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If there is one brand that has always made a name for itself through its original and avant-garde models, it is Calvin Klein. This company, which has been on the market for more than 50 years, constantly sets trends with its innovative products of excellent quality.

Calvin Klein jeans are characterised and stand out for their beautiful, transgressive and at the same time minimalist designs, as well as their perfect and extremely comfortable fit, making them very versatile and adaptable to different types of uses and styles.

Throughout this article we will tell you about the most important features of Calvin Klein jeans, so that you can get to know their main characteristics and choose the model that best suits your personal taste. You have a lot of options to choose from!


  • Calvin Klein jeans are some of the many products made by this well-known American brand. These clothes are characterised and stand out for their innovative and original designs that always set trends in the fashion industry.
  • In the market you can find an infinity of jeans brands, among which Levis also stands out, whose garments are extremely beautiful and of excellent quality. The main differences between Levis and Calvin Klein are their designs, style and costs, among other important aspects.
  • When buying Calvin Klein jeans, it is very important that you consider certain relevant aspects, such as their different varieties, styles, trendy designs and raw materials, among other features that will influence the choice of the garment.

The Best Calvin Klein Jeans: Our Picks

Buying guide

The main objective of this buying guide is to offer you useful information about the product you are interested in buying. That's why we will tell you about the most important features of Calvin Klein jeans, including their advantages and those aspects that are not so beneficial or positive.

Calvin Klein jeans stand out for being extremely comfortable and adaptable to different uses and styles. (Photo: Roman Samborskyi /

How much do Calvin Klein jeans cost?

The prices of Calvin Klein jeans basically depend on their models, among other particularities. In the following paragraph we will tell you the approximate costs of this product so that you can have an estimated reference of the commercial values. The cheapest prices are for the option of buying discontinued models from the previous season without faults.

What is the difference between Calvin Klein jeans and Levis jeans?

In the following chart we will compare the main features of Calvin Klein jeans and Levis jeans, another brand known worldwide for the quality, comfort and design of its garments. Both brands are excellent, so the final decision will depend on your personal preferences.

The main differences between Calvin Klein jeans and Levis jeans lie in the style of both brands, as well as in their comparative costs and the versatility of their garments, among other aspects. As we said in the previous paragraph, both companies manufacture products of the highest quality and resistance.

Calvin Klein jeans Levis jeans
Style Avant-garde, minimalist, modern Classic, vintage
Variety of complementary accessories Numerous variety Slightly inferior to Calvin Klein
Versatility and innovation Highly versatile and innovative Not so versatile and innovative
Comparative costs Low, medium and high Mainly high
Main features Calvin Klein jeans have more transgressive designs. High quality and durability Levis jeans have more classic designs than Calvin Klein. They are also of high quality and durability

Where to buy Calvin Klein jeans

Calvin Klein is one of the best-selling brands of jeans (among other items) worldwide, so there are official shops in many places. In Mexico, for example, you can find these garments in Calvin Klein Altama City Center, Calvin Klein Ambar Fashion Mall, Calvin Klein Premium Outlets Querétaro, etc.

You can also get a great variety and assortment of Calvin Klein jeans on the Internet, through online shops such as Amazon, E Bay and Mercado Libre, among others. Online shopping gives you the added benefit of ordering from home, where you can also receive your order if you wish.

Did you know that Calvin Klein is the first brand to break sexist stereotypes, creating men's underwear for women, unisex perfumes and more comfortable, looser-fitting women's jeans?

What are the pros and cons of Calvin Klein jeans?

Calvin Klein jeans are characterised by excellent quality and durability. Although their designs are rather modern and avant-garde, the brand also has many classic and timeless variants, adaptable to everyday wear and more conservative styles.

Since its creation in 1968, Calvin Klein has made its mark on the market with innovative and original jeans that set the fashion agenda worldwide. The company masterfully combines advertising, visual impact, quality, comfort and aesthetics in all its products.

Among their many advantages, Calvin Klein jeans are made to be shown on the world's leading catwalks, or to be worn every day as casual attire. This benefit also carries over to costs, as you can find models at very affordable prices.

