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Today is the day to learn the best advice for buying a camping table. Who seeks such a product has a lot to gain by reading this article until the end.

Whether it's for carrying out camping activities or family picnics a camping table is worth using. But which type should you choose for the best user experience? The answer is as follows.

Variations of camping tables, average prices, types of materials and purposes of use. These are just some of the subjects that you can find in this practical manual that teaches you how to choose this type of product.


  • Original camping table is one that can be folded into several parts until it forms a compact and easy-to-store case.
  • Camping tables are quite firm in that they have more weight and metal materials.
  • The metals of the product are treated so that they do not oxidize easily.

The best camping table: Our picks

Buying guide

For camping to be more fun and comfortable, it is indispensable to have an excellent camping table available. Learn how to buy a model perfect for your demands of use by following the buying guide.

Três escoteiros usando um pequeno fogão para cozinhar no meio da selva

For camping activities to become easier see how to buy the best camping table (Source: sasint/ Pixabay)

What is a camping table?

The camping table is a product that serves to be used as a support base to carry out meals or other outdoor activities, whether in picnics, fishing, barbecues, among other moments of leisure.

In general, these products are composed of ABS plastic and special aluminum with the necessary preparation to withstand rain water without rusting. This product is very suitable for camping due to its compact nature.

How to install the camping table?

In practice, anyone can install this type of product. To install it, you need to open a metallic case, which is the folded camping table itself.

After unfolding three or four parts, the table is already straight, it is only necessary to open the feet for it to be ready for use. Put it away by folding it again. See in the video below how easy it is:

What are the advantages of a camping table?

Have you thought about the advantages and disadvantages of having a camping table? Yes, you need to think about both sides of the coin before deciding whether or not to buy the product.

You don't need to be a specialist in camping tables to understand the main advantage, which is: compatibility. It is a very simple product to store or take to different locations when it is disassembled.

The version is also available in different sizes to meet various usage demands. Such a table has no secrets to install and is also made up of materials that never rust over time.

We cannot fail to note an important downside: There are hardly any customised options. That is, the vast majority of sellers offer camping table without being customized with some artistic design.

The product gets heavier as it gets bigger. There are also versions without enough space to store the chairs next to the table in the same compact case.

See the details of the advantages and disadvantages of the camping table:

  • Compact
  • Different sizes
  • Easy to install
  • Does not rust
  • Low variation of customizations
  • There are very heavy models
  • Some versions do not have chairs

What are the types of camping table?

Many people ask themselves, "Why buy a camping table if I can use the little plastic table that is leaning in a corner of the room?". The question is actually pertinent. Let's compare these two models.

Camping table

Camping tables are colourful structures that are very compatible when it comes to storage. In a few seconds, the product turns into a carrying case.

Because of its general characteristics, the price of a camping table is a little higher than that of a regular plastic table. Because it is heavier, it also has a firmer grip on different types of soil.

You can use the table in camping or other places in a practical way.

Common plastic table

This is that typical plastic table very common in swimming pool areas, although some people use the model also for camping activities.

To install it, you need to fit the feet, when the model doesn't come with the feet attached, which can be bad for transporting or storing. For being lighter, this model flies easily with any windstorm and does not have much firmness.

See the difference between the tables in the following table:

Camping table Common plastic table
Colours Varied White
Compatibility level High Medium
Prices Medium Low
Firmness High Medium
Sunshade fastener No Yes
Flies in the wind No Yes

Shopping criteria: How to compare camping table models

If you do not keep your eyes peeled while searching for the product in the market you may receive an unpleasant surprise. For example: buying a model that does not meet your needs.

There is a way to avoid this mistake: always compare the options with the purchasing criteria in mind. They are:

See the details of the criteria in more detail in the words later:


You need to pay attention to the height of the product before making your purchase. An average of 90 centimetres is enough for tables that should serve as small benches for a picnic in the garden.

Larger tables, on the other hand, are more suitable for standing, for supporting drinks or tools if the person is doing some construction or maintenance work.


On the one hand, heavier structures have a lot of firmness with the ground. However, if you want to reduce the weight of the luggage, it is advisable to use a light and smaller camping table.

The larger camping tables can weigh up to 10 kilos.
Models of medium size weigh 5 kilos or less.


There is no point in buying a small table to serve several people. Also it is contraindicated to use the larger version in a camping for two, avoiding accumulation of weight in the luggage.

In practice, you need to understand its requirements of use before opting for the size of the camping table. Remembering that the longer the table the heavier the product generally weighs.

Uma mulher lendo uma revista em cima de uma mesa

Keep an eye on the tips to excel at comparing camping tables (Source: Bjonsson/ Pixabay)


Although heavy, tables composed of more metal parts have enough strength for use on not very level terrain in fields and forests.

There are also light versions, whose composition has a lot of ABS plastic. They have lower prices and more favourable mobility conditions.


Some options already come with the benches included in the kit, which can be very useful for those who want to save money, since the set has a lower price than buying each part separately.

Buying the camping table that already has the chairs makes your life easier, since you can store everything in just one case and also avoid the trouble of buying separate chairs in the correct size for perfect use next to the table.


It can be a bit difficult, but if you look hard enough it is possible to find customised camping table versions that have artistic paintings and special effects.

A camping table with personalisation generates more style in the picnic that takes place outdoors, somehow matching all the elements of nature on a beautiful camping afternoon.

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