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Welcome! The digital universe is already a reality for most Brazilians. So much so that video consumption on the Internet is increasing. For this reason, those who work with this type of content need to consider buying a camera for Youtube.

After all, YouTube is the most accessed video platform. And the higher the quality of the recording, the more audience you'll attract to your channel. So, below, we will show you how to choose the best camera to record videos for Youtube.


  • Companies and digital influencers increasingly use Youtube to publish videos and attract followers.
  • Therefore, it is important to have high quality videos.
  • For this, one of the main tools you will need is a good camera to record for Youtube.

The Best Camera For Youtube: Our Picks

Buying Guide

The choice of a camera to record videos for your Youtube channel is one of the stages of production that deserves more attention. After all, there are many options for sale. In this Buying Guide, we will show you which are the main models, how much it costs, how to use and where to buy a Youtube camera.

Dois homens gravando um programa.

To record for Youtube, a good camera is fundamental. (Source: Austin Distel/

Why should you invest in a YouTube camera?

YouTube is the most accessed video platform on the Internet. There you can find video classes, webinars, tutorials, interviews, live broadcasts, documentaries and even movies. Therefore, this platform is the perfect place to attract and engage the public from different segments.

To start recording on Youtube is very true that most people use simple resources, even the mobile phone camera. But as the channel grows, presenters and Youtubers realize the importance of investing in cutting-edge equipment. Among them: Camera, microphone, tripod and lighting.

Câmera filmando cenário com pessoa ao fundo.

To ensure quality images and audio, you need a good camera. (Source: StockSnap/

With the right equipment, the quality of videos is higher and with that, audience engagement also grows. Hence the importance of having a good camera to record videos for Youtube. But as there are several models, sizes, configurations and features, you need to know how to choose the ideal one according to the video format that you produce.

What are the types of cameras to record for YouTube?

If you are starting to work with videos on Youtube now, or even if you already have a channel, but want to improve the quality of the material presented, the first step is to define the type of camera. And the options are many.

With the high technology available today, it is even possible to record good quality videos using the smartphone camera. But in addition, you can also film with still cameras. Now, if the idea is to achieve maximum professionalism, it is best to actually buy a professional filming camera. But each one has pros and cons. Check them out below:

Smartphone camera

If you still can't invest in a semi or professional camera, a good alternative is to use the mobile phone camera to record videos on Youtube. But of course, for this, you need to have a good quality smartphone.

The good news is that, with the advancement of technology, today most mobile phones already record in Full HD. Moreover, one of the main advantages of recording for Youtube with the smartphone is the fact that you can download applications on the device itself to treat the images recorded.

Compact cameras

Another equipment option to film videos for your YouTube channel is to use compact cameras, which have recording capabilities. Because they are small, they are easy to operate and can be carried anywhere. However, as they do not offer as much quality for recording, the ideal is to use this type of camera to record home videos and in places with better lighting.

DSLR cameras

The DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) is a photography camera that also allows you to record more professional videos. This camera is more robust and has many features and functionalities, which improve the quality of the images. Precisely because of this, it is also more complex to work with.


The camcorder is a type of professional camera to record for Youtube. So much so that it is the best option for live broadcasts. With integrated lenses and powerful zoom, some models even have audio and headphone inputs, in addition to supporting several hours of footage. However, this is the most expensive camera and requires greater skill to operate.

Sports cameras

If your Youtube channel has adventure videos or videos recorded outdoors, it is worth considering a sports camera, such as GoPro. These cameras are small, handy, versatile and waterproof.

How to record quality videos for Youtube?

Regardless of whether you choose a smartphone, camcorder or camera to record videos for Youtube, it takes planning and knowledge. First of all it is essential to think about the content, script and scenario.

With these three topics defined, you should leave for the analysis of the lighting, which is often solved with a ring light, and also consider the audio capture. Next, you need to understand the functions and features that the camera offers. We'll talk about some of these in a moment. Finally, consider how and where the editing of the images that will be filmed with the Youtube camera will be done. To summarise, follow the step-by-step below to optimise your work:

  • Define the script, content and scenario;
  • Prepare the lighting
  • Ensure good audio capture
  • Use a tripod for the camera;
  • Know how to use the camera's resources;
  • Define the platform for editing the images.

How to use the controls of the recording camera to your advantage?

If you choose a camera or camcorder to record videos for Youtube, you need to understand how the device works and what are the main features that will help you. Check out below the most popular controls that you will find on Youtube camera:

  • ISO: This is the camera sensor's sensitivity to light. The more light available in the scene, the lower the sensitivity of the sensor should be and, consequently, the lower the ISO value. For well-lit environments, the ISO should ideally be set between 100 and 800;
  • Diaphragm opening: A more open diaphragm allows more light to pass through to the camera and this generates clearer images. But, as this adjustment is done differently in each type of camera, consult the equipment manual;
  • Focus: Some film cameras allow you to adjust the focus manually or automatically.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Youtube camera?

The great advantage of investing in a good camera to record videos for Youtube is that, with it, you guarantee high quality images. In addition, the best filming cameras offer features that optimise lighting, focus, and increase the details and definition of colours and image.

Another advantage is that nowadays there are several options. You can record videos for Youtube on your smartphone, with compact, semi or professional cameras, in addition to traditional camcorders.

Homem gravando com filmadora.

A good camera will make all the difference in the quality of the videos on your Youtube channel. (Source: StockSnap/

And the fact is, the better the content, image and audio of your videos, the more people will watch it. If that's your job, the benefits could be sky-high. On the other hand, a YouTube camera may require knowledge, technique and practice to know how to use the features and adjustments.

In addition, not all camcorders come with the necessary extra equipment such as tripods, microphones and extra lighting. Check out the table below that shows the main advantages and disadvantages of a YouTube camera.

  • High quality images
  • More functions and features
  • Several options of devices, from amateurs to professionals
  • May help attract and keep more audience
  • It takes knowledge and technique to handle
  • It can be expensive

Purchase Criteria: How to compare YouTube cameras

After defining the type of camera for Youtube, it's time to choose the best settings of the device. Here are the ones that deserve your attention:

Below, we will show you how to analyze with one of these items.

Image resolution

One of the most important aspects in a camera for Youtube is the quality of the image. Therefore, the higher the resolution with which the device can film, the better. In this aspect, the ideal is to opt for a Full HD or Ultra HD (4k) camera.

In both, your audience will have access to videos with high quality images, with greater definition of details and colours. Double the attention in the case of action cameras and smartphones to ensure maximum image resolution.


When it is time to analyse the lenses, it is worth considering the type of camera for YouTube. In the case of camcorders, there are few models that have the option of changing the lens. This feature is more present in professional photography cameras.


Most of the times it will be necessary to buy a microphone to optimise the sound capture during the recording. However, some YouTube camera models have a high quality microphone already built in. This can be very useful, especially if the recording location does not interfere so much in capturing audio.

Did you know that today there are several applications for smartphones that reproduce the settings and adjustments of a professional camera? Among them, you can have access to functions such as: focus adjustment, grid, ISO, shutter speed and aperture

File transfer

Another important aspect that you should observe when choosing the best camera for Youtube is the way of file transfer. For example, some models of DSLR cameras have a Wi-Fi system, which ends up being very useful when it comes to transferring files to other devices.

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