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Hardly anything makes a car lover shine more than the clean paint of his vehicle. After all, a mirror-like surface quickly gives even older cars a new shine. To make it really shine, polishing the paintwork helps. But this not only has cosmetic benefits, it also protects the paint layer of your car!

With our large car polisher test 2022 we want to help you find the best car polisher for your needs. We have compared eccentric polishers and rotary polishers and listed the most important advantages and disadvantages. This should make your purchase decision easier.


  • With a car polisher, you can remove small scratches and imperfections from your car's paint and also apply a safety layer of wax.
  • When polishing, always make sure that you use the right polish. If you use the wrong polish, it can cause serious damage to the paintwork. Also, the car must be thoroughly cleaned beforehand.
  • A distinction is made between an extenter and a rotary polisher. Beginners in particular need to think carefully about which model they want to buy.

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Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a car polisher

For whom is a car polisher suitable?

In general, a car polisher is suitable for anyone who likes to maintain their car. Polishing gives your car's paintwork a new shine! But apart from the purely external aspect, you also have a financial advantage.

Here, too, the rule of thumb applies: If you take good care of your car, it will last longer! If you want to sell your car in the future, you can expect a significantly higher sales value if you have kept the paintwork in very good condition.

How much does a car polisher cost?

Car polishing machines come in all price and quality classes. Which price range is perfect for you depends on which features you particularly value.

  • The cheaper price range starts at 25€ to 50€. These models serve their purpose. However, these machines usually have less power and often come with few accessories. These models are worthwhile for you if you do not attach importance to high performance and simply want a polishing machine for your car.
  • The medium price range includes machines between 50€ and 100€. Some of these are already the leading suppliers of car polishing machines. The quality of these machines is high and the scope of delivery is often very large. The price-performance ratio is very good here.
  • Theupper price range starts at 100€ and can go up to 500€. These are the best machines on the market. Accordingly, you can expect the highest quality components on these machines. Normally, these machines also have a lot of power and are very well built.

Which polish should I choose?

When polishing with a car polishing machine, it is important to use high-quality polish. If you use a cheap polish, there is a risk that it will heat up quickly and can no longer be processed properly.

You should also make sure that the polish is not coarse-grained, as this could chip off the protective and coloured paint down to the undercoat within seconds

It is therefore better to use milder products that also contain a protective wax. This saves you having to wax after polishing.

Note, however, that you should always wash the car thoroughly before polishing.

How often can I polish with a car polishing machine?

Every time you use a car polisher, the car paint is worn down a little bit, so fine scratches can disappear from heavily used paint. We recommend polishing with the machine only once a year.

Before you fire up your polishing machine, you should first take a thorough look at the paintwork and weigh up whether this process is really necessary.

Decision: What types of car polishers are there and which one is right for you?

Car polishing machines are used for different purposes. They give your car's paintwork a new shine and repair small scratches and imperfections.

A distinction is made between an eccentric car polisher and a rotary car polisher. In the following comparison, we will show you which type is best for you.

What are the features of an eccentric car polisher and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

This type of polishing machine usually has an additional movement mode that you can call up in addition to the normal rotation movements. This mode is used when you move the machine over the paint to polish it.

The eccentric movement reduces the risk that people who have little experience with polishing will create unsightly holograms in the lacquer.

This is because these tiny micro-cracks occur when the device is handled incorrectly. For this reason, eccentric polishing machines are recommended for beginners.

  • Easy to use
  • Protects the paintwork
  • Suitable for beginners

  • Less power
  • Lower speed
  • Often more expensive

What distinguishes a rotary polisher and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

These car polishing machines rotate exclusively in rotary movements. This allows you to polish larger areas in the shortest possible time. As a rule, these machines also have a higher rotation speed.

As a result, the car's paintwork is heated very strongly and it can happen that too much material is removed. These polishing machines are therefore more suitable for experienced "polishers".

  • Fast polishing possible
  • High power
  • High rotation speed
  • Optimal for professionals

  • Paint gets very hot
  • Incorrect handling quickly leads to damage
  • Experience necessary

Buying criteria: You can compare and evaluate car polishers based on these factors

In the following, we will show you which aspects you can use to decide between a variety of possible car polishing machines.

The criteria you can use to compare car polishers include:

In the following paragraphs, we explain what the individual criteria are.


Rotary car polishers should ideally generate at least 1,200 watts of power to produce perfect results. Eccentric machines, on the other hand, need at least 200 watts. However, it also depends on which surfaces you want to sand.


Polishing a car is not a matter of a few minutes. So you'll be working with the polisher for some time. For this reason, you should make sure that the weight of the polisher is not too much when you buy it. If the machine is too heavy, you will quickly get tired, which often leads to unclean work.


Another important criterion for buying a car polisher is the size of the polishing plate. The principle of "less is more" applies here! A diameter that is too large makes polishing on misshapen vehicle parts more difficult.

According to the GTÜ, a size of 145 to 122 millimetres is ideal. With eccentric car polishing machines, the discs tend to be a little larger.

Variable speed

It is also recommended, especially for beginners, that you can adjust the speed of the polishing machine variably. In many cases it is not necessary or even harmful to polish at full speed.

With variable speed, you can start in low speed ranges and then slowly increase.

Cable length

Most car polishers require an active power connection. This means that you need to make sure that there is a power outlet available at the polishing location.

We also recommend that you choose a polisher with a relatively long cable, as it is very annoying if you have to move your car while polishing because the cable is too short. Alternatively, you can also buy a battery polisher.

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