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Car wash brushes have become an indispensable part of the everyday inventory of car owners. For this reason, more and more manufacturers offer such a practical device for cleaning the car. With such a wide range of products on the market, it is often difficult as an end user to find the right one for you.

Car wash brushes can make situations in your everyday life much easier, leaving you much more time for more important things in life and always having a clean view when driving your car.

With our big car wash brush review 2022 we want to give you the most important information on the subject of car wash brushes. This includes the explanation of a car wash brush, different sizes and the material.

Our top priority is to make your purchase decision easier and to guide you through the process.


  • Car wash brushes enable you to easily remove dirt from your car in everyday situations and thus offer you the possibility of ensuring a clear view in the shortest possible time.
  • Car wash brushes can be used to gently and thoroughly clean motorbikes, cars and trucks by hand.
  • There are many alternatives to car wash brushes. These alternatives mean that everyone can use them without any problems.
  • Most car wash brushes have an additional water style that allows you to reach hard-to-reach areas of your car.

The best Car Wash Brush: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a car wash brush

What is a car wash brush?

A car wash brush is used to clean your car by yourself. A good car wash brush can replace a visit to the car wash if necessary.


A dirty car can greatly impair your visibility when driving your car.
(Image source: unsplash/ Realgraphy)

Some car wash brushes have an additional water inlet and allow you to remove even stuck dirt from your car.

How does a car wash brush work?

Car wash brushes are designed to be used by everyone and should feel comfortable in your hand. For best results, the bristles of the brush should be of very good quality.

The quality of the bristles is also linked to the paintwork of your car. If the bristles are too hard, they could scratch off the paint or windows of your car.

So you should pay attention to the quality of the brush and especially the bristles. It is also essential that the brush has an ergonomic handle and does not fall out of your hand during cleaning.

How much does a car wash brush cost?

There is a small price range between the different car wash brushes. The price range can go from a maximum of 5€ up to 30€.

More expensive products, unlike cheaper ones, have several additional options and may be a little easier to use.

In the following, we present two car wash brushes from different price budgets in a table:

Kärcher Soft Car Wash Brush GF Garden Cleaning Brush Gardena Hand Wash Brush Car Wash Brush Super Auto Brush
25,99€ 12,99€ 12,98€ 25,00€
Cleaning of larger surfaces (e.g. car, caravan, boat, conservatory, roller shutter) Rotating brush for cleaning cars, cycles, motorbikes and outdoor surfaces Ideal for cleaning garden furniture and vehicles Hollow handle for holding "Shampoo Stick"
with water inlet with liquid cleaner container, scratch-resistant PVC bristles and shock-resistant polypropylene edges with hose connection with telescopic rod

Which car wash brush has the best quality?

When comparing different car wash brushes, one finds that each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

To make it easier for you to decide which car wash brush to buy, we have put the differences in a table.

The test and comparison portal presents the best car wash brushes in the 2020 comparison:

Kärcher WB150 ECD Germany Car Wash Brush
Comparison winner Price-performance winner
Award: very good (TÜV-tested) award good (TÜV-tested)
High-pressure cleaner attachment Washing brush with water handle
Bristles made of plastic Bristles made of nylon
Plastic coating Plastic coating
wide brush head for quick surface cleaning sturdy aluminium bar
rotating brush ring handle made of non-slip foam rubber
scrubbing without force great effort

What are the alternatives to car wash brushes?

Nowadays there are different types of car wash brushes. The difference lies mainly in the quality of the product, which accessories you attach particular importance to and where you want to store the brush.

In addition, it should be essential for you how much time you have to take to clean your car optimally with the car wash brush, which mostly depends on the quality of the brush.

It is an absolute plus if a car wash brush has an ergonomically shaped handle, which makes it much easier for you to use and prevents the device from falling out of your hand.

In addition, such a water inlet ensures that you can easily remove the stubborn dirt from your car with the help of additional water.

Unlike a car wash, a car wash brush is designed for your independent use. Moreover, such a product is neither dependent on a time nor a place and can be used many times.


Car wash brushes clean your car perfectly, but you have to pay money for them.
(Image source: 123rf/ monticello)

A car wash brush is therefore a practical alternative to a conventional car wash, as you can now clean your car wherever and however you want.

What are the features of a car wash brush and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Car wash brushes are ideal for cleaning your car on your own, whenever and wherever you want.

A car wash brush has both advantages and disadvantages. In the following, we present these aspects in a table:

  • Inexpensive (only purchase costs)
  • easy to use
  • no scratches in the paintwork with natural bristles
  • pressure can be regulated yourself
  • Time-consuming
  • great effort to use
  • cleaning with brushes and cleaners not permitted everywhere
  • possible scratches in the paintwork

Buying criteria: You can use these factors to compare and evaluate car wash brushes

In the following, we will show you which aspects you can use to decide between the many possible car wash brushes.

The criteria you can use to compare car wash brushes with each other include:


The size of a car wash brush is a very important point for you to consider during your purchase decision.

There are many different car wash brushes on the market today that can take up a lot of space.

Car wash brushes are ideal for storing at home, in your car or in your garage. However, it is an advantage if the practical cleaning brush takes up as little space as possible in your car or garage.

However, it is extremely important that your car wash brush, despite its small size, can guarantee you optimum quality. You should also make sure that the size of your brush is adapted to the surfaces you want to clean.


The weight of your car wash brush serves as a guide to how well you can use the brush on your car.

You should make sure that you apply a certain amount of pressure to the car in order to remove stuck dirt from various surfaces.

The car wash brush should therefore not be too heavy so that you can easily reach hard-to-reach areas of your car, such as the roof of a large car.

If the car wash brush is rather heavy, this weight could have a negative effect on your back and, in the worst case, cause severe back pain.

Water inlet

A common feature of modern car wash brushes is the so-called water inlet. Such a water inlet offers you the possibility of not needing an extra washing bucket and thus cleaning your car all the faster.

While using your car wash brush, there is the possibility to operate a button, which makes water run out of the middle of your brush. This factor can be extremely convenient for you, because your brush has a 2 in 1 function and makes cleaning your car noticeably easier.


Your car wash brush should ideally be made of natural bristles, because these bristles are very soft and therefore cannot damage the paintwork of your car.

Another material that is ideal for cleaning your car is microfibre. Microfibres are very fine and literally attract dirt.

With these materials you should achieve the perfect result for you and your car.


Many car wash brushes have a bar that allows you to extend the brush considerably. This allows you to reach many places on your car that are usually unreachable with a conventional brush.


Car wash brushes make it easier for you to clean your car. With such a device, you can easily remove dirt from your car on your own.
(Image source: pixabay/ Pixelpower-01)

The extension of your car wash brush offers you the advantage that you do not have to touch your dirty car with your body. In addition, your clothes do not get dirty during the cleaning process.

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