Last updated: August 6, 2021
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What child doesn't love creating their own world in their nursery? The matching car bed creates a very special flair and turns a child's room into a place where anything is possible.

Especially children who love car racing and watching Formula 1 races with dad will be blown away by their own car bed.


  • Nowadays, car beds can be found in great numbers and in different designs. The market offers a wide range of models with different designs and features like LED lights.
  • One thing to look out for in car beds is safety precautions to prevent your children from hurting themselves. Good car beds prevent scratches during play and ensure a safe sleep.
  • This guide shows you the most suitable car beds for your children, explains the most important buying criteria and answers frequently asked questions in the FAQs.

The Best Car Bed: Our Picks

Buying and rating criteria for car beds

Since children are known to be the most honest critics, special attention should be paid to various buying criteria when choosing a car bed. We have listed the most important ones for you as follows:

So that you know what is important when buying a car bed, you will find a short and concise description of the individual purchase criteria.


Of course, a car bed should not look boring so that you can offer your child a unique sleeping experience. Apart from the basic colours of the bed, you should pay attention to the accuracy of the details.

A car bed in the fire brigade style should have the typical bright red colour as well as white operation numbers, blue light or the following horn. A car bed in racing car style should have ergonomic bed parts that resemble the body of the racing car.

Matching motifs such as fictitious sponsor logos or flame patterns also enhance the design. Some car beds have power-operated headlights that are illuminated by LED lamps, giving the car bed even more realism.

With a timer, the headlights can be turned off after a certain time so your child knows when to go to sleep.


The comfort of a car bed depends mainly on the size of the bed or the available lying surface. Especially children who move around a lot at night and sleep actively need enough space to lie comfortably. Of course, the size of the bed depends variably on the size of your child. Nevertheless, certain minimum dimensions should be observed according to the age of the children:

Designation age group lying surface
Newborn/baby 0-1 year 60 x 120 cm
Toddler 1-3 years 60 x 120 - 70 x 140 cm
Toddler/child 4-6 years 70 x 140 - 70 x 160 cm
Schoolchild 6-12 years 70 x 160 - 90 x 200 cm

Since most car beds are supplied without slats and mattresses, you can decide for yourself which of these bed elements you would like to purchase. With mattresses, you should pay particular attention to the degree of firmness, the zone distribution and the materials used.


Firstly, you should make sure that the edges of the bed, no matter where they are, are rounded and have no sharp corners. The rounded edges of the bed ensure that your child does not injure himself or herself when playing and does not suffer any lacerations or abrasions.

To prevent your child from rolling out of bed during nighttime movements and rolling around and waking up with a loud bang, a fall-out protection is a very important factor. When buying a car bed, you should make sure that the extended bed frames rise high enough above the edge of the bed, especially at the sides.

It is essential that the car bed is stable, as small children in particular like to romp around and jump on the mattresses. During such activities, one can sometimes injure oneself if the bed gives way. In addition, ladders that are attached to a loft bed should be firmly mounted and made of solid material.


Another purchase criterion is the functionality of the car bed. Storage space can be created primarily through boxes or drawers that are integrated into the car bed. Sometimes there are also fold-out bed drawers that hide under the boot.

Bed linen and pyjamas can be conveniently stored there and are always ready for use. Some car beds convert the spoiler or the steering wheel area or dashboard into shelves or storage areas. Here your child can put their favourite books, the alarm clock or a reading lamp for the night and can access them at any time without having to climb out of bed.

A special feature that some car beds have is the car doors on the side that actually open to get in and out of the car bed. This feature may not be the most practical but it will probably leave the wow effect on any child.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about car beds answered in detail

To ensure that no questions about car beds remain unanswered, we have then compiled the most important questions for you. We will answer them briefly and concisely for you in the following FAQs.

Who is a car bed suitable for?

First and foremost, car beds are suitable for young children - especially boys for whom there is nothing better than car racing, Formula 1 or simply fire engines. The various car bed models, which are often built true to detail and based on real car brands, offer the perfect bed for young car fans with their ergonomic shape and graphic elements.


Many children are enchanted by fast cars. With a car bed, they bring their enthusiasm into the children's room.
(Image source: Pixabay/

Even boys who don't think about cars all the time will like these beds. Because with great features like his own racing car spoiler shelf or a cool LED headlight illumination, you can't resist these car beds. There are even car beds to suit young girls. The pink and white car beds, are often decorated with floral patterns or are built like princesses' horse-drawn carriages.

What types of car beds are there?

The following table shows you the different types of car beds. Each type is briefly presented here and the individual advantages and disadvantages are given.

Type Description Advantages Disadvantages
Single car bed this bed is designed for one child and comes with width dimensions up to 90 centimetres quite inexpensive space for only one child
Car loft bed bed that offers two sleeping places on top of each other and is equipped with a ladder offers space for two children, takes up just as much space as a single car bed more expensive than single car beds
Girls' car bed with pink/pink hues and beautiful ornaments intended for girls quite inexpensive are almost exclusively available in pink and thus restrictive in colour-coordinating with the children's room
Car beds for adults these car beds for mostly two people are something for hardcore car fans and are often made from real car parts a real eye-catcher and absolute furniture highlight expensive and difficult to obtain in our latitudes

Surprisingly, there is something for all ages and genders in the car bed category. After all, cars are an integral part of modern society and this is reflected in all the different types of car beds.

What does a car bed cost?

The prices of car beds mainly depend on the type of car bed. The following table gives you an approximate overview:

Type price range
Single car bed approx. 200 - 500 €
Car loft bed approx. 600 - 800 €
Girls' car bed approx. 180 - 500 €
Car beds for adults from approx. 500 €

Compared to conventional double and single beds, car beds are relatively inexpensive on average.

How do I assemble my car bed correctly?

Every reputable shop or online shop that delivers or collects your car bed should include a detailed description or assembly instructions. These describe step by step which elements you have to assemble next.

Most car beds also include the necessary tools such as Allen keys or screws. If you still have difficulties assembling your car bed, you can find explanatory videos and online instructions online, for example on YouTube.


For children who love cars or car racing, there are car beds that make the children's room something special. In general, car beds are a truly exceptional place to sleep for all children, whether boy or girl.

Especially cool extras like electric headlights or car doors make car beds more than just a bed. You can play in these beds and have a great day with your friends.

Photo source: Anna Shvets/