  • They are innovative and avant-garde
  • There are classic and timeless variants
  • They are of excellent quality
  • You can find models at very affordable prices
  • They are versatile and adaptable to different uses and styles
  • They are very comfortable
  • Some models are very expensive
  • The models with very low or high straps are somewhat uncomfortable

Fun facts: what you didn't know about Calvin Klein jeans

In this section of the article we will tell you some interesting facts about Calvin Klein jeans that you may find useful when buying a pair of jeans from this famous brand, known worldwide for its excellent and innovative products.

Do Calvin Klein jeans come in large sizes?

Although Calvin Klein is an inclusive brand in many ways, it still operates under certain limiting physical stereotypes, so its jeans sizes tend to be quite small. In fact, its star model (England's Kate Moss) is extremely thin (which is why she has been criticised for being the brand's image).

Did you know that in June 2019 Calvin Klein joined the celebration of LGBT Pride Month by launching a limited edition of its products with rainbow colours in their logos?

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of Calvin Klein jeans

In this last section of the article, we will tell you what are the buying factors you should keep in mind when buying Calvin Klein jeans, as this brand has a wide variety of models with different cuts, styles and designs.


In addition to the traditional Calvin Klein jeans, the brand has many other denim outfits to match the iconic trousers. Here are a few to help you put together your wardrobe to suit your own personal style.

Skirts. Calvin Klein also makes denim skirts in different lengths, cuts and colours. You can find classic knee-length designs, more daring minis, or vintage style with "snowy" or high-waisted designs; as well as models in uniform or washed colours.

Jackets. Calvin Klein's traditional denim jackets are characterised by being a little more retro than the ones we are used to seeing in stores. They are usually wide, with appliqués and patches, very similar to those worn in the 90s.


Calvin Klein is a brand that constantly plays with different styles of garments, so you can find minimalist, simple and functional jeans models, or modern and avant-garde variants for a more daring public. Here we will detail their characteristics.

Minimalist. Many Calvin Klein jeans models go for the most basic and functional minimalist style for everyday use (such as Skinny or Slim). These garments do not usually have appliqués, prints, strident colours or strange cuts, so they are classic and timeless, being a variant that never goes out of fashion.

Avant-garde. Just as Calvin Klein has a wide variety of basic models, it also goes for a more daring and avant-garde style (like some rise jeans designs), so you can find extra low rise models with a looser fit, variants with multiple rips along the length of the garment, or with Andy Warhol drawings.

Trendy designs

If you're looking for Calvin Klein jeans, you'll find the classic variations that identify the brand and the new season's models, which are paradoxically more retro than the classics. Below, we'll tell you which CK pieces you'll always find in the shops and which ones will be part of what's to come.

Classic. Calvin Klein's classic jeans are usually straight or stretchy, with a high rise. These models are usually washed or worn, in light blue or blue colours, of varying intensity (you can also find black jeans, although they are not the most characteristic of the brand).

Retro. The trend of this new season is retro jeans, with straight cuts that don't reach the ankle, or flared jeans with high waists. You can find a variety of Calvin Klein designs with these features, which give the garment a vintage look that is at the same time elegant and attractive.


Calvin Klein jeans are made of top quality raw materials, which give the garments strength and durability. Below, we'll tell you what materials these casual outfits are made of and what features they have.

Cotton. Calvin Klein jeans are more than 90 percent cotton, as this raw material is breathable, absorbent, hypoallergenic, soft and durable. These qualities are reflected in the quality and durability of this brand's garments.

Polyester. It is a very resistant synthetic fibre that is usually combined with other materials to reduce creasing, make garments softer, allow them to dry faster, and keep them warm. Calvin Klein jeans are usually made with approximately 6 percent polyester.

Elastane. Elastane is a synthetic fibre (like polyester) that is characterised by being highly elastic as well as strong. Calvin Klein jeans are usually made with 2 percent elastane, which allows them to be more stretchy and flexible, as cotton is quite stiff.

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