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Bedrooms can be designed in the most diverse variations. Whether for children, teenagers or adults, bunk beds are durable, comfortable and reliable furnishings. There is a wide range of choices on the market. From bunk beds for two people, to beds with slides, to sleeping accommodations for families.

Many beds also offer additional storage space for accessories and decorations. In this guide, we would like to introduce you to some common models that have different features. This should make your decision-making process and your purchase easier. We also answer the most frequently asked questions about bunk beds.


  • Bunk beds offer space-saving and comfortable sleeping accommodation for all ages. They are most popular with children, but can also be used by teenagers and adults.
  • The beds come in many variations. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between materials, design and additional decoration or accessories, such as slides and drawers.
  • Bunk beds are not only popular as sleeping accommodation. Children can play on them with siblings or friends and many models provide storage space for books, toys and the like.

The Best Bunk Bed: Our Choices

We now present our selection of bunk beds. We would like to help you find your perfect bed that is adapted to your personal needs.

Buying and evaluation criteria for bunk beds

To make it easy for you to find a suitable bunk bed, we have listed some buying criteria that you should consider. The criteria make it easier for you to compare the different models so that you can buy the best bunk bed for you. The criteria include the following factors:

We would now like to explain the individual selection criteria to you in detail.


Are you looking for a bunk bed for adults, teenagers, children or toddlers and babies? When choosing your bed, the size of the room in which the bed will be placed is an important factor. Therefore, before you buy, make sure you define the size you want. Also, don't forget to measure your preferred height between the two tiers so that you can sit comfortably in the lower part.


The material of the bunk bed should match the rest of the design of the room so that you are satisfied with your purchase in the long run. The most common materials are wooden or metal beds. You can find different types of wood, such as beech or pine.


As with the choice of material, the colour of the bunk bed should also match your room décor. If the frame is made of wood, you have a wide range of options, because bunk beds are sold in a wide variety of colours and decorations. The range extends from natural wood to classic colours such as white, grey and black, to gaudy colour patterns such as pink or blue.

Divisibility into single beds

If the sleeping accommodation is no longer needed as a bunk bed, it can easily be converted into two single or double beds. Therefore, before buying, you should definitely check whether the bed is stackable and whether it can be converted if necessary, or whether it is a fixed frame.


Several factors play a role in the equipment, which you can adapt to your individual wishes. Pay attention to which accessories are included in the purchase price of your bunk bed and which are not. The basic equipment is a ladder, which you should be able to attach to the right or left side of the bed.

With children's beds, there is often the option of buying a bunk bed with a slide. Other equipment options can include additional storage space in the form of drawers, boxes and integrated wardrobe or fall-out protection.

Maximum load capacity

To ensure safety for all users of the bunk bed, it is essential to pay attention to the maximum load capacity of the individual bed frames. Logically, the load capacity varies depending on the function of the bed. Thus, bunk beds for adults have a higher load capacity than those for teenagers and children.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about bunk beds answered in detail

Before you choose and buy your bunk bed, you often have a lot of questions. To give you a better and more accurate impression of the topic, we answer the most important questions about bunk beds in this section.

What is a bunk bed?

A bunk bed is a sleeping accommodation for at least two people. Here, another bed frame is attached above the classic single or double bed.

Bunk beds not only look chic and modern in rooms, they can also be used in a variety of ways. (Image source: cottonbro / Pexels)

Thus, for example, siblings can sleep comfortably on top of each other in one room and only space is needed for one bed frame. This is a great advantage, especially in flats with little space. If necessary, you can easily convert many models back into two classic beds.

What types of bunk beds are there?

You can buy bunk beds as single or double beds. The classic bunk bed offers sleeping accommodation on the lower bunk and on the upper bunk. However, you will also find other forms that can sleep three people, for example.

Some versions even have a fourth sleeping option that can be pulled out.

There are various versions and designs for children, so there is something for every taste. If your children want a more unusual bed, there is the possibility to design and buy beds in different themes. For example, in the shape of a car, a princess castle or a tree house.

How much does a bunk bed cost?

The price of bunk beds mainly depends on the size of the entire bed, the design and additional decorative elements and the material. For a better overview, we have divided the beds into different price categories for you.

Price category Available products
Low-priced (100 - 230 €) Mainly simple metal and wooden beds, sometimes with and sometimes without slatted frame
Medium-priced (231 - 350 €) Design still very classic, some versions offer additional storage space
High-priced (from € 351) Beds with space for three or more people, high-quality material, often fancy design and additional decoration or functions such as slides

The prices for bunk beds vary greatly and can sometimes skyrocket for luxurious designs. However, our research has shown that even low-priced products are suitable for children, teenagers and adults. For those who want more decorations, accessories or firmer material (for example solid beech wood), we recommend buying products from €231.

What are the alternatives to bunk beds?

The best alternative to bunk beds are the classic loft beds. Loft beds consist of only one lying surface, which is placed at least one metre above the floor on the bed frame. As with the bunk bed, the user can climb the bed with the help of a ladder. Here, too, it is a good idea for children to attach an additional slide or climbing facilities.

The biggest difference between loft beds and bunk beds is that there is a versatile storage space under the lying surface. For example, you can store a small wardrobe or stacked boxes here. For children, this space is an ideal play area. Loft beds are particularly suitable in smaller old flats with high walls or for single children.

From what age are bunk beds suitable?

Lower bunk beds are available for younger children because they are safer to use. You can also buy beds with included fall-out protection or attach an additional safety device. Nevertheless, it is difficult for small children up to the age of five to judge heights and depths correctly. Therefore, accidents can occur more easily if they are left unsupervised.

We therefore advise you not to let children under five sleep alone in the upper level of the bed. Beds for younger children are a good idea if the parents are in the same room for their nap and can therefore supervise the children.

Children over the age of five can usually climb to the top bunk on their own and already have a more developed understanding of height. Nevertheless, we recommend that you install protection for the night at least on the upper floor.


Bunk beds are very suitable for flats where space is limited. This means that two or more people can easily sleep in one room. Before buying, you should know which material you prefer and which additional functions you would like to have. The price of bunk beds varies greatly and depends on the scope of delivery and design.

Some models are specially designed for (younger) children and therefore offer additional features, such as slides or more storage space. However, you will also find classic and modern options for older children and adults.

Image source: Marcus Loke / unsplash

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