of fabrics, including thicker weaves like linen and even leather.

  • Easy to use
  • High quality
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Especially for beginners
  • Wide range of fabric processing
  • often low speed
  • regular maintenance
  • model policy not very sustainable

Some machines can only reach a certain sewing speed. Especially with entry-level models, this is slower, which has only a limited effect on sewing quality. Difficult fabric processing even benefits from a slow speed. Regular maintenance of your Brother sewing machines is a decisive argument.

Some sewing machines have weaknesses in the gears or interfaces. This can lead to problems. Brother sewing machines are sometimes affected by this. If you take good care of your sewing machine, you can prevent this.

What is the price range of Brother sewing machines?

Brother sewing machines range in price from €99 to €2,700. There is a sewing machine to suit every budget. Since sewing machines for beginners start at €99, it is easier to get started with your new hobby.
Type Price
Children's sewing machine 100 - 300 €
Beginner sewing machine 99 - 600 €
Advanced sewing machine 550 - 1000 €
Professional sewing machine 1600 - 2700 €

Professional sewing machines have a hefty price tag, which is justified given the range of capabilities. As you will be spending many hours on your sewing machine, it is advisable to invest in a suitable product.

Did you know that there are scammers on the internet who make duplicates of Brother sewing machines? Therefore, make sure that the site looks reputable. There are also sellers on Amazon who advertise their machines with hidden variations in the name, such as "Brothers" instead of "Brother". Don't be fooled by customer reviews. They are only meant to deceive you.

What alternatives are there to Brother sewing machines?

In Germany, the brand manufacturer Pfaff has remained in people's minds, even though the company now belongs to a Chinese company. Nevertheless, the traditional company stands for sewing machines with precise stitches and the highest quality. The range is also realistically broad and offers something for beginners and professionals. The Carina sewing machines are versatile, but quite similar to each other.

The target group is hobby tailors and fashion lovers who want to get creative themselves. In terms of price, it is in the lower middle range and convinces with an average of 200 stitches and embroidery and quilting modules.

Type Description
Pfaff sewing machine Formerly a German sewing machine manufacturer and is in the upper price range. Has a wide range of products, but is mainly known for its professional sewing machines
Carina sewing machine especially for hobby tailors and are priced in the lower middle range. Mainly offers computer-controlled machines

Decision: What types of Brother sewing machines are there and which one is right for me?

We have taken a closer look at the range of Brother sewing machines and have been able to categorise them into four types:

  • the Brother sewing machine for beginners
  • the Brother sewing machine for advanced sewing
  • the Brother professional sewing machine
  • Brother sewing machines for children

In the breakdown, you can see that skill level was the main criterion. Of course, each sewing machine has its advantages and disadvantages, but in the following section you can already see in which direction your choice can go.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Brother sewing machine for beginners?

More functions without being overwhelming.

Brother sewing machines for beginners score with an outstanding price-performance ratio. The purchase is quite affordable and offers beginners all the necessary uses. Computer-controlled and mechanical sewing machines impress with their simple design. The handling is kept simple as you only have a few buttons to adjust your machine.

The visual instructions on the sewing machine help you to follow the individual steps with pictures. This way you intuitively understand how to thread correctly or how to set the programme.

  • affordable purchase
  • mechanical or computer-controlled
  • easy to use
  • visual instructions
  • limited adjustment possibilities
  • not for ambitious sewers
  • eye-catching design

Because of its ease of use, a beginner sewing machine from Brother offers you the basic features. Therefore, it could easily underchallenge ambitious sewers and you might end up having to buy a new sewing machine after a very short time. Also, some Brother sewing machines have an eye-catching design, which might annoy you.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Brother sewing machine for advanced sewing?

The ambitious sewers will benefit from an advanced sewing machine. This is because Brother sewing machines are still easy for you to use. In addition, you have advanced features like the automatic buttonhole or the automatic thread cutter. So you can expand your project portfolio with many challenging jobs. The range of accessories is impressive.

  • For ambitious sewers
  • Easy to use
  • Advanced functions
  • Automatic and accessories
  • Expensive purchase
  • Heavier weight
  • Basic functions missing

With Brother sewing machines for advanced sewing, the price rises at the same time. In addition, the weight of the machines is relatively high. Unfortunately, some basic functions such as the upper fabric feed are missing. This makes it difficult to process fabrics evenly.

