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An incredible beauty accessory that was thought to be dead years ago is back with incredible popularity. The Cameo is undoubtedly art made jewellery and this time we will teach you all about this beautiful product.

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On our platform you will find relevant information, product variants, advantages and disadvantages, where to buy it and how much to buy it for, as well as buying factors that will ensure you a good purchase.


  • The cameo is a high-relief carved accessory that was once considered luxurious and worn by high society figures. Today it is still used in vintage fashions, although it no longer represents such high distinction.
  • There are two types of cameos, one authentic and the other fake, although there is no stigma attached to the latter. A genuine cameo is an accessory that is made of precious stones and metals. A fake cameo is one that uses simple metals, plastics and resins.
  • The materials of manufacture, the type of accessory, the carving and high relief, as well as the size of the accessory are some of the aspects you should consider before purchasing any of these products. Because this will guarantee you a luxury purchase.

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Buying Guide

Want to know more about cameos? Looking to secure the best purchase? Just read our buying guide section to find out what advantages and disadvantages, as well as other relevant information, this product has. Fashion is more than just looks!

Cameos are the perfect companion even in unexpected moments. (Photo: Astroid / 123RF)

What is a cameo and what are its advantages?

A cameo is a carving that is made on a precious stone or other cheaper material with a delicate figure. Usually the cameo showed in high relief the figure or face of a woman or an important personage.

Over time, other types of cameos were made, while maintaining delicate shapes. The cameo is considered to be an accessory that despite being very old, and having ups and downs in the past, is still a garment of sublime beauty, especially if they are made of expensive materials. They are part of women's fashion and having one represents elegance and sophistication.

Today's market has opened up to the possibilities of manufacturing with different shapes and even leaving the level of handmade goldsmithing to use specialised machines, which detracts from the value of most, increases the products made by an artisan, and broadens the possibility of sales around the world.

  • Beautiful and elegant accessory
  • Wide variety of manufacturing materials
  • Comes in different presentations
  • A vintage item that never goes out of fashion
  • The "real" ones can be very expensive
  • Cheap cameos deteriorate quickly
  • Not everyone likes them

Real or "fake" cameos - what to look out for?

Before you buy a cameo you should be sure whether it is a real one or a "fake" one, as you could pay a lot of money for something that is not worth that much. Of course, nowadays, not so much attention is paid to this if all you are looking for is to use an accessory in your everyday clothing styles.

  • Authentic. Cameos that are carved from real gemstones, shells or natural stones are those cameos that are real and worth a lot of money. They are usually accompanied by other expensive materials such as gold or silver.
  • Fake. Fake cameos are those made of resin or plastic. Nowadays you can even consider "fake" cameos to be earrings carved out of metals such as steel and silver itself. They are still a fashion accessory, although not as luxurious.
Authentic Fake
Materials Precious stones, gold, silver or mother-of-pearl shells Plastic, resin, silver, gold and metals
Engravings Human figure From figures to flowers
Price Minimum 600 MXN Minimum 100 MXN

Cameos are elegant and with great handcrafted details. (Photo: Natalia Treukhova /123RF)

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different cameo models

If you are looking for the best cameo, we assure you that you will find it, if you take into account the following factors before buying. These aspects will allow you to choose among several models the one that best suits you and your style.

  • Type of accessory
  • Materials used to make the accessory
  • Carving
  • Size

Type of accessory

There are different types of accessories that have a cameo as the main piece, that is why before you buy it you should know what part of your body you want to be adorned by such an accessory. Usually the price does not vary so much, but the style or design does.

  • Necklace. This is the most classic location for a cameo and is where it is most elegant, especially if it is used as a choker. With a necklace style cameo you have all the vintage Victorian fashion brought into our century. They are usually attached to a chain or lace, and can be either real or fake.
  • Earrings. Less common than the above, but with a steady clientele. Cameo earrings tend to move away from feminine shapes and move more into floral themes. If you don't like to go unnoticed with these they won't.
  • Rings. Rings are another vintage classic, cameos used to be used in this type of accessory to give more elegance and distinction to the wearer. Nowadays they are not as popular as necklaces, but they are more economical.

Materials used to make them

What really gives weight, beauty and cost to a cameo is the material from which it is made. It is logical then to have these materials as another buying factor. One that you should pay close attention to, especially if you are looking to buy an authentic one.

  • Natural gemstones. The original cameo was carved in high relief from precious stones. Some of the most commonly used were onyx, agate. Later ornamental stones such as jade were used. The most expensive and beautiful cameos are made of precious stones, these are not usually damaged or scratched, just put it against the light to verify it.
  • Metals and precious metals. Precious metals such as gold and silver accompany precious stones. Nowadays, simple metals are used to make counterfeit products. Precious metals, of course, not only last longer, but also offer greater wearability. Conventional metal loses its colour over time.
  • Plastic and resin. To reduce costs and imitate the originals as closely as possible, fake cameos use plastic and resin as their main materials. The downside is that they have neither the beauty nor the durability. At first glance you can tell they are not beautiful and if you hold them up to the light you can see the mistakes and scratches.


The cost of the carving will depend not only on whether it was done by a machine or not, but also on the difficulty of the design and the delicacy and beauty of the figure itself. In cameos you will find different carvings and you should consider the following aspects below.

  • Human figures. When cameos were first created they were used with human figures, mostly female figures looking to one side. Rarely was it a man, unless he was a cherub or an important personage. The quality of the carving had to be impeccable. If you are looking for something really vintage, use human figures.
  • Floral and ornamental. Just because human figures are truly vintage does not mean that high relief carvings of roses, flowers and other ornaments are not beautiful, nor do they look vintage. Many prefer to wear these carvings because they are more delicate and less flashy. You can find them on necklaces, earrings and rings.


The size of a cameo is very important

Another very important aspect when buying a cameo is the size of the cameo. Although everything will depend on the customer's tastes, we must remember that we cannot always find the size we are looking for due to the carving work.

  • Small. The smallest dimensions you will find of cameos are the rings, which range from 1 to 3 cm. If you are looking for small necklaces you will most likely get them in dimensions of 3 to 4 cm, remember that cameos are usually lockets and need space for small storage.
  • Medium. Earrings, necklaces and brooches are available in medium size. From 4 cm upwards you can delight in authentic creations by artisans or beautiful and inexpensive imitations. These products usually reach up to 7 cm.
  • Large. Although many people love to wear very large accessories, there are no cameos that will satisfy this demand. The larger ones, which are necklaces, brooches and earrings, range from 7 to 15 cm, thus ensuring elegance and distinction.

(Featured image photo: Natalia Treukhova / 123RF)