This is a disadvantage if you want to use heavy materials like leather or light fabrics like silk. Buying the top feed accessory separately does not help you to compensate for the disadvantage.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Brother professional sewing machine?

The quality of the professional Brother sewing machine gives you a precise stitch and high quality sewing results. They are made for everyday use. Thus, Brother offers you a sewing machine that is built to last and allows you to unleash your creativity to the maximum.

The layout with the programmes is definitely not designed for novices. You can customise the wide range of stitches to suit your needs and even draw and save stitches yourself.

It is also equipped with highly innovative features such as a fabric sensor that detects the thickness of your chosen fabric. The sewing speed is over 1000 stitches per minute.

  • High quality result
  • Daily use
  • Create your own stitches
  • Highly innovative functions
  • Maximum sewing speed
  • Higher initial costs
  • A lot of plastic used
  • Difficulty in training possible

The advantages of the Brother sewing machine for professionals come with higher purchase costs. Which is understandable considering the range of products. The machine has a lot of plastic, which might bother sewing enthusiasts. That is always in the eye of the beholder.

As far as functionality is concerned, experienced sewers have reported that they had difficulties learning the ropes at the beginning. The construction and explanation differ from the usual sewing machine manufacturers. However, this need not be a disadvantage for you. In the end, it is a matter of habit.

What distinguishes a Brother sewing machine for children and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Brother sewing machines for children have a lot in store for you. Overall, the price-performance ratio is very good. The children's machines are fully-fledged sewing machines that you can also use as an adult beginner. In addition, there is a finger guard and good lighting, which provide the necessary safety.

Since you can easily adjust the speed, you will be able to start slowly with a Brother children's sewing machine and still achieve a clean sewing result. Even difficult fabrics like jeans or light fabrics can be sewn well.

  • Safety
  • Slow and clean sewing
  • Value for money
  • Matching embroidery symbols
  • Good lighting
  • Recommended age
  • Eye-catching design

With children's sewing machines, the manufacturer always specifies a recommended age. Brother sets this at 14 years, which seems too old considering the colourful design. Experts agree that younger children can sew with Brother's children's sewing machines because of the safety precautions.

The outer casing of the Brother sewing machine can be changed on the Little Angel model, but the motifs are extremely eye-catching, especially for girls and in general, which tends to distract children from their work.

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate Brother sewing machines

Before you buy, it helps to answer important questions about your needs. For this purpose, we have selected the five decisive criteria for Brother sewing machines:

In the following section we explain the most important criteria in detail and you can determine your wishes even more precisely.

Fabric processing

The fabric processing of your sewing machine is closely related to the sewing speed. The different Brother sewing machines are therefore particularly suitable for different projects.

  • Children's sewing machine: The stitch is clean despite reduced speed. This means that the little ones can practice safely and the risk of injury is much lower. The choice of fabric is also somewhat more limited. As these are mostly mechanical sewing machines, fabrics like jersey are very difficult to work with due to their elastic properties. You also need a suitable stitch, such as the stretch stitch, which is not always available.
  • Beginner & advanced sewing machine: Brother sewing machines handle difficult fabrics well and still give an accurate result. Fabric processing with heavy fabrics is no problem for you, although there may be no top feed built into the sewing machine, for example. The noise level of Brother sewing machines is quite low and you can concentrate fully on your work.
  • Professional sewing machine: The long arm of a Brother sewing machine is your indication that embroidery and quilting work well. The sewing speed is excellent at over 1000 stitches per minute and your sewing machine is still very quiet. Fabrics of all kinds are no problem for you.


Brother's sewing machines are good value for money and offer basic features for basic sewing machines. These increase depending on the type of sewing machine so that you are not overwhelmed. If you are ambitious about your new hobby or passion right from the start, it is worthwhile to have a lot of functions.

Therefore, you should make sure to inform yourself about all important basic functions. Do you want extras like a built-in fabric sensor, an adjustable presser foot, a programmable thread cutter or do you want to design your own stitch patterns?

Then you should have spent many hours on your sewing machine so that you have enough knowledge. Otherwise, your expensive machine will just sit in the corner.

Brother Nähmaschine-1

The fabric sensor ICAPS on Brother sewing machines detects the thickness of your fabric. This gives you a particularly good sewing result.
(Image source: / Counselling)


The mechanical sewing machine is only for beginners and the computer-controlled Brother sewing machine is to be used by advanced sewers. Brother sees it differently. As you noticed in the criterion with the functions, the choice of your sewing machine basically has something to do with your skill level.

So for you, the ambitious creative mind, Brother has a computerised sewing machine that has more features than a mechanical sewing machine. Still, you won't feel overwhelmed. The technology is easy to use and some important steps are explained on the sewing machine itself with symbols and pictures.

From the professional sewing machine upwards, you need a lot of expertise to be able to handle the technology. Nevertheless, Brother sewing machines are very intuitively designed and always offer you good operation.


Brother sewing machines generally shine with a lot of accessories and many applications. Even if you can use the sewing machine intuitively, some factors play a more important role. Besides the standard sewing aids that offer you a lot of comfort, some sewing machines allow you to use a hand control instead of a foot pedal.

Some models have the bobbin in a different place. If you already had a sewing machine, this can be cumbersome for you. Many experienced sewers have noted that it takes a long time to get used to the knee lever, for example, or to get used to the new bobbin.


From bright to simple. Brother's design offers you great variety.

Of course, looks also play a role. You shouldn't make your decision based on looks alone, but a high-quality appearance still speaks in favour of a model. Brother sewing machines are mainly made of metal.

Some models have a higher proportion of plastic components and look less professional to most buyers. Besides, metal offers you a longer durability. Brother sewing machines are often very strikingly designed. This varies from model to model. Equally important is the layout of the user interface in the form of a screen or the placement of the buttons.

We recommend that you try out your favourite Brother sewing machine beforehand to see how it feels to operate it. This will ensure that frequently used functions such as the reverse button are in a comfortable position for you.

Brother Nähmaschine-2

You have plenty of choice to be inspired by the design or go for a simpler look. They have come a long way since the old models.
(Image source: / Choradet)

Facts worth knowing about Brother sewing machines

Where are Brother sewing machines made?

Brother sewing machines are manufactured in Taiwan and China. The company originally comes from Japan and was founded by two brothers. In the beginning, the company was a workshop for repairing sewing machines. However, sustainability plays a big role in mass production. Brother is committed to avoiding plastic and recycling resources.

What is the warranty on Brother sewing machines?

In addition to the usual two-year manufacturer's warranty, Brother has increased this to three years. As usual, Brother guarantees that your sewing machine is free from defects in materials and workmanship and will repair any such damage. However, if damage occurs due to external influence or if your sewing machine has broken fabrics, you will not be entitled to a refund.

Brother Nähmaschine-3

Quilting requires a lot of fabric and costs a lot of material. Therefore, it is particularly annoying if the fabric breaks during processing.
(Image source: / sewingdirectory)

What accessories are available for the Brother sewing machine?

If you need a spare part or new accessories for your sewing machine, there are many things to discover in the Brother shop. You can find high-quality parts to support you in your projects in certified specialist shops or directly from the dealer.

Type Description Products
Basic accessories The presser foot breaks, the bobbins have been carried away by the kids or you simply have too few. Sufficient basic equipment makes it easier for you to sew straightforwardly and simply e.g. bobbins, insertion table, multi-function screwdriver
Embroidery and quilting accessories Once you have the basic equipment and have a few sewing projects ready, you can start getting creative. Special presser feet and attachments that allow you to try new techniques e.g. ruffle foot, pleater or distance ruler

What do I do if my Brother sewing machine has a problem?

It can happen that your sewing machine has a problem. You don't have to despair, because often small adjustments help and your Brother sewing machine works again. Sometimes it is just the thread tension or that you have to thread the upper thread correctly. You will find lots of help in the instruction manual and there are videos online to help you.

If your sewing machine is jammed or you have persistent noises, you should contact your dealer or service partner. Otherwise you could seriously damage the machine if you continue to use it.